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When dreams come true

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, May 8, 2012.

  1. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    no I thankfully didnt mean alcohol, I was doing what I always do in my very rushed writing and wrote in the way so only I could infer what I was sayng.
    this is what happens when I post without editing.
    sorry I've just been busy and know with school FINALLY done I can write more and be more accurate
    hope this helps I'll post more soon <3
  2. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Cool! Can't wait for more!
  3. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 8
    When things go wrong
    Janice pulled into the driveway and ran inside followed by Morgan. They ran upstairs to get changed.
    "Do you know where we're eating?" Morgan asked digging through her new Louis Vuitton suitcase for something classy to wear.
    "Yeah Piggy said it was some sort of fancy Italian bistro restaurant that I can't remember the name of" Janice replied pulling a turquoise dress out of the closet.
    "What do you think?" She asked Morgan. The dress was knee length turquoise and super sparkly with a silver belt.
    "So beautiful" Morgan sighed posing dramatically in front of Janice in a dusty rose knee length dress that had a piece of fabric draped from one shoulder.
    "I like that one" Janice told her pulling the turquoise dress over her head.
    "Purple or Silver?" Piggy asked Trudy holding up two very similar dresses.
    "Purple" Trudy replied pulling a poofy gold dress over her head. Piggy put on the dress and walked over to the mirror to start on her head. She gasped and spun around to face Trudy holding her stomach.
    "Trudy its noticeable!" she cried sitting down.
    "Oh darling don't worry it's not bad and that dress makes it work"
    She gave Piggy a reassuring hug before helping her up and starting on her own hair.
    The restaurant was super fancy and extremely busy but thanks to Piggy's early reservations and her great persuasive skills the four of them all avoided having to endure the starving three hour wait to get a table for at lest two people.
    "Grazie" Piggy crooned in her faux Italian accent to the not so Italian waiter who was regarding her with extreme delight.
    Janice stifled a laugh and rolled her eyes. She peered at her menu that had the restaurant's name which was Italiano al Tromonto
    Or as Piggy translated it was Italian sunset in English.
    Janice flipped through the menu and chatted absentmindedly with the other ladies.
    Finally after ordering and waiting twenty minutes the server returned with the food.
    "Alright so how are things with you two?" Trudy asked Morgan and Janice while spooning spaghetti into her mouth.
    "Great,you?" Janice replied taking a bite of her salad.
    "Awesome" Trudy said.
    "So Janice when's the wedding?" Trudy asked.
    "In a week" Janice replied.
    "Ooh you must be excited" Trudy crooned.
    "Ya Fer sure but after all of the planning it's a total letdown to know that afterwards there'll be more planning" Janice sighed.
    "My dear there will always be planning." Trudy said.
    "You never know I guess" Morgan commented.
    "I do know for a fact" Trudy proudly remarked.
    "Maybe for you but not for us" Morgan shot back.
    Piggy sighed and rolled her eyes knowing exactly where this was going.
    "What are you implying?" Trudy questioned rather loudly.
    "That you are a control freak spoiled by her rich husband." Morgan remarked.
    Trudy recoiled like she'd been slapped. "At least I have a husband and am not living off the streets..." she was cut off when the server reappeared asking how everything was going.
    "It was delicious but we'll take that bill now please" Piggy said dropping her whole Italian act.
    "I am not living off any street you're just jealous because you have no artistic talent or any talent for that matter of fact" Morgan dissed sourly.
    "I have no talent? Really well just so you know missy I'm twice the star you'll ever be!" Trudy shouted gaining the whole restaurant's attention.
    "Under which category hog calling?" Morgan shouted back.
    Trudy stood up and dumped her spaghetti on Morgan's head.
    "Don't you dare insult my family again!" Trudy raged.
    "Family? Don't you mean species!" Morgan replied dumping her wine on Trudy's head followed by smashing her casserole in her face.
    "You little!..."
    "You know what just mail me the bill!" Piggy requested cutting off Trudy's insult.
    "Morgan let's go!" Janice said standing up.
    "If you think you have talent or knowledge then you're highly mistaken missy you have nothing! Absolutely nothing you can continue your life with your one brain cell wired specifically for shopping and spending money you filthy parasite!" Morgan screeched back. Janice grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the door.
    "thank you Piggy!" Janice called tugging the still screaming Morgan out the door even after the door closed behind the Janice could still feel the eyes of everyone on the restaurant watching her.
    She got in and slammed the door starting the car. Morgan slid into the passenger seat silently.
    "Janice I'm sorry" Morgan apologized.
    "Don't even bother" Janice snapped making Morgan flinch. She wasn't used to Janice being angry or un-chill or whatever.
    "Please Janice don't be mad at me" Morgan pleaded.
    "Why shouldn't I you ruined everything over nothing this isn't the sixth grade Morgan seriously you have to apologize." Janice instructed.
    "She started it"
    "I don't care" Janice said she stopped the car and got out storming inside.
    "How was it?" Floyd asked when she walked in.
    "Don't ask" she said walking straight upstairs.
    Morgan walked in a minute later.
    "What the...?" Floyd stammered when he saw her covered in food.
    "Here's some advice and knowing you I'd use it wisely don't **** off Trudy" Morgan said. Walking upstairs.
    "So that's how it went" Floyd said to himself turning back to the TV.
    I'll deal with it in the morning he thought to himself. But yelling upstairs made him change his mind.
    "Why don't you leave if you hate the people you have to put up with here!" Janice shouted.
    "Because I'm here for you and because I haven't seen you in forever!"
    Morgan screamed back.
    Floyd stumbled up the stairs.
    "Do I want to get involved?" he asked mostly to himself.
    "You are so full of yourself you know that right? Cause I totally remember you constantly asking me about you. Janice do I look good I think I look good but I'm not so sure cause I just bought this outfit how does it look on me?" Janice mimicked in a super high voice.
    "Right sure but I remember you always showing off how you could play guitar so well" Morgan replied.
    "At least guitar playing got me somewhere!" Janice yelled back.
    "Okay! Ladies stop!" Floyd yelled grabbing Janice and pulling her back. She struggled against him still screaming until Morgan disappeared into her room and Floyd was able to get Janice back into her room.
    She collapsed on the bed and forced herself not to cry.
    "Jan?" Floyd sighed walking over and sitting beside her.
    "I'm sorry" she whispered.
    "It's not your fault" he told her.
    "I know but I shouldn't have gotten mad."
    Floyd helped her up and held her against him.
    "We'll sort it out in the morning but you need to get to sleep." he told her. She nodded and laid down he kissed he forehead and walked back downstairs.
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  4. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I love when she said "She started it."

    Janice just said it wasn't sixth grade. xD

    And I'm surprised Piggy wasn't mad at the word, "Hog" in that arguement with Trudy and Morgan.

    More please!
  5. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Do more! Maybe the baby involved. Seriously, do more!
  6. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 9
    In a friendship.
    Piggy woke up and made breakfast. If she didn't see Trudy today she'd be happy. Last night had been one of the most embarrassing nights of her life ever. She was sure Janice felt the same.
    Today though Piggy didn't wait to wake up Kermit she just left the smaller the chance of seeing Trudy was the better.
    Janice got up early to leave she didn't want anything to with Morgan.
    She hoped the theatre would be unlocked this early as she pulled into the parking lot. The door opened and Janice hurried inside.
    Piggy was sitting on the stage in silence.
    "Hey" Janice said and sat beside her.
    "You're not talking to Morgan in guessing?" Piggy asked.
    "No I don't even want to see her" Janice said.
    "Same that's why I came early" Piggy replied.
    "Me too" Janice said.
    "Wanna get a coffee?" Piggy asked.
    "Sure" Janice replied.

    Gonzo And Camilla met everyone downstairs for breakfast. Camilla had been so happy for the past week. Gonzo hated having to leave soon. He knew that before they left he'd have to confront her with the issue that had been plaguing him the whole trip.
    He made a silent promise to himself to do it after breakfast.

    Zoot got to the theatre with
    Dr. Teeth they were surprised to find the theatre empty when they arrived. Teeth hurried backstage to see if anyone was here.
    Zoot wandered over to have a nap.
    Teeth searched each room each one was as empty as the one before it.
    He stopped when he heard something.
    It was singing and piano.
    He couldn't hear the words but the voice was nonetheless beautiful.
    He knew exactly who it was and in what room. He hurried down the hall and paused at a closed door.
    Instead of going in he peered through the small window. He knew he shouldn't be spying but once he saw her he forgot all that.
    Her fingers flew over the keys. For her it seemed effortless. He watched her wavy long black hair sway to the tempo of the music.
    Her voice was clear and sharp. She hit every note perfectly.
    He waited till she was done to go in.
    "You do realize that you're probably one of the best musicians I've ever seen right?" he asked stepping in the room.
    She jumped up and faced him.
    "What are you doing in here?" she asked clearly startled.
    "I heard you playing and singing you're amazing at both"
    "Um thanks" she replied.
    "You should sing in the show this week" he told her walking over to the piano.
    "No I really shouldn't it would be terrible" she sighed running a hand through her hair.
    "Why would it be so terrible?" he asked running his hand over the keys.
    "Because I'm not a performer I can't do it I'm sorry" she muttered.
    Dr. Teeth sighed
    "Play something?" he asked her.
    "Why?" she asked.
    "Just play" she listened sitting down she paused for a minute before playing.
    Teeth had never heard the song before she didn't sing but she played her fingers flying once again.
    Teeth watched her. Sat down beside her.
    "that's good" he told her
    "Thanks" she replied ending the song softly.
    He thought for a minute then started to play.

    "It's so easy, but I can't do it
    So risky - But I gotta chance it
    It's so funny, there's nothing to laugh about
    My money, that's all you wanna talk about
    I can see what you want me to be
    But I'm no fool

    It's in the lap of the Gods
    I can see what you want me to be
    But I'm no fool

    No beginning, there's no ending
    There's no meaning in my pretending
    Believe me, life goes on and on and on
    Forgive me when I ask you where do I belong
    You say I can't set you free from me
    But that's not true

    It's in the lap of the Gods
    I can see what you want me to be
    But I'm no fool
    It's in the lap of the Gods
    Wo wo la la la wo
    Wo wo la la
    Wah wah ooh
    But that's not true"

    Morgan listened when he stopped playing she smiled.
    "I've always loved that song." she told him.
    "You like old music?" he asked her.
    She nodded
    "I love rock 'n roll and any music over twenty years old."
    "Me too" he said.
    "That song my dad used play for me" she said.
    "Your dad liked Queen?" Teeth asked.
    "Loved them I do too" she told him.
    He smiled at her. "Play in the show" he told her.
    "I'll tell you what if you play with me I'll play" she told him.
    "Deal" he said.
    She laughed "Okay I'll play"
    "Great" he said.

