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Who else is sick of EB Games?

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by ChellisPal, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. EBGames.com carries muppets figures!!!

    I know that I've already posted this, but...
    EBGames.com has (most of) the Muppets for purchase online!!! :)

    I actually just pre-ordered the Series 8 set today!
    (Although for some reason, they're only including one Marvin Suggs repaint, not 2. I'm going to ask them about that. :confused: )

    I've ordered the last two sets as a pre-order with them, and it's been fantastic. The current set of 5 is $39.99, plus you can get shipping for $1.99, so it comes out to like $8.50 each w/ shipping and tax. Better than other deals I've seen! :)

    I'm not usually too keen on EB at all (in fact this is all I buy from them), but this is too good to pass up, esp when lookign for those hard-to-find figures, and Suncoast usually charges too much! :boo:

    The url for the 5-fig set is http://ebgames.com/ebx/product/520383.asp

  2. Therecanbonly1

    Therecanbonly1 Active Member

    2nd repaint? I thought there was only 1?

    Whats the second repaint look like? Image? :confused:
  3. Oops, I blew it.

    For some reason, I thought I read somewehere that there were three paints of Marvin Suggs, a la Johnny Fiama, but after looking around, I guess I imagined it. In any case, ebgames.com still has the full set available.


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