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What sketches scared you as a kid?

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Jennifer, May 12, 2002.

  1. heralde Well-Known Member

    Lol, no you're just lucky!

    I was watching my copy of SS Old School in the middle of the night once. The sound of the voice-over in Jazzy Spies saying "2...2....2222...2!" is definitely extra creepy at night! Lol
  2. Crazy31088 Member

    I never had a problem with the Jazz segments, but what you said about it creeping you out at night reminded me of something-I recently watched the "Pretty Great Performances" sketch with Placido Flamingo and the All-Animal Orchestra at around 1 in the morning...as I said, I was terrified of him as a child, and I'm still somewhat creeped out by this segment (for some reason, this segment and none of his others), so not only did I have trouble falling asleep that night, but I had nightmares about him when I finally fell asleep.

    Yeah, I'm pathetic.
  3. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I never had a problem with them as a kid, and now the whole thought of the 2 twin George Washington busts just cracks me up (I made a reference to them all the way back in college for an animation I did). But I had a problem with it watching it for the first time in years back in 2003.... I had trouble sleeping that night.

    It is pretty creepy, and I wonder why I didn't get bugged by the Hebrew version of that, while Pinball number count traumatized me for years. Maybe I was too young and it didn't bother me as much.
  4. Mr Devco New Member

    Scary Sesame Street Moments

    Moments on Sesame Street that scare me

    1. Freeky Toys and Robots
    2. Healthy Food Rap
    3. LSD Alphabet
    4. Alphabet Jungle
    5. Earnie And Burt at the Pyramid
    6. the stone dogs from bigbird in china
    8. Any of the cartoons by Laughing Sal (see her youtube page)
    9. The guy talking about how he loves his bones
    8. the fire episode

    list yours too and I will add when i think of stuff
  5. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    8) Sally Cruickshank, an independant animator who worked for Sesame Street for a brief, but memorable part of the 80's and 90's. Her last digital work, a remake of Dance Myself to Sleep, aired sometime in 2000 I guess. Digital does not flatter her work at all, I think.

    9)"M-but I still love my BO-O-O-O-O-ONES!"

    Wow... one of your scariest moments was one of my funniest moments.
  6. Muppet dude Active Member

    You mean the one when Hoopers' store has a fire? It was pretty dark and realistic, and it had really tense music that reminded me of the Mysterious Theater theme. But I thought I heard that there was an episode where 123 Sesame Street caught fire. When was this episode, and can someone give me a detailed synopsis on it?
  7. Mr Devco New Member

    yeah i meant the episode when the street caught on fire. I never got to see the episodes Mr. Hooper was in
  8. Muppet dude Active Member

    Which season was the episode with the apartment on fire? The 1980s, I presume?
  9. Mr Devco New Member

    I don't remember sorry
  10. MeWantCookie Member

    count me in for the latter. I was never scared of "Wet Paint" but "The Word is No" freaked me out so much when I was little I couldn't even watch the whole show because I was scared it would come on...My mom had to squeeze me between her knees when I was little and force me to watch it. I don't even think I could watch it now; it would probably trigger some disturbing dreams.

    ~Dana (formerly Fuzzy and Blue)~
  11. Muppet dude Active Member

    God, you had a strict mother, MeWantCookie. :concern:
  12. MeWantCookie Member

    well if it hadn't been for what she had done, I probably would still be scared stiff right now about watching the show itself for fear that song would come on (thank goodness I'm not, though!) for a brief period of time I was afraid to even watch anything on PBS, but that passed fortunately! my mom was only sympathetic of my fear of the song for a few years during my childhood but as I got older (maybe about 6 or 7 years old), she decided it was irrational and had to do something about it. as strict as it sounds, Muppet dude, it was for my own good. Even when my dad brings it up once in a blue moon he admitted that Maria's and Gina's faces (what scared me along with the giant lips at the beginning) were angry and scary looking, so he didn't blame me for being scared of it.
  13. heralde Well-Known Member

    Sometimes it is good for parents to encourage kids to face their fears, let them know it's only make believe and nothing to worry about. There are so many real things to be afraid of in the world, you shouldn't be worried about imaginary things. Plus, learning to face any fears early on can be beneficial. :)
  14. MeWantCookie Member

    amen to that, Heralde!
  15. Convincing John Well-Known Member

    Can't remember the exact details, but I can give you the basics.

    There was one week back in the late 80's when Miles was around 10. They did a whole week on fire safety. A lot of it was set in Susan and Gordon's apartment. They showed a lot of basic fire safety stuff. Crawl on the floor to avoid smoke, make sure to check your smoke alarms, etc.

    So, on Friday, there was a fire in the middle of the night at 123 Sesame. They showed Miles going through the safety procedures and the gang assembled outside. The smoke was coming from the basement.

    Big Bird asked "What about Ernie and Bert?" Maria said they were on vacation as the fire trucks pulled up.

    It turned out there was an electrical fire in some sub-basement (storage room?) below Ernie and Bert's. The only thing that got burned/destroyed was (get this) Big Bird's nest. No, not his big, regular nest, it was the nest he had when he was a baby bird. (I guess he kept in in storage). I remember the firefighter bringing it out and it was all black and charred.

    Naturally, Big Bird was sad, and everyone was there to help him feel better. In the end, Big Bird wanted to do something special with the nest, but it smelled too bad because of the smoke, so he gave it to Oscar. Oscar liked it, naturally and the Friday "nighttime credits" began to roll. All was right with the world once again.:)

    That's about all I remember from that incident.

    Convincing John
  16. Muppet dude Active Member

    That sounds pretty neat. A friend of mine told me that fire thing actually happened in the early 1990s even though he didn't remember the plot. The Ernie and Bert line was funny, though.
  17. MisterDuhFrog Member

    OH MAN I REMEMBER THAT! I used to cry whenever he sang those songs right in front of me. I felt a little weirded out by all that because he was SO CLOSE, and I was used to him being on this tube that you can't get out of, and it was a little alarming to see his mouth move face to face. I have more things that scare me, and I'll give them to you soon.
  18. lalalei New Member

    I was scared when the hurricane hit Sesame Street. Even though I was old enough to know things were going to be okay, it scared me that little kids would be scared. If that makes sense.
  19. MisterDuhFrog Member

    What always scared me were the sampled sounds of quacking, snorting, clucking, barking, and BLEATING (that was the worst), played back at different pitches and speeds through digital sampler. That kinda irked me and it still does. Also the fact that a great conductor like Seiji Ozawa was conducting an All-Animal orchestra. I always used to think that Placido Flamingo had the voice of a real opera singer, but then I heard him recently, and I thought he sounded more like Scooter with an accent and a more trained voice, and now I was less scared about that. Only the All-Animal Orchestra still scares me. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  20. finamonster New Member

    scariest sketch

    It was the one where the parrot keeps saying "Who is it?"
    Then the man outside says
    'It's the plumber , I've come to fix the sink'.
    then he gets so angry he has a heart attack and dies.
    That was horrifying!
    But I still liked the parrot.:halo:

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