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"Ulitsa Sezam" (Russian "S.S.") Interview

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by Buck-Beaver, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. Muppetfreak Member

    i will try! you know how the holidays are....:-(

    but eventually i wll!
  2. BeckyDR Member

    Hey Muppetfreak...

    govorish' po-russki (do you speak Russian)?
  3. BlueFrackle Active Member


    Do you have any Ulitsa Sezam on video ?

    I have the three videos that were released, But would love some more !

    See ya
  4. BeckyDR Member


    No, sorry, I don't have any. Do you speak Russian?
  5. BlueFrackle Active Member


    Nope - LOL!

    see ya
  6. BeckyDR Member


    oh ok; I speak it fairly well because I studied it 1 year in college (but I am American). Hey Muppetfreak, you still haven't answered; do you speak Russian?
  7. Muppetfreak Member

    Sorry! No, I do not. I only speak English and a pathetically small amount of French.

    I am a big loser. Culturally. ;-)
  8. BeckyDR Member


    ç'est bon (it's ok)

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