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  2. Sesame Street Season 48
    Sesame Street's 48th season officially began Saturday November 18 on HBO. After you see the new episodes, post here and let us know your thoughts.

Trading Sesame Street Episodes

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by MuppetDude, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    I haven't been here for quite a while, but I finally got around to updating what I've got. (It's been a long couple of years!)


    Pre-Sesame Street
    Original Pitch Reel (original version)
    This Way to Sesame Street

    Sesame Street Unpaved (full series: 67 episodes)
    1 : Welcome to Sesame Street (full-length original edit; from NET)
    8 : Letter “B” Treasure Hunt
    43 : Loulou’s Back In Town
    54 : Oscar Bakes a Cake
    83 : Big Bird Moves Seed
    131 : Granny Grouch (2nd Season Premiere)
    158 : Oscar’s “Wet Paint” Sign
    162 : Oscar’s Stop Signs
    198 : Big Bird Opens Hooper’s Store
    276 : New Friends (3rd Season Premiere)
    355 : Rainstorm
    406 : Sam the Robot Visits (4th Season Premiere)
    514 : Stevie Wonder Visits Sesame Street
    536 : Another Quiet Day (5th Season Premiere)
    666 : The Count Counts Lights (6th Season Premiere)
    796 : Headline Howie Gets the Scoop on Snuffy (7th Season Premiere)
    871 : Mr. Hooper Goes Back to School
    926 : Surprise! (8th Season Premiere)
    1037 : Big Bird and Baby Cody
    1041 : Cripple Creek/Oscar’s Grouch Club
    1056 : Bert’s Marching Band (9th Season Premiere)
    1090 : Sesame Street Goes to Hawaii: To the Airport
    1091 : Sesame Street Goes to Hawaii: Day 1
    1092 : Sesame Street Goes to Hawaii: Day 2
    1093 : Sesame Street Goes to Hawaii: Day 3
    1094 : Sesame Street Goes to Hawaii: Day 4
    1095 : Sesame Street Goes to Hawaii: Day 5
    1186 : The Count’s “Hello” Game/Barkley or Woof-Woof? (10th Season Premiere)
    1316 : Sesame Street Goes to Puerto Rico (11th Season Premiere)
    1364 : “Star Wars” Droids Visit Sesame Street (full-length)
    1396 : “Star Wars” Droids Re-Visit Sesame Street (full-length)
    1446 : Big Bird Goes to School (12th Season Premiere)
    1563 : Maria Wants a Raise
    1575 : The Heatwave/Mr. Rogers Visits
    1576 : Big Bird: The Endangered Species (13 Season Premiere)
    1706 : Big Bird Goes to Camp (14th Season Premiere)
    1707 : Camp Echo Rock: Day 2
    1708 : Camp Echo Rock: Day 3
    1709 : Camp Echo Rock: Day 4
    1710 : Camp Echo Rock: Day 5
    1736 : Practice Makes Perfect (Music Lessons)
    1740 : The Water Shortage (last street scene and credits have no logo)
    1800 : Snuffy’s Toaster / Cousin Abigail Snuffleupagus
    1836 : The NYC Marathon (15th Season Premiere)
    1839 : Goodbye, Mr. Hooper
    1933 : The Fix-It Shop’s New Computer
    2040 : Big Bird and Snuffy Goes to the Movies
    2059 : Bob Learns to Breakdance/ Maria’s Life Story
    2073 : Remembering Mr. Hooper
    2096 : Snuffy Is Seen (17th Season Premiere)
    2122 : Adoption of Miles: Part 1
    2123 : Adoption of Miles: Part 2
    2124 : Adoption of Miles: Part 3
    2125 : Adoption of Miles: Part 4
    2208 : Uncle Wally Comes to Visit
    2226 : Miles’s Adoption Anniversary Party (18th Season Premiere) (full-length)
    2257 : Luis Gets Glasses (Noggin and PBS versions available)
    2269 : Oscar Moves to Candy-Cane Lane
    2293: Maria Speaks Duck
    2356 : A Trip to the Bronx Zoo (19th Season Premiere)
    2358 : David Hires Gina (to work at Hooper’s Store)
    2404 : Maria and Luis Fall in Love
    2485 : Maria and Luis’s Wedding
    2486 : Maria and Luis’s Honeymoon (20th Season Premiere; both PBS and Noggin versions available)
    2558 : Maria’s Baby’s Heartbeat
    2574 : Maria’s Mother Visits
    2615 : Welcome, Gabriela (Noggin and PBS versions available)

    123 Sesame Street Episodes (All are Noggin episodes unless otherwise noted):
    3136: Around the Corner
    3137: Big Bird and Ruthie Learn to Dance
    3138: “All By Myself” / A Day with Zoe
    3139: Gordon and Susan Stay at the Furry Arms
    3140: Best Friends till the End (missing ep. #)
    3141: Prince Oscar Charming (full PBS edit)
    3142: "13" Makes Rain (full PBS edit)
    3144: Hans the Ugly Duckling (full PBS edit)
    3145: Penguin Party at the Furry Arms
    3146: Joey and Davey's Banana Search
    3147: Mother Chicken’s New Nursery Rhyme
    3148: Baby Bear and Telly: Friends Forever
    3149: Joey and Dave Monkey’s Story
    3150: Zoe Spells her Name
    3151: Telly and the SS Band
    3152: Oscar Gets the “Sunny Days” Song Stuck in his Head
    3153: BB Helps Baby Kayla
    3154: Little Boy Blue Sells his Horn
    3155: Snuffy and Alice Find an “8”/ Zoe at Day Care
    3156: Nasty Squeak at the Furry Arms (PBS/Noggin full edit)
    3157: Mumford’s Dog/Magician Trick (full PBS version)
    3158: Elmo's Mini-Golf Course (full PBS edit)
    3159: Cymbal-Sharing / Zoe’s Aunt Chloe Visits
    3160: Elmo Pretends to Be a Baby (has some digital glitches)
    3161: Wolfgang Chases Wanda
    3162: Big Bird's Magic Pipe
    3163: Kingston’s Day
    3164: Slimey's Errands/Maria's "Wet Paint" Sign
    3165: Roxy Marie’s Doozybug
    3166: Summer Squall Comes to SS
    3167: Telly Waits for Radish Dude
    3168: Mumford’s Tap-Dancing Trick
    3169: The Scientist Game
    3170: BB’s Search for Sadness
    3172: Telly and Rosita Play “Follow the Leader” (full PBS version)
    3173: Slimey's First Day of School
    3175: Floyd Fluter-Tooter's New Home (both PBS and Noggin versions)
    3176: Elmo Stands on His Head
    3177: Gina’s Sick Day
    3178: Tarah's Big Race
    3179: Elmo Wants to Marry Gina (full PBS version)
    3180: Oh, Look What Natasha Can Do!
    3181: Slimey's Big Dive
    3182: Telly and Kingston's Original Acts
    3183: Telly and the Giant "11"
    3184: Mr. Big Visits SS
    3185: Oscar's Disappear-O Spray (Noggin/PBS combo, with one minute missing)
    3186: BB and Elmo's Word Tag (PBS/Noggin edit)
    3187: Park Rangers for a Day (PBS copy)
    3188: Merry Scares People (PBS/Noggin combo edit)
    3189: The New Playground
    3190: Chicago's Juice Bar
    3191: Wanda Goes to the Playground (Noggin/PBS edit)
    3192: Roxy Marie’s Butterfly’s Tricks (full PBS/Noggin edit)
    3193: Jack Be Nimble Tries Something New/Snuffy at the Park (both Noggin and PBS versions)
    3195: The Story of Cindertelly
    3196: Chicago’s Vegetable Stories/ BB’s Soliloquies
    3197: Telly Breaks Luis’s Vase
    3200: Slimey's Birthday (Wormo the Happy Clown visits)
    3238: Barkley’s Lost! (full PBS version)
    3817: Elmo and Zoe's Loulouputty Adventure (some tracking issues)
    3835: Zoe's Delivery Service (tracking problems)
    3839: Bolo the Parrot Learns the Alphabet Song
    3862: The SS Reading Club
    3864: Telly Counts to Ten
    3865: Baby Bear, Telly, and Elmo's Story
    3866: Oscar's Birthday
    3876: Luis Fixes Zoe's Zoemobile
    3884: Big Bird Loses Radar
    3885: Counting Monsters Day
    3889: The Ping-Pong Table (Telly Plays Ping-Pong)
    3892: Zoe's "Rotten Egg" Game
    3893: Grandmama Bear Visits Baby Bear
    3894: The SS "X" Games
    3896: Stinky and the Cocoon
    3912: Elmo in Numberland (Remake)

