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Your Thoughts: MC’s 10th Birthday

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Phillip, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    It’s hard to fathom, but Muppet Central is now ten years old. The site debuted 10 years ago on January 28, 1998.

    Back when the site first started The Jim Henson Company still owned all of their original properties including the Muppets and Sesame Street. Two new feature films were in development simultaneously, Muppets From Space and Elmo in Grouchland. Even though many changes have occurred throughout the EM.TV and Disney years, we’ve been honored to be a small part of it and to provide a place for fan discussion and interaction.

    We want to thank all of the staff, past and present who have given so much of their time and giftings to make Muppet Central a great place. Every member here is a vital part of what makes Muppet Central special. Thanks for doing your part in keeping Jim Henson’s vision of the Muppets alive. We’re believing great days are ahead.

    Here are a few questions as we walk down memory lane…

    1. When did you first visit Muppet Central?
    2. What are some of your favorite Muppet Central memories?
    3. What is your prediction for the Muppets in 2008?
  2. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Wow, that means I've been around 9 years now? Where does time go? Anyway, I can't recall but I think I signed on in 1999 at the old Delphi boards. I do know that it was my very first time to sign on to a forum and be a part of things, so that's why (when I'm not found at other forums) I'll always be found here! History!

    I've met some very nice people over the years and am proud to call them my friends! I've had some great opportunities arise by being a member here, and have been able to enjoy things like MuppetFest with people I already knew, even though we'd never met personally.

    Phil, thanks for giving us fans an outlet and a friendly, family-like atmosphere to visit!

    Is there any link to see what the website looked like when it first started? Maybe a nice historical page on the website would be cool to celebrate 10 years? :)

    I hope that 2008 will see a TV series or movie with the Muppets in it (even if it's direct to DVD--I need some Muppety goodness). I'll settle for a new television special (maybe one that isn't a Christmas theme even, but Halloween or Easter or Thanksgiving). I look forward to all the merchandise (especially the Master Replicas Muppets). I'll also gladly welcome the DVDs and books mentioned for this year.
  3. Telly

    Telly Well-Known Member

    Wow! Happy birthday Muppet Central! :)
  4. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    First off, Happy Anniversary Muppet Central!

    1. When did you first visit Muppet Central?

    Ironically, I first visited Muppet Central about three years ago this week! Well, I think I was lurking before that, but this is the week that I joined. I like that my anniversary falls close to MC's anniversary!

    2. What are some of your favorite Muppet Central memories?

    There are so many I don't know if I could list them all. Dorms, fan fics both authored and read, random threads and muffining, role play games, sharing in special moments with MC friends and having them share in mine, and just celebrating the magic of Jim Henson and his creations with so many others who appreciate it as much as I do!

    3. What is your prediction for the Muppets in 2008?

    Good things. I think with Muppet Show Season Three, the final season of Fraggle Rock and things like that continuing to be released on DVD that it will be a good year for Muppet fans and hopefully a sign of more good things to come. I always try to be optimistic!
  5. Skye

    Skye Well-Known Member

    Yay! How exciting. :excited: Happy Birthday, MC! This place is the best! :)

    1. When did you first visit Muppet Central?
    I first visited MC the day I joined. I fell in love with this forum instantly! I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

    2. What are some of your favorite Muppet Central memories?
    I have so many favorite memories so far, and so many of them include simply meeting and knowing all of the wonderful friends I've made here so far. The Muppets have the greatest fans! And it's so awesome being able to meet others who love the magic of the Muppets as much as I do. :)

    3. What is your prediction for the Muppets in 2008?
    I agree with Beth. We know of season three of The Muppet Show and season four of Fraggle Rock, which is already SO exciting! And I always believe that very good things will happen for them, too. I look forward to seeing how this year will turn out!
  6. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    1. If my memory serves correctly, I believe I first visited the summer of 2003, and joined like within a few days after my initial visit so I could join in on the conversations being held about my favorite source of entertainment.
    2. Well, my best friend, MrsPepper, just bumped my old "Remembrance of Snowth Past" thread, that should give you some idea of my favorite memories.:halo:
    3. Um... nothing I'm afraid; Disney keeps making promises, then ends up breaking them like they're New Years Resolutions.
  7. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Quite a milestone, Happy Birthday MC! I think i've been here the entire time aside the first few initial months. One of the things i miss from the old site/forum was the closer community (especially through chat) and the users contributing more to the site, but i also love the newer site design, the smilies, and that there are a lot more people visiting now. Congratulations all past and present - it's amazing that both Phillip and Cindy, and Mar and Michael met through the site and started families! As Kevin said, it'd be nice to see a memorial page on the site showing how things were and how they are now. Anyway, i've met some fantastic people here who i'd consider friends, and am glad to be part of something that celebrates and supports Henson's work!
  8. BabyScooter

    BabyScooter Well-Known Member

    happy birthday mc here is a birthday joke with the number 10 from one of the muppet show episodes.

