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Watched The Muppet Movie and noticing a lot of new stuff...

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by mupcollector1, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    You can hear Jim's and Frank's voices among Doc's goons during the scene where they're being attacked by Miss Piggy. But that was dubbed in post. They're not actually in the scene. I can't spot Jim anywhere in the film, nor can I spot Jerry or Richard. Steve Whitmire can be spotted as an extra in the crowd shot where Miss Piggy first lays eyes on Kermit. He's standing right behind Kermit and Fozzie.

    Also, during the end credits, when Nigel, Boppity (Blue Frackle), Marvin Suggs, Rowlf, and Beaker are talking to each other about how great the movie was, it sounds like Dave Goelz is doing Nigel and Jerry Nelson is doing Boppity.
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  2. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, I remember hearing that. lol I recognized their voices very quickly. In fact, I think I rewind (or whatever that option is called technically on DVDs when your rewinding to a few seconds back lol) just to analyze stuff. That's probably do to my nerdiness I suppose. lol I love DVD technology. If it was on VHS, it would break. lol
    But yeah I was just laughing hearing their voices. So happy Mel Brooks was in it. I love Mel's work. I wish he was on a Muppet Show episode. Or even Muppets Tonight. Even The Jim Henson Hour. So many celebrities I wish joined with The Muppets on their shows or movies , Rodney Dangerfield (I think he was in a small part of Muppet Magazine), Leslie Nelson (She Drives Me Crazy Music Video 1993), etc.

    I was watching my Muppet Show season 2 DVD set this week and last night I was watching the sketch with Floyd on base and Nigel whistling, I think it was Jim performing him. And I was thinking on how that could have been the last time Jim performed him. It's amazing how Nigel was going to be the host of The Muppet Show. But when it was decided that Kermit was, Nigel became sort of introverted and either conducting The Muppet Orchestra or just a stock character. I would have liked it if he was sort of a secondary character but it would be kind of hard because he did have a slight voice a little higher than Kermit's but similar. So what was the story with Nigel becoming host and Kermit taking over? I remember hearing that someone suggested Kermit to Jim since Kermit was the oldest Muppet still being used. Well at least Nigel recently returned. I wonder if he spoke, if Steve Whitmire would perform him since Steve performs Jim's more higher pitch voiced characters like Kermit and Ernie.

    Also I should know this but Boppity is Blue Frackle right? I remember he got his name on The Great Santa Claus Switch but didn't the name change to Blue Frackle during The Muppet Show years? Like how Big V kind of evolved to Goran Heap?
  3. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    One new thing I've recently noticed, while listening to "I Hope That Somethin' Better Comes Along" with headphones on, is during the end of the song, Kermit continues to hold the finale note, while Rowlf does a little scatting, HOWEVER, listening very carefully, it sounds as if there are two Kermits holding that last note while Rowlf scats, so I'm wondering if perhaps while lip-syncing to the pre-recorded song itself (which I know they usually do for the production numbers), Jim may probably had been singing along on the set while performing Kermit as that was being filmed, or something else.
  4. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    I noticed that, too. Who ever thought Rowlf could hold out a note and scat at the same time?
  5. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    Right, Boppity is Blue Frackle. For years, us Muppet fans have been calling several of the frackles from The Great Santa Claus Switch by the names they had in that special (with the obvious exception of Gonzo and Droop). Though there is a Muppet Show book that refers to Boppity as Blue Frackle (and Gloat as Green Frackle). Either way, he's still Boppity to me. I just think it's cool for him to retain an acutal name, despite the fact that he and the other frackles were regulated to 'whatnot' status.
  6. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure, if that were to happen the editors would just mute the film soundtrack and remastered it with the audio recording before the production filming. Then again, you never know. Though it is cool to see both Jim's characters singing together, totally two separate soundtracks in order for it to work. :) That's probably from my knowledge as a filmmaker. lol :p

    But what's really interesting is listening to the song as an adult, it really focuses on Kermit's and Rowlf's struggling love life. Like I mentioned or probably mentioned, One of those great things about The Muppets is if you grew up with them, you find so many adult situations with the characters and get the dialog jokes. :) It's like or at least to me, The Muppets are kind of a revival from the old fashioned entertainment days of vaudeville and character based comedy when practically everything was G rated, well before the rating system. It's definitely a rarity now a days.

    Another great thing about this is, it really gets deep within the character's personal lives and lifestyles. How Rowlf lives alone, how Fozzie kind of stool his uncle's car. lol Where ever Gonzo was from when he sings "I wish I could go back there someday."

    One more thing about "I hope something better comes along", in the soundtrack version, wasn't there more of a techno beat or some kind of keyboard rhythem going near the end of the song? I used to have the album on cassette years ago. Wish Disney re-released the soundtracks to CD, the 1990s CDs are SO RARE!

    On a different note, how did they figure out how to do that giant Animal effect? That wasn't a miniature was it? Must have been mechanical or something.
  7. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    I haven't heard the soundtrack version in awhile, but I do recall the extended cut having more 'techno' in it.