    Janice and Piggy walked back to the theatre everyone was here by now.
    "I have band practice see you later Piggy" Janice said walking off.
    "Janice" Floyd called.
    "Hey" she said walking over.
    "Do you know where Teeth is?" he asked.
    "Um no" she replied.
    Floyd sighed. "Great we can't play without him" Floyd looked around.
    Dr. Teeth was nowhere in sight.
    "He'll show up" Janice said.
    Floyd nodded.
    "C'mon let's go for a walk" Janice said pulling him towards the door.

    "Okay so tell me how did you form your legendary band?" Morgan crooned.
    "Well I've known Floyd for practically forever. And then I found Janice and Floyd knew Animal. Then we found Zoot playing in a jazz bar. Figures. And he introduced us to Lips a few years later we all sorta clicked and sounded pretty good"
    Morgan smiled and turned back to the piano.
    "It's really great here" Morgan said turning back to Teeth.
    "It's interesting that's for sure" he replied.
    "How do you do it?" she said.
    "Do what?" he replied.
    "Put up with the weirdest people I've ever seen"
    Teeth laughed to himself.
    "I take breaks like today I haven't put up with any weirdness so I'll be prepared for Monday."
    "I didn't think it was possible to be prepared for this place I mean what doesn't happen here?"
    "I can't tell you" he said with a chuckle.
    Morgan laughed and brushed her black hair out of her face.
    "You hungry?" Teeth asked.
    "Not really" she replied.
    Teeth played something on the piano it was fast but beautiful.
    "Did you write that?" she asked.
    "A very long time ago" Teeth replied.
    "It's beautiful" she said playing a few notes very quickly.
    "Where'd you learn to play?" Morgan asked.
    "I practically taught myself when I was six I found my uncles old piano books he taught me a few simple songs and I wanted to learn more but he was very busy. So for years I read book after book and saved my money for a real teacher. But by the time I had enough money I already knew everything about playing so I bought a piano instead."
    "Where is it?"
    "Right here" he said
    "This is the piano you bought?"
    Teeth nodded.
    "Do you want to go for a walk?" she asked.
    "Sure" he replied.
    She got up and walked towards the door.

    "Piggy!" Trudy said running over.
    "Go away" Piggy called from in her dressing room.
    "Piggy darling I'm sorry now can I come in?" Trudy begged banging on the door.
    "No now please leave I don't want to talk to you!" she shouted.
    "Piggy I've already apologized like a million times."
    "Well sometimes sorry isn't enough!" she yelled. Trudy sighed and walked away.

    Gonzo sat on the steps of the house waiting. He was waiting for Camilla who was talking to Gina inside. He was finally going to tell her what was bothering him.
    She came out and sat beside him.
    "Camilla we need to talk" Gonzo said.
    Camilla faced him. "Begawk brawk bwak?" she asked.
    Gonzo sighed. "Do you like it here? Because I've seen how happy you are and I feel like its my fault that you miss your family so much. And I need to know if that's true." he told her.
    "Bwak brwak bregwak bregak bwak bwak " she told him.
    "I love you too. Are you sure that you want to stay with me?" he asked.
    "Bwak" Camilla replied hugging him.

    Kermit sat in his office he had so much planning to do and only a few days until the next show.
    "Kermit" Rowlf said coming in.
    "Yes Rowlf?" Kermit replied looking up.
    Rowlf walked up to the desk. "About the show this week is one of my friend's birthday so I was wondering if I can have the show off this week?"
    "Um okay Rowlf but who'll replace you in your sketches?"
    "I don't know" Rowlf replied.
    "Okay fine I'll find someone you go ahead"
    "Thanks Kermit" Rowlf replied.
    Kermit scrambled out of the room. He hurried backstage and went through all the papers there.
    "Were are the At The Dan...Animal!" Kermit cried holding up the half eaten script for At The Dance.
    Of course Animal had disappeared and now Kermit was left his a ruined script and no memory of what it said.
    He walked as calmly as he could back into his office.
    Signing he turned on his computer and got to work retyping the script making it up as he went.

    Janice hurried backstage and ran right into Morgan.
    "Why are you here?" Morgan asked.
    "I work here" Janice said just as sharply. She continued walking. Morgan walked back into the piano room where Dr. Teeth was waiting. She leaned against the door to close it. Even then she didn't move instead she slid down to the floor and stayed there.
    "Are you okay?" Teeth asked from the piano.
    Morgan nodded and finally stood up.
    She walked over and sat beside him on the piano bench.
    "Okay so what are we doing?" she asked.
    "Well something like this" he started to play it was really pretty and a lot slower than the songs he usually played.
    "What was that?" she asked.
    "I wrote it a few years ago. I'm not saying we have to use it but something of that tempo could be cool" he said.
    "Ya or something more like," she played something smooth and cheerful it was like jazz mixed with blues.
    "That was cosmic man" Dr. Teeth told her. She grinned like a cheshire cat.
    "You think?" she asked.
    "Most definitely" he said.

    Janice sat on the steps and sighed things with Morgan weren't going well at all and just days before her wedding day.
    "Hey Jan I was thinking we should are you okay?" Floyd asked sitting beside her.
    "No, I'm tired and I want to make up with Morgan but just looking at her makes me mad. What do I do Floyd?" Janice asked resting her head against his shoulder.
    "Talk to her and work it out" he said.
    "You think?" she asked
    "Ya" he replied.
    "Thanks honeybunch" Janice said. She kissed him. Then went to find Morgan.
  7. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    That was beautiful! Do more, Janice's baby must come!:):halo:
  8. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    AH!!! So awsome!!!
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  9. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Hee heee heee heeee heee heee heeee heee heeee heeee heeee!

    You're so awesome.

    And contrasting sorta with Leah's statement:

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  10. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Oh, and Janice's marrige!!!!
  11. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

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  12. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    This story is like so amazing, fer sure. :flirt: I especially am loving on the FloydxJanice moments! Please do continue (And yes we all want to see the marriage and the pregnancies). :fanatic:
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  13. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    I love FLOYDXJANICE! But, if my Muppet Character was real, It'll be LeahXZoot
  14. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    I was in British Columbia for two weeks. But I had time to write. So here's chapters 10-15.
  15. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 10
    Janice woke up and ran downstairs. She didn't even bother to look for Floyd because she knew he was gone.
    She hurried down to Morgan's room and hoped she was there.
    She knocked,
    "What?" Morgan called out.
    "It's me," Janice called back.
    Morgan opened the door. Janice had clearly woken her up. Her hair wasn't brushed and she was still in her pajamas.
    "We need to talk." Janice said.
    Morgan nodded and stepped back letting Janice into her room.
    "I'm sorry. I don't even know why we're fighting. It was between you and Trudy and no matter what I should've backed you up."
    Janice said.
    "I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have let her get to me. It was kind of out of control."
    Morgan replied. Suddenly she started laughing.
    "But now that I think of it, it was so funny." Morgan said.
    Janice started to laugh.
    "Ya it was pretty funny, and it was her fault not yours." Janice said hugging her.
    "Oh my your wedding's tomorrow!" Morgan exclaimed.
    "Ya it is did you like forget?"
    Morgan nodded.
    "It's fine don't worry or anything." Janice told her.
    Morgan nodded and hugged her tighter. "I won't." she replied.

    "We can't do it!" Dr. Teeth exclaimed.
    "Ya man we can't" Zoot said between yawns.
    "I'm sorry but I didn't want to wake her!" Floyd yelled back.
    The fight over the lack of Janice's contribution to the band had been going on for days now.
    "Floyd just wake her up. Call her do something to get her here. The band can't do anything in the show tonight because you didn't wake up Janice again so she can't practice again!" Teeth yelled.
    "Whoa whoa guys what's going on?" Kermit asked.
    "Floyd let Janice stay home today and yesterday and the day before that and before that and before..."
    "Enough he gets it," Floyd said.
    "It doesn't matter the shows cancelled." Kermit said.
    "What!" everyone yelled.
    Kermit sighed and sat down.
    "We cancelled the show for tonight. No one practiced and no one's here." Kermit said gesturing around him.
    Dr. Teeth looked at the almost empty theatre. "Kermit whats gotten into you. There's no reason to cancel tonight we can still perform. We can add some songs." Teeth argued stepping out from behind his keyboard.
    "Look guys we're all busy tonight, Floyd you're getting married tomorrow and the rest of you guys are going to help me support him. All of the ladies are going for dinner. There's no time. You guys might as well go home and relax its going to be a long day tomorrow especially for Floyd." Kermit stood up and walked over.
    "You're right man c'mon guys let's go. See you tonight Kermit,"
    "Alright Floyd see you guys later." Kermit nodded and wandered backstage.

    "How do I look?" Janice asked spinning for Morgan.
    "Beautiful. I love you in red" Morgan replied.
    Janice's dress was strapless and red. It was tight to the waist then spread out a the bottom. It went to just above her knees her silver heels sparkled in the light of the room.
    Morgan spun in her own white tiered dress. She had on black heels and her hair was ruler straight and fell like ink down her back it was strange for Janice not to see it in its usual unruly waves.
    "Okay my dear let's go" Morgan took Janice's hand and led her out the door.
    They met Piggy, Camilla and Trudy outside of the restaurant.
    They were all in an assortment of colorful dresses.
    "Before we head in I will say. No insulting any species, races no throwing food screaming yelling or any fighting at all. I will not have the bill mailed to me again." Piggy strictly said.
    "Don't worry Miss Piggy I will not fight with anyone that insults me however if anyone else insults me first. They will get an earful after we leave the restaurant." Morgan said shooting a glare specifically at Trudy when she spoke.
    "Let's just head inside," Janice said tugging Morgan through the doors.

