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Trading Sesame Street Episodes

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by MuppetDude, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. Jyllian

    Jyllian Member

    Wanted: Sesame Street Episode 0002 from Season 1

    If anyone has this on dvd or vhs, i can trade it for early 1970 Ernie and cookie monster puppets?
  2. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    Hey MuppetDude,

    Do you have these programs?

    -The Muppets Go Hollywood
    -John Denver & the Muppets: Rocky Mountain Holiday (unedited)
    -The Muppets at Walt Disney World
    -A Walking Tour of Sesame Street with James Earl Jones
    -60 Minutes (1978 appearance)
    -The Fraggles Look for Jobs
    -Julie Andrews: My Favorite Things (1975 appearance)
  3. jonnytbird

    jonnytbird Well-Known Member

    Hello again Muppetcentral.

    It's been a couple months since I've done any tape trading. But I was wondering if anyone out there (besides BooberGorg and MuppetDude) has any of the following episodes that I'm looking for: 2911, 3006, 3008, 3022, 3023, 3077, 3099, 3108, 3112, 3113, 3114, 3125, 3126, 3332, 3522 and 3523.

    Just thought I'd try something new. Anyway, thanks again to my friends who I've traded with in the past. Add I'll definitely reply back with an updated trade list.

    Jonny T-Bird
  4. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    Still not interested in tape trading (My interest would be a little better if our VCR/DVD would function again). But, I'm just gonna put my current "have" list out there:

    • 3940 (little rough toward and during EW)
    • 3953 (missing theme, 1st scene and 30 seconds of first segment, REALLY BAD quality)
    • The Street We Live On (Typewriter cartoon briefly replaced by station logo)
    • 4064
    • 4065
    • 4074
    • 4076
    • 4079
    • 4081
    • 4083 (poor quality)
    • 4084 (poor quality)
    • 4088 (poor quality)
    • 4089
    • 4090
    • 4092 (poor quality)
    • 4097
    • 4100
    • 4101
    • 4103
    • 4104
    • 4105
    • 4106
    • 4107 (two versions: one missing part of Cold Open, now EW and part of final scene missing)
    • 4108 (P.Q)
    • 4111
    • 4115
    • 4121
    • 4123
    • 4125
    • 4128
    • 4130
    • 4131
    • 4132
    • 4133
    • All of Season 38
    • Most of season 39 (missing part of 4181's street scene, missing 4180)
    • Most of season 40 (need 4208, 4211, 4212)
    • PLAZA SESAMO (separate list coming)
    • PLAY WITH ME SESAME (season 2 eps, some incomplete in various ways)
    • "The Best of Elmo"
    • "Elmopalooza!" (ABC airing)
    • "Big Bird in China"
    • "Elmo Saves Christmas"
    • A&E Biography: Sesame Street (couple of glitches here and there)
    • The World According to Sesame Street (Independent Lens airing)
    • You Can Ask!
    • Panwapa (all four stories shown as two different, half-hour episodes that include films and Muppet bits)
    • Random Clips: "Say Toothpaste, Somebody" (missing start) and "I Like Laughing When I'm Happy"
    MikaelaMuppet likes this.
  5. whistlingstrait

    whistlingstrait New Member

    WANTED: Episode 3137 or 3917

    Help! My son loves this episode (3917) and I can't find it anywhere.

    His favorite part is the outline of five people dancing which originally aired in episode 3137.

    So, if you happen to have either episode in DVD format I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you.
  6. aloozilla

    aloozilla New Member

    Where to start?

    Hi All,

    I’m in the newbie predicament: I have nothing much to trade, but would like to get some old Sesame Street episodes for my son.

    I do have a few records that I’ve converted to CD, if these would be of interest on anyone:
    1. Bert and Ernie Side by Side (Two Disc)
    2. Bert's Blockbusters
    3. Big Bird Leads The Band
    4. Ernie's Hits
    5. Exercise (with Poster Scan)
    6. Getting Ready for School
    7. Happy Birthday
    8. Let A Frown Be Your Umbrella
    9. Numbers
    10. Rubber Duckie and Other Songs from Sesame Street (Not actual cast)
    11. Sleepytime Bird
    12. The Muppet Alphabet Album
    13. The Sesame Street Book & Record
    I also have a large collection of non-Muppet related live music from the following artists:
    • DMB
    • Tori Amos
    • Howie Day
    • John Mayer
    Is anyone willing/able to help me get started with some vintage episodes?

    Thanks much!
    - Aloo

  7. catielou

    catielou Member


    would anyone here be willing to give me any of the last few seasons of SST for my son to view as we can't get it in the UK.

    Pls let me know
  8. dislori

    dislori New Member

    I was wondering if anyone would have a copy of Season 34, Episode 4036 where Elmo learns about chess with Gordon. I had a copy that was ruined and need to replace for special needs child.

  9. catielou

    catielou Member

    SS Episodes to trade

    I have available for trade

    Sesame Street 1969a
    Sesame Street 1969b
    Sesame Street 1969c
    Sesame Street 1970a
    Sesame Street 1971
    Sesame Street 1972
    Sesame Street 1973a
    Sesame Street 1973b
    Sesame Street 1973c
    Sesame Street 1976
    Sesame Street e926_1976a
    Sesame Street e1037_1977
    Sesame Street e1090 Hawaii
    Sesame Street Episode 1091
    Sesame Street e1092 Hawaii
    Sesame Street e1093 Hawaii
    Sesame Street e1094 Hawaii
    Sesame Street e1095 Hawaii
    Sesame Street Episode 1316
    Sesame street e1736_1983
    Sesame Street e1836_1983
    Sesame Street e1839_1983
    Sesame Street e1933_1984
    Sesame Street e2040_1985
    Sesame Street Episode 2404
    Sesame Street Episode 2485
    Sesame Street Episode 2558
    Sesame Street Episode 2574
    Sesame Street Episode 2615