    Full (or almost full) PBS episodes:
    179 : BB Spells “LOVE” (Black and White 16 mm film transfer)
    573 : Oscar Pretends to Be Sick/ David’s Lost Ring
    810: SS Goes to New Mexico: Packing Day
    811: SS Goes to New Mexico: Day 1
    812: SS Goes to New Mexico: Day 2
    813: SS Goes to New Mexico: Day 3
    814: SS Goes to New Mexico: Day 4
    815: SS Goes to New Mexico: Day 5
    1646: Fireman Visits the Day Care Center (missing theme and cuts off late during final scene)
    16??: Olivia's Grandmother's Vegetable Stand (Season 13 ep.)
    1781: Forgetful Jones Forgets “Sesame Street”
    1845: Dr. Nobel Price "Discovers" Gravity
    1858: "Proud to Be a Cow"/Captain Vegetable Returns
    2058: Snuffy Becomes a Grouchketeer (Canadian episode--about 50% is Canadian segments)
    2107: Olivia's Date with Bernie
    2159: Miss Blechman Visits Oscar
    2164: Nighttime on Sesame Street (ep # and end of last scene missing)
    21??: The Heartstrongs/Ask Oscar (Season 17 ep.)
    2173: Captain Swashbuckle
    2228: Susan Writes a Letter
    2233: Linda’s Friend Visits/The Mirror Game (ep. # missing)
    2234: Martians Explore SS
    2238: The SS Pet Show
    2243: Slimey's Computer Song/BB Stays Up Late
    2244: Telly’s Detective Disguises (theme missing)
    2254: Elmo's Fix-It Shop
    2255: Elmo and Luis/Dr. Price's Original Invention
    2256: How to Be a Birdketeer/Elmo's New Doll
    2258: Elmo's Hand Poem/The Martians and the Computer Cursor
    2274: The My Best Friend Game Show
    2275: BB, Telly, and Jason’s Special Lunch Orders
    2282: Dr. Nobel Price’s Wake-Up Machine
    2283: The Count and Telly Play Hide-and-Seek
    2291: The Count’s Love Poem
    2292: (episode # chopped off)
    2312: (episode # chopped off)
    2313: (episode # chopped off)
    2341: Mumford’s Big/Small Trick
    2362: The Count Counts Suitcases
    2363: BB’s Magic Tricks
    2365: Forgetful Jones Remembers Things
    2366: Nighttime on Sesame Street (re-air of #2164)
    2367: Jiffy Dines at Hooper's/Barkley the Cow
    23??: BB and Snuffy Mail a letter (starts late halfway through first scene)
    2390: Telly’s Magic Pencil (missing part of theme)
    2395: Elmo Writes his Name
    2402: Maria Babysits Irvine
    2403: Planet Zingo
    2405: It's Official--Maria and Luis are in Love
    2406: Sale at Hooper's/Oscar's Worm School
    2407: The Count's Paintings/Mumford's Rabbit Trick
    2411: Big Bird Learns About "Love"
    2412: Snuffy Walks Barkley
    2415: Placido Falls in Love with Maria (no ep. # or credits)
    2448: Snuffy’s Store
    2453: “AT” Cat / Echo Game with Honker and Dinger (begins late during first scene)
    2475: Ruby and Gina's Pocketbooks/Telly Plays Peekaboo
    2476: Shelley's Marathon
    2477: Telly Practices "Hello's"
    2481: Don Music’s Song of Amor/ Elmo Goes Swimming
    2482: Telly’s New Doll
    2483: Maria and Luis’s Pre-Wedding Party
    2487: Maria and Luis's Honeymoon Trip
    2489: BB Writes a Letter
    2490: Maria and Luis Return Home
    2491: The BB Show
    2494: Gordon’s Headache
    2495: Luis Tries to Throw Out his Old Chair
    2499: Telly’s Surprise Birthday Party
    2500: Maria and the Job-Seeking Man
    2503: The Count’s “Sleeping Beauty”
    2506: TJ Visits/ Oscar’s Dance Band
    2538: Grouchytown Tourists Visit the Street
    2571: Oscar’s Subtraction Show
    2572: Magic Magazine (first few minutes missing)
    2573: A Day with Suzie on SS (begins halfway through first scene)
    2575: Bernardo Birdtolucci Makes a Movie
    2587: Placido’s “Spider’s Feelings” Opera
    2594: Oscar’s Phone Service/ Elmo Imitates Others
    2596: Gina Babysits Irvine (ep. # and theme missing)
    2606: Decorating the Baby's Room (beginning of first scene and theme missing)
    2607: Ruby’s Rain Experiment
    2608: Maria and Luis Think About Their Baby
    2609: Uncle Wally Takes Care of Maria
    2610: Grouch Vacations/ The Robinsons’ Vacation (theme missing; combo edit from two different sources)
    2614: Maria Goes Into Labor
    2620: Mr. Handford Comes to SS (partial credits)
    2621: BB and Youth (no ep. #)
    2622: Shelly’s Afraid of Barkley (no ep. #)
    2623: Telly’s Bean Experiment (ep. # missing)
    2640: Gabi’s First Word (ep. # missing)
    2675: BB and Snuffy’s Playdate/ Elmo Sleeps Over at BB’s
    2678: Luis’s Birthday Poem/ Elmo Watches the Sky (part of theme missing)
    2679: Prof. D. Rabbit Listens
    2680: Telly's Magic Pencil (credits missing) (NOTE: At the 16-minute point a clip of "Mysterious Theater" is taped over the episode; the show resumes after this segment.)
    2682: Linda's Closed-Caption Decoder
    2687: The Golden Cabbage of Snuffertiti
    2727: A Day at the Library
    2749: Dan Learns to Read (last street scene missing)
    2754: Placido Flamingo’s Animal Opera (Ep. # missing)
    2755: The City Helper’s Surprise Prize (copyright credits missing)
    2773: Ruby’s Sun Experiment/ Art Appreciation (no ep. #)