    "C'mon Floyd" Dr. Teeth groaned. He was sitting on the couch waiting for Floyd.
    "Hold on." Floyd called from upstairs.
    "If this is how long it takes, for you to get ready for dinner then I don't want to think about how long it'll take you tomorrow." Teeth mused.
    "Let's go" Floyd said running down the stairs.
    "It's about time," Teeth said following Floyd outside.
    Kermit, Gonzo Sam Fozzie Zoot Animal Clifford Scooter and Lips were all outside when Dr. Teeth and Floyd arrived.
    "Hey guys," Kermit said.
    "Hey man," Floyd said.
    "Our reservations are right now so let's head inside." Scooter said. He opened the door and led everyone inside.
    "Hello gentlemen how can we help you this evening?" The lady at the podium asked.
    She was bleach blond and extremely tan she looked like she should work at a surf shop opposed to a fancy restaurant.
    "We have reservations for Kermit The Frog." Scooter said.
    She checked the list and gave them all a huge smile.
    "Here you are right this way," she turned and led them into a dim room full of tables. It was extremely crowded. The waitress led them to the far corner to a large table her heels clicked on the tile floors.
    "Here we are reserved table for Kermit The Frog." She smiled again and handed out menus.
    "I'll be back in a few minutes to take your orders."
    Kermit thanked her and opened his menu.
    "You guys order anything I'll pay on the condition no one tells Piggy," Kermit said.
    "Keeping secrets from the pig now are ya Kermit? I think I like you even more now." Floyd said.
    Teeth laughed. "If ya tell her she might have a cow,"
    "Or a horse." Gonzo added.
    "Now guys let's be reasonable she'd obviously have a farm." Floyd said.
    "Anyways, nobody tell Piggy or I'll be in the doghouse." Kermit said.
    "You sure you won't be in the pig pen?" Dr. Teeth asked with a chuckle.
    "She'll turn you into frog legs if she finds out Kermit." Fozzie warned sarcastically.
    "That's okay he can just turn her into bacon." Gonzo said.
    Thankfully the waitress returned a minute later.
    "Are you guys ready to order?" She asked.
    "Yes I think we are." Kermit said. Practically throwing his menu at her.
    She took everyone's menus and pulled out a notepad "alright so what are we having tonight?" she asked pulling out a pen too.

    The ladies sat at the table and ate.
    "So Janice are you excited or nervous for tomorrow." Trudy asked.
    "I'm more excited than nervous. But I'm sure that will change tomorrow. I'll just have to wait and see," Janice replied.
    "By the way you're sleeping in my room tonight," Morgan said.
    "Why?" Janice asked.
    "Because Floyd can't see you at all until the wedding." Morgan said.
    "Fine that makes sense, I guess." Janice replied.
    "Great we'll have fun." Morgan replied.
    "Ooh I have a better idea why don't all of us girls crash at my house. Janice can stop at home and get her dress and stuff and then there'll be no chance of Floyd seeing her. Piggy suggested.
    "Sounds great thanks Piggy." Janice said.

    "Thanks Kermit it was great tonight." Floyd said.
    "Oh you're welcome Floyd. I'll see you tomorrow." Kermit replied.
    "Alright man," Floyd said.
    Dr. Teeth pulled up in the bus
    "Floyd c'mon get in," He called.
    Floyd waved to Kermit and ran onto the bus.
    "It's been awhile since I've been in here" Floyd said sitting in one of the front seats.
    "Well I guess when you're busy getting married and all you don't have time to drive in a bus with your best friend anymore right?" Dr. Teeth said.
    "C'mon Teeth you know that's not true."
    "I know man I'm just joking."
    Dr. Teeth replied.
    "No Teeth I'm serious, when are you going to move on get married you can't be just my best friend forever. You need to mean something to someone else too." Floyd said.
    "I dunno man, I guess I'd need a girl to get married and there aren't exactly any free girls at the moment." Dr.Teeth said.
    "There are plenty of free girls man you gotta look harder outside of the theatre." Floyd told him.
    "I don't know I'm so busy with the band and Morgan and I writing a song for the show I have no time."
    He said,
    "Working with Morgan eh?" Floyd said.
    "What you don't like her?"
    Dr. Teeth asked.
    "No she's great, but Teeth think about she's a girl a single girl may I point out and she plays piano and guitar and violin." Floyd said.
    "She plays violin?" Dr.Teeth asked.
    "Quite well actually," Floyd replied.
    "I didn't know." Dr. Teeth said.
    "Anyways man don't you see? Go for it ask her out get to know her." Floyd said.
    "It's easy for you to say that you're getting married tomorrow," Dr.Teeth said.
    "It doesn't matter Teeth, I don't matter here man you do and you'll never know anything unless you try." Floyd said.
    "I guess," Dr.Teeth replied.
    He stopped and opened the door for Floyd.
    "See ya tomorrow Teeth," Floyd said.
    "Ya, hey Floyd thanks you're a great friend and I know you'll be a good father too," Dr. Teeth said.
    "Thanks man," Floyd said. He got off, walked inside and straight into Janice.
    "Hey babe." He said.
    "Hey dear," She replied. She was carrying a duffel bag and her purse.
    "Where are ya going?" He asked.
    "Morgan and I are crashing at Kermit and Piggy's tonight. Apparently you're not supposed to see me until tomorrow." Janice said.
    "Okay I guess I'll see you tomorrow then?" He asked.
    Janice had barely nodded when Morgan came outside.
    "Janice lets go Floyd get inside" She said.
    "I'll be there in a minute," Janice said.
    "I'll be in the car" Morgan said.
    As soon as she was gone Janice turned back to Floyd who was looking at her as If he'd never see her again.
    "I'm sorry honey I rully didn't have a choice tonight," Janice said.
    "No babe it's fine go ahead." Floyd said.
    "I'll see you tomorrow," Janice said. She turned to walk down the steps but Floyd caught her waist and pulled her back.
    "Not so fast," He whispered.
    "Floyd I have to..." She didn't finish. He leaned in and kissed her.
    Morgan beeped the horn. "Let's go Janice its only until tomorrow." she called.
    Janice pulled back and laughed. "I'll see you tomorrow," She said again before running down the steps. Floyd waited until the car was out if sight before heading inside. It was going to be a very long night.

    Janice and Morgan got out of the car and walked up to the door.
    Miss Piggy and Trudy had the door open before they could ring the doorbell.
    "Come in come in."Miss Piggy said motioning them in.
    "Hey ladies sorry we took so long the two lovebirds were getting all kissy-faced and wouldn't leave." Morgan said wrapping an arm around Janice's waist drawing her closer.
    "Don't worry Janice we'll have so much fun you'll forget all about your wedding tomorrow. But hopefully you'll remember in the morning." Miss Piggy said.
    They all laughed as they led Janice upstairs.

    Morgan woke up first she decided to let everyone else sleep for a little while longer. She had a shower and got dressed just as she was making breakfast, pancakes for everyone.
    Her phone rang.
    "Hello?" She answered.
    "Hey," Teeth replied.
    "Oh hey Teeth, what's up?" she asked. She hopped up onto the counter and waited to flip the pancakes.
    "I was wondering if um you'd want to work on that song this week sometime?" He asked.
    "Ya I'm not sure what say we'll just find a day we're not super busy I guess," She replied.
    "Ya sure I'll see you at the wedding?" He asked.
    "Definitely, see you then." She said.
    "Alright," He replied.
    "Bye" Morgan said. She hopped off the counter and continued to babysit the pancakes.
    "Hey Morgan," Miss Piggy said. She walked to the fridge and pulled out multiple cartons of different juices and milks.
    "The coffee's on too." Morgan said.
    "Oh okay thank you." Miss Piggy replied.
    "Are Janice and Trudy still asleep?" Morgan asked flipping the pancakes.
    "Trudy is. Janice is getting dressed." Miss Piggy replied.
    "Good I was afraid we'd have to get her ready asleep. This afternoon." Morgan said with a laugh.
    "What was that about getting me ready asleep?" Janice asked walking into the room.
    "Hey dear it's the big day!" Morgan said pulling Janice into a suffocating hug.
    "Are you ready to do nothing but get ready today?" Miss Piggy asked hugging Janice.
    "Can I eat first?" She asked.
    "Of course I don't make pancakes for just anyone," Morgan laughed.
    "Hey you better not make bacon or you'll be in China for the wedding." Miss Piggy warned.
    "Got it" Morgan replies putting the pancakes on a plate and grabbing the syrup.
    Trudy came downstairs a few minutes later. They all ate and talked then dragged Janice downtown to the hairdressers where they styled her hair into little ringlets and braids when they were done she was almost unrecognizable.
    "You look beautiful and we need to hurry because the wedding is in three hours and we haven't started your makeup." Morgan grabbed Janice's hand and dragged her into the car.

    "Teeth you want more coffee?" Floyd asked.
    "No I'm okay for now," Dr. Teeth replied.
    "What time is it?" Floyd asked.
    "It is one thirty" Dr. Teeth replied.
    "What! The wedding is in two hours and a half I have to be there in two hours!" Floyd yelled.
    "Then forget the coffee and get ready, you have terrible timing." Dr.Teeth sighed.
    "Get up and help me!" Floyd called running up the stairs.
    "Fine," Dr. Teeth mumbled following Floyd upstairs.

