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These are a few of my favorite things...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Beauregard, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets New Member

    I'm loving the sing that have out right now!
  2. Pork

    Pork Active Member

    w00t. I loooove Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. YUM:)
  3. Kiki

    Kiki Active Member

    Favourite things: UPDATED!

    Favorite Band: Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Carpenters, Elton John, Queen, The Doors, Bread, Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, Peter Frampton, The Who, Supetramp, Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd, Dragon, Carol King, America, ELO, Eagles,
    Favorite CD: Various Beatles ('Sgt. Pepper's', 'Abbay Road', 'Magical Mystery Tour', etc) and Fleetwood Mac ('Fleetwod Mac', 'Rumours', 'Tusk', 'Mirage') albums, 'Frampton Comes Alive!' (Peter Frampton), 'Tapestry' (Carol King) and various 'best of's' of my fave bands.
    Favorite Group: *See 1st question*
    Favorite TV Actors: James Stewart, Kate Hudson, Cathy Bates, Peter Falk, Tippi Hedren, etc.
    Favorite Shows: TMS, SS, FR, My Name Is Earl, Kath & Kim, Columbo, Saved By The bell, Spicks and Specks, The Brady Bunch, Bewitched, Jem, Animaniacs, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sabrina, Arthur, Seinfeld, Neighbours, Simpsons, Family Guy, etc.
    Favorite Actors: *See fave actors/actresses*
    Favorite Movies: TMM, MTI, Phycho, The Birds, Breakfast at Tiffanys, The Yellow Submarine, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, The Producers, Misery, TNBC, Tommy, Star Wars, etc.
    Favorite Cartoon Characters: Homer Simpson, Smithers, Peter Griffin, Bevis and Butthead, Betty Boop, Popeye, Dot Warner, Mickey Mouse, Jem, etc.
    Favorite Cartoon: Simpsons, family Guy, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, Betty Boop, the (original) Loony Tunes, Fairly Odd Parents, Muppet Babies, Disney cartoons.
    Favorite Classic Arcade Game: Can I say 'Tetris'? I love that game. And Pac-Man.
    Favorite Books: Before You Leap, The Wisdom of BB, My life as a FRM, The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, John (as in the Beatle), Misery, The Little Prince, The Illustrated Mum, various Golden Books.
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavors: Choccie!
    Top Five Muppet Songs: In no order: 'The Magic Store', 'Rainbow Connection', 'SS and his Amazing Dancing Bear', 'I'm IN Love With a Big Blue Frog', 'Sax and Violence'
    Favorite Famous Cows: Heffer!
    Favorite Basketball Team: Don't have one.
    Favorite Baseball Team: Don't have any either. I only follow footy.
    Favorite Candy: CHOCCIE-WOCCIE DOO-DAHS! (meaning, chocolate. S'pose) and everything else.
    Favorite Films: Er, *see fave Movie thing*
    Favorite Actress: *see fave actor/actress thing*
    Favorite Plays: Like, musicals? The Producers, Tommy, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jesus Crist Superstar and Hair.
    Favorite Places to Travel: I don't travel much. But I like going to tasmania and Queensland. I love city and countryside.