    14 FULL Sesame Street DVD's

    1-Bedtime with Elmo
    2-Elmo in Grouchland (full length movie)
    3-3 Bears & a new Baby
    4-123 Count with Me
    5-Computer Capers
    6-Do the Alphabet
    7-Elmo's World Opposites
    8-Favorite Song's
    9-Let's make Music
    10-Elmo's World All about Faces
    11-The Street we Live on
    12-Furry Red Monster Parade
    13-The Letter of the Month Club
    14-Elmo's World Springtime Fun

    Season 36

    Episode 4084
    Episode 4085
    Episode 4087
    Episode 4088
    Episode 4092
    Episode 4095
    Episode 4100
    Episode 4104

    Season 38

    Episode 4136
    Episode 4139
    Episode 4144
    Episode 4145
    Episode 4146
    Episode 4147
    Episode 4149
    Episode 4150
    Episode 4151
    Episode 4152
    Episode 4153
    Episode 4154

    All of season 39
    Most of season 40 (except episodes 4006, 4008, 4010 & 4012).

    I am willing to swap any of these for missing season 38 & 36 episodes and any episodes from the season 37.

    I am also looking for episodes from the current season 41, as well as episodes from seasons 30 to 35.

    NB All these episodes are in digital format .AVI and some of the classic episodes are not good quality as digital didn't exist way back when

    Please PM if you are interested.
  10. catielou

    catielou Member

    Wrong Info On Previous Post

    Ooops I meant most of season 40 (except episodes 4206, 4208, 4210 & 4212)

    I apologise for the incorrect information
  11. jamieburn

    jamieburn New Member

    Murray Has A Little Lamb episodes?

    Does anyone have Murray Has A Little Lamb episodes for my daughter? We're looking especially for the cooking, drumming, gardening, music and farm episodes that we can't find elsewhere. Very happy to pay shipping and handling!

    Thank you!
  12. catielou

    catielou Member

    Additional Early Episodes


    I have just aquired some early episodes from 1969, the 1970's and the 1980's.

    This Way to Sesame Street.avi
    Sesame Street Test Show #1.avi
    Sesame Street Episode 1.wmv
    Sesame Street Episode 8.avi
    Sesame Street Episode 43.wmv
    Sesame Street Episode 54.wmv
    Sesame Street Episode 83.wmv
    Sesame Street Episode 514.wmv
    Sesame Street Episode 1575.avi

    Sesame Street Episode 1706.wmv Sesame Street Episode 1707.wmv
    Sesame Street Episode 1708.wmv
    Sesame Street Episode 1709.wmv
    Sesame Street Episode 1710.wmv
    Sesame Street Episode 1736.wmv

    Sesame Street Episode 2614.avi
    Sesame Street Episode 2621.avi
    Sesame Street Episode 2622.wmv

    I am willing to swap any of these for season 38 & 36 episodes and any episodes from the season 37. (see previous post for episodes I already have)

    I am also looking for episodes from the current season 41, as well as episodes from seasons 30 to 35.

    I generally exchange by uploading to a filesharing site, but am willing to do it by disc.

    Please PM if you are interested.
  13. The Shoe Fairy

    The Shoe Fairy Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, I'm after Episode 3836, if anyone has it it would be rather useful.
  14. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have any of these season 23 episodes. I would trade whatever i could. I do have quite of bit of older and newer Sesame Street episodes. Here are the ones i'm looking for. I have the first Montana Day episode but i would love to have them all on DVD together.

    I'll upload all of what i have when i get a chance. But here's my email just in case.
    Cory Stoczynski likes this.
  15. Ben Malloy

    Ben Malloy New Member

    Is there anyway possible that I can trade The Hawaii Episode, Episode 2939, 3304, and 2982?

  16. stuiefan

    stuiefan Member

    hey does anyone have the following clips: Harvey's lost&found along with the little girl who hugs herry but touches bruce monster's Fur, it has Harvey,maurice,Bruce,Harry along with Fat blue. I saw the international version's of these but i wasn't sure if anyone had them in english?
  17. stuiefan

    stuiefan Member

    which ones Jyllian? i have a few here but msot are just clips.
  18. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have these episodes?

    #1736- Bob Gives Music Lessons
    #1781- Forgetful Jones Forgets the Streets Name
    #1927- Gordon an Susan Babysit
    #2159- Miss Blechman Visits
    #2173- Luis Reads Captain Swashbuckle
    #2179- Big Bird Wants Bob to Hear his Song
    #2208- Uncle Wally Returns
    #2228- Susan Writes a Letter to her Parents
    #2256- Elmo Names his Doll After David
    #2258- Computer Trouble
    #2269- Oscar Moves to Candy Cane Lane
    #2312- What is Love?
    #2356- Visit to the Bronx Zoo
    #2365- Forgetful Jones Joins the Birdkateers
    #2395- Elmo Learns to Write his Name
    #2396- Big Bird's Day with Keys
    #2403- Planet Zingo
    #2411- Big Bird Learns about Love
    #2412- Maria's Frog Puppet
    #2453- Bob's Echo Game
    #2482- Don't Have to Sing
    #2483- Pre-Wedding Party

    If anyone has these please contact me at znsnyder@comcast.net. I have lots f stuff for trade if anyone is interested.
    stuiefan likes this.
  19. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    Is there a way I could contact BooberGorg or MuppetDude? for these shows?
    Cory Stoczynski likes this.
  20. stuiefan

    stuiefan Member

    Hey dude do you have Eppy's 1147 or 860 in thta collection of yours?
    Cory Stoczynski likes this.

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