    2780: Telly Tries to Protect Triangles
    2781: Telly Loves Oscar
    2782: Wide World of SS: Gordon the Teacher
    2783: BB and Snuffy’s Supermarket Trip
    2784: Snuffy’s Puppet Show
    2786: Gordon’s Video Birthday Card
    2787: Gordon’s Headache (re-air of #2494)
    2789: Grouch Art
    2795: The Grand Re-Opening of Hooper's Store
    2820: Preston Rabbit and Miles's Grandparents (ep. # missing)
    2834: Forrest Wimbeldon Plays Birdland
    2835: BB’s Birthday (has some parts taped over, but I can replace them with the TV special of this episode)
    2837: Everyone Prepares to Clean Up the Vacant Lot
    2840: The Mayor Visits Sesame Street
    2847: Prairie Plays for Savion
    2849: Elmo Plays "Three of These Things"
    2852: Elmo Pretends to Be a Grouch
    2859: Elmo Borrows Radar (one scene is missing its ending)
    2861: BB Yells “Toothpaste!”
    2874: Birdland Performances with Wynton Marsalis and Bobby McFerrin
    2876: Floyd Fluter-Tooter’s New Home
    2882: Sesame Street Goes to Montana: Day 1 (not available yet)
    2887: Telly and the Dogs
    2895: Oscar's Brother Visits
    2899: Bob Visits Grouchytown
    2902: Telly Watches Wolfgang the Seal (Theme missing; a few seconds missing at the beginning of the first scene)
    2909: Baby Bear Visits SS
    2926: BB and Elmo’s Word Tag
    2932: Prairie Visits Snuffy’s Cave
    2933: The Lost Wrench/ Five Piggies/ “Park” Appreciation
    2934: Debra Winger Visits
    2939: Ridiculous Monty
    2946: Prairie Versus Monty
    2947: A Day with Bob
    2956: Telly and the Giant "11" (has some tracking problem)
    2960: Luis, Gordon, and Wolfgang Go Fishing (no credits)
    2977: BB Moves his Nest
    2978: Barkley Auditions for Polly Darton
    2979: The Martians and the Music Box
    2980: Four Lambs/Toothpaste Fairy (ep. # and last 4 min. missing)
    2982: Oscar’s Mom Drops By/ Elmo the Wind-Up Toy (no ep. #)
    2986: Elmo Asks Questions (no ep. #)
    2987: Monster Football Team at Hooper’s Store (no ep. #)
    2988: The Broken Cowbell (missing theme)
    2997: Bob Conducts his Band/ A Cow Visits Day Care (no ep. #)
    3008: Roxie Marie’s Train Set
    3009: Elmo Says "NO"!
    3010: Cyranose DeBergerac Visits
    3012: Telly and the Triangles/ The Count’s Family Reunion
    3021: The Count Gets the Counting Flu
    3022: Telly Tries to Become Triangle Lover of the Year
    3023: Oscar’s Mom Drops By
    3031: Telly and the Bobketeers
    3033: An Odd Day at the Laundry Room
    3035: Elmo’s Imagination Hat
    3037: The Home Game
    3038: Chicago's Sadness/"Pineapple Dentist"
    3039: Martians Read Signs
    3045: Maria's Aviator Friend Visits (theme missing)
    3047: Telly Tracks Down Polly Darton
    3048: Savion’s Tap-Dancing Lessons
    3050: Noel Cowherd Visits Forgetful Jones
    3052: Snuffy’s Puppet Show
    3054: Oscar’s Mother Messes Up his Can (ep. # missing)
    3055: Snuffleupagus Importance
    3056: The “Now It Can Be Told” Show
    3057: Mother Goose Visits SS
    3058: A Penguin Takes Telly’s Superhero Costume
    3059: Natasha’s Insomnia
    3060: Savion Works at Birdland
    3064: Sheep Follow Prairie
    3065: Monty’s “No” Sign
    3066: Maria’s Family Reunion
    3067: Maria and the Worm Airport
    3068: Maria’s Aunt Visits
    3071: Joey and Davey Monkey Search for Bananas
    3073: Baby Bear and Goldilocks at Day Care
    3076: Humpty Dumpty’s New Seat
    3077: Snuffy Writes a Postcard
    3079: Telly Cheers Up Prairie Dawn
    3084: Rainy Day Picnic at Bob’s Apartment
    3087: Original Stuff/ Similar Names/ “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”
    3089: Los Pleneros Visit (cold open missing)
    3091: Monty’s Penguin School
    3092: The Game Game
    3096: Telly Breaks his Arm
    3098: Telly’s Day with his Cast
    3099: Big Bo Peep’s Lost Sheep
    3100: BB, the Answer Bird
    3101: Telly and Merry’s Sleepover
    3107: Rosita the Translator
    3108: Savion’s Magic Circle
    3109: Telly Gets the “Broken Arm Blues”
    3110: Hoots Mentors Baby Bear
    3111: Barkley and Sounds (most of cold open missing)
    3112: Oscar Wants to Sign Telly’s Cast
    3113: Telly Gets his Cast Removed
    3114: Telly Tries to be Cautious with his Arm
    3115: Telly Learns to Ride a Pogo Stick
    3116: Great Nineteeni’s Rabbit Trick
    3117: Maria Plans a Playdate
    3118: Eensy Weensy Spider Visits/ BB’s Accidents
    3119: Prunella the Grouch Visits
    3121: Elmo Repeats Words
    3122: Supernanny Cleans Up Oscar’s Can
    3123: The Adventures of Superworm
    3124: Telly Plays the Triangle
    3125: Yankee Doodle Visits
    3126: BB and Telly Play Hide-and-Seek
    3127: Herry Goes to Day Care
    3129: The Adventures of Nick and Nora Chicken
    3132: Pirate Edna Digs for Treasure
    3133: Blecka Goes to Day Care
    3134: Telly and Merry’s Sound Game
    3135: BB and Snuffy's Adventure
    3215: Betty Lou Goes to Day Care (edited pledge show)
    3239: Zoe at Day Care
    3244: Telly’s List