    Favorite Pizza Topping: Cheese, ham, tomato paste.
    Favorite Author: Carol Spinney, Louise Rennison, Roald Dahl, etc.
    Favorite Director: Steven Speilburg, George Lucas, Alfred Hitchcock.
    Favorite Homemade Baked Goods: Biccies!
    Favorite Songs: I have too many. Perhapes something by The Doors of The Beatles. If I hadta pick one, I usually pick 'Sister Golden Hair' (America) or 'Stariway To heaven' (Led Zeppelin). Or 'Highway to ****' by AC/DC.
    Favorite Video Game: maybe Tetris. XD Though I just love old SNES games.
    Favorite Thing to Do Whilst I'm Bored: Go on MC, listen to music, play tetris, draw.
    Favorite Food: Chocolate. Or bread.
    Favorite Drink: Orange Juice, Tang, Ginger beer, or coke.
    Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Eh, I don't go to many. But I do like a bit of Macca's.
    Favorite Muppet: Toooo many! Kermit, Rizzo, Fozzie, Janice.
    Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Musili. Or weet-bix, cause that's the only thing we get. :p
    Favorite Writers: Various song-writers I think. Probely Jim Morrison and John lennon.
    Favorite Artists: I see there's heaps of talented artists here at MC. And on DEviantart there's a lot of talent there, too.
    Favorite Photographers: I don't know any, but I do love photgraphy.
    Favorite Anime: 'She is the one named Sailor Moon!' I also like Pokemon and Digimon.
    Favorite Composers: John Williams, maybe?
    Favorite Muppeteer: Steve Whitmire, Richard Hunt, Frank Oz.
    Favorite Legs: Hubba-hubba wha..?
    Favorite Romance Movie: Dunno.
    Favorite Muppet Movies: TMM and MTI.
    Favorite Animated Movies: All the Pixar films.
    Favorite Musical Movie: *See fave plays*
    Favorite Parody Movie: I'm not sure...
    Favorite Sci Fi Movie: Star Wars, baby!
    Favorite Epic Drama Movie: Dunno.
    Favorite Drama Movie: No sure.
    Favorite Foreign Movie: I don't get them.
    Favorite Horror/Sci Fi/Fantasy Movie: I said 'Star Wars, baby!'
    Favorite Adventure Movie: Heh, where do I start now?
    Favorite Thriller/Mystery/Suspence: Various Hitchcock films.
    Favorite Webcomic: Don't know any.
    Favorite Type of Cheese: Oh, there's like, far too many! (not sarasm)
    Favorite Type of Sandwich: My mum *always* packs me either Peanut Butter or Salad. Has anyone ever tryed potato chips in a roll? It's really good!
    Favorite Muppet Skits:I have sooo many!
    Favorite Scooby-Doo Voice: Huh?
    Favorite In-Joke: Don't have one.
    Favorite Comic Strips: garfield, Peanuts, Garfield, Batman, Archie, vaious Robert Crumb comics, Sabrina... I love love love comics!
    Favorite Comedian: I'm gonna go with jerry Seinfeld. Dave Allen's perty funny, too.
    Favorite Canadian TV: Practically every kids show on abcKids is Canadian, and I like them. And also that show 'Corner Gas', I like that show.
    Favorite Canadian Music: Not sure. Alanis Morrissette?And isn't Gordon Lightfoot Canadian, too? His as well. And The Guess Who (I didn't know they were Canadian, MrsPepper!)
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  4. Speed Tracer