    As for the giant Animal, I assumed it was some kind of camera trick. A normal Animal puppet was shot inside of a minature building, and edited together with longshots of Doc, Max, Snake, the goons, and the Muppets below. Sort of similar to the effect used in the Brooke Shields episode of TMS.
  8. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    I always thought that he was one of the best designed Muppets ever, Gonzo also. Such a unique design. It's amazing how they carved the foam like that when they were built. Wasn't his last appearance The Muppet Christmas Carol? Oh wait, Mopatop Shop. They got rebuilt for that plus some of the original Muppets from The Muppet Show got recycled for that. Personally it kind of makes me cringe because didn't they recycle Lenny the Lizard, Shakey Sanchez (The Muppet that was in that Muppet Monsters mouth during the "Under My Skin" Number on The Muppet Show Vincent Price episode), and I think Droop. But at least Droop returned for The new Muppet Movie. :) Was Mopatop Shop funny? It kind of looked similar to Bear in the Big Blue House a bit. Personally I think I rather check out Ghost of Father Hall. I still need to get the DVD set in a tape trade, I liked the rubber puppets in that :)
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  9. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    Hmm, it seemed bigger then the original Animal puppet plus it seemed like the giant Animal was more slow and stiff. But that's just what I've noticed. Also I think there's more detail in Animals hair when the wind is slightly blowing.
  10. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    You might be right. The giant Animal does seem more stiff. And the arms that appear in that bonus shot in the extended cut don't look like normal Animal arms. Incidentally, I wonder if the giant Animal is what inspired Palisades to make Mega Muppets.
  11. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if I mentioned but from reading that Tough Pigs article, the scene where Doc and Max crash into the word Meanwhile. lol I wish that was in the movie, that really cracked me up when I read it. lol :)
  12. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    lol I don't know. Man, I miss the Palisades figures. Those were the best. I think Disney is making the Star Wars / Muppet cross over figures and they slightly look like the Palisades figures but it's not the same. So much detail with the texture to make the skin look like fabric. Awesome. I think that, the Fisher Price puppets and the 1970s rubber Sesame puppets are my favorite merchandises for The Muppets of all time. I wish they continue that line for figures. :)

    I got Marvin Suggs displayed in my apartment :) I still need Uncle Deadly.
  13. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I've always hated the shots of Animal as a giant, even as a kid. They creep me out because I really can't figure out how he isn't a lot TALLER. Maybe the bonus shot of his arms would explain that. He sort of seems like a giant Animal HEAD and that's it really. He also looks very different from his POV to the human's POV which really weirded me out as a kid.
  14. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    The shot of giant Animal with the arms creeped me out even more. I don't know, those arms (okay, more like just hands) just look so unnatural.

  15. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

  16. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    One other deleted scene from the extended version that I forgot to mention. During Fozzie's El Sleazo performance, at one point he tries to honk that prop horn he has with him, but it winds up falling off. Fozzie replies, "This is not my night...".
  17. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    Just watched the alternative credits video. That was part of the extended version right? Yeah, the audio is really clear and I can hear the jokes better. Lew: Hey Sweetums, Wanda wants to meet you. Sweetums: Oh yeah? Well I would like to eat her too. (Sweetums eats the fish, Lew freaks out) lol Yeah, Nigel sounds strange. Yeah, that was Dave Golez. I couldn't hear Boppity much and it seems like Marvin Suggs got muted a little bit except when he says "it was wonderful". I love Sam's comment, I remember making out the line during when watching my DVD but I like this ending better then the one they mastered in the US. I which Disney could remaster the movie with this ending.

    Yeah, Animals fingers kind of look really creepy. Very skinny, almost like orange spiders. Plus the palm is too flat. Perhaps of the palm wasn't so flat, it would look better. The head must have been some kind of heavy duty machine.
  18. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's from the extended version. I think Lew's fish is actually named Tommy. You're right, really fun to hear the lines in this final scene.

    Scooter: Hey, Sam, what did you think?
    Sam: It was sick and weird!
    Scooter: I'm glad you liked it!

    Lew: Congratulations, Mr. the Frog. All it lacked was me and my fish!
    Kermit: You can be in the next one, Lew.
    Lew: Did you hear that Tommy...

    Robin: Uncle Kermit, you're a great actor!
    Kermit: That wasn't acting. That was real life!

    Sweetums: I love you chicky baby!
    Gonzo: Hey, leave that chicken alone!

    Floyd: My main squeeze knows how to please!
    Janice: Aw... Animal....
    Animal: Woman! Woman!
    Jancie: Haha, fer sure! Rully!
    Animal: For sure! Really! For sure! Really!

    Fozzie: Hey, guys, was I funny? Bunsen, was I funny? Gonzo?
    Kermit: Fozzie, you were very very funny.
    Fozzie: I knew that. Thank you, boss!

    Rowlf: Hey, Beaker, what did you think?
    Beaker: Mee moo moo mee!
    Rowlf: Yeah, whatever...
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  19. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    lol, and he was. lol "HERE'S THE PAPER TOWELS" lol I got to watch Great Muppet Caper some time next week :)
  20. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    Why is it that the paper towel line is quoted more often, at least out of Muppet fandom? It's got to be one of those lines that sticks with people, along with "lions and tigers and bears (oh my)" and "here's looking at you, kid".

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