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What are your stories?

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Cap Backfire, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    I am IN-NO-CENT!


    I am!

  2. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Well-Known Member

    i think you covered that when you said you like to save money on the water bill by not taking baths!

  3. Manda:-D

    Manda:-D Well-Known Member

    INDEED. Do tell, By, do tell!
  4. sugarbritchez

    sugarbritchez Well-Known Member

    Well....I'm 30 and have been a Muppet Fan since I was a small child. I remember rushing home from school so I could watch Fraggle Rock in the afternoons. I wished that I would have taped them now...since they no longer come on.

    I found Muppet Central when I was surfing for muppet items on the net. I am glad that I found it because for awhile I thought that I was the only nut who loved all of Jim Henson's creations. I know that I do not visit as much as I did before but my life has done a complete turnaround in the last year. I have met some wonderful people on here and I hope that I can fit coming back on here more into my schedule.

    Thanks for creating this site for all the crazy nuts out there, including myself!
  5. Zelda Rose

    Zelda Rose Well-Known Member

    it's Meeeeee

    I'm 32, married, hike, camp, work for a small retail company. I'm VERY Southern! LOVE my life, have just a couple of BEST friends because I've had to simplify my life. LOTS have happened to me..............been with hubby since we were 16, married 8 years ago. I talk too much, tell too much. Like just about everyone. LOVE it here but have a feeling that I'm not well liked 'cause not many people will answer me back.

    I was looking up Muppet things one night and just surfed in here, parked and fell in love with it here!

    My parents are older parents so Dad and I didn't have much in common until The Muppets. It's been a way we've bonded. He's in his late 70's now, his health is starting to get a little........"iffy" so I'm trying to re-connect with him. He's been distant latey.

    Just me and my brother in my "first family", then in my "second family" (married life) jsut me, hubby and our dogs. I could brag on them all day! Any questions, just ask! Want to see our "kids" then go to: www.deckeradventures.com

    I could tell books more, but I won't.

    That's it! :smirk:
    Zoot Fan 1981 likes this.
  6. Beebers

    Beebers Well-Known Member

    You are perfectly well-liked, at least as far as I'm concerned! You're doing just fine.

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  7. Zelda Rose

    Zelda Rose Well-Known Member


    :d :d :d

    Thank You Beepers!!!!!

    :d :d :d
  8. RubberDucky

    RubberDucky Active Member

    Forgive me, anyone who read my new member intro...because I'll probably repeat a few things here:
    I'm 20...I come from a small town in Illinois you will have never heard of, but I'm going to college in Detroit, then spending summers in L.A. to work at Film Roman (studio who makes The Simpsons and King of the Hill). I'm also a freelance illustrator currently working on several projects but mostly cartoons for an author I've been with for 3 years (funny thing is that we've NEVER met eachother face to face in all that time!) I'm a big pet person, exotic and domestic.... though sadly my only pet here at school with me died recently and I am lonesome :cry: My boyfreind of two years is an animator as well, though he does CG work (yes I know...boo hiss CG! But he is a sweetheart so I can forgive him)
    Why did I join the forum? Well...I'm not exactly sure, because until I started posting here I was hardcore anti- buddy chat, Live Journal and all that stuff. But then the other day I read some posts over the whole disney thing and found that the people here seem cool, pleasant, and have some really relevant things to say. Something about that drew me in I guess :)
  9. Beebers

    Beebers Well-Known Member

    We have the Compelling Charm, lures innocent hapless folk in all the time lol.

    Visit kisskisshughug in friends/family to see a little more of us.

  10. Zelda Rose

    Zelda Rose Well-Known Member

    Rubber Ducky

    WOW! You sound cool! Animation, huh? I can't even draw a "smiley face" so I'm always impressed by anyone who can draw! And did you say "King Of The Hill?" I just L-O-V-E Hank and the whole crew. I know that everyone who watches it says "OH! I see my friend "XXX" in "this character". And it's true, I've seen lots of people I know in Hank, Boomhower, and everyone in Arlen.