    Speed Tracer Well-Known Member

    Top five TV shows of all-time...

    1. "The Wire"
    2. "Fraggle Rock"
    3. "Arrested Development"
    4. "Twin Peaks"
    5. "Blackadder"
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  5. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    I'm going to attempt this one because it looked fun

    Favorite Band:
    Goo Goo Dolls, Yellowcard, The Cranberries, Barenaked Ladies
    Favorite CD:
    Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself, REM's Greatest Hits, Dizzy Up the Girl - The Goo Goo Dolls, Surfacing - Sarah McLachlan, and many, many mixes I've created over the years b/c I like variety
    Favorite Group:
    Isn't this the same as favorite band?
    Favorite Type of Music:
    Alternative, some pop, some rock
    Favorite TV Actors:
    Matthew Perry, Allyson Hannigan, Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Aniston
    Favorite Shows:
    Old favorites: Friends, Gilmore Girls, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock New Favorites: House, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory
    Favorite Actors:
    Steve Martin, Natalie Portman, Will Smith
    Favorite Movies:
    All Muppet Movies, all Christopher Guest movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Punch Drunk Love, Garden State, many, many more!
    Favorite Cartoon Characters:
    The Pink Panther, Garfield, Linus, Charlie Brown, Snoopy
    Favorite Cartoon:
    Favorite Classic Arcade Game:
    Pac Man
    Favorite Books:
    I like the author Jodi Picoult
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavors:
    Mint Chocolate Chip, cookies and cream
    Top Five Muppet Songs:
    I actually answered this wayyy back in this thread so I'm not going to do it again
    Favorite Famous Cows:
    Hmm, well Gladys comes to mind
    Favorite Basketball Team:
    I don't do basketball
    Favorite Baseball Team:
    MN Twins
    Favorite Candy:
    Kit Kat, Cherry Jolly Ranchers
    Favorite Plays:
    Harvey (I was in it in high school, it was fun!), and then for musicals Rent, The Lion King and Avenue Q
    Favorite Places to Travel:
    Disney World, Northern Minnesota and Maine
    Favorite Pizza Topping:
    sausage and black olives
    Favorite Author:
    Jodi Picoult
    Favorite Director:
    I don't know if I have one.
    Favorite Homemade Baked Goods:
    Favorite Songs:
    "Hold On, Hold On" by Neko Case, "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls, "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap, honestly this list could go on for a really long time. I should link my Project Playlist sometime.
    Favorite Video Game:
    Most anything on the Wii, especially Mario Party 8, I also love Guitar Hero
    Favorite Thing to Do Whilst I'm Bored:
    I waste alot of time on the computer, probably too much time
    Favorite Food:
    pizza, chinese food, anything with chicken, strawberries, sweets like cookies
    Favorite Drink:
    Favorite Fast Food Restaurant:
    I just don't eat much fast food anymore. If I do I prefer to go to Culvers, Jimmy John's or Chipotle
    Favorite Muppet:
    Cookie Monster, Red Fraggle, Kermit, Rowlf the Dog, Grover, Ernie and Bert
    Favorite Breakfast Cereal:
    Honey Bunches of Oats
    Favorite Writers:
    um, see favorite authors?
    Favorite Artists:
    my husband's aunt is a pretty decent artist. And quite honestly I love the work of our own Vic Romano

    Favorite Composers: John Williams
    Favorite Muppeteer: Jim and Frank, especially together
    Favorite Legs: hmm, I'm not much for legs, I'm a girl
    Favorite Comedy Movie: Waiting for Guffman
    Favorite Romance Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Favorite Kung Fu Movie: I don't like kung fu
    Favorite Muppet Movies: Muppets Take Manhatten
    Favorite Animated Movies: Finding Nemo, Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story
    Favorite Musical Movie: Rent
    Favorite Parody Movie: Airplane
    Favorite Epic Drama Movie: Braveheart
    Favorite Drama Movie: Forrest Gump
    Favorite Foreign Movie: I don't think I have one
    Favorite Horror/Sci Fi/Fantasy Movie: Labyrinth
    Favorite Adventure Movie: Don't have one
    Favorite Thriller/Mystery/Suspence: Signs. Scared the bejebus out of me, but I still like it

    Favorite Type of Cheese: cheddar, mozerella
    Favorite Type of Sandwich: turkey and cheese
    Favorite Muppet Skits: any Ernie and Bert, Rowlf and Fozzie "I don't got rhythm" on the Muppet Show
    Favorite Comic Strips: Peanuts, Garfield
    Favorite Comedian: Bill Engvall
    Favorite Canadian TV: I loved Today's Special as a kid and I know that started there
    Favorite Canadian Music: I love Sarah McLachlan and Barenaked Ladies and they are all Canadian.
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  6. RealMissPiggy

    RealMissPiggy New Member




  7. Kiki

    Kiki Active Member

    Neil Young's Canadian too, isn't he Peppy?
  8. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Favorite CD: The Muppet Show 25th Anniversary: Music, Mayhem, and More.

    Favorite Group: Green Day.

    Favorite Type of Music: Rock and Roll, Disney music, Muppet music.

    Favorite TV Actors: Seth MacFarlane, Jerry Seinfeld.

    Favorite Shows: The Muppet Show, Family Guy, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Seinfeld, The Office, Who Wants to Be a Millionare?

    Favorite Actors: Robin Williams, Brad Pitt, Steve Martin, Bill Murray, Bill Cosby, Steve Carrell, George Burns, Will Ferrel, Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Patrick Warburton.

    Favorite Cartoon Characters: Chip 'n' Dale, Buster and Babs Bunny, Stewie Griffin, Peter Griffin, Timon, Zazu, The Genie.