    Lady: " Did you know that dancing adds ten years to your life?"

    Man: " I believe it dancing with you I've AGED ten years."

    happy birthday mc this was brought to you by the letters H, A, P, P, Y B, I, R,T,H,D,A,Y.

    and by the number 10.
  9. Skeeter Muppet

    Skeeter Muppet Well-Known Member

    Happy birthday, MC! Here's to the next ten years!

    1. When did you first visit Muppet Central?
    No; the real question is 'can I remember back that far?' ;) I joined the forums back in August of '02, shortly before or after beginning my senior year at another MC (Monmouth College). But I'm fairly sure that I browsed through the forums and the site a few months before that. In fact, if I remember right it was a web search on Richard Hunt that led me to this great place (and if that isn't intervention on some level, then I don't know what is!)

    2. What are some of your favorite Muppet Central memories?
    Joining the Muppet Dorms (one of the best roleplays I've ever had the pleasure of being involved in), joining the RHLC, meeting a lot of cool and wonderful people here.

    3. What is your prediction for the Muppets in 2008?
    Well, one of them (Season 3 of the Muppet Show) has already come true so I can check that one off. Hopefully we will see releases of Muppet music along the lines of the Fraggle Rock CD boxset that was released last year.

  10. anythingmuppet

    anythingmuppet Well-Known Member

    Wowee! Congrats Phillip & crew! Here's to more fun times here!

    1. When did you first visit Muppet Central?

    Well, like many others, a few months before I joined--however, I DO recall browsing briefly around November of 2004 looking for Muppet plushes, but that was a one time visit till I visited again months later.

    2.What are some of your favorite Muppet Central memories?

    I loved coming 'home' a few days ago, of course, and all the coolness that happened 1 year previous- all that patented goofiness and late night rambles with Prawnie, Snowth, Count, Ziffel, Pepper, Kendra, and all my other friends here. :) Also, the sensation of seeing Classic Sesame & Muppet Show out on disc was neat, and general Sesame chat with my pals in that area of the board.

    3. What is your prediction for the Muppets in 2008?

    Well, hopefully, we'll get possibly even more Muppet Show/Sesame stuff, and heck, maybe Disney'll give us a new show too (Eternal optimism :) )
  11. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    1. Let's see, I stumbled across MC in the winter of '06, midway through my second year of college. I was looking for info on the Muppets - my interest in them had been renewed since we got season 1 of TMS on DVD - and I saw this site come up. And after a bit of puttering around, I decided to join.

    2. Best memories? Let's see...talking about all things Richard Hunt with the other "weirdoes" in the RHLC, hanging around in the dorms, just discussing the various Muppet shows and...oh, heck, I love all of it.

    3. Crystal ball's a little hazy, but with season 3 of TMS and season 4 of FR coming out this year, there should be something good on the horizon. I mean, the Muppet Show box sets keep rating high scores on Amazon...hint, hint.
  12. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    When did you first visit Muppet Central?
    I first visited Muppet Central in the fall of 1999. I remember my friend and I contacted Phillip nearly a year later concerning problems I was having with the Henson website. He replied, notified Henson and the issue was resolved. I remember admiring the content and people on Muppet Central while thinking the interface could use a shine. After posting some of my work numerous colorful signatures in the old Delphi Forum, Phillip finally gave me the job of revamping the design of Muppet Central in the fall of 2002. I am always thankful for that opportunity. I remember the forum as being one of my first experiences of internet communication. I still prefer personal contact with people, but have grown to enjoy the forum. Muppet Central introduced me to so much! ;)

    What are some of your favorite Muppet Central memories?
    I met some wonderful people on here. I'm not going to call them out by name in case of absent-mindedly missing one, but they all know who they are! Some I still chat with, others have been gone a while. I met Palisades' Ken Lilly on Muppet Central which led to great opportunities that still impact my daily life. I also learned about the Bay Area Puppetry Guild attended a few meetings and got the opportunity to meet Karen Prell and really have a nice few chats. She's a very cool person...and Fraggle too. :excited: I also enjoyed the time of Muppet Fest. Even though I couldn't attend, the anticipation, planning, stories and coverage were all so very fun!