    About the board here, you'll LOVE everyone (I hope)! I've not found anyone that I don't like. I did belong to a couple of on-line Dachshund groups, but they were all rude, hateful people that thought each one was better than the other one. I didn't like it there and I don't miss them!

    I'm sorry that your pet died. :cry: I'm still working thu my "baby girl" passing away, and that was 3 years ago. She was a standard, red Dachshund that came from the local shelter. Dolly was the first Christmas gift I got from my hubby the year we got married. I won't go into the horrible shape she was in, and how sick she was. We only had her 3 years, she had the"disc disease", but died of Leukemia just as we were bringing her out of the "DD". It is thanks to her that we got involved with rescuing Dachshunds. It's hard, but VERY rewarding. I love my "babies", I still have Alex, she's a 9 year old standard Black (yes, it's supposed to be Black And Tan, but there is NO tan on her!) Dachshund, and then MY Westie, Skooter. He's 6, soon to be 7.

    Like I tell everyone, I'm an open book so ask me anything you want! You'll get an honest answer, with a little humor. Hey, if you're ever bored to tears and want to know more about me (sorry to sound so self absorbed, I swear I'm not!) my hubby put up a website for us after I started hiking. It's: www.deckeradventures.com
    Got pics of us, the "babies", some of our trips, and I'm nudging hubby to add more 'cause he's the "web guru" around here.
    He does websites on the side (for $$) so when it comes to my site.............it comes last. No, not because of the pay, but because he's usually so tired after working all day.

    I hope you stay and I hope you enjoy it here! :zany: :excited:
  11. RubberDucky

    RubberDucky Active Member

  12. Davina

    Davina Well-Known Member

    my story... where to begin.. well, I'm 30, married, 4 step kids. Have always loved all things muppet. grew up watching SS, which my mom later said probablly explained a lot. I always loved the muppets, and if I was home sick or something, would be as apt to watch SS as anything else, and if FR or TMS were on anything.. you know I was there, could id muppet movies in less then 5 seconds of screen time (no sound) and was occassionally found singing old songs i'd learned on TMS or SS. Then about a year or two after Jim's death, I really kinda got bitten by the Muppet bug and went all out, re-bought a lot of books (Monster at the End of this Book has always been my favorite..) bought any toys I could get hold of, movies, music, would scrounge thrift stores and internet stores, and would tape anything that came on tv that i couldnt' find elsewhere. got to the point where casual acquantences would give me muppet things if they found them. (Fourtunately for me today, my husband has no objections to any of this, and, in fact encourages it all, buys me the action figures, and is going to build me a proper "theater" display case for them.. makes it easier to play with them too.. hehehe) We're also the sad sort of people who have named all the computers in our LAN after muppet characters, have named our little 4 pound half-furless (rescued) pomeranian Pepe, and who are making plans for one day hanging a big crystal in our living room. we're sad, sad people, but we're quite happy about it. :)
    Back when I was in school, I studied to become a public children's librarian, but then wound up mostly doing office work. Grew up sorta all over, but mostly in Nebraska, then spent some time in Colorado then Utah, and then got married last year and moved to Alaska. My husband's an electrician, and this last year i've had the good fortune to be able to spend at home adjusting to married life, life in Alaska, and getting use to being step-mom.
    2003 was a crazy year, as i said, got married, moved 3000 miles to Alaska, both my grandfathers passed away, and my father passed away, as well.
    But it's actually been a good year over all, and we just finished over hauling the 3 main computers in our little LAN, we still have one more to finish, but that's mostly a matter of pulling old info off and getting the software cleaned up enough the younger girls can use it this summer when they come back to stay with us for a while. But, after a few painful weeks, we've actually ogt our little LAN up and running properly and can be online again normally.. yay!!!
    Other interests.. I'm rather "old fashioned" i suppose.. i love cooking, am a fairly decent quilter and all purpose seamstress, enjoy gardening when I can (not easy with apartments..) sci-fi, Terry Pratchett, star Trek, Star Wars, etc. and my husband is trying to convince me to get my HAM Radio license.
    I could go on, but i feel I've tourtured you enough for now.. :)

    oh yeah.. and I _really_ need to get my web site updated.. *lol* :zany:
  13. Tera

    Tera Well-Known Member

    Terry Pratchett! I LOVE him! I reread the Hogfather every Christmas, and I think Good Omens (done with another literary god, Neil Gaiman) would be the best movie ever. If I could have one selfish wish that didn't involve the Muppets, it would be to play Agnes Nutter. That probably says more about me than anyone should know...