    "Piggy! Piggy! I need to talk to you!" Kermit called running down the long upstairs hallway.
    "What!" Miss Piggy called from their bedroom.
    "I need to talk to you." Kermit said again.
    Miss Piggy rolled her eyes and leaned against the doorframe. "What do you need to talk about?" she asked.
    "I wanted to know what you were wearing tonight because I'm going to pick up my tux from the dry cleaners did you drop off your dress?" He asked.
    "Oh my dress yes I had it fitted because it was to small and then I had I dry cleaned." She said.
    "Okay I'll go pick it up." He said.
    Miss Piggy turned and ran back into the room.
    "Alright Janice we have an hour so let's get you into your dress right after I finish your mascara."
    Piggy sat in the stool facing Janice and finished applying the mascara to her eyes.
    "There okay now let's get you into your dress." Piggy helped her up and led her over to the middle of the room.
    Morgan laced up the back while Trudy and Piggy worked on putting on her shoes.
    "Alright Janice you're all ready now we have to get ourselves ready. You can sit here and read or something." Morgan handed her a book.
    "Wheres my phone?" She asked.
    "Over there but no texting Floyd." Morgan said
    "Why? It's not like he can see me." Janice complained.
    "No texting Floyd." Morgan laughed and picked up her bridesmaid dress.
    All the bridesmaid's dresses were blue with a red belt around the waist. Morgan picked them out and Janice liked them too.
    "Hey Jan could you tie the back for me?" Morgan asked spinning around. Janice tied the belt into a bow at the back.
    "Thanks dear." Morgan said.
    "Are we ready?" Piggy asked walking in the room in a matching dress.
    "Oh good Kermit made it back in time." Morgan said.
    "Ya I'm ready." Janice said standing up.
    "Well lets go Kermit Trudy and Maxwell are already in the car." Piggy and Morgan held Janice's hand and led her downstairs.
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  16. floyd<3janice

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    Chapter 11
    The car pulled up in front of the church.
    Janice let out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding. Her lungs burned as she exhaled and she looked around.
    "Janice are you alright?" Morgan asked.
    "Hmm ya I'm fine just a little nervous and excited." Janice said.
    "Jan don't worry it's just Floyd. You've been together forever you should be excited not nervous."
    Morgan helped her out of the car.
    "Let's go. The faster we do this the faster it's over and you'll have no more worries. C'mon Jan it's time you got married." Morgan said as she led Janice through the double doors.
    Morgan and Janice followed by Trudy and Piggy walked into one of the back rooms so Floyd wouldn't see her when he arrived.
    Janice sat down to keep from passing out.
    Morgan left the room briefly. Janice heard hushed whispers in the hall so she figured Floyd was here. Her heart fluttered wildly at the thought of Floyd being there ready to marry her.
    Morgan came back in the room a minute later.
    "Alright dear Floyd's here and everyone else is close behind so we'll be ready to roll in about half an hour so we're right on time." Morgan walked over to the mirror. After fixing up her own hair she sprayed more hairspray on Janice's hair.
    In no time it was time to start.
    Janice walked/wobbled over to the door using Morgan and Piggy for support so she wouldn't fall.
    "I can't do it," Janice said.
    "Yes you can. Jan just breathe and remember its Floyd we're all here for you. Piggy and I have to walk down the isle now so wait here and just walk with Kermit. We will right in front of you. Alright let's go." Morgan said. She and Piggy walked ahead of Janice Trudy ran up beside Piggy and the two of them followed behind Morgan down the isle.
    "Are you ready Janice?" Kermit asked.
    "I guess so." Janice replied.
    "That's good because it's our turn." Kermit linked arms with her at the exact second the music changed.

    Kermit and Janice walked down the isle in unison their steps were aligned perfectly.
    Rowlf cast a glance at them from the piano and smiled.
    Janice smiled back. Then she looked up and saw Floyd. He was watching her. As she walked with her eyes focused on Floyd the whole world melted away until they were the only two in the universe.
    Suddenly Kermit let go of her arm. He hugged her quickly before walking over to stand to the side.
    Janice took a deep breath and walked up the steps so she was standing right next to Floyd.

    The preacher walked closer and cleared his throat.
    "We gather here today to witness the joining of these two souls in the ceremony of marriage."
    Janice looked over and saw Dr. Teeth. He gave her a smile and a small thumbs up.
    "If there are any objections now would be the time to come forth or forever hold your peace."
    Nobody said anything. The church went completely quiet.
    The preacher nodded and continued.
    "Floyd do you take Janice to be you wife for rich or poor in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?"
    "I do," Floyd replied.
    "Janice do you take Floyd to be your husband for rich or poor in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?"
    "Fer sure...I mean...I do," Janice said. Floyd tried not to laugh along with everyone else.
    " By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride." The priest said with a smile.
    The crowd erupted with applause as Floyd and Janice kissed for the first time as husband and wife.

    Morgan met Janice outside of the church.
    "Janice get a picture with me. Oh nice touch to the ceremony there." Morgan laughed she pulled Janice into a hug.
    "I didn't mean to do that," Janice laughed.
    "It was fine I loved it. Now pose." She threw an arm around Janice and posed for Kermit who snapped their picture.
    "Thanks Kermit, now get a picture with me." Janice said.
    Kermit handed Morgan the camera and stepped beside Janice.
    For about an hour after the ceremony Janice and Floyd posed for hundreds of pictures.
    Janice's jaw hurt from smiling so much and her arms were numb from all the hugs.
    "Are we finally done?" She whispered to Floyd.
    "I think so. The cars over there c'mon." He took her hand and led her over to the limo parked at the curb.
    They waved and smiled. Floyd helped Janice into the backseat followed by Morgan Piggy Trudy Kermit and Dr. Teeth.
    They continued to wave until the limo was out of sight.
    "Finally." Floyd sighed wrapping an arm around Janice's waist.
    "We have an hour until we have to be at the reception." Morgan said pulling out her phone.
    Janice sighed and leaned against Floyd.
    "Don't mess up your hair." Piggy said.
    Janice sat back up and took Floyd's hand instead.
    They went to a small restaurant for something quick to eat because they wouldn't have a lot of time at the reception.
    The waitresses took their orders and brought their food quickly.
    Soon Floyd grabbed Janice's hand and led her back to the limo.
    "Alright we should be right on time." Trudy said.

    The limo pulled up in front of the hall. Everyone except Floyd and Janice got out.
    "Ready?" She asked him.
    "Ya lets go," He took her hand and helped her out.
    By the time they got to the doors everyone was already inside.
    Floyd took Janice's hand and opened the doors.
    Everyone stood up to clap.
    They made their way over to the table where Morgan Piggy Trudy Kermit and Dr. Teeth were already sitting.
    The room was decorated in blue and red flowers. With red and blue table cloths.
    The ceiling had several crystal chandeliers and skylights.
    While everyone ate. The hall workers cleared a space for a dance floor in front of the stage.

    Morgan elbowed Janice.
    "Hey it's time for your dance."
    She whispered.
    "now?" Janice said.
    "Ya get Floyd and go." Morgan replied.
    Janice took Floyd's hand and got up.
    "Where are we going?" He asked.
    "Dance time," Janice replied.
    Floyd nodded and got up. They walked over to the dance floor.
    Janice walked holding Floyd's hand afraid that if she let go she'd trip over her dress.
    Floyd pulled her close and the music started.
    He spun her around.
    "You look beautiful," he whispered.
    Before she could reply he spun her again. He pulled her back before she could fall.
    "I'm going to trip." Janice said.
    "No you won't you're doing fine," Floyd replied.
    The song ended and suddenly Floyd was gone and Janice was dancing with Kermit.
    "Thanks for everything Kermit like it rully means a lot." Janice said.
    "No problem Janice. It means a lot to me too you and Floyd are great together." He replied.
    Janice smiled.
    After Janice found Floyd talking to Dr. Teeth.
    "Hey babe," Floyd said pulling her closer.
    "Hey Teeth." Janice said.
    "Hey Jan congrats."
    He pulled her in for a hug.
    "Jan Floyd come here everyone wants to dance with you guys." Morgan came over.
    Floyd seemed excited. "Sure c'mon Jan." He took her hand and ignoring her protests dragged her back to the dance floor.
    Dr. Teeth glared after him. Floyd had done it again.
    "Hey Teeth," Morgan said.
    "Hey," Dr. Teeth replied.
    Morgan watched the dancers
    With seemingly growing envy.
    "What's wrong?" Dr. Teeth asked stepping up beside her.
    "Oh nothing it's just Janice and I are the same age and she's married and I'm just thinking about how far off that is for me." Morgan crossed her arms over her chest and walked over to a table.
    "Hey c'mon it's not that bad."
    Dr. Teeth said.
    "I dunno," Morgan replied.
    "Come dance," He said helping her up.
    "Dance with me," He said.
    Morgan nodded and let him lead her onto the dance floor.

    Kermit finally broke free of the dance floor he walked over to the tables and sought out his wife.
    She was sitting at a far table talking to Trudy.
    "Hi dear," He said sitting next to her.
    "Oh hi my darling." She replied kissing his cheek.
    "I was thinking its already going on ten and I still haven't had a dance with my beautiful wife. What do you say Piggy, dance with me?" He asked with a smile.
    "Kermie of course I'll dance with you." She said.
    Piggy excused herself from Trudy and followed Kermit onto the dance floor.
    He pulled her as close as he could and spun her in slow circles.
    "Oh Kermie I love you." Piggy said over the music.
    "I love you too Piggy." Kermit replied kissing her softly.

    "This was a great wedding I really hope Janice and Floyd are happy." Morgan said.
    Dr. Teeth spun her again. "Of course they're happy. But they've always been great together."
    Dr. Teeth replied.
    "So about that song when are we going to start it." Morgan asked.
    "I don't know." Dr. Teeth replied.
    Morgan sighed and looked out over the sea of dancers.
    Dr. Teeth looked over and found Floyd dancing with Janice.
    He got his attention and looked at him pleadingly.
    Floyd sighed and walked as best he could with Janice not noticing over to Dr. Teeth and Morgan.
    "What?" He whispered.
    "What do I do?" Dr. Teeth whispered back.
    Floyd laughed. "Man I haven't a clue what you should do maybe you should ask her yourself." Floyd said nodding towards Morgan who watching both of them like they were insane.
    "Good luck." Floyd said before disappearing into the crowd.
    "Whats going on?" she asked.
    Dr. Teeth sighed and led her over to a table.
    "Teeth what are you doing?" She asked sitting beside him.
    "I guess I should tell you what's going on." He said.
    Morgan nodded and waited silently.
    "Okay look I don't care if you never talk to me again or don't want to do the song and that's fine but I need to say this even if ruins our friendship."- he took a deep breath and faced her -" Okay here goes everything... Morgan I um. I like you a lot. I know that we're good friends but..."
    "I hate you," She said.
    "You should." He replied.
    She turned his face towards her "I hate you for not telling me sooner."
    She laughed. "I like you too," She said.
    "You do?" He asked.
    "Of course," She replied.

    It was midnight by the time people started to leave. Janice collapsed into a chair.
    "Hey Jan you okay?" Morgan asked sitting beside her.
    "Ya I'm fine I'm just exhausted my feet hurt from dancing and my jaw hurts from smiling." She replied.
    "We're leaving soon.
    If Floyd and Teeth would ever stop talking!" She yelled.
    They looked over. Morgan glared at them and pointed to Janice who was almost asleep beside her.
    Floyd walked over a minute later and helped her up.
    "See you on Monday." Dr. Teeth said. Floyd nodded and walked with Janice outside.
    "Wait for Morgan," Janice said stopping at the doors.
    "We'll wait in the limo," Floyd replied tugging her gently down the steps behind him.
    He got in and helped her in behind him.
    "I don't care about my hair," she said leaning against him.
    A few minutes later she was asleep.