    Favorite Cartoon: Family Guy, Futurama, Tiny Toon Adventures, Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers.

    Favorite Classic Arcade Game: Donkey Kong.

    Favorite Books: Before You Leap, Harry Potter, Wicked, Good Omens.

    Favorite Ice Cream Flavors: Vanilla, pineapple, blueberry cream pie.

    Top 5 Muppet Songs: I'm Going to Go Back There Someday, Rainbow Connection, Baby Face, Follow Me, Sing.

    Favorite Famous Cows: Gladys the Cow? I don't know.

    Favorite Basketball Team: Don't really care.

    Favorite Baseball Team: Don't really care.

    Favorite Candy: Smarties.

    Favorite Films: The Muppet Movie, The Lion King, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Aladdin, Muppet Treasure Island, Lord of the Rings.

    Favorite Actress: Whoopi Goldberg, Carol Burnette, Julie Andrews, Phyllis Diller, Keira Knightly, Miss Piggy. *wink*

    Favorite Plays: The Lion King, Wicked.

    Favorite Places to Travel: Walt Disney World, the Florida Keys.

    Favorite Pizza Topping: Mushroom and pineapple.

    Favorite Director: Robert Zemmeckis, George Lucas.

    Favorite Homemade Baked Goods: Bread pudding, pumpkin pie.

    Favorite Songs: I'm Going to Go Back There Someday, Rainbow Connection, Sing, The Circle of Life, I Just Can't Wait to Be King, Friend Like Me, Hey There Delilah.

    Favorite Video Game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Favorite Thing to Do Whilst I'm Bored: Listen to music, watch Seinfeld or Family Guy or The Muppets, write, draw, organize.

    Favorite Food: Seafood, Italian.

    Favorite Drink: Iced Tea

    Favorite Fast Food: Chic-fil-A

    Favorite Muppet: The Great Gonzo, Pepe the King Prawn, Grover, Fozzie Bear, Sam Eagle, Rowlf the Dog, Floyd Pepper, Boober Fraggle, Rizzo the Rat, Cantus Fraggle, Big Bird, Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Pa Gorg, Marjory the Trash Heap, Telly Monster, Johnny Fiama, Scooter, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Clifford, Robin the Frog, Swedish Chef, Beaker, Animal, Dr. Teeth, Janice, Zoot, Uncle Deadly, The Count, Statler, Waldorf, Lew Zealand, Hoots the Owl, Cookie Monster, Wembley Fraggle, Elmo, gosh, ALL OF THEM! :D

    Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Cap'n Crunch

    Favorite Writers: J.K. Rowling, Neil Gaimann, Terry Pratchett.

    Favorite Artists: Andy Warhol, Da Vinci.

    Favorite Photographers: *shrug*

    Favorite Anime: Haha, Dragonball Z.

    Favorite Composers: Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart.

    Favorite Muppeteer: Dave Goelz

    Favorite Legs: ...Chicken?

    Favorite Comedy Movie: The Muppet Movie, Shrek, and others I can't think of.

    Favorite Romance Movie: Moulin Rouge, 10 Things I Hate About You, My Best Friend's Wedding.

    Favorite Kung Fu Movie: Shanghai Noon

    Favorite Muppet Movies: In order... The Muppet Movie, Muppet Treasure Island, The Great Muppet Caper, Muppets From Space, The Muppets Take Manhattan, The Muppet Christmas Carol, It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, The Muppets Wizard of Oz, Kermit's Swamp Years.

    Favorite Animated Movies: The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Shrek, Shrek 2, Happy Feet, Ratatoullie, The Incredibles, Pocahontas, A Goofy Movie, Robots, Bee Movie.

    Favorite Musical Movie: Beauty and the Beast, Hairspray, Moulin Rouge.

    Favorite Parody Movie: Spaceballs, Shrek.

    Favorite Sci-Fi Movie: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

    Favorite Epic Drama Movie: Umm...

    Favorite Drama Movie: Umm... I don't really know.

    Favorite Foreign Movie: *shrug*

    Favorite Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie: Psycho, Star Wars, Donnie Darko, The Lord of the Rings, Transformers, Back to the Future.

