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Why is Steve Whitmire the voice of Kermit?

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by TidusEstar, May 24, 2005.

  1. MWoO Active Member

    Well Kermit will probably never appear on the show again ever. He barely was on when Kermit was with JHC and Sesame Street was sold to Sesame Workshop. Now that Disney owns Kermit I doubt he will ever visit the street again. I do know that he was on a couple of times after Jim Henson died, but not nearly as much as before. A lot of his appearances on the show came from archive footage.
  2. BEAR Active Member

    That is very sad considering Kermit got his big start on Sesame Street. I mean, that is basically what launched him and in turn, i feel like Kermit helped launch Sesame Street. I would hope that Kermit will still make frequent appearances. He should be written into some street scenes.
  3. muppet_dk Active Member

    I don't think Disney would alow that to happend.
  4. BEAR Active Member

    Why not?
  5. muppet_dk Active Member

    Simple they own him now, so why help other companies to make money by using their brand, even if it's for a non-profit organisation.

    Have you ever seen other Disney characters appear on regualr basis in non Disney productions ?
  6. BEAR Active Member

    Yes, but Kermit is still a SS character, and I would think that Disney would allow Kermit to make guest cameos on SS. Many of the same people who work for the JHC still work for SS. So Kermit is owned by Disney, fine, but they can get a little bit of profit if SS hires Kermit for a couple episodes a season. I dunno!
  7. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    Kermit was more a special guest star on SS than being a part of SS. He hardly appeared ON the street at all. I doubt Sesame Workshop will be hiring Kermit any time soon, unfortunately. I miss the Sesame Street Newsflashes.
  8. MWoO Active Member

    I believe he started out on the actual street, but was soon put into skits. He was in al ot of them though. I remember him singing a good amount of songs. I still love carribean amphibian.
  9. MuppetCrazy Member

    I would absolutely love it if you could send me a copy of the MP3 also!! :) I never even had the chance to see the show!
  10. mikebennidict New Member

    well i disagree there. in all the years i watched SS he seemed like a regualer Muppet to me unless the staff considered him to me a guest.. not all SS Muppets appeared in street segments.
  11. BEAR Active Member

    Its true. When the show first started, the regular Muppet cast only consisted of Big Bird, Oscar, Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, and KERMIT. And for a long time and even now, Bert and Ernie hardly ever appear in street scenes. Doesn't mean you aren't a "regular".
  12. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Sure thing. PM me your e-mail.
  13. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ok. Will do.

    Sorry I havn't before. Got distractd by the Bugs Bunny conversation...:p
  14. Vic Romano Active Member

    The splintering of the JHC does make things sticky as to who can do what; but on topic; I think Steve's Ernie is wonderful. Did I read something somewhere that he's not doing Ernie anymore and that someone else is? Or was that false information? I was home sick last week and got a chance to watch the new SS, and both Ernie and Big Bird sounded a little different, not bad or off, just a little different.
  15. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    Well, Big Bird was most likely performed by Matt Vogel. Ernie did have a third performer (John Tatiagola), but he only performed Ernie on "Play With Me Sesame." As far as I know, Steve Whitmire is still performing Ernie on "Sesame Street."
  16. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    By the way, the guy's name was Jeff Bergman. He did voice most of the Looney Tunes in the early 90s, but I hear he was fired since he had some ego problems.
  17. Vic Romano Active Member

    Oh yes, I knew about Matt Vogel, I just forgot.
  18. Yeah, I seem to remember reading that shortly after Henson's death, Frank Oz said they'd just reuse the old sketches. Obviously they changed their minds later...
  19. MWoO Active Member

    They really didn't need to make new ones. Perhaps it would be best to just reuse the old ones. They actually redid Rubber Ducky with Steve and a newer Ernie puppet (at least I think it was Steve) but they used the original sound track.
  20. blackurth New Member


    I can't stand jeff bergmans bugs bunny,I have videos from the early 90's where he does daffy,bugs,elmer and many more AND THEY SUCK!!!!!his voice only has one tone for all the characters and his voice doesn't fluctuate it just sounds like he's reading the lines in a flat tone,every time I watch those videos I shreak!!!!

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