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Where The Wild Things Are Movie

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by lowercasegods, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. uppitymuppity

    uppitymuppity Well-Known Member

    Straight from the horses mouth...

    Muppet newsflash - you heard it here on Muppet Central first before any of the other news sources.

    We all sat down with not only Spike Jonze, who is sporting long hair and a beard and doing his best to channel Jim Henson's spirit, but also with the cinematographers and the complete creative team behind "Where The Wild Things Are".

    Firstly, Spike would like you all to know that the leak on the internet is not of good quality and does not represent what he is trying to do with this film. Secondly, all of the internet gossip about him being fired or replaced by the studios is completely unfounded.

    The script is being kept intact and the studio realizes this is not solely a kid's film.

    There will be CGI added to the facial movements but, in an unobtrusive manner. There are re-shots being done and some creative differences but, they are not as overwhelming as being portrayed in the media.

    Spike assured me that the spirit and original intentions for this film are being kept intact and that the internet gossip we are all hearing is false.

    They are still shooting... And Henson's Creature Shops work is all there - nothing being eliminated.

  2. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Wow. What a fantastic experience. I am one jealous frogboy, I'll tell you that! Thanks so much for the information. I hope you can keep us updated. :eek:

    I know this film is being delayed a bit. Many top films have had their internal struggles and made it out the other side. Some films can be painted by the numbers, others kind of take on a life of their own during production and require nurturing of a rout that might be different from the initial intent.

    I think if Jim Henson were alive today he would be mixing CG and puppetry effects where needed. I don't think that's an affront to the puppet performer as some others do, however I do understand that concern. But some of Karen Prell's characters from Labyrinth were dubbed with different voices (which is a big deal that does alter performance) but it still did her fine work justice.

    I have faith in Spike Jonze and this project. It's a tough sell and I have great respect for any studio or director that would take so much time to even attempt this adaptation. (No pun intended by use of the word "Adaptation"...okay, maybe a little.) ;)
  3. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info, uppitymuppety! That is fantastic and thank you so much for sharing.
  4. uppitymuppity

    uppitymuppity Well-Known Member

    You are absolutely right Frogboy - Henson would be using CGI but, I think the scare was that there was rumor the puppets were being scrapped and the whole thing would be re-shot or done in CGI. That was a nightmare thought in all of our little muppety minds.

    My biggest concern was the long delay and why that has come about. Part of it is because they are shooting all the monsters in natural light which as you must have some idea is a huge time consumer. Another thing is the wilderness shots are being touched up along with the animation on the faces. The whole team including the studio execs all want this to be something really special so the time is being allowed for that.

    Spike also expressed how amazing the actual puppets are that were done by The Creature Shop. He said they were a delight to work with and I have the feeling we ain't really seen nothing yet in terms of how much work and care is going into this thing.

    You're welcome Mrs. Pepper.
  5. RealMissPiggy

    RealMissPiggy Well-Known Member

    That sounds like it could be Nifty
  6. muppetmania1980

    muppetmania1980 Active Member

    uppitymuppity do you have any idea as to when the film may be released or is this a reently started project? i would love to keep intouch about this because that was my favorite book when i was little and the fact that they are making it into a film makes me extremly excited.....keep me posted and let me know how things are going.....thanx

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