    3252: Elmo Reads Words Around SS (missing first 3 min.)
    3253: The Count’s Australian Friend Mathilda Visits (first 2 min. missing)
    3256: Mr. Chatterly Visits Oscar
    3302: Baby Bear’s Porridge Cooler (ep. # missing)
    3325: Elmo’s Sponsors / Mr. Handford Visits the Dentist
    3332: Opposites, Sizes, and Similarites
    3350: Elmo and Zoe Learn to Waltz (first 2 min. missing)
    3354: Gordon Pretends to be BB’s Grandpa
    3355: Search for the Green-Spotted Hopping Toy (theme missing)
    3368: Telly's Town
    3374: Soap Opera Parodies
    3409: Benny’s Birthday
    3428: The Three Bears Dine with the Robinsons
    3429: Elmo’s New Camera
    3438: Telly & Oscar’s Magic Lamp
    3480: Slimey’s Birthday (re-air)
    3522: Grundgetta Becomes a Grouch Beautician
    3598: BB Earns a Dollar (ep. # gone)
    3600: The Worm Summer Games
    3603: Letter "Z" Quits the Alphabet
    3611: Leo Birdelli Wants Mr. Hooper’s Picture
    3618: BB’s Staring Contests
    3639: Natasha Learns to Feed Herself
    3655: “Friends of 3” Party at the Furry Arms
    3656: Jerome Moves to SS
    3657: Baby Bear’s Refrigerator Art
    3658: Maria Shows Frazzle her Family Photos
    3659: “X” Quits the Alphabet
    3660: BB and Snuffy’s Puzzle
    3661: Maria Reads to Frazzle
    3662: Natasha Loses her Baby Horns
    3663: Elmo’s Double Dream
    3664: The Pokonoko Club
    3665: Maria Fixes Snuffy’s Toaster
    3672: Snuffy and Miles’s Play Date (re-air)
    3673: Tarah Sleeps Over at Gabi’s
    3674: Oscar Babysits Natasha
    3675: The Three Bears Dine with the Robinsons (re-air)
    3681: Frazzle Helps Maria
    3682: The Count Pretends to Be Sir Count-a-Lot
    3683: BB Changes his Name
    3684: Baby Bear Tries to Get Honey
    3685: Herry Watches “H” Movies
    3686: “Baby Bear and the Three Goldilockses”
    3687: Zoe Wishes She Was a Dog
    3688: Telly Forms a Music Group
    3689: Telly’s Eating Interruptions
    3690: “The Princesses and the Bus”
    3691: Luis Hatches a Honker’s Egg (re-air)
    3692: Telly’s Uncle Talbot Sells Happy Caps (re-air)
    3693: Natasha’s Rain Phobia (re-air)
    3698: Slimey Goes Into Space
    3699: The SS Sign is Missing
    3700: Mumford’s “F” Trick / Oscar Gives Trash Away (most of final scene and credits missing)
    3701: The Spaceketeers
    3702: Natasha Hangs Onto Snuffy’s Snuffle
    3704: BB Can’t Sleep in his Nest
    3705: Baby Bear Learns to Count Backwards
    3706: Rosita and the Teddy Bear Tea Party
    3707: Monster Day
    3708: Baby Bear’s New Tie
    3709: Baby Bear Gets Jealous of his Baby Cousin
    3710: Baby Bear and the String Thief
    3711: Baby Bear’s Space Mobile
    3712: Ruthie Reads to Snuffy and Alice
    3713: Crisis on the WASA Ship
    3714: Ball Adventures on SS
    3715: Stinky Wants to Marry Maria
    3716: Ruthie Takes Care of Barkley
    3717: The Kingston Crew
    3718: Telly's "Everything" Sandwich
    3719: Oscar Misses Slimey
    3720: Stinky Visits Day Care
    3721: BB Learns to Dance Ballet
    3722: Snuffy Learns to Tap Dance
    3723: Renata Scottie Comes to SS (ep. # missing)
    3725: Prairie Wants to Play the Piano for Maria
    3727: Ruthie Replaces Oscar (very end missing; cuts off during “Coming Soon to Sesame Street” closing)
    3732: Gabi's Sick Birthday (Re-Air) (First few seconds and end missing, but last street scene is still intact; it ends where it mentions Slimey's ship still headed to the moon)
    3735: BB Gets the Birdie Pox
    3736: Telly Stands Still
    3738: Flo White Wants a Story (ep. # gone)
    3741: Frazzle Sleeps Over at BB’s Nest
    3742: Telly Worries BB Will Sit on Him
    3747: Jack Quits his Rhymes and Stories
    3748: Gordon Helps BB w/ his Note
    3749: BB’s Thinking Actions
    3750: Old MacDonald Had a Turtle
    3751: Oscar Writes a Story
    3752: Telly Breaks BB’s Toy Car
    3753: Baby Bear Visits the Furry Arms Hotel
    3754: Magical Hide-and-Seek
    3755: Elmo and Rosita Plant Trees
    3761: Baby Bear’s Day Care Sleepover (Part 1)
    3762: Baby Bear’s Day Care Sleepover (Part 2)
    3763: Sally Messy Yuckyael: “Grouches Who Love Too Much”
    3764: Celina Teaches Barkley Tricks
    3765: BB’s Fishing Trip
    3766: Elmo Writes About his Day
    3767: “The Cave Monster who Wanted a Pet”
    3768: Baby Bear’s Reading Buddy
    3769: Alphabird
    3770: The Prince and the Pig Learn to Write
    3771: Baby Bear and Telly Play Cautiously w/ Elmo
    3772: Ruthie’s Reminders
    3773: Benny Goes to Day Care
    3774: Ruthie’s Birthday
    3775: Alice’s Temper Tantrums
    3776: Elmo’s Drum
    3777: Two-Headed Monster Goes to Day Care
    3778: Bear Scout Campout
    3779: Elephant Sponsors
    3780: Telly and the Tongue-Twister Contest
    4019 : Ernie Delivers a Chicken to Old McDonald
    4020 : Elmo and Zoe Play Follow the Leader (no credits, but I can edit them in)
    4021: Gulliver the Seagull Visits Big Bird
    4022: Elmo and Gina’s Play Date
    4023: Baby Bear Plays T-Ball