    What is your prediction for the Muppets in 2008?
    I predict (after the writers strike) the new "Muppet project" will get back on track to be released late next year or so. I also predict the similar results for the Fraggle and Crystal films. I predict more Muppet products filling the marketplace (some we know of some we don't) and peeking at projected products for next year's release. There's not much by way of new official Muppet media to come this year from what I know. However, I expect the Muppet characters to make more appearances. Not the greatest thing, but it is something. We just really need the writer's strike to end. I also expect Henson to take advantage of the web in various projects that will be well-received by the few who know of them. Those are my predictions. Not sexy or informative, but honest. :zany:
  13. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    1. When did you first visit Muppet Central?
    I stumbled upon MC late 2004 while browsing the Palisades Message Boards after having my Muppet interest resparked by the fabulous Muppet figures. Since then MC has been my homepage whenever I open the internet. It's a great site, full of great people, and I'm glad to call it my home away from home.
    2. What are some of your favorite Muppet Central memories?
    Too many to name in depth, but they include Award ceremonies, Dorms, fan-fics out the wazoo, muffins, penguins, Ziffels, buses, talking feet, a talking moose, a blue aunt, some unintelligible foodstuff, more muffins, green fuzzy flipper clippers, hugs, even more muffins, and much, much more.
    3. What is your prediction for the Muppets in 2008?
    I'm thinking something's coming. Not just TMS 3, but something more. I feel like TMS 3 could be leading to something... not entirely sure what though. Let's hope it's fantasticabulous.

    Anyways, happy birthday Muppet Central! Thanks for taking in a prawn like me, and not letting me leave. ;)
  14. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to Phillip and his Associates for 10 years of Muppet fandom.It is the best fan site in the world.I first found out about muppet central when Phillip was handing out badges at muppetfest.And visited the site when I arrived back in australia from the event.Some of my muppetcentral memories are taking a group photo of you outside the Palace theatre after The Muppet show live, and participating in last years Muppet Central Show cast photo.
    As for the future of the muppets, I know Disney have a few projects that they are working on, so i am sure we will see something successful this year.
  15. BabyScooter

    BabyScooter Well-Known Member

    1. When did you first visit Muppet Central?
    I guess summer 2006 it was a great day my cousin showed me it and now It's my favorite website.

    2. What are some of your favorite Muppet Central memories? I have no favorite because every moment is mine.

    3. What is your prediction for the Muppets in 2008? to have a greater year than last year!

    sincerly baby scooter

    JEANYLASER Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday Muppet Central! you're the best for 10 wonderful years! :cool:
  17. Sgt Floyd

    Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Yay! Happy Birthday MC! Possibly one of the only places I actually fit in with :)
  18. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    1. When did you first visit Muppet Central?

    I first visited Muppet Central around mid 2004. I loved the site, I devoured all of the articles in a matter of days. I started lurking on the forum and finally had the courage to join in December of 2004 (just over 3 years ago!) and the rest is history.

    2. What are some of your favorite Muppet Central memories?

    Well, one would have to be when the Muppet's Wizard of Oz movie came out, because I was so shocked by how many people joined and were posting! It was the first time that a new muppet project had come out while I was a member of the site, so I was really amazed at the passion and discourse going on.

    Other great memories include all the fun things we did on the forum as a community, like playing Muppet Reality Games (I still remember and I'm still proud, I was Sal the monkey and I came 4th in Survivor! :D ) and of course all the fun we had with the Thread Killers (we just can't help ourselves. We love the forum so much that we kill it with our enthusiasm! It's a sign of passion).

    Last but not least, all the great, amazing, knowledgeable, friendly fans that I have been able to talk and connect with. You guys make it worthwhile! This is the most positive fan community that I have experienced on the internet, and that is the reason that I still regularly visit even after 3 years. Cheers! Here's to 10 more years MC!

    3. What is your prediction for the Muppets in 2008?

    My prediction? Hmm. It might be a very optimistic prediction, but I would like to see some sort of new muppet production on the airwaves before 2009! Be that a TV special or another television movie, or maybe one of the pilots we've heard about. Also I predict that it will be a rockin' year for Fraggle merchandise :excited: and that we will get some definite Fraggle movie news soon.
  19. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    Happy 10th birthday, Muppet Central. It reminds me of how on Sesame Street's 10th season, before the SS theme started it would show a drawing of Big Bird sticking his head through a number 10 