    "I'll see you tomorrow," Morgan said hugging Dr.Teeth.
    "Ya I guess." He replied.
    She pulled back and smiled before walking outside. She climbed in the limo with Floyd and Janice.
    "Alright let's go home." She said. Leaning back.
    They got home a few minutes later Floyd carried Janice who was still asleep inside.
    Morgan stumbled in after them.
    "G'night guys," She mumbled before stumbling up to her room.
    "Are we home?" Janice whispered.
    "Ya, we're there." Floyd replied carrying her up the stairs.
    He laid her on the bed and walked back downstairs the kitchen was dark as he got a glass of water and came back upstairs. By the time he came back Janice was changed into pajamas and was asleep.
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  17. floyd<3janice

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    Chapter 12
    Morgan was the first one up.
    She was still tired but couldn't sleep. Her legs burned from dancing. She couldn't imagine how Janice felt.
    In a few months both Janice and Miss Piggy would have newborn babies. Morgan had no idea what she was doing she couldn't stay forever. But she didn't want to leave either.
    She jumped when her phone rang and almost dropped her cereal.
    "Hello...Hi Teeth...The park?...Now?...sure...see you soon." She inhaled the remainder of her breakfast grabbed her keys and ran out the door.

    Fozzie and Gonzo sat in one of the theatre seats.
    "To bad the show was cancelled this week I had a good act planned." Fozzie said.
    "I'm sure you did" Gonzo replied.
    "Hey you two where is Rizzo hokay." Pepe asked.
    "I don't know Pepe sorry." Gonzo replied.
    "Oh no I've lost him again," Pepe complained wandering away.
    A loud bang caught everyones attention. Dr. Honeydew stood beside Beaker who's head was burned black.
    "Do not worry Beaker will not be permanently burned." Dr. Honeydew exclaimed.
    He poured something on Beakers head. A minute later his head was still burned but twice the size.
    Gonzo and Fozzie looked away before something worse happened.

    Morgan parked on the curb and jogged towards the little pond in the park.
    Dr. Teeth was already sitting on one of the benches. When she ran up he stood and walked towards her.
    "Hey" Morgan said hugging him.
    "What's up?" He asked.
    "Nothing I was just finishing breakfast when you called. I came straight here so what's up?" She asked giving him a bright smile.
    "I was at the theatre this morning. I helped Zoot sort out Animal we played a couple of songs but we're missing half our band. So I left and decided why not go to the park and I thought It'd be good to hang with you for a bit." He explained.
    "Well it was great for you to invite me because I was meaning to talk to you too." She said.
    "Okay well what do you want to talk about?" He asked.
    "Last night, I don't get what you mean. Do you want to be just friends or not?" She asked.
    Dr. Teeth sighed. "I don't know because I really do like you and its up to you." He replied.
    Morgan laughed and reached for his hand. "I like you a lot too and I want to try being more than friends if you want," She said.
    "Of course that's what I want." He replied pulling her closer.
    "You know it's really funny our best friends just got married. Janice is my friend Floyd's yours. It's weird how that worked out." She mused.
    Dr. Teeth nodded.
    They walked along the riverbank and watched as a mother duck swam by with several ducklings trailing behind.
    The sun rose higher in the sky and the breeze warmed up.
    "Do you want to get some lunch?" Morgan asked.
    Dr. Teeth nodded "Sure," he replied.

    Janice walked downstairs for lunch every step sent fire through burning through her legs. She wouldn't be dancing like that again for a long time.
    She poured salad into a bowl and turned on the tv. Floyd joined her a few minutes later.
    "Are you legs killing you too." Janice asked sitting beside him.
    "Ya I'm not walking again...ever," Floyd replied pulling her closer.
    Janice sighed and curled into his arms. I'm guessing we're not doing anything today?" She asked.
    "Well what do you want to do?" He asked.
    "Finish the baby's room." She replied.
    "Can't we do it tomorrow?" He asked.
    "Floyd what if I have the baby tomorrow?" She said.
    Floyd laughed and kissed her cheek. "Janice you won't." He replied.
    "I could you never know the baby could be early." She argued sarcastically.
    "Not four months early dear." He whispered.
    "Yes it could," She said.
    "But it won't." He replied.
    "How do you know?" She asked.
    "I just do." He said.
    Janice groaned she would never win he was too stubborn. "Fine you win but tomorrow morning I'll wake you up early and you will get to work." she said sternly.
    "Janice. You can try but I always wake up before you." he whispered.
    "Shut up," She replied.
    Floyd laughed. "I love you," He whispered.
    "I love you too," She replied.

    By the morning Janice had talked Floyd into working before breakfast.
    He was finishing carrying blankets
    and last minute furniture upstairs. When Janice found him.
    "Floyd breakfast is ready." She said.
    "Great," He said running down the steps.
    Morgan was already in the kitchen stacking waffles onto her plate when they came in.
    "I thought I'd let you too know, you're almost out of syrup." She held up the almost empty bottle to prove her point.
    Floyd sighed and walked over to the table. "I'll buy some more later." He said.
    Morgan shook her head and sat down.
    Janice turned on the tv and flipped to the news right in the middle of a broadcast about the theatre.
    "Don't change it!" Floyd said.
    Janice put the remote down and watched the tv.
    "For the first time in years. The Muppet Show was cancelled." The reporter said.
    "We think it has to do with the fact that Kermit himself may be deathly ill and that the Electric Mayhem quit due to lack of acts in the show and poor pay."
    The reporter changed to a different subject and Janice changed the channel.
    "I have to go talk to Kermit" Janice said.
    "I'll come too," Floyd said standing up.
    "No Floyd you have work to do I'll go." Morgan said. Janice kissed Floyd and followed Morgan out the door.

    They got out of the car and knocked on the door. Kermit opened the door smiled. "I know why you're here," was all he said.
    "We need to do something" Janice said.
    Kermit shook his head.
    "They think you're deathly ill and that the band quit." Morgan said.
    "You don't get it that was one rumor from one broadcast. Janice you're dead. I'm deathly ill, And according to some the show's been discontinued."
    Kermit gestured them inside and turned in the tv where a reporter was talking about Janice's death.
    "I'm dead?" Janice said
    "And I'm deathly ill," Kermit said.
    "We'll have to put on a good show." Janice said.
    "We can't I haven't started looking at the scripts or organizing the acts. It'll take more time than we have to do it." Kermit replied.
    Janice looked at the scenery on the tv.
    "Hey that's the park." Janice said.
    Before anyone could say anything she ran outside. Kermit and Morgan followed.
    "Janice what are you doing?" Kermit called.
    "I'm going to fix this," She said.
    "We're coming with you." Morgan said.
    Janice nodded and got in the car.
    "Wait let me make a call first." Kermit said pulling out his phone.

    Gonzo pulled the third trampoline on the stage. "I'm done," He said to himself.
    Sam grunted and wandered backstage.
    Gonzo sighed and picked up a pie. Instead of placing it on the trampoline like he intended to he sat in a chair and started to eat it.
    "Hey Gonzo don't you need dat pie hokay," Pepe said popping up beside him.
    "I'm hungry and Camilla made extra." Gonzo replied.
    "So I guess you won't mind if I have one?" He suggested.
    Gonzo sighed and handed him a pie.
    "Thank you," Pepe said burying his face in whipped cream.
    Gonzo's phone rang. He put down his half eaten pie and answered it.
    "Hello?...Hi Kermit...they are?...you want me to do what?...Who?...Okay we'll be there soon." Gonzo hung up and looked at Pepe.
    "Hey Pepe you can finish that later I have a job for you."
    "Hokay," Pepe said following Gonzo backstage.

    "Kermit what's the point of you calling Gonzo how can he help us?" Janice asked they were waiting by the fountain in the park.
    "He will help us I promise" Kermit replied. Janice looked somewhat disbelieving but she didn't say anything else.
    Kermit sat on a bench to wait he trusted that Gonzo could do what he asked and be here soon.
    It was overcast and rain threatened to fall any minute the breeze was cool showing the first signs of winter. Kermit could put up with cold days he was just thankful that they didn't get snow.
    He stood when Gonzo's car pulled in.
    Gonzo got out followed by. Pepe, Sam, Dr. Teeth, Dr. Honeydew, Swedish Chef, Animal, Rowlf and Scooter.
    "Great you're all here.There are some reporters here We have to tell them the truth. We have to prove that everything is fine." Kermit announced everyone nodded their agreement.
    "Okay let's do it," He said leading everyone through the park.

    The group of reporters turned and looked at the group that had assembled in the center of the park. The was a moments silence before Kermit spoke.
    "I'm Kermit The Frog. We are here to tell you the truth, lately
    we've heard some crazy rumors about the show cancellation. As you can see I'm not deathly ill and Janice isn't dead. " As Kermit spoke the reporters calmed down and listened to what he had to say.
    "Dr. Honeydew the rumor about you firing Beaker, is it true?" A man in a fancy suit asked.
    "I did not fire Beaker. He was just recently set on fire. By my new extreme power blow dryer." Dr. Honeydew replied.
    "Scooter are you secretly married?" A woman asked.
    "No" Scooter replied.
    "Thank goodness," She said quietly.
    "Was that even a rumor?" Gonzo asked Rowlf.
    "I don't think so." Rowlf replied.
    "Dr. Teeth did the electric mayhem quit."
    "No we didn't quit and we won't be quitting anytime soon." he replied.
    "Kermit is the show discontinued?" Someone asked.
    "No the Muppet Show Isn't discontinued. I don't plan on it either." Kermit said.
    They answered questions and gave the best answers they could slowly the reporters left.
    When they finally all left everyone cheered.
    "They're gone!" Kermit yelled hugging Gonzo. "Thanks man. You really helped us." Kermit said.
    "That was a great idea Janice. It really worked." Gonzo said giving her a high five.
    Kermit thanked everyone again and left with Janice and Morgan who had to drive him home.
    The drive home was quiet and peaceful. Kermit missed the days when it was everyone at the board house trying to get along. Back when everyone wanted to go somewhere they all would pile into the mayhem bus and speed around.
    He remembered when they did their first movie. They'd all been excited. Now they'd done lots of movies and were back to their original show. It may be the same show but they were not the same people. Janice and Floyd like him and Miss Piggy were married and both Piggy and Janice were pregnant
    Kermit got out of the car thanked the ladies and walked inside. He had a lot of work to do and very little time.

