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Today, it can finally be said...

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by MM-III, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. MM-III

    MM-III Well-Known Member

    That I have a complete Series 1 collection...

    I realize this isn't exactly news or that I'm even the first to be able to claim this... but still... it's a nice to have the whole series one gang on the shelf.

    It's looking like series 2 will be no less interesting to track down all the varients so we're in for another fun ride.

    But I doubt it'll ever be the challenge that series 1 posed.
  2. Gonzo

    Gonzo Well-Known Member

    Isn't it a good feeling?


    I love my toys.

  3. BigDumbWookiee

    BigDumbWookiee Well-Known Member

    I cant wait to be able to share that feeling. I guess I can say, I have, or have in the mail, the entire 1st series! :) Im still waiting on my membership kit, and for my WW East Dr Teeth to ship. Then I can celebrate!
  4. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    >>>Today, it can finally be said...
    That I have a complete Series 1 collection... <<<

    Does this mean you even got the industry exclusives, factory package errors, and other variants? just kidding.
    Man, can you believe Palisades auctioned off some packaged series 2 prototypes? too cool.
  5. MM-III

    MM-III Well-Known Member

    Industry exclusives yes.... but I had to draw the line at packaging errors. Or rather, my wife did. heh.

    I'm happy having every different figure that was offered on any kind of official scale. My one exception this time around was the kermit lunchbox which although he was the same as the others... I felt was necessary for a reasonably complete collection.

    So to clarify... my idea of a complete series one is:

    Dr. teeth
    Beaker and Lab playset

    Long hair piggy
    Tux Kermit
    Wizard World Dr. teeth
    Kermit in lunch box
    Vanishing Cream Beaker
    Invisible Beaker

    I suppose if I were to find a packaging error vc beaker for cheap I might get it but I won't feel like I'm missing something if I don't get him. Weird but I just noticed that exclusives for series one outnumber the series itself!

    I'm glad series 3 and 4 are giving us a bit of a break.
  6. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    i kinda wanted a Kermit in Lunchbox...but it never happened.

    oh well, he was a packaging variant, not a figure one. at least i have a WW Dr. Teeth
  7. ronskimomo

    ronskimomo Active Member

    I have the complete series one stuff plus an extra. I opened several of the figures, but kept some of the harder to get ones in their boxes. I don't really know why I don't open them since I have no intention of selling them, but it is hard to open a figure that is selling for close to 100 dollars on eBay.
  8. Jackie

    Jackie Well-Known Member

    All i am missing is WW Dr. Teeth, but alas, i will survive :)
  9. FlyingMonkey

    FlyingMonkey Active Member

    I need the WW Dr. Teeth as well. I'm not too concerned about the Lunchbox Kermit, as there isn't anything different with the actual figure.

    Now, if I could just find someone with a WW Dr. Teeth that they're willing to part with.

  10. Joseph

    Joseph Well-Known Member

    I really really wanna get my hands on one of those WW Dr. Teeth. Surely someone has one that they would be willing to part with. :)

    email me rage316442@aol.com to discuss
  11. Misfit Toy

    Misfit Toy Well-Known Member

    The only variants I don't have are Kermit in Lunchbox, completely-invisible Beaker, and WW Dr. Teeth. But I really don't care for the lunchbox Kermit or the completely invisible beaker, but with the variants of Floyd and Zoot and probably Janice as well(too bad we missed out on SDCC Animal) I really want the Dr. Teeth to complete a set of variant/regular Electric Mayhem bands.

    I'll probably just buy two Electric Mayhem stage/Animal sets and repaint Animal and the stage as well as repainting another Dr. Teeth...sounds better than shelling out big bucks for a variant, and I won't feel bad playing with it!

    Keep up those Muppet figures!!!!
  12. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    Ken has hinted that the repaint Animal might just show up somewhere down the line...nothing's for certain, but i wouldn't count him out yet
  13. Jackie

    Jackie Well-Known Member

    LOL no one will email you because no one wants to part with theirs anyway :)
  14. Joseph

    Joseph Well-Known Member

    You never know. But you are probably right. lol
  15. Jackie

    Jackie Well-Known Member

    LOL, it's worth a shot. :)
  16. Joseph

    Joseph Well-Known Member

    Sadly no replys as of yet.

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