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Tons of Fraggle stuff for sale

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by justairbagit, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. justairbagit New Member

    Hello, I just wanted to offer up my fraggle rock collection on here before every thing gets posted on ebay. I have everything from dolls to puzzles and pvc toys. If anyone is intrested please let me know.
  2. haakonsmary Member

    Got any Fraggle Rock books?

    I'm also interested in a Boober doll if you have one. PM me please, thanks!
  3. justairbagit New Member

    I have about 12 books and boober
  4. haakonsmary Member

    Don't know if you saw my PM.

    Here are the books I'm interested in:

    - Marooned in Fraggle Rock
    - Boober Fraggle's Ghosts
    - Danger: Boober Cooking (also titled Boober Fraggle's Celery Soufflé)
    - The Tale of Traveling Matt (also titled Traveling Matt's Adventures in Outer Space)
    - Waggleby of Fraggle Rock
    - Boober Fraggle's Giant Wish
    - The Case of the Missing Socks
    - Boober's Colorful Soup
    -any other titles which feature Boober or Uncle Matt as the main character except for Follow That Fraggle, which I already have

    Please e-mail me at amara_anon@hotmail.com if you have any of these. I would also be interested in seeing pics of the Boober doll if you have them. Thanks very much.
  5. justairbagit New Member

    Hi guys Ill try to get pics up soon im just really busy with school, But i have almost all the tomy dolls, all the comics, all the pvc toys except travling matt , sprocket, and pa gor. and so on every thing is for sale so please let me know what exactly your looking for and make an offer and ill let you know if I have it.
  6. vaati64 Member

    Can I get rate and availabiliy on the Fraggle Comics? lol:) Are they the first print?
  7. justairbagit New Member

    the comics are all in great condition and i even have the one they were in for marvel. I collected this stuff for years with the Ex g/f and now its time for all of it to go.

    Tomy dolls:
    4 Wind up doozers still in package

    Test market doozer toys from mcd's

    fisher price puzzels including a sealed travaling matt

    almost the entire collection of schillin pvc toys (missing spricket travling matt and pa gorg)

    A replica puppet of what looks like wembly and boober mixed (bought it from puppetman)

    and the list goes on.... Let me know what you want with your email and ill send pics right out. Or soon every thing will go on ebay.
  8. justairbagit New Member

  9. vaati64 Member

    it's not much I know, but I would like to offer $25 for the Puppet, before shipping
  10. justairbagit New Member

    The puppet was made by a pro and $25 is less then it would even cost to ship it.
  11. vaati64 Member

    Yeah, I figured as much. Oh well, I just wanted to contribute my 2 cents.
  12. zns Active Member

    Well it certainly looks like you hav quite a collection. I would like to add some Fraggle stuff for my Muppet/Henson collection. How do your prices vary? :smirk::busy::excited:
  13. justairbagit New Member

    Hi Guys, Ive had alot of people intrested and some pretty weird offers but i just wanted to state that im not in a bind or desprate for money just a little cluttered and figured Id rather pass on my collection to some die hard fans then put it in a box in the attic
  14. CoOKiE Member

    What would you like for the McDonalds
  15. justairbagit New Member

    Hi guys. Still have all of it. I was busy with finishing up with school so i got side tracked.
  16. zns Active Member

    What do you still have available right now?
  17. justairbagit New Member

    I still have all of it, No ones claimed anything yet
  18. zns Active Member

    Well right now I am going to be going on vacation for the weekend and need to save up on some money. But if need be, I'll stop by and see what you still have then. Thanks.

    If I were to do this with you as a trade, would you do tape trades in terms of the merchandise you have? Just thought I'd ask. Thanks again.
  19. zns Active Member

    Right now I'm probably interested in the following:

    -Gobo and the Poison Cackler book and record
    -Stamp set in the original packaging
    -Tomy wind-up Doozers in the original packaging

    I have plenty of DVD's to offer in trade form. Let me know or email me aqt pns1@comcast.net. Thanks.

    Zach Snyder
  20. justairbagit New Member

    Im not intrested in any trades, im trying to make space in my house

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