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What's Your Non Muppet Figure Wishlist?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MuppetSpot, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    You know, I remember back when the show was still in production, it was announced that Ban Dai had acquired the license for Fosters Home stuff... which they promptly proceeded to do nothing with. Mattel released some hard to find, low quality stuff... that was it.

    Now I hear that Ban Dai has the Gumball license. Can't wait to see the absolutely nothing that comes out of that one too. :rolleyes:
  2. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Yeah I remember don't remind Mattel's and ban dai's fosters merchandise, I was so p!$$, that none of was released or able to find.
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  3. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Ban Dai's never happened. Mattel's did but it was near impossible to find. And the ones Mattel actually did were general Cartoon Network lines that also included Billy and Mandy, Ed, Edd, N' Eddy, and Fosters... maybe Camp Lazlo and that horrible Gym Monkey thing too. The only place I saw them was K.B Toys...just months before they went out of business...D'OH!

    Is one of the actual released sets...

    Never got produced. Well, Maybe the Bloo and one of the Eds, but not the entire bunch of these.

    There were also impossible to find, but existing plush toys (I only ever saw Billy), The Eds on toilet racers (I have Ed), and then they had some soft rubber flingy things...

    I actually have that one, Billy's snot cracked right off. There was also a Bloo and Wilt set that I never managed to pick up.

    Suffice to say, underwhelming.
  4. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    The Mac & Eddy set was produce, I saw it, never picked it up kick myself to this day.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2014
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  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Greg the Bunny
    Series 1:
    • Greg the Bunny
    • Jimmy
    • Count Blah
    • Dottie Sunshine

    Series 2
    • Gil
    • Warren
    • Junction Jack
    • Susan

    Series 3:
    • Puppish Greg
    • Rochester Rabbit
    • Allison
    • Tardy Turtle

    Exclusive Box Set: SK 2.0 variants of Blah, Warren, Dottie, and Dottie.

    Weird Al Yankovic
    • Classic Al (with glasses and mustache)
    • Modern Al
    • Amish Al
    • "Eat It" Al
    • "Fat" Al
    • "White and Nerdy" Al

    Series 1:
    • Alex Reiger
    • Louie DePalma
    • Elaine Nardo
    • Jim Ignatowski
    • John Burns

    Series 2:
    • Latka Gravas
    • Simka Gravas
    • Bobby Wheeler
    • Tony Banta
    • Jeff Bennett

    Pee-Wee's Playhouse
    Though I acknowledge that the toys that came out in the 1980s were good enough, with almost the whole season 2-5 cast included.

    Series 1:
    • Pee-Wee Herman with scooter, helmet, Billy Baloney, and part of the playhouse that opens to let his scooter out
    • Cowboy Curtis with cowboy hat, parts of the kitchen, and Knucklehead.
    • Conky the Robot with half the main room, flowers, and door
    • Chairy and Dog Chair with other half of main room, with Mr. Window, Clocky, and Jambi

    Series 2:
    • Dirty Dog, Chicky Baby, and Cool Cat with Puppetland Band stage with Floory on the floor
    • Miss Yvonne with Randy
    • Captain Carl with Pterri
    • Reba with mail bag and Mr. Kite

    Series 3:
    • King of Cartoons with remote and TV
    • Dixie with trumpet, hat, and Magic Screen
    • Ms. Renee with rubber band ball
    • Salesman with foil ball

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    Series 1:
    • Roger Rabbit
    • Jessica Rabbit
    • Eddie Valiant
    • Leader Weasel

    Series 2:
    • Judge Doom
    • Benny the Cab
    • Baby Herman
    • Psyco and Stupid weasels

    The Wonder Years
    Series 1:
    • Kevin Arnold (younger, in his New York jacket)
    • Winnie Cooper
    • Paul Pheiffer (younger, with glasses)
    • Jack Arnold

