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Where's the love for Rocky and Bullwinkle?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by D'Snowth, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Were parodies protected by law back then (I would think so, considering all the classic WB shorts with parody titles that came out by then), or was fair parody use more recent?

    Watched The Weather Lady for the first time, and noticed at one point Rocky refers to Boris by name, as if he knew Boris was the usual enemy (or maybe he'd heard Boris referred to by name and I missed it). That's rare (another instance, to an extent, is in Goof Gas Attack, where Rocky points out he knows who the villian of the whole show is, only to become stupid right before mentioning his name). It seems like they usually don't even recognize them as their usual enemies when they see them in their regular clothes (like in The Treasure of Monte Zoom).

    Was watching the "Painting Theft" episodes today, and noticed that Boris eventually offered to buy Bullwinkle's paintings at several thousand dollars a piece. He and Natasha leave with the paintings, but I wonder if he really did purhcase them or if they weaseled their way out of paying. We don't really see (and somehow I think that even if they did become rich they'd still steal).

    Also noticed an error in the last chapter: Boris and Natasha both set out for Potsylvania in their regular clothes, but when they arrive Natasha is in her art collector disguise (without the sunglasses), but then she's suddenly back in her regular dress by the time Fearless Leader accepts Boris' paintings.

    Also noticed on the fourth season DVD, in the second half-hour contianing "Painting Theft", it includes the segment where Bullwinkle pulls a lion out of his hat, but the audio used comes from the one where Bullwinkle pulls a tiger out of his hat (so we see Rocky react without moving his lips). I wonder what went on there.

    I think I've mentioned that Boris and Natasha have a happy ending of their own in "The Last Angry Moose" (they keep all the money they scammed out of Bullwinkle with no apparent cosnequence), but it seems they also had a minor victory in "Greensperent Oogle". No, I'm not talking about the fact that they are never actually shown getting blown up on their land mines (so we don't know if they ended up as lucky as Bullwinkle), I'm talking about the fact that Boris seemed to keep all the money he'd stolen as a result of the Oogle Bird's predictions.

    I wonder if much from the various storylines and supporting segments were ever cut for time on TV broadcasts. I figure it makes sense for the commercial intros to be cut for time, and makes sense they were cut on the VHS releases. They seem out-of-place without being followed by a commercial. But then the "Bullwinkle Show" syndication package includes both Bullwinkle's Corner and Mr. Know-It-All (or a "Fan Club" segment in place of either) in each episode. I would think that the time cut from losing the commercial intros would add up the time to an added one-minute segment.
    Was reading The Moose That Roared, and looked at the listing of various "miscellaneous animations" for Rocky and His Friends/The Bullwinkle Show. It lists "special feature introductions" (jolly juggler, hat tricks, etc.) and "commercial introductions", but it also has seperate lists categorized as "old special feature introductions" and "old commercial introductions". I wonder why they listed those as they did. With "old special feature introductions", I felt it made sense, as the two listed (Bullwinkle does a soft shoe routine and "hat trick: bear") don't appear in syndication, but none of the commercial intros appeared in syndication. Were these considered "lost" at the time the book came out (though all were included on the DVDs)?
  2. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    You know, quite a few reference books and websites mention that Nell Fenwick loves Dudley Do-Right's horse over him, but outside of the first Dudley Do-Right segment (and perhaps the opening) was this fact recurring? In the movie she seems to love Dudley but doesn't show any emotion towards the horse (one of many things I found wrong with that movie... But then I've only seen it once). There have been other segments where she Dudley tries to win her heart (such as "Finding Gold" in which Dudley digs for gold because of her), and she seemed to like him in a few (there's one segment where she insist that she and Dudley get married), but otherwise I don't know of anywhere else where she shows affection for the horse.
  3. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I was watching the "Rocky and Bullwinkle Saving Stamps" film on the first season DVD, and I wonder what studio did the animation in that. I know a few different companies provided animation on the show (a mexican studio did most of the animation, a Hollywood studio did the Dudley Do-Rights and some Fractured Fairy Tales, and I think Total TV provided animation for a handful of Fractured Fairy Tales). But the animation in the saving stamps film looks quite different from the animation on the series (can't quite pinpoint whether the animation there is better or worse... It has the quality of an activity book, but in cartoon form).
  4. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Against my best judgement I bought a copy of the movie on DVD, though it did turn out a little better than I remembered it (I hadn't seen it since 2001). It seems the opening sequence, taking place in the animated world, is very clever, for the most part (though the part with Bullwinkle mistaking "conversations" with "conservations" was kind of lame, even if the narrarator saying that their wordplay had gotten cheap). Still, I'd say that the movie starts to get lame when Rocky and Bullwinkle enter the real world.