    All of Season 34 (but 4036 has "Descriptive Video Service" on it for the blind) -- Shows #4031-4056

    All of Season 35 -- Shows #4057 - 4082

    All of Season 36 -- Shows #4083 - 4108

    All of Season 37 – Shows #4109 - 4134

    All of Season 38 – Shows #4135 - 4160

    All of Season 39 – Shows #4161 - 4182

    All of Season 40 – Shows #4183 - 4212

    Season 41 – Shows #4213 - 4238 (and miscellaneous S.42 segment aired in re-aired shows)

    Season 42 – Shows #4257 – 4282

    Season 43 (pending)

    Non-Full PBS episodes
    16??: Maria's Beach Daydream/The Count Exercises (part of theme missing; tracking problems)
    16??: Maria's Bad Day (Missing theme/last part of final scene; runs for first two minutes, and resumes eight minutes later; tracking problems)
    16??: Oscar Stays Over at Susan and Gordon's (first 20 minutes missing; cuts off before sponsors are mentioned)
    16??: BB Welcomes the Sun (missing first 15 minutes; Canadian episode)
    1755: Close Encounters of the Worst Kind (last 15 min. missing)
    1927: Susan, Gordon, and Telly Babysit (missing theme and part of first scene)
    1???: A Day on Grandma’s Farm – Part 5 (Season 15 ep; missing first half of the episode)
    1916 (last 9 min. only)
    1917 (first 14 min. only)
    19??: Oscar’s Groucheteria (theme missing; beginning of first scene missing; no copyright credits)
    19??: Telly Works at Hooper's Store (first 9 minutes missing; cuts off before sponsors are mentioned)
    19??: Big Bird Gives Away "WALK's" (Half of the first scene and theme is missing)
    19??: Captain Vegetable's Superhero Test (theme missing; features an appearance by Tough Eddie, played by Richard Hunt, on the Street)
    19??: Uncle Wally Comes to SS (first 16 min. missing)
    2176: The Count Counts Miles/Writing Stories (ep. # and last 12 minutes missing)
    2179: Big Bird’s Song (last 5 minutes missing)
    22??: Wynton Marsalis Visits (33 min. only)
    22??: Forgetful’s Present to Miles (missing first 15 min.)
    22??: Leo’s Dance Party (missing first 15 min. and ends early during last scene)
    2230: A Snowy Day on SS (24 min. part only)
    2277: Telly Vision (Flo Bear Comes to SS) (last 15 min. missing)
    2342 : Oscar Visits the Library (no specific plot) (last 15 min missing)
    2414: Love in the Fix-It Shop (missing first 10 min.)
    2417: Pretend Dinosaurs/ Birdketeer Magazine (missing last 10 min.)
    2429 (first 28 min. only)
    2432: Take a Cowboy/Cowgirl to Lunch Day (pledge episode; missing end credits)
    2440: The Count Stops Counting (pledge episode)
    2???: Love Birds at Birdland (first 9 min., including final scene, missing)
    2504: Athena Idolizes Olivia (pledge show; first few minutes missing)
    2545: Alice Asks Questions (Friday episode; first 30 minutes missing)
    2584: Tracey Ullman Visits SS (30 min. missing)
    2616: Preston Rabbit Comes to SS (last 4 min. of first scene only)
    2630: Irvine Gets the Grouch Flu (last 14 min. only)
    2673: Natasha Becomes a Birdketeer (last 8 min. missing)
    2674 (first 16 min. only)
    2734: Elmo in Numberland (first 15 min. missing)
    2881: Sesame Street Goes to Montana: Packing (44.5)
    2883: Sesame Street Goes to Montana: Day 2 (38)
    2898: Preston Rabbit’s Storybook Machine (first 12 min. missing)
    2903: Elmo in Numberland (re-air of #2734; first 6 min. missing)
    2916: Gina Babysits Elmo / All About Baths (first 11 min. missing)
    2969: Grouch Protests/ Barkley’s Dream (pledge version)
    2970: The Great Nineteeni/ Pretend Mail Carriers (pledge version)
    2990: The Story of Cindertelly (first 12 min. and credits missing)
    2998: Monty’s Interruptions (first 13.5 min. missing)
    3075: Mumford’s Magic Conductor’s Kit (first 5 min. missing)
    3106: Worm Subway is Built (first 7 min. missing)
    3217: Biff’s Stuck Bowling Ball (pledge show)
    3536: Telly and the Mysterious Notes (missing theme and missing several inserts)
    3633: The Prince and the Pig in Numberland (first 9 minutes missing)
    3640: Slimey's Sister is Born (missing several segments, but all scenes are there)
    3703: Telly’s Cousin Tammy Visits (last 9 min. missing)
    3745: The Brothers and Sisters Game (pledge episode)
    3800: V-Day (EW and final closing missing)
    3843: Hooper's Store's New Slogan (EW and closing missing)
    3898: Little Jerry's Rock Concert (EW and closing missing)
    4007: Grover's Popcorn Popper (Opening gone, as well as EW and ending, but I can edit the opening and ending back into the show)

    Self-Edited Episodes (NOTE: Many of these episodes have most, if not all, of the street scenes, but cut out much of the insert segments; they were taped as they aired):
    3609: Oscar and Grundgetta’s Wedding Day (23.5; tracking problem)
    3641: Many Monsters! (No plot; an episode filled with monsters) (28)
    3646 : Abelardo Montoya Comes to Sesame Street (15.5)
    3671 : The Worm World Music Festival (20)
    3696 : Slimey is chosen to go to space(15.2)
    3697 : Slimey is accepted to go to space (20.5)
    3729 : The Monster Moon Watch (29.5)
    3740 : Slimey lands on the moon (22.5)
    3785 : Slimey comes back home (25.5)
    3981 : Fire at Hooper’s Store (33rd Season Premiere)
    3982 : Cookie Monster Searches for Cookies (18 min)
    3985 : Baby Bear Gets a Pet (17 min)
    3986 : Big Bird and the “Paraguay!” Bird (16.4 min)
    3989 : Prairie’s Play: “Little Red Riding Hood and the Oat Bran Cookies” (20 min)
    3994 : Zoe Learns to Play a Trombone (24.5 min)
    3995 : Telly Takes Care of The Grand High Triangle Lover’s Triangle (19 min)
    3997 : Oscar and the Theme Park (19.5)
    3998 : Baby Bear Skips Breakfast (20.5)
    4000 : The Mark of Elefante (18)
    4008 : Lulu and the Letter Carrier (15)
    4009 : Telly and Clark (Telly’s Toy Horse) (18)
    4011 : Baby Bear Breaks Zoe’s Zoemobile (22)
    4016 : A Chicken Mistakes Rocco for an Egg (16)
    4017 : Baby Bear Becomes a Dog for Telly (20.4)
    4018 : Zoe Learns Spanish (17.5)
    4025 : Aladdin Visits Sesame Street (19)
    4026 : Big Bird’s Pet Turtle (16.5)
    4029 : Telly’s Cousin Izzy Visits (13.2)
    4030 : Telly and Oscar’s Road Trip (??)