    Series 2:
    • "high school" Kevin
    • Norma Arnold
    • Wayne Arnold
    • Becky Slater

    Series 3:
    • Gym Class Kevin
    • Karen Arnold
    • "high school" Paul (without glasses)
    • Coach Cutlip

    Happy Days
    Series 1:
    • Richie Cunningham
    • Fonzie with motorcycle
    • Potsy Webber
    • Ralph Malph

    • Fonzie in his season one windbreaker

    Series 2:
    • Howard Cunningham with Leopard hat
    • Marian Cunningham
    • Joanie Cunningham
    • Chachi Arcola

    • Junior Chipmunks Joanie

    Series 3:
    • Arnold with trays
    • Al Deveccio with trays
    • Lori Beth Allen with books
    • Mechanic Fonzie

    • "Jump the Shark" Fonzie with water skis

    Series 4:
    • post-season 7 Joanie
    • post-season 7 Chachi
    • Jenny Piccalo
    • Chuck Cunningham (the first actor likeness) with sandwich and basketball
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  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    The Bob Newhart Show
    Series 1:
    • Bob Hartley with desk, chair, and phone
    • Emily Hartley with kitchen counter
    • Howard Borden
    • Elliot Carlin with couch

    Series 2:
    • Jerry Robinson with dentist chair and tools
    • Carol with secretary desk
    • Emil Peterson
    • Lillian Bakerman

    Series 1:
    • Dick Loudin
    • Joanna Loudin
    • Kirk Devane
    • Larry

    Series 2:
    • Stephanie Vanderkellen
    • Michael Harris
    • Leslie Vanderkellen
    • Darryl #1

    Series 3:
    • Dick Loudin (in suit)
    • Stephanie (in dress)
    • George Utley
    • Darryl #2
  7. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Yeah I want to change to Bloo in necktie and shirt.:oops:
    Waiter Grover likes this.
  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Leave It to Beaver
    Series 1:
    • Beaver
    • Wally
    • Ward
    • June

    Series 2:
    • Eddie
    • Lumpy
    • Larry
    • Gilbert
  9. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    (bump) Simpsons Line

    Series 1
    Homer w/shades, duff can, doughnut, remote, & TV
    Bart w/skateboard, slingshot, comic, squishy, spray paint, & SHL
    Lisa w/sax, backpack, stack of books, & Snowball 2
    Marge & Maggie w/tray of cookies, apron, & scooter
    Grandpa w/newspaper, magnify glass, fez, glasses, & typewriter

    Series 2
    Krusty w/Krusty O's, pie, microphone, & script
    Sideshow Mel w/Mr.Tenny, canon, camera, & slide-whistle
    Sideshow Bob w/rake, axe, knife, bomb, license plate, & canon
    Itchy & Scratchy w/axe, club, bomb, mallet, & chainsaw
    Krusty fan Bart w/ Krusty shake, Krusty burger, Krusty fries, & Krusty doll
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  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I've recently been into the sitcom Last Man Standing, here's my figure wishlist for that show.

    Series 1:
    • Mike Baxter
    • Vanessa Baxter
    • Mandy Baxter
    • Kyle
    • Exclusive: Mandy in waitress uniform

    Series 2:
    • Kristin Baxter with Boyd
    • Eve Baxter
    • Ryan
    • Ed

    And a Rocko's Modern Life figure line...

    Series 1:
    • Rocko with Spunky and jackhammer
    • Heifer with bratwurst and G.I. Jimbo (and maybe Filbert and Dr. Hutchingson's kid who resembles Heifer)
    • Filbert with comic books and one of his kids
    • Ed Bighead with magic meatball
      Exclusive: Patient Rocko with Pinky
      Exclusive: Clown Bighead

    Series 2:
    • Bev Bighead
    • Dr. Hutchingson with the rest of her and Filbert's kids
    • Ralph Bighead with drawings of The Bigheads and Wacky Deli
    • Chameleon Brothers
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