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Your Thoughts: Fraggle Rock DVD

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Phillip, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. muppet_dk

    muppet_dk Active Member

    Well then try to be more specific the next time.

    The next US FR release is the special editon of the DVD you already got.
  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Considering my local Wal*Mart... way out on the highway as you can recall... either sold all out, or never got it in.... they did have the VHS for 6 bucks, but I pretty much have bad experiances buying VHS as of late (since I got my DVD player). I bought an old TMNT video, but it broke, and my Mark Hamil TMS video broke after the 3rd viewing, so pretty much, even though I'm dying to see FR, I just skipped it. Bought a Samuri Jack DVD for 5 bucks instead.

    So, waiting for the special edition may not be so rough!
  3. Klonoa

    Klonoa New Member


    Samurai Jack DVD for five bucks?

    Details please, kind sir.

  4. baby sinclair

    baby sinclair New Member

    It was problably the premeire made for tv movie he bought.Pretty good movie i'd have to say.
  5. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Active Member

    My Walmart restocked them now. i picked mine up last week. when it first came out the DVD's where GONE. which made me happy and sad, but as long as they are selling it's a great sign! the S/A Fraggle Rock DVD looks to be about 16.99 or something from reading on line so i hope that means more eps and stuff on it! i can easy sell my dvd for a few bucks or just give it to a friend when this one comes out. :)
  6. Foodie

    Foodie Active Member

    Or just keep one as a backup in case mean old Mr. DVD Player done come a long & eat your disc!

  7. baby sinclair

    baby sinclair New Member

    Ya i'll buy this new one for the animated episode Sort of disappointed they did'nt add more than one new episode but i'll keep my waterd down version as back up you never know what could happen.
  8. McFraggle

    McFraggle Active Member

    Well, I bought it yesterday and was pleased. Like others have said, I wish they would have split the first two episodes up but it's no big deal. Although there could have been more, this was probably the first FR episodes I have seen in 9 years so it was well worth it. :excited: Just a question: how soon into the show's run did they change the designs of characters like Gobo and others, I noticed a difference with Gobo between the first and third episodes.
  9. baby sinclair

    baby sinclair New Member

    i'd have to say around the 10th episode ma also changed in this one two.
  10. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt New Member

    I just spoke with HIT this afternoon, and they said that due to feedback, season sets are now being considered :)

    So keep that feedback coming everyone!

    Mail form letters to:

    HIT Entertainment
    Attn: Consumer Relations (Fraggle Rock SEASON SETS)
    P.O. Box 9000
    Allen, Texas 75013

    Toll free number:

    Also, the Special Edition will indeed be released on October 19th. Future volumes will be sometime in 2005.

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