    PBS Sprout Episodes
    3786: 30th Season Premiere--Alan Moves to SS (no Elmo’s World, aka “EW”)
    3787: Gina Studies her Veterinary Book (no EW)
    3788: Elmo and Big Bird's Hide-and-Seek Game (no EW)
    3790: Miles's Video Project (no EW)
    3791: Maria's Pet Care (no EW)
    3792: Old McDonald's Mooing Duck (no EW)
    3796: Telly and Baby Bear's Hat Game (no EW)
    3797: The Countkateers (has brief DVD interference near the middle) (no EW)
    3798: Telly the Pretend Dog (no EW)
    3799: Maria’s Chucky-Choosing Game
    3801: Telly and Rosita's Fix-It Shop (no EW)
    3802: BB and Zoe's Separate Play Date (no EW)
    3806: The Signing Singers (Linda's Birthday) (no EW)
    3807: Baby Bear Vs. Hibernation Day (no EW)
    3811: Irvine’s Bath
    3815: Oscar’s Trash Sale
    3816: Baby Bear’s Little Cousin Visits
    3817: Elmo and Zoe's "Loulouputty" Adventure (no EW)
    3821: BB and Snuffy's Picture for Gina (no EW)
    3822: BB, Snuffy, and Zoe Play the "Really Big Thing" Game (no EW)
    3824: The Ding-a-Long (no EW)
    3827: Prairie Dawn's Inner Monster
    3828: Natasha Shouts “Hoongie!”
    3831: The USS Terrific (no EW)
    3832: Rosita's "Maravilloso" Photographs (no EW)
    3833: Telly and the Mysterious "X" (no EW)
    3834: Baby Bear's Fear of Haircuts (no EW)
    3835: Zoe's Delivery Service (no EW)
    3836: Luis Prepares "Huevos Rancheros" (no EW)
    3838: Oscar's Radio Talk Show (no EW)
    3844: Baby Bear and Telly are Separated (no EW)
    3846: Rosita’s Wings
    3849: Gabi Babysits Natasha
    3850: Zoe Won't Share her Zoemobile (no EW)
    3851: SS Dance Party
    3852: Elizabeth’s Lost Kitten
    3853: Elmo’s Pretend Zoo
    3855: Barkley’s Bath
    3856: Slimey’s Wormy Gras Costume
    3860: Telly’s Hamster Gives Birth
    3862: The SS Reading Club
    3863: Telly’s Show-and-Tell
    3865: Baby Bear, Telly, and Elmo's Story
    3868: Telly the Pretend King
    3870: The Animal Film Festival
    3871: Miles the Babysitter
    3872: Zoe’s Book of “Zoeology”
    3874: BB and Snuffy’s Relations
    3877: Elizabeth and the Bubble Fairy
    3878: Monster Day Care Trip (Lulu is Introduced)
    3883: Telly and Rosita’s Hand-Clapping Game
    3884: Big Bird Loses Radar
    3885: Counting Monsters Day
    3886: Rosita’s Best Friend
    3889: Telly Learns to Play Ping-Pong (Noggin/Sprout combo edit)
    3890: Baby Bear and the Monster Sing-Along
    3896: Stinky and the Cocoon
    3897: Fluffy Plays with Bob and Elmo
    3898: Little Jerry’s Rock Concert
    3899: Oscar’s Spanish Message
    3900: Elmo and Lulu Write a Story
    3901: Opera Day
    3902: Gabi Takes Care of Fluffy
    3903: BB Tries Birdseed Pizza
    3904: Pretend Pirates
    3905: Elmo Pretends to Be a Plant
    3907: Missing “Ts” on SS
    3909: Ernie Von Count
    3911: Birdketeer Games
    3912: “Elmo in Numberland” (remake)
    3913: Ernie Sleeps Over at BB’s Nest
    3914: Big Bad Wolf Subs for Goldilocks
    3917: Salsa Party
    3920: Lulu Sings “The Wheels on the Bus”
    3921: Telly, Elmo, and Zoe Race
    3924: Gabi’s Finger Painting
    3926: “The Three Wolf Brothers” (has digital glitches in some parts)
    3928: Nursery Rhyme Day
    3936: Rosita Learns to Play the Guitar (re-air)
    3943: Food Day
    3947: BB and Snuffy’s Game Shows
    3952: SS Sings! (has digital glitches during the second half)

    Plaza Sesamo (year 2000; 8-hour tapes)Tape 1 (21 eps)
    Tape 2 (21 eps)
    Tape 3 (20 eps--missing 3 episodes)
    Tape 4 (year 2005)
    Tape 5 (year 2005)

    TV SpecialsJulie on Sesame Street
    Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting
    Big Bird’s Birthday (or Let Me Eat Cake)
    A Walking Tour of SS (with James Earl Jones)
    Elmo's World: Happy Holidays (no credits)
    Elmo's World: Wild, Wild West (30 minute incomplete edit)
    Sesame Street Unpaved (TV Land special)
    Sing! Sesame Street Celebrates Joe Raposo and his Music
    VH1's Save the Music: Sesame Street A-Z
    Basil Hears a Noise (Sesame Park special)
  2. I wish to have the following videos, please:

    2782: Wide World of SS: Gordon the Teacher
    2980: Four Lambs/Toothpaste Fairy (ep. # and last 4 min. missing)
    3010: Cyranose DeBergerac Visits
    3050: Noel Cowherd Visits Forgetful Jones
    3058: A Penguin Takes Telly’s Superhero Costume
    3060: Savion Works at Birdland
    3068: Maria’s Aunt Visits
    3114: Telly Tries to be Cautious with his Arm
    3116: Great Nineteeni’s Rabbit Trick
    3121: Elmo Repeats Words
    3126: BB and Telly Play Hide-and-Seek
    3133: Blecka Goes to Day Care
    3134: Telly and Merry’s Sound Game
    3142: "13" Makes Rain (full PBS edit)
    3152: Oscar Gets the “Sunny Days” Song Stuck in his Head
    3155: Snuffy and Alice Find an “8”/ Zoe at Day Care
    3156: Nasty Squeak at the Furry Arms (PBS/Noggin full edit)
    3157: Mumford’s Dog/Magician Trick (full PBS version)
    3161: Wolfgang Chases Wanda
    3172: Telly and Rosita Play “Follow the Leader” (full PBS version)
    3187: Park Rangers for a Day (PBS copy)
    3190: Chicago's Juice Bar
    3703: Telly’s Cousin Tammy Visits (last 9 min. missing)
    3761: Baby Bear’s Day Care Sleepover (Part 1)
    3762: Baby Bear’s Day Care Sleepover (Part 2)
    3815: Oscar’s Trash Sale
    3889: Telly Learns to Play Ping-Pong (Noggin/Sprout combo edit)
    3896: Stinky and the Cocoon
    3897: Fluffy Plays with Bob and Elmo
    Basil Hears a Noise (Sesame Park special)
  3. andyf

    andyf New Member

    Hey MuppetDude I sent you a couple of emails but got no response. Please leave me a message in my mailbox here as soon as you get the chance. I'd really like to talk with you about something.
  4. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