    Gonzo parked in the theatre parking lot and got out everyone was still cheering and celebrating.
    The theatre was quiet when they walked in.
    Anyone that was there was quietly sitting around. No one could really practice without the scripts and line up.
    It seemed that everyone had stopped working altogether. Gonzo couldn't remember the last time everyone had really practiced. In the past few months everyone it seemed had given up and moved on. With the wedding and both Janice and Piggy being pregnant no one will have time for anything. And after its all over. It will never be the same. No one no matter what will ever be the same. And it seemed that Gonzo was the only one that knew that.
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    Chapter 13
    "Janice!" Morgan sang spinning into the living room. Janice looked up from her book.
    "I found you," Morgan chirped sitting beside her.
    "What's up Morgan?" Janice asked placing her book on the coffee table.
    "Well since you've been so busy lately I thought hey you need a break so this afternoon we're going for mani pedis." Morgan said.
    Janice sighed. "I can't I'm helping Floyd carry stuff upstairs." She said apologetically.
    "Never mind Floyd you're coming with me and we're going to relax and forget about everything. Besides you're pregnant you shouldn't be lifting stuff." Morgan said.
    Janice stared at Morgan for a minute before talking. "Fine." Was all she said.
    "Good cause I wasn't giving you a choice." Morgan said with a grin.
    Janice shook her head and picked up her book.
    Floyd found Janice a few minutes later. "Hey Jan," He said walking over to her.
    She sighed and put down her book again. "What do you need?" She asked.
    He grinned and sat beside her,
    "well I was thinking tomorrow we could go somewhere." He said.
    "Where?" She asked hesitantly.
    Floyd laughed. "That's a surprise." Janice smiled he would never tell her. "I guess we could." She mused.
    "Great" He kissed her cheek and walked back upstairs.
    Janice picked her book back up and started to read. Her phone rang a minute later.
    She groaned put down her book and picked up her phone.
    "Hello?" She answered.
    "Hey," Floyd replied.
    "Floyd are you seriously calling me? I'm downstairs." She asked.
    "Ya, listen Teeth called he wanted us to come over tonight I told him I'd ask you first so can we go?" he begged.
    "I guess. But rully, are you seriously calling me from upstairs?" she asked.
    "Yes I gotta call Teeth bye," He hung up.
    Janice shook her head and reached for her book.
    "Janice we're leaving!" Morgan yelled walking into the room.
    "Now?" Janice asked.
    "Well if we're going out for dinner we might as well leave now." Morgan said.
    "Wait how do you know that we're going for dinner? Floyd just told me." Janice asked sitting up.
    Morgan laughed "Floyd texted me, you really have to take that phone away from him." Morgan said.
    Janice stood up. "I know," Janice said.
    "Let's go, I'll drive." Morgan said walking towards the door.
    Janice nodded and followed her outside.

    Piggy walked downstairs and laid on the couch there was nothing on tv and Kermit was still obsessing over the scripts for the show. Ever since he realized that he was dangerously running out of time he'd been his office.
    Piggy couldn't remember the last time she'd had a vacation.
    She stood up and walked into Kermit's office.
    "Kermie?" She said walking in.
    "Yes Piggy?" Kermit sighed.
    Miss Piggy flinched he rarely talked to her like a stranger.
    "We need a vacation," Piggy said.
    "Piggy dear I'd love a vacation but I need to finish the show for this week. And then you're pregnant what are we going to do about that on a trip?" Kermit put down one of the scripts and turned back to Piggy.
    "Well then I need a vacation I'm done with the show for a few months. I can go somewhere." She said.
    Kermit shook his head. "Piggy my dear that's not a good idea." He started.
    "I wasn't asking what you thought I'll do it anyways." She said.
    Kermit sighed and turned back to his script. Piggy huffed and marched out of the room.

    Gonzo walked up to the balcony overlooking the theatre. It was usually occupied by Statler and Waldorf but until the show it would remain empty.
    Gonzo had never really been up there except the time he'd crashed a bike through it.
    Usually when he was practicing he would look up and Camilla would be watching him. Today it was empty and it had him wondering where Camilla was.
    He hadn't seen her all day and it seemed as though no one else had either.
    He wandered backstage and checked the rooms they were all empty. Everyone had gravitated towards the stage.
    But even when Gonzo himself carried on to the stage Camilla wasn't there.
    Both Kermit and Miss Piggy hadn't come in today and the band was mysteriously missing.
    And now with Camilla MIA Gonzo was utterly confused.
    "Scooter?" Gonzo said walking over to the gofer who was hunched over a table going over papers.
    "Oh hi Gonzo." Scooter said shooting him a grin.
    "Have you seen Camilla?" Gonzo asked.
    Scooter looked around the stage and stage wings. "No sorry Gonzo I haven't seen her. If I do I'll tell her you're looking for her." He said.
    "Thanks Scooter," Gonzo said.
    Scooter patted his back and turned back to his work Gonzo looked around. The stage was bustling with activity but Camilla was nowhere to be seen.

    "I love the red nail polish." Morgan said holding up one of Janice's hands that was sparkling with red nail polish.
    "I like the blue you have too it's so bright," Janice replied admiring Morgan's blue nails.
    They got home just as Floyd was running downstairs. "Hurry we gotta leave." He said.
    "I still can't believe you called me from..."
    "Ya ya I've got phone problems. But we're really late so go get dressed." Floyd said pushing Janice upstairs She ran up with Morgan.
    Floyd paced downstairs. Finally Janice and Morgan returned from upstairs.
    Janice was in dark jeans a white halter top and a undone black leather jacket.
    Morgan was in faded jeans a purple shirt and her favorite combat boots.
    "You can't change your shoes?" Floyd asked.
    "Nope," Morgan said walking out the door.
    Floyd sighed took Janice's hand and followed Morgan outside.

    They met Dr. Teeth, Animal, Zoot and Lips outside the restaurant.
    "Sorry we're late," Janice said hugging everyone.
    "Don't worry Janice we just got here thinking we were late. I thought you guys would be here an hour before because of Floyd's terrible timing but ya know," Dr. Teeth said.
    Janice smiled. "His communication skills are much worse. He gets a phone and suddenly talking to someone face to face isn't cool anymore." Janice said.
    "Alright I have problems we get it." Floyd said.
    "Oh dear we've always known about your problems." Morgan said.
    "Lets go inside where it's warmer." Dr. Teeth suggested.
    He opened the door and everyone followed him inside.
    Once they were all seated. They resumed talking.
    "So I was thinking whats happening guys. We haven't performed together in a long time. We need to." Dr. Teeth said
    "I know I haven't played in awhile," Floyd said.
    "I can't play on the show for awhile." Janice said.
    "I'll fill in," Morgan offered.
    "You could if you wanted." Dr. Teeth said.
    "I want to. If it helps." Morgan said.
    "It really helps." Floyd said.

    Kermit ran up to his room he knew he'd been hard on Miss Piggy earlier. She was rushing around the room tossing clothes into the giant open suitcase on the bed.
    "Piggy what are you doing?" He sighed.
    "What does it look like I'm doing moi is packing because you won't take a small vacation with me." Piggy said. She held up two bathing suits trying to decide to choose between the two. after a minute of deciding she tossed both in the suitcase and bustled over to the closet.
    "Piggy stop, I want to go on a trip with you but it's not a good time." He said.
    "I know that Kermie so I've decided to go without you," she said proudly.
    "What?" Kermit gasped.
    Miss Piggy turned and crossed her arms over chest. "Kermie if you're too busy to go with me I won't hold you back and I'll go without you." She threw a pile of shirts into the suitcase and zipped it up.
    "Piggy are you being serious?" Be asked walking towards her.
    "Yes. It's not a big deal dear I won't be gone long it's just a break that I need. It has nothing to do with you." She took the suitcase off the bed and dragged to the bedroom door.
    "Now if you would excuse me I have some phone calls to make." She kissed his cheek and walked downstairs.
    Kermit shook his head and followed her down.
    She was sitting by the phone with the phonebook open in her lap.
    "Piggy are you sure you want to go now?" He asked.
    Miss Piggy nodded and continued flipping through the phone book. Kermit groaned. He wouldn't win he knew better than to argue with her when her mind was set on something.
    He stood there for a minute longer feeling like an idiot because he was unable to stand up to his wife.
    He sighed and walked to his office to finish the scripts for the show.