    One of my biggest complaints about the movie was that it seems it didn't have enough Boris and Natasha, but after watching today, it seems they were in a lot more than I remembered. Though it seems Natasha didn't get much dialogue. Interestingly, in both this movie and the Boris and Natasha movie, it's the actress who played Natasha who gets top billing over the actor playing Boris (and Boris is the one who gets top billing in the duo). I still find it odd that Fearless Leader gets more screentime, but since Boris and Natasha are the henchmen, maybe it'd be awkward for them to have more screentime in a movie (are there any movies where the henchmen are the main villians and their leaders get limited screentime?).
  5. CountFan1998 Active Member

    WHAT?!?!? Universal DUMPED R&B? Then, will the Jay Ward references stay at Universal's IOA (Islands of Adventure)? Why'd they dump them in the first place?
  6. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I don't know if the park did... but Universal had a partnership up until the movie tanked. Just for distribution and marketing, of course...
  7. CountFan1998 Active Member

    Well Universal Orlando and Hollywood had a R+B stage show in 1993, so they've had quite a history with Universal...
  8. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Like I said, I have no idea what's going on with the Universal Parks, if anything is still there or not... but I do know Classic Media has the distribution and marketing rights now. There was a Universal partnership up until the movie tanked... then there was nothing for years until Classic Media came along. We wouldn't even have the series on DVD if not for them.... Sony closing down Sony Wonder and problems with "Genius" entertainment gave it a large stop gap for 5 years.

    Man, I HATE Genius entertainment. We all know what they were a subsidy for....
  9. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Well I went about three years ago, and they still had the Doright ride. I don't know it it's still there though. It apparently changes a lot there.
  10. D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Um, wasn't Season Five supposed to be out long before now? Or did they pull a Leave it to Beaver on us, and rather than release the season and the complete series set separate, they just released the complete series set only? Of course, I haven't seen THAT set either.
  11. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Where do you buy your DVD's?

    The complete fifth season has been available for a month shy of a year now. it's just incredibly impossible to find. I saw it once. Probably at an FYE... one that's probably gone by now. I saw the fourth season within a week of it coming out, ditto the complete series (which I'm considering, even though I'd be rebuying the first 2 seasons)... but it took me forever to find season 5.
  12. D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Well I got Season Four last year at Best Buy, and they're usually the best deal for DVDs in this town: Walmart NEVER releases TV shows on time (unless it's currently trendy shows like 30 Rock or The Office or Big Bang Theory, yadda yadda yadda), fye jacks up their prices like twice what they're supposed to be... Sam Goody was an alternative, but they went out of business years ago... they're where I got Seasons Two and Three (One I actually got at Walmart when it came out, and that was the only season I've seen Walmart carry, afterwards, the Best Of sets went straight to the discount bins).
  13. CountFan1998 Active Member

    I believe it's still there. I remember the attraction had a fire in early 2011, so they had to modify/repair a few things. From the looks of it, they actually ended up repairing most of the broken animatronics (the dynamite shack for the final drop included) as well! Doesn't life just work out wonderfully sometimes?
  14. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Yeah... places like Best Buy and Wal*Mart rarely have what you're looking for. BB doesn't even care about DVD's anymore... Blu-Rays, maybe... but it's impossible to find anything that you can't find anywhere else, and cheaper for that matter.

    You may have to order online, and there's no telling what condition it will arrive in. I will say, 90% of the time, they're in good condition. Only problem was one I bought a week ago, that the disk jumped off its spindle and was badly scratched up.