    Favorite Adventure Movie: X-Men, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure.

    Favorite Thriller/Mystery/Suspense Movie: Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs, Donnie Darko, The Perfect Murder.

    Favorite Web Comic: *shrug*

    Favorite Type of Cheese: American :attitude:

    Favorite Type of Sandwich: Grilled Cheese

    Favorite Muppet Skits: "Love Comes to Koozebane," The Great Gonzo Eats a Rubber Tire to the Tune of "Flight of the Bumblebee," Grover the Waiter, Grover the singing, dancing telegram deliverer, anything with Grover, anything with Grover and Kermit, anything with Ernie and Bert, anything with any of them. :p

    Favorite Scooby-Doo Voice: Velma.

    Favorite In-Joke: "With that tongue? No way."

    Favorite Comic Strips: Peanuts, Garfield, Foxtrot, Calvin and Hobbes.

    Favorite Comedian: Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, Lewis Black.

    Favorite Canadian TV: Degrassi: The Next Generation *waits for flames*
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  9. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets New Member

    Aw man! I love that show! Really love Calvin and Hobbes, too!:)
  10. muppetmania1980

    muppetmania1980 New Member

    to many to list

    i have a lot of favorite things! but here are just a few

    1. my favorite color is purple
    2. my favorite muppet is dr.teeth
    3. my favorite show is c.s.i. las vegas(my sister does that kind of work)
    4. my favorite sesame street muppet is zoe

    wanna know any others just ask me
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  11. Elwood Blues

    Elwood Blues New Member

    Some things about myself:

    My favorite color is blue
    I like to collect things (eg records, cassette tapes, video games)
    I like to party alot and have fun (then again, who doesn't?)
    I like pizza
    I like alot of stuff from the 80's
  12. Sgt Floyd

    Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    My last list was out of date. Here is a new list (question stolen from the one a few pages back)

    Some things I deleted if I couldnt think of something or did not apply

    Favorite Band: Bon Jovi

    Favorite CD: Ozzy Osbourne The Ozzman Cometh

    Favorite Type of Music: ROCK! WOOOOO! Although, I dont like that screaming, thrash stuff, or country, or any of that emo stuff

    Favorite Shows: The Simpsons, Mythbusters, the Muppet Show, a good amount of stuff on disney

    Favorite Actors: This is hard...uh...Tim Allen, Eddie Murpphy, Will Smith, Mike Myers

    Favorite Movies: Anything Tim Burtony, Waynes World, Shrek, Ghost Rider...

    Favorite Cartoon Characters: I love Stitch!

    Favorite Cartoon: too many to pick

    Favorite Classic Arcade Game: Centipede

    Favorite Books: Maximum Ride is a great book, Blood and Chocolate, Carrie

    Favorite Ice Cream Flavors: Mint Chocolate Chip

    Favorite Baseball Team: Phillies

    Favorite Candy: the purple packs of skittles

    Favorite Places to Travel: Atlantic City

    Favorite Pizza Topping: CHEEEEEESE!

    Favorite Author: Stephen King

    Favorite Director: Tim Burton

    Favorite Homemade Baked Goods: Cookies!

    Favorite Songs: Rock You Like a Hurricane, Sweet Child O Mine, Dude Looks Like a Lady, anything Ozzy, anything Bon Jovi

    Favorite Video Game: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)

    Favorite Thing to Do Whilst I'm Bored: play video games

    Favorite Food: rice

    Favorite Drink: sierra mist

    Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: wendys

    Favorite Muppet: Floyd and Uncle deadly

    Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Chex Cereal

    Favorite Writers: same as authers

    Favorite Muppeteer: All

    Favorite Comedy Movie: Waynes World

    Favorite Muppet Movies: MTM, TMM

    Favorite Animated Movies: The Lion King, Shrek

    Favorite Musical Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas (although, not sure of you could consider it a musical, but theres alot of songs in it)

    Favorite Type of Cheese: american

    Favorite Type of Sandwich: cheese steak/hoagie, chicken sandwhich

    Favorite Muppet Skits: too many

    Favorite Scooby-Doo Voice: Scooby!