    By morning Janice was set and ready to go to the surprise place with Floyd.
    He'd woken her up early and then made her rush to get ready.
    "Are you ready now?" Floyd called from downstairs where'd he'd been waiting for the past ten minutes.
    "Yes." Janice said running downstairs just as Floyd was pulling out his phone.
    "Who are you texting?" She asked.
    "No one," he quickly said dropping his phone back into his pocket.
    "Were you going to text me from down here?" She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at him.
    "Um...no I was just checking the time and we're late so let's go." He said.
    Janice blocked the doorway. "You're lying, you paused that usually means you're lying." She said.
    Floyd sighed. "Can we just go?" He asked.
    "Give me your phone first." She said holding out her hand.
    "Why?" He asked backing up a step.
    "Floyd just give me the phone." She said reaching for his arm.
    "No" He said dodging her.
    She grabbed his other arm and pulled him closer. Before he could move she leaned in and kissed him.
    He wrapped his free arm around her waist. Suddenly she pulled back and ran upstairs.
    Floyd looked around. His phone was gone.
    "Now we can leave." She said when she came back downstairs.
    "Where'd you put my phone?" He asked.
    "It's gone," She said.
    Before he could say anything else she took his hand and pulled him outside.
    "When are you giving me my phone back?" He asked.
    "I don't know," She replied.
    He sighed and got in the car.
    They drove for awhile Janice looked out the window and listened to the radio.
    "Floyd are we almost there?" She asked after what felt like hours of driving.
    "Another hour I suppose though I can't be sure I don't have my phone." He said.
    "The time is right there and will you get over it?" She asked.
    "I would if..."
    "If you mention that phone again you'll never see it again.
    Floyd shut up after that.
    It was almost lunchtime when they stopped.
    Janice looked at the scenery they were on a road in the middle of a corn field.
    "Floyd are we there?" She asked.
    Floyd shook his head. "No I think it's a dead battery," He said.
    "Great" Janice sighed.
    "Do you have your phone?" He asked.
    Janice patted her pockets, "Um no." She muttered.
    "You just had to take my phone." He said.
    "Well, I didn't know we'd get stuck in the middle of nowhere." She said.
    Floyd got out and looked around.
    "There should be a town not to far from here we could walk." He said.
    Janice got out and followed him.
    Thankfully it was November so it wasn't too hot.
    "Floyd I'm sorry." Janice said after walking for awhile.
    He ignored her and kept walking.
    They walked for what felt like forever and still hadn't made it out of the field when Floyd stopped walking. "I thought it was in walking distance?" Janice said stumbling after him.
    "I thought it was too." He said.
    Janice rolled her eyes. "What are we going to do?" She asked.
    "I don't know. Keep walking I guess I know theres a town up here somewhere it's just farther than I thought." He turned to face her.
    "Cmon it can't be too much farther." He said.
    Janice nodded and walked up beside him.
    She kept walking but Floyd stayed where he was. "Floyd lets go I'm tired." She said.
    He walked behind her. By the time the sun was setting the broke free of the fields and saw on the horizon the outline of houses and various buildings.
    "It should take another hour but we should make it before its dark." Floyd said talking to her for the first time in hours.
    "Finding the town doesn't mean we'd get home," Janice said.
    "If theres a mechanic it does." Floyd said.
    Janice shook her head and continued to walk. Floyd could tell she was tired she kept stumbling every few feet and she didn't talk.
    He knew she was mad at him and he hated fighting with her.
    They reached the town and found a motel.
    Janice collapsed onto the bed as soon as Floyd opened the door.
    She rolled onto her back and faced him.
    She looked terrible. There were dark circles under eyes and her hair was tangled and full of dust from the wind.
    "Are you okay?" Floyd asked sitting on the bed next to her.
    "Ya I'm just tired." She said.
    Floyd took her hand and pulled her into a sitting position.
    "I'm sorry," he whispered.
    "Me too." She replied.
    "Does that mean I get my phone back when we get home?" He asked.
    Janice laughed and shook her head. "Nope," she replied.
    Floyd sighed and hugged her. "I love you" he whispered.
    "I love you too." She replied.
    "This really didn't work out did it?" Janice said.
    "Not really, but I don't care." Floyd replied.
    Janice laughed. "So you don't mind that we're stranded in this little town?" She asked.
    "Are you kidding me I hate it here, but I don't care that we didn't get to go where I wanted us to." Floyd replied.
    "Where were we going?" She asked.
    "I'm not telling you because it won't be a surprise next time." He said.
    Janice narrowed her eyes, "You seriously think you're going to drag me out here again?" She asked.
    "I don't think I will. I know I will." He replied. Janice laughed, "Good luck with that. You go find some food while I have a shower." Janice said. Floyd nodded and walked out the door.
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    Chapter 14
    Miss Piggy had booked a room in the hotel and had already invited all of the ladies. Kermit hadn't talked to her for the rest of the day. What's wrong with him? She thought while drying her hair after her shower.
    Kermit paced his office he knew he should be working or more importantly fixing things with Piggy. Instead he decided to pace. His phone rang but he ignored it, secretly hoping that they'd leave a message.
    They sun had long ago set and the sky was ablaze with stars. Kermit gave up pacing for a minute and wandered over to the window. He remembered sitting in the backyard with Piggy when they'd first moved into the house. She'd loved the huge view of the clear sky you got when you were in the backyard.
    Kermit walked back to his desk and sat down the wasn't even halfway through the scripts. He'd hand out the ones the was done tomorrow.
    It seemed so far away the thought of tomorrow for Kermit seemed almost nonexistent. The day had gone by slow and he wanted tomorrow to come but right now for him it was out of reach.
    Considering that tomorrow was so far away Kermit decided to get back to work and fix things with Piggy in the morning.

    Morgan hurried backstage and into the piano room.
    Dr. Teeth was sitting on the piano bench playing part of a song Morgan didn't recognize.
    "Hey sorry I'm late," she said sitting beside him. She hugged him before facing the piano.
    "Don't worry I was just playing nothing." He said.
    "It wasn't nothing it was cool did you write it?" She asked.
    He nodded.
    "Cool. So what kind of song are we doing exactly?" She wondered.
    "Well I hear you're pretty good on the violin." He said.
    Morgan laughed. "My dad was a classical maniac. He had a violin in my hands before I could talk." She said.
    "Hows the whole divorce thing going?" He asked turning away from the piano and facing her.
    "I would say good but it's not good. It's done they're just deciding who gets what and stuff that I want no part in." She said.
    "When are you leaving?" Dr. Teeth asked.
    Morgan looked at the piano keys. "I don't know I don't want to but I can't stay with Floyd and Janice forever." Morgan said.
    "Don't leave yet." He said.
    "I won't." She replied.

    Janice sat on the bed and stared at the wall.
    Floyd had gone to find breakfast. She had nothing to do they'd learned last night that the tv didn't work and there was only cold water for the shower.
    Janice jumped when the door opened.
    Floyd walked in and say on the bed.
    "Here," he said tossing her a bag of chips and diet coke.
    "This is breakfast? It's not even food." Janice said.
    "Was either that or ice cream and if you read, it says potato chips. Potatoes are vegetables and healthy." Floyd said opening a can of coke.
    Janice shook her head and opened the chips. "And they're also full of salt and grease and fat and every other unhealthy thing out there." She said eating a handful. Floyd laughed and tried to turn on the tv again. It didn't do anything. "There's no phone in here either." Janice said.
    "It's okay I found a mechanic down the street we'll go fix the car then I'll come back here and get you." Floyd said.
    "Finally we can go home." Janice said.
    "I know you hate being stuck in the middle of nowhere but we'll be home tonight."
    Floyd said. Janice nodded, "What am I supposed to while you're gone?" She asked.
    "I'll be gone for around and hour and a half maybe two hours. Try to find a phone call Morgan, tell her what happened she's probably wondering where I am." Floyd said.
    Janice hit his arm and stood up. But he caught her arm and pulled her back down. She didn't do anything because he was kissing her. His hands fisted in her hair. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer.
    She pulled back and stood up.
    "Hurry and fix the car." She said. Floyd stood up "Try to find a phone there should be a pay phone somewhere, here"-he tossed her fifty cents.-"That should be enough." He kissed her quickly and left.

    Scooter hurried backstage. He'd heard the back door close and ran to meet Kermit.
    "Did you finish boss?" He asked running.
    "Mostly could you hand them out please. Morgan's filling in for Janice until after the baby." Kermit said handing him a heavy stack of papers.
    "Sure thing boss." Scooter said he grinned at Kermit before running off.
    Kermit continued towards the stage. "Hey Kermit you're back." Fozzie said running over.
    "Yes Fozzie I'm back and it's great to be back." Kermit said cheerfully.
    Kermit walked to the stage and stood in front of everyone.
    "Everybody listen up!"- he yelled to everyone getting their attention. -"Thank you. I'm finally back and am very excited to get our theatre up and running as usual. We need to get back to our old routine I'll be here if anyone needs anything. Scooter has the scripts he'll be around to hand them out." Kermit announced.
    Everyone nodded and got back to work. Miss Piggy walked onto the stage. "Piggy what are you doing here?" Kermit asked walking over to her.
    "I'm here to get some things out of my dressing room." She said brushing past him and backstage to her dressing room.
    Kermit walked over to where
    Dr. Honeydew was about to experiment something that looked like a leaf blower on Beaker.
    "What's that?" Kermit asked keeping his distance.
    "This is my improved extreme power blow dryer." Dr. Honeydew explained.
    "Didn't that set Beaker on fire last time?" Kermit asked.
    "Oh yes but I fixed it."
    Dr. Honeydew Replied.
    "Oh okay then," Kermit said backing away even further.
    A whoosh and a sizzle told Kermit as he walked away that
    Dr. Honeydew would have more improving to do.

    Morgan played the violin beautifully the shrill notes carried across the room and most likely onto the hall also.
    Dr. Teeth sat at the piano bench and watched her on a daze he felt almost heart broken when she stopped.
    "That was beautiful." Dr. Teeth said when she sat back down beside him.
    "Thanks. Oh hold on." She said when her phone vibrated.
    "Hello?...Hi Janice where are you?...oh that's terrible...oh good...okay I'll see you tonight then...bye." Morgan hung up and faced Dr. Teeth again.
    "That was Janice. The car battery died and she took away Floyd's phone before they left and she'd forgotten her's, so they had to stay at a motel in a random motel. Floyd found a mechanic and they should be back tonight." Morgan explained.
    Dr. Teeth nodded. "Sounds like they had fun." He said.
    Morgan laughed "ya loads of fun."
    "Why did she take Floyd's phone away?" Dr. Teeth asked.
    "Remember when she said he called her from upstairs. Well she said he has a phone problem and so she took his phone away for awhile." Morgan said.
    "Janice's timing is just as bad as Floyd's. How will they ever survive?" Dr. Teeth said sarcastically.

    Floyd pulled up in front of Janice two hours later.
    "Finally we can go home." Janice sighed.
    "Did you call Morgan?" Floyd asked.
    "Yes, there was a pay phone right outside the motel." Janice replied.
    "Are you sure you don't want to spend one more night here?" Floyd asked.
    "No! Drive now!" Janice replied.
    Floyd laughed and took her hand.
    "Next time we go somewhere don't forget your phone." Floyd said.
    Janice nodded, "just make sure you don't get your's taken away," Janice replied.
    "Wow getting stuff taken away, what am I five?" Floyd said mostly to himself.
    "Well I gotta admit you do act like you are sometimes." Janice said with a laugh.
    "I wouldn't be talking like that considering I'm the one driving cause I could throw you out or even better" He swerved the car sharply to the right.
    "Floyd stop!" Janice yelled. He laughed and kissed her hand.
    "Maybe I should drive if you're going to crash the car and get us stranded again." Janice said.
    "I want to get there tonight Janice not next week." He said.
    "Shut up," Janice said whacking his arm.
    They got home just as the sun was setting. Janice got up and collapsed on the couch.
    "Home," she sighed.
    "Are you hungry?" Floyd asked.
    "Yes do we have real food?" Janice asked.
    "We should," Floyd replied wandering into the kitchen.
    "Or not," He said opening the fridge.
    "What do you mean. or not?" Janice asked.
    "Morgan didn't do groceries and we were supposed to go today." Floyd said.
    Janice groaned and retreated to the table. "What is there?" She asked.
    "Um...Pizza, chocolate, cheese, crackers, and some apples, pears." Floyd said throwing food on the counter.
    "How many apples are there?" Janice asked.
    "A full bag there's vegetables and bread too." Floyd said.
    "I thought you said there was no food?" Janice asked.
    "Nothing I eat." Floyd replied.
    "You mean junk food that is so full of preservatives, sugar and fat that it never goes bad? Can't you just happy with an apple?" Janice asked.
    "I guess I have to be." Floyd said. Putting all the food back and grabbing some apples.
    He tossed Janice two apples and walked into the living room. Janice settled beside him on the couch and watched tv.
    She yawned and stretched out beside him.
    Floyd put his arm around her and pulled her closer.
    "Are you tired?" Floyd asked her after awhile of watching tv.
    Janice nodded.
    "C'mon," Floyd said turning off the tv and helping her up.
    She stumbled up the stairs behind him.
    Janice didn't bother getting changed as soon as her head hit the pillow she was asleep.
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    Chapter 15
    Morgan didn't come home until midnight she and Dr. Teeth had spent hours working on the song.
    She walked straight to her room and collapsed in bed.
    She didn't wake up until late morning.
    She had three messages on her phone two from Dr. Teeth wondering when she wanted to finish the song and one from her mother about helping move furniture into her new house." Morgan decided to call back later.
    Janice and Floyd were already gone most likely at the theatre. Morgan got some cereal and left.
    Dr. Teeth was waiting in the piano room when she got there.
    "I have an awesome idea" He said when she came in.

