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Things you wished they would have done in MFC

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by AmazingMumford, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. AmazingMumford

    AmazingMumford New Member

    Is there any 2 charachters in A Muppet Family Christmas that you know would have made a perfect scene together but weren't used together? Here's who I think

    Big Bird and Doc

    Grover and Gonzo

    Oscar and Doc

    Prarie and Rowlf: They could have argued over who was gonna play the Piano in during the Sesame Street Pagaent

    The Two headed Monster and Animal

    Also I think it would have been good to include Telly in this special, He could have been worrying about what they were gonna do when they were stranded there,

    Anyone else?
  2. Pug Lover

    Pug Lover New Member

    I've sometimes wondered how Miss Piggy and Prairie Dawn would get along. :mad:
  3. AmazingMumford

    AmazingMumford New Member

    Well she was looking out the window when Miss Piggy had finally made it to Ma Bear's and she seemed pretty eager about it.
  4. McFraggle

    McFraggle Active Member

    I agree, Grover and Gonzo would make an interesting combination. :)
  5. AmazingMumford

    AmazingMumford New Member

    I can see it now

    Grover: Hey......... Froggy..... Baby................. (slaps Kermit on back)

    Kermit: Sheesh.... Hello Grover, glad you could make it (looks at camera) oh boy...

    Grover: Oh Froggy, how wonderful it's going to be spending Christmas Eve with you.

    Kermit: Listen Grover, I'm not gonna be able to hang out with you much while your'e here, Iv'e got to.......... Help the Swedish Chef cook, yeah, he's got a big Christmas Dinner to make, and can't do it all by himself, and I have to help Mrs. Bear hang up the Decorations, and........... shovel snow outside.

    Grover; (disapointed) oh

    Kermit: But don't worry, Iv'e got a friend that you will get along with just fine. Oh Gonzo...........

    Gonzo: Yeah Kermit

    Kermit: This is my friend Grover from Sesame Street, please do me a favor, keep him company while he's here, get to know him, spend time with him (leans close to Gonzo and kind of whispers) keep him away from me.

    Gonzo: Oh...... but Kermit, I'm really not in the mood to make a new Friend, Camilla might leave me for that Turkey fella, I might have to sleep on a hanger on a hook on the wall, the old guy with the dog hates me, and.....

    Kermit: I'll give you a raise

    Gonzo: Well since you put it that way......... (puts his arm around Grover and walks off) so........ your'e from Sesame Street huh? How's the weather there this time of year? Iv'e always wanted to visit there, hey do you think they'd like my act?

    Kermit: that was easy, but it's gonna cost me.
  6. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Active Member

    I Love it Amazing mumford Bean and Grover i think would be funny they are just blissful charcaters
  7. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    And note: Link Hogthrob and Dr Strangepork are Missing!
  8. christyb

    christyb New Member

    Completely off topic but I wished they would've release the entire thing on video.
  9. Whatever

    Whatever Active Member

    I think it's perfect the way it is.
  10. christyb

    christyb New Member

    yeah the movie is. I just miss those missing scenes from my copy.
  11. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

    I wish...
    Gobo Fraggle didn't look quite so scary and despotic when he first appears so mysteriously and slow,
    Sweetums was there and hung with Big Bird,
    and Gonzo beat the bejeezus outta' the turkey for messin' with Camilla, I didn't like that turkey, boy.
  12. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Sweetums was way to big to fit. One large charcter was all they could squish into that living room. (And if they had Sweetums, why not Snuffy?)

    Still, it would have been good... He'd look some lovely shaking snow out of his fur.

    *wiggles with delight*

    So, huggable.
  13. DanDanStrawberry

    DanDanStrawberry Active Member

    I think a remake with BITBBH characters may well be necessary!!
  14. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    And Moppotop, and Hoobs?
  15. Uncle deadly

    Uncle deadly New Member

    they arent in any movies, apart from link in MTI
  16. christyb

    christyb New Member

    They were in MTI where? (Man it's been forever since I've seen that)
  17. Docnzhoss

    Docnzhoss Active Member

    Actually, Link is in The Muppet Movie (sitting next to Piggy in the theater) and Muppets Take Manhattan (he cries when Kermit and Piggy are married).

    Guy Smiley and Rowlf are very cool characters. Together, their conversation could have been priceless.
  18. Docnzhoss

    Docnzhoss Active Member

    Link was in MTI. When Smollett first meets Benjamina Gunn on the island and she 'hi-yahs" him into the gong, Link is there looking down at Smollett and then Smollett says something like "old girlfriend".
  19. Uncle deadly

    Uncle deadly New Member

    yeh, they should have put some seaseme characters in,
    the seaseme street gang are never in the new muppet movies anymore :(
  20. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

    Ooh! What if the honkers made friends with Beaker!? That'd be funny. "Honk, honk, honk!" "Meep, meep, meep!" "Honk, meep, honk, meep, honk, honk, honk!"

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