  5. DePingPong

    DePingPong Active Member

    Anyone wanna trade through e-mail?
    I put my episodes in a .RAR file, so whoever wants them, just ask and i'll give you a download :)
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  6. I could trade you if you want.
  7. DePingPong

    DePingPong Active Member

    Alrighty. What episodes do you have?
    Actually, just inbox me what you have :search:
  8. DePingPong

    DePingPong Active Member

    I lost all of my episode and I'm trying to get more. Can anyone help me? :search: :(
  9. SSfan101

    SSfan101 New Member

    Looking for a specific segment/video so any leads would be greatly appreciated!!

    Ep. 490: March 9, 1973
    Ep. 491: March 12, 1973
    Ep. 503: March 28, 1973
    Ep. 505: March 30, 1973
    Ep. 509: April 5, 1973
    Ep. 513: April 11, 1973
    Ep. 517: April 17, 1973
    Ep. 518: April 18, 1973
    Ep. 522: April 24, 1973
    Ep. 540: November 23, 1973
    Ep. 541: November 26, 1973
    Ep. 553: December 12, 1973
    Ep. 569: January 3, 1974
    Ep. 573: January 9, 1974
    Ep. 607: February 26, 1974
    Ep. 659: May 9, 1974
  10. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    I doubt anyone has those.
  11. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Hry Muppetdude. I wouldn't mind doing a trade with you. I'll post my list of Muppet/Sesame/Fraggle Stuff here in a few. Here's my email. basketpusherkyle@yahoo
    Also i have a list of stuff from Disney Channel and Nickelodeon from the 80's, 90's and 2000's. Just let me know and i'll let you know what i want from you.
  12. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Here's my list of just Sesame Street Episodes (but i have other Sesame/Muppets/Fraggle)

    (Season 1)
    #0001-1st Season Premiere
    #0008-Letter 'B' Treasure Hunt
    #00043-Lou Lou's Back In Town
    #0054-Oscar's Birthday Cake
    #0083-Big Bird Moves Birdseed
    (Season 2)
    #0131-2nd Season Premiere/First Appearances of Grover and Herry
    #0158-Oscar's Wet Paint Sign
    #0162-Oscar's Stop Signs
    #0198-Big Bird Opens Hooper's Store
    (Season 3)
    #0276-3rd Season Premiere/First Appearances of Maria, Luis, David, and Snuffy
    #0355-Big Rainstorm on Sesame Street
    (Season 4)
    #0406-4th Season Premiere/First Appearances of Second Gordon (Hal Miller), The Count, and Sam the Robot
    #0514-Stevie Wonder Visits
    (Season 5)
    #573 - 5th Season Premiere/Just Another Quit Day on Sesame Street
    #0573: Gordon & Kids Make rope letters/Oscar fakes having a cold/David loses his Class Ring (PBS and Noggin Version)
    (Season 6)
    #0666- 6th Season Premiere/The Count counts Lights
    (Season 7)
    #0796: 7th Season Premiere/Headline Howie Gets A Scoop on Snuffy
    #0810: Leaving for New Mexico (PBS)
    #0811: Arrival in New Mexico (PBS)
    #0812: Oscar tries to Move into the Hot Oven (PBS)
    #0813: Big Bird calls Mr. Snuffleupagus at Home (PBS)
    #0814: Trip to the Pueblo with Buffy (PBS)
    #0815: Last Day in New Mexico (PBS)
    #0871-Mr. Hooper Studies His High School Diploma
    (Season 8)
    #0926- 8th Season Premiere/Grover's Surprise/Hooper's Anniversary Store Party
    #1037-Buffy's New Baby Cody
    #1041: Fred the Horse & Buffy sings, “Cripple Creek”
    (Season 9)
    #1056: 9th Season Premiere/Bert’s Marching Band
    #1090: Hawaii, Day 1
    #1091: Hawaii, Day 2
    #1092: Hawaii, Day 3
    #1093: Hawaii, Day 4
    #1094: Hawaii, Day 5