    Gonzo ran onto the stage. For the past few days Camilla had been disappearing in the afternoons.
    Gonzo looked everywhere and asked everyone where she was. No one knew. He arrived with her in the morning and she stayed with him until lunchtime but then she'd disappear.
    Gonzo walked backstage again Camilla was nowhere to be found.
    He checked all the rooms and isles.
    He even check the basement.
    By the time he got home Camilla had reappeared like she did every other day but wouldn't tell him where she went.
    Gonzo sat in silence through dinner over the years the group at the board house had grown smaller and smaller they still had a large group but without Kermit and Miss Piggy living there the drama was a lot less dramatic. Gonzo made a silent promise to himself to find out what was going on with Camilla as soon as he could.

    Janice could feel it following her she could feel the eyes watching her. She walked down the streets the shadows growing longer and darker. Something moved out of the corner of her eyes. She took a deep breath it was okay. She was okay.
    She took a few more steps. She didn't have time to scream when something grabbed her from behind.
    Janice woke with a start. Her breathing was quick and uneven.
    She was covered in a sheet of sweat matting her hair to her forehead.
    "Jan?" Floyd said sitting up beside her.
    She couldn't talk.
    He wrapped his arms around her.
    "Janice baby you're burning up what's wrong?" He asked.
    "I'm okay it was just a bad dream go back to sleep." She gritted out.
    Floyd didn't move. He brushed the hair out of her face and turned her to face him.
    "Are you alright?" He asked
    Janice nodded. "Go to sleep I'm fine." She said the tears alright falling.
    "Jan," Floyd whispered pulling her close.
    She fisted her hand in his shirt.
    She wouldn't cry, she wouldn't cry. But she was and she couldn't stop it. Floyd held her tight and rocked back and forth.
    She pulled back and looked at him. "Better?" He asked.
    Janice nodded.
    He laid back down but didn't release her.
    Janice shivered she was suddenly cold. "Go to sleep baby." Floyd whispered in her ear.
    "I can't. Floyd I can't." She whispered back squeezing her eyes shut so the tears wouldn't spill over again.
    "Yes you can. I'm right here, you're okay it was just a dream. You're safe here." Floyd said kissing her neck.
    Janice stopped shivering. She could barely keep her eyes open but she was scared to wake up shaking again. Soon it didn't matter because she was asleep.
    When she woke up Floyd was sitting on the edge of the bed watching her with a concerned expression.
    "Are you okay?" He asked taking her hand.
    Janice nodded and sat up and hugged him. He held her close.
    "I'm okay," she whispered.
    Floyd kissed the top of her head. "Good." He said.
    She held him tighter. "Janice is everything okay?" He asked again this time panic crept into his voice.
    Janice nodded against him. "I'm okay I'm just happy you're here." She said.
    "Janice I've always been here. I'm not planning on going anywhere." Floyd said.
    Janice released him. "I know that. I'm just happy that you've been here. Through everything with me.
    I love you." Janice kissed his cheek.
    "Cmon let's go find some breakfast." He said.
    He helped her up and walked with her downstairs.
    Morgan was already sitting at the table with a pile of toast.
    "We're out of pancake mix, waffles and cereal." Morgan said.
    "We'll buy more food tonight." Janice said.
    Morgan shrugged and grabbed another piece of toast.
    "Actually Janice there's no point you and I are going with Piggy Trudy and Camilla on a trip." She said.
    "What?" Janice said sitting at the table.
    "Piggy invited all the girls for a short vacation." Morgan said pulling the lid off the peanut butter jar.
    "What about you and Teeth?" Janice said.
    "What?" Floyd said. Walking over. Morgan covered her face with her hands and laughed.
    "Let me guess Floyd didn't know?" Janice said trying not to laugh.
    Morgan shook her head.
    "What else is Teeth not telling me?" Floyd asked.
    Morgan shrugged.
    "Anyways back to this vacation like when are we leaving?" Janice asked.
    "Tomorrow." Morgan replied.
    "You're actually going?" Floyd asked.
    "Sounds fun," Janice replied.
    "Good we'll pack tonight." Morgan said.
    "How long is this trip?" Floyd asked.
    Morgan shrugged "Two weeks. Three at most."
    "Three weeks." Floyd said.
    "Where are we going?" Janice asked.
    Morgan grinned. "We my dear are going to Hawaii." Morgan said.
    Janice smiled. Floyd sat back,
    "you're going to Hawaii and I'm here in a theatre like every other day?" Floyd said.
    "Pretty much" Morgan said smiling at Janice who laughed at Floyd's jealousy.
    Floyd stood up and walked up stairs. Janice got up a minute later and followed him.
    "Floyd?" She said walking into the room.
    "Wheres my phone?" he asked walking over to her.
    "You're not getting it back yet." She said. Floyd sighed and wrapped an arm around her pulling her closer.
    "Do you have to leave?" He asked solemnly.
    "I really want to." She replied.
    Floyd nodded. "Can please have my phone?" He asked.
    Janice shook her head.
    Floyd sighed and leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back wrapping her arms around his waist.
    She pulled back and smiled at him.
    "I'll miss you." She said.
    Floyd kissed her cheek. "I'll just stay with Teeth while you're gone." He said.
    Janice hugged him and took his hand. "Let's go to the theatre," She said. He stepped back, go ahead I'll meet you downstairs. Janice nodded and walked out the door. Morgan was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. "Between the two of you I don't know if we'll ever be on time again." She said.
    "Let's go," Floyd said running down the stairs and out the door before either of them could say anything.
    The theatre was busier than usual everyone seemed to be back on track with the show. It felt like old times again as Miss Piggy walked over to Kermit who was talking to Scooter backstage.
    "Kermie, I need to talk to you about my trip." Miss Piggy said touching Kermit's shoulder lightly.
    "Okay dear what is it?" Kermit asked trying to stay calm instead yelling at her on how ridiculous the trip idea was.
    "I need some new shoes." Miss Piggy said seriously.
    Kermit snorted, "okay dear go buy your shoes." Kermit said.
    "You're letting me by shoes?" She asked baffled. Kermit had her on a shoe ban.
    "For this once yes." Kermit said.
    Miss Piggy smiled and walked off Kermit shook his head. "Jeesh women and their fashion." Kermit said turning to Scooter "You wouldn't mind getting a coffee would you?" Kermit asked.
    "Regular of decaf?" Scooter asked.
    "Regular please," Kermit said.
    "Sure thing," Scooter said and hurried away.
    Gonzo hurried to eat lunch. Camilla watched him like he was crazy.
    "So Camilla lets go sit on the balcony when we're done eating.
    Camilla shook her head.
    "Lets practice for the show Camilla clucked unhappily and shook her head. He didn't blame her all day they'd practiced for the show.
    "What do you want to do then." Gonzo asked.
    Camilla shrugged which mostly involved raising her wings.
    "Okay we'll sit here until you think of something." He suggested.
    Camilla finished eating and sat facing him. He didn't move and neither did she.
    "Brwak bwak" She said getting up to go to the bathroom.
    Gonzo nodded and waited for her. She never came back.

    "Okay so we're leaving tomorrow?" Janice asked Trudy who was sitting on the stage steps reading a Hawaiian fashion magazine.
    "Yes tomorrow evening." Trudy replied.
    "Great I'll just punch that into my phone." Janice said reaching into hr pocket.
    "What the?...Floyd." Janice growled.
    "What about him dear?" Trudy asked.
    "He took my phone" Janice said getting up.
    "I'll be back." She said running backstage.
    "Floyd!" She said bursting into the room where the band usually played.
    "Hey Jan," He said by the waver in his voice Janice could tell he knew exactly why she was there.
    "Give me my phone." Janice said.
    Dr. Teeth laughed. "Wow you two and your phone problems now you'll never be on time." He chuckled. Morgan and Zoot laughed.
    "Woman not happy!" Animal yelled bashing on his cymbals wildly.
    "Now Janice take a deep breath calm down." Floyd said.
    Janice glared at him. "Forget me leaving to have fun. I'm leaving to get away from you!" Janice exclaimed walking out of the room slamming the door behind her.
    "Aren't you smart," Morgan said sarcastically following Janice out of the room.
    "Janice wait!" Morgan called running down the hall.
    "That stupid idiot I hate him so much!" Janice said turning around.
    Morgan walked over to Janice. "You know that's not true. Even I know that's not true." Morgan said.
    "What the part about him being stupid and an idiot or that I hate him?" Janice asked.
    "That you hate him. We all know you don't." Morgan said.
    "I do now," Janice said.
    "Janice!" Floyd yelled running down the hall.
    Before she could move or react. Floyd had his arms around her and was crushing her to his chest.
    "Floyd you're killing me." She gritted out.
    "Oh sorry," Floyd loosened his hold but didn't release her.
    "I'm sorry," She said.
    "We're saying that a lot lately aren't we?" Floyd said.
    Janice nodded "I hate it. It hate fighting with you." She said.
    "I know. So do I." Floyd agreed.
    "I'll give you your phone tonight." Janice said.
    Floyd didn't reply instead he leaned down and kissed her.
    She hugged him tighter and pulled him closer.
    He pulled back and handed her her phone.
    "I love you and I'm sorry." He said.
    "I love you too." Janice replied.

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