    Favorite In-Joke: Oh, so many, where to start? Uh, I'll keep things simple and say that my friend is Wayne and I'm Garth

    Favorite Comic Strips: Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts
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  13. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Active Member

    Yes, Prawnie. So awesome. *thumbs up*
  14. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets New Member

    My favorite color is blue, too! Do you collect older video games?
  15. Count von Count

    Count von Count Active Member

    favorite food- ribs. favorite drink- dr. pepper
  16. Count von Count

    Count von Count Active Member

    Muppet Show favorite show
  17. Count von Count

    Count von Count Active Member

    The editing buttion was missed up. I didn't mean to put 3 in a row!
  18. Kiki

    Kiki Active Member

    Wow...! You have a really awesome taste in music! :)

    Aww, I love Degrassi TNG! Though I prefer the original 80's version, Spike's my favourite- I love her hair. ^^

    I love Bon Jovi and Ozzy! Do you like Black Sabbath? They're awesome :cool:. And I love rock, too. But all kinds: soft/heavy (not too heavy)/punk/folk/Aussie, etc. But mostly classic.
  19. cowgirl

    cowgirl New Member

    Favorite Band: MercyMe, Third Day

    Favorite CD: Songs by Rich Mullins

    Favorite Type of Music: Contemporary Christian, Traditional Irish, American and Irish Folk, Big Band/Swing.

    Favorite Shows: Old Shows - The Muppet Show, Due South Current Shows - Dirty Jobs, NCIS

    Favorite Actors: Harrison Ford,

    Favorite Movies: Muppet Movie, Muppet Christmas Carol, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Mary Poppins

    Favorite Cartoon Characters: The Warner Bros and the Warner Sister, Pinky and the Brain

    Favorite Cartoon: Animaniacs

    Favorite Classic Arcade Game:

    Favorite Books: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, The Stand

    Favorite Ice Cream Flavors: I'm partial to frozen custard myself. Kopps' (a frozen custard stand in Milwaukee) Banana Walnut Chocolate Chunk and their Bailey's Irish Coffee flavors both totally rock.

    Top 5 Muppet Songs: Bein' Green, Rainbow Connection, The Rhyming Song, We've Got Us, Rubber Duckie

    Favorite Famous Cows: Gladys, of course. Matilda The Wonder Cow (OK, she's only famous in my mind). Mrs. O'Leary's Cow.

    Favorite Baseball Team: The Chicago Cubs!

    Favorite Candy: M & M's

    Favorite Places to Travel: Ireland, Disney World

    Favorite Pizza Topping: Pepperoni

    Favorite Author: CS Lewis, Julia Quinn, Eloisa James

    Favorite Director: Don't think I have one

    Favorite Homemade Baked Goods: Brownies, my Irish Cream Cake

    Favorite Songs: The Color Green, We Are Not As Strong as We Think We Are, Indescribable

    Favorite Video Game: Don't have one

    Favorite Thing to Do Whilst I'm Bored: Read, play solitaire on the computer

    Favorite Food: Chocolate

    Favorite Drink: Non-alcoholic - lemonade Alcoholic - Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy

    Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Taco Bell?

    Favorite Muppet: I never can think of a favorite. Stand outs are Sam the Eagle, the Swedish Chef, Beaker, and Animal

    Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Peanut Butter Captain Crunch

    Favorite Writers: ?

    Favorite Muppeteer: All

    Favorite Comedy Movie: Airplane, The Naked Gun movies

    Favorite Muppet Movies: Muppet Movie, Muppet Christmas Carol

    Favorite Animated Movies: Cars

    Favorite Musical Movie: Mary Poppins

    Favorite Type of Cheese: Irish Cheddar, Gruyere, provolone

    Favorite Type of Sandwich:

    Favorite Muppet Skits: too many

    Favorite Scooby-Doo Voice: Scooby, I guess. Never a big Scooby fan.

    Favorite In-Joke: Have to think about that one.

    Favorite Comic Strips: Far Side
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  20. Sgt Floyd

    Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Yup, I like black sabbath. My favorite Sabbath song is Electric Funeral. I have a really twisted dark side to me lol :scary:

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