    As for me, I'm 33, in FL with a hubby and 2 kids. I teach Humanities and English to computer animation and fashion students (love my job!). I used to make a living working at Renaissance Festivals as a Washing Well Wench. (Anybody seen the show?). I'll be spending this evening at a fencing class with my 7 yr old. He's really aggressive, so I need to stop moving like I'm still doing stage combat or he'll keep beating me.
  14. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Well-Known Member

    My Story

    :zany: Hi there!Here is my Muppet story:

    My age:34,just turned April 1.

    It all started,when I was a bitty child,watching Sam&Friends(yup I go back that far,lol).I vaguelly remember the Henson puppet commercials.Been watching Sesame Street starting around 3 or 4(still watch it even today).Cried when Mr. Hopper died.So many good memories & so many great skits.Please see my other posts on my muppet memories.

    Of course,I love TMS.As a kid,my dad would make fun of me watching it & say,'There she goes,watching those talking hands again.'But I stayed my ground and watched TMS,even in reruns.Love the songs,the skits,the guest stars.

    My roomate & I still quote from DC & Labyrinth.

    My biggest Muppet memory is seeing TMM(when I was 8).The opening shot of the swamp just pierced my heart :cry: & the scene at the end with all the muppets ensembled<sniff>.But I love the shot where the muppets are looking at the hole in the ceiling,the rainbow comes thru the ceiling & the music the accompanies it. :o (and the shooting star in the desert).I went to see TMM 3 more times after that.

    I watched GOFH(Faffner),Jim Henson Hour(loved Storyteller),Muppets Tonight.
    I got to see(down at MGM studios,in Florida)Muppets 3D(took my roomate a few years later,he loved it) & Bear in the Big Blue House show(I loved the songs & watching the reactions of the children in the audience).

    Well,that's my story,for the most part. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

    Golden teeth & golden tones,welcome to my presence.-Dr.Teeth :D
  15. Beebers

    Beebers Well-Known Member

    Welcome to MC. I'm still a bitty child myself so it all works out nicely lol. Actually, I'm hurtling rapidly toward the Other End of Life. Senior Member is literal, in my case. Enjoy your stay at MC. When you get to 1000 posts there are hot tubs and bellboys and popcorn and things in the hot tub thread. It's nice there.

    :D :D :D
  16. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    But you have to watch out for Crazy Harry and his surprise attacks. :crazy:
  17. Beebers

    Beebers Well-Known Member


    Into each life, some plumbing must fall . . .

    :D :D
  18. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the welcome Beebers!

    Thanks Beebers for the nice welcome!Its so terrific to finally find a site to tell my Muppet memories to & about.Plenty more are still to come. :excited:

    " :D I hear this movie is dynamite. :crazy: "
  19. Iluvgus

    Iluvgus Active Member

    im 23 my name is katie I come to this site beacause I luv muppets :) espessilly kermit :) I used to have a chrush on kermit lol. my two luvs are my horse Gus and muppets.
  20. Sylinde Bren

    Sylinde Bren Well-Known Member

    [x] Gender: Female

    [x] Age Group: early twenties

    [x] Location: USA

    [x] Favourite Muppet(s): Splurge, Fireys, Gonzo, Clueless Morgan, Rizzo The Rat, Cantus, Ultragorgan, Big Bird, Digit, Clifford, Leon, Robin Frog, Waldo C. Graphic, Bean Bunny, Meep-Zorp, Wembley, etc.

    [x] Favourite Muppeteer(s): Steve Whitmire, Jim Henson, Bill Baretta, Dave Goelz.

    [x] What Brings Me To MC: My eternal love of the Muppets and childhood nostalgia.

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