    (Season 10)
    #1186: 10th Season Premiere/The Count counts Hellos/Barkley Gets Named
    (Season 11)
    #1316: 11th Season Premiere/Puerto Rico
    #1364: C3PO & R2D2 on Sesame Street
    (Season 12)
    #1446: 12th Season Premiere/Big Bird goes to school
    #1563: Maria gets a Raise
    #1573: Heat Wave On Sesame Street/Mr. Rogers Visits
    (Season 13)
    #16??: David’s Grandma Comes to Sesame Street To Sale Vegetables (PBS/Missing Number/Quality Not So Good)
    (Season 14)
    #1706: 14th Season Premiere/Big Bird Goes to Camp
    #1707: Camp Echo Rock/Big Bird plays Baseball
    #1740: The Water Shortage
    #1781: Forgetful forgets the name of the Street (PBS)
    #1800: Cousin Abigail Snuffleupagus
    (Season 15)
    #1836: 15th Season Premiere/Snuffy and Gordon run the NY marathon......separately
    #1933: The New Computer (Number Missing)
    #????: David, Maria, The Kids, Big Bird and Oscar leave Granny’s Farm (last 28:06 minutes/Not sure what season it aired expect the year 1984)
    (Season 16)
    #2040: Big Bird and Snuffy Go To The Movies
    #2058: (Canadian Eps.) (It's a Sesame Park episode)
    #2059: Break Dance/Maria's Life Story
    #2073: Remembering Mr. Hooper/ Oscar’s Sign Game
    (Season 17)
    #2096: 17th Season Premiere/Snuffy Revealed
    #2107: Bernie, a piano tuner, tunes Oscar’s piano/Olivia goes on a date with Bernie (PBS)
    #2122: Adoption Of Miles/ Part 1
    #2123: Adoption Of Miles/ Part 2
    #2124: Adoption Of Miles/ Part 3
    #2159: Miss Blechman Visits Oscar (PBS)
    #2173: Luis Reads Swashbuckle/Closed Library (PBS)
    #2208: Uncle Wally comes to visit
    (Season 18)
    #2226: 18th Season Premiere/Happy Birthday, Miles!
    #2228: Susan writes a letter to her Parents (PBS)
    #2234: The Martians cause trouble for Big Bird (PBS)
    #2238: The Sesame Street Pet Show (PBS/repeat)
    #2243: Big Bird stays up late (PBS)
    #2257: Luis Gets New Glasses (PBS)
    #2269: Oscar Moves To Candy Cane Lane
    #2282: Dr. Price's Wake Up Machine (PBS)
    #2283: Telly and The Count play Hide and Seek (PBS)
    #2291: The Count Chases Maria (PBS/Missing Number/Quality Not So Good)
    #2292: Placido Flamingo Sings Opera (PBS)
    #2312: What is Love/Bob's Stop Signs/Forgetful Jones Takes A Walk (PBS/Missing Number/credits missing)
    #2313: When They Were Little (PBS/Missing Number)
    #2341: The Amazing Mumford Reverses Maria's Age (PBS)
    (Season 19)
    #2356: 19th Season Premiere/Visit to the Bronx Zoo
    #2367: Jiffy the Turtle/Barkley the Cow (PBS)
    #2358: David’s Looking for Help/Gina Looking for Job
    #2404: Big Bird and Snuffy play Cowboys: Maria and Luis fall in love
    #2405: Luis and Maria Are in Love (PBS)
    #2476: Hoots Puts Athena To Bed/Shelly the Turtle and Gordon Race (PBS)
    #2483: Maria and Luis hold a Pre-Wedding Party for Maria’s Mother and Luis’s Uncle (PBS)
    #2485: Luis & Maria’s Wedding
    (Season 20)
    #2486: 20th Season Premiere/Maria and Luis's Honeymoon
    #2489: Big Bird writes a long letter to Maria and Luis (PBS)
    #2538: Oscar Leads The Grouchytowners on a tour of Sesame Street (PBS) (Tracking At Lower Bottom Stays)
    #2558: Maria goes to the maternity clinic
    #2571: Oscar Cooperates (PBS)
    #2574 :Maria’s Mom Visits from Puerto Rico (Number Missing)
    #2606: Decorating the Baby's Room (PBS/Opening Missing/Quality Not So Good but good enough to watch)
    #2675: Big Bird and Snuffy play games/Elmo sleeps over (PBS/repeat)
    (Season 21)
    #2727: A Day at the Library (PBS)
    (Season 22)
    #2754: Placido Flamingo performs a new opera about insects (PBS)
    #2755: Who will be awarded the “City Helper’s Surprise Prize”? (PBS)
    #2795: Grand Reopening of Hooper's Store (PBS)
    (Season 23)
    #2882: Montana Day 2 (PBS)
    #2895: Oscar's Brothers Ernest Visits (PBS)
    #2902: Telly watches Wolfgang the Seal (PBS) (Number Missing/Messes up a little at the first then goes into the show/Messes up in the middle of the show too)
    #2926: Word Play on Sesame Street (PBS/Low Auido)
    #2977: Big Bird Moves His Nest (PBS/Quality Ok)
    (Season 24)
    #3096: Telly Breaks His Arm (PBS)
    (Season 25)
    #3149: Davy and Joey stories
    #3154: Laia teaches a Duck to sing (First 5 Minutes only)
    #3161: Wolfgang chases Wanda
    #3162: The Pied Piper of 57th Street
    #3163: Kingston Livingston the 3rd
    #3167: Telly waits for Radishdude (not complete)
    #3173: Slimey's First Day At School (Missing the last 10 or 15 minutes)
    #3176: Elmo Stands On Head
    #3180: Natasha Can Do Anything
    #3190: Gina & Gabbie Fallow Signs/Rosie O' Donnell Delivers Packages to Oscar
    #3192: Elmo Helps Roxey Marie
    #3193: Jacks tries something new (as in Jack be nimble)
    #3195: Cindertelly
    #3197: Telly breaks a Vase
    (Season 30)
    #3788: Elmo Hides-Big Bird Seeks
    #3796: Telly and Baby Bear play “Papa Bear” (1998)
    #3800: "V" Day on Sesame Street
    #3817: Zoe and Elmo in “Great Explore”
    #3835: Zoe’s Zoemoblie
    #3839: Bolo learns the Alphabet
    (Season 31)
    #3860: Telly's Hamter Has Babies
    #3885: Zoe and Telly count Monsters on SS “Counting Monster Day”
    (Season 34)
    #4032: Elmo loves Gina
    #4033: Cookie Hood steals Cookies
    #4034: Bert's Birthday
    #4035: Big Bad Wolf's Brother Leonard
    #4036: Elmo Helps Gordon Set up The Chess Board
    #4037: Super Grover's Cape
    #4038: Big Bird Can't Come Up With an Ending for his Story
    #4046: There’s something in the air today?
    #4047: Telly hits Baby Bear w/ Basket Ball
    (Season 35)
    #4072: Gabi Plays With Everyone
    #4075: Gabi Helps Make a Cookie Story
    (Season 36)
    #4083: 36th Season Premiere/Telly Learns to Catch A Ball
    #4084: Banana In The Stone
    #4085: Health Food Game Show
    #40:86: BirdSeed Cookies
    #4087: The Three Bear Story
    #4088: Snuffy Wants To Be a Cloud
    #4091: Snuffy Feels He’s Too Big
    #4092: Big Bird, Snuffy and friends take a hike
    #4100: What Happens Next Show
    #4107: The Adventure of Little Bird (Part 1)
    (Season 37)
    #4112: Gabi and Miles Graduate from High School
    #4123: Baby Bear builds an automatic lemonade pouring machine
    #4129: The What Comes Next Game
    #4133: Try A New Food Day
    #4134: Nasty Car Races
    Sesame Street's Season 39 Episodes Complete Season
    Sesame Street's Season 40 Episodes Complete Season
    Sesame Street's Season 41 Episodes Complete Season
    Sesame Street’s Season 42 Episodes Complete Season
  13. Can somebody please give me the web links to these Sesame Street Tape Trading Episodes?
  14. How do you get these Tapes?
  15. How do you get these tapes?
  16. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Just doing trades or by recording some shows. I used to record lots of PBS Sesame Street shows but being i didn't have very many VHS i recorded over quite a few. I would record them while being at school so when i would get home i could watch them. But i have found oh not very many but a few before.
  17. How do you trade?
  18. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    There's a thread about what all you can do with trading. Pretty much the yes and nos about how to do trades. But most of it just depends on the person your trading with too. They might do stuff different then the next guy you trade with. I'm at the moment doing one right now. i'll try and find you the thread about that so you can read it.
  19. Okay thanks.
  20. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

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