    I will say FYE (soon to be gone everywhere) was the only place I saw it consistently. I wouldn't say they "jack up" their prices... they offer the actual SRP of the DVD sets... which is shockingly high, if you ever look up TVshowsonDVD... like 40-50 bucks. They still had a decent selection, and you could find many out of print disks for a reasonable price.... at least, more reasonable than the scalpers on amazon. I didn't get a chance to get it, but I still am missing seasons 3-5 anyway.
  15. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    That's good news! I likedall the puns on the ride. (Saw Wars, Silence of The Hams, Paws!)
  16. D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Maybe in Boston, but here in K-town, it's quite the reverse: Walmart aside, Best Buy IS the best alternative to finding DVDs... they do have a large Blu-ray selection like you say, but like at the Best Buy in my town, they have three aisles of TV shows on DVD (matter of fact, they had a display case of all individual re-release seasons of M*A*S*H on sale, I grabbed Season Eight as a splurge), movie genres like action/adventure, comedy, and drama have at least two aisles each, there's at least an aisle for documentaries, and kiddy shows and movies have three aisles (two of which are Disney). As for fye, there are two in my town, both in the malls, and they really do jack up their prices: what may be $29-$32 in other stores or online is like $40-50 at fye... plus, they seem to be focusing less attention on DVDs and blu-ray and more attention on CDs and music and such... there's like one aisle for TV shows, one aisle for movies (all genres), an aisle or two for anime, then the rest of the store is music.

    As for ordering online, I have had to do that when push has come to shove in obtaining rare movies and such that are either out of print, not sold in stores, or I just can't find them... and you're right, even with them it's a gamble; last year I ordered the special edition re-release of the complete series of H.R. Pufnstuf, which came with a bobblehead figure... when it arrived, the boxed was completely smashed and crushed (then again, Vivendi is among those notorious for the really weak and flimsy "green" packages), so I sent it back and demanded a replacement, because the collector's value had been ruined.
  17. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I've never seen any copies of season five (or the complete series) in person. It also took me awhile to find any copies of the fourth season.

    Something I'm feeling confused about. According to The Moose That Roared book, Mr. Know-It-All and Rocky & Bullwinkle Fan Club both began in season three. Those appear on earlier season DVDs, and yet those and Bullwinkle's Corner are all finished halfway through season 3. I'm pretty sure those are all presented in order even if they're not all in the episodes they were originally in, and I thought there were a lot of Mr. Know It All segments. So does anybody know if episodes of those were repeated on the show before they stopped producing new ones?

    Also, The Moose That Roared mentions that after the 39 Aesop and Son episodes, they began making new Fractured Fairy Tales segments again, either because of the segment's popularity or because of Aesop not being as popular. But there were just as many Dudley Do-Right segments, which I think was the most popular supporting segment, while Mr. Peabody had as many episodes as FFT.
  18. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I remember several years ago going to a flea market and finding a "promotional VHS" of Rocky and Bullwinkle. It didn't have any packaging (not sure if it was released without packaging or if the packaging was lost before ending up at the flea market) and I have no idea what was included. Anybody have any idea what the promo VHS might have been? A sample of a VHS? The ending promo without a main feature? Select segments from various videos? I recall it being a Buena Vista release.

    And speaking of this, today at a flea market I found a promotional VHS copy of the Boris and Natasha movie. I almost purchased it, until I saw the "for promotional use only" label on it. So I'm wondering, is it wrong to purchase used promotional VHS tapes? I know that it was sold at a flea market, but then again, I've also seen many recorded-from-TV VHS tapes at pretty much every flea market I've been to, and that's perhaps more wrong (if buying promotional videos is wrong in the first place).
  19. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Looking in The Moose That Roared, it seems I may have misunderstood something all these years. Reading some sections on the beginning of The Bullwinkle Show on NBC, it says that the sponsors "requested more Mr. Know-It-All" segments. I guess that means Mr. Know-It-All actually began during the Rocky and His Friends years (I'm assuming season two). It mentioned there were 39 Bullwinkle's Corner and 50 Mr. Know-It-All segments, and I've determined that there were more than 39 half-hour episodes of Rocky and His Friends, which means that either Mr. Know-It-All did premiere before or the Bullwinkle's Corner segments were repeated before the show became The Bullwinkle Show in season 3.
  20. D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    One thing I find interesting yet unusual about Rocky and Bullwinkle was the usage of the laugh track...

    The first four or five half-hour episodes of the series used a laugh track for just the Rocky and Bullwinkle segments, and not the others... however, for some reason, at least one Peabody segment from that same period had one as well (which I believe was King Arthur)... and of course, on DVD, all traces of the canned laughter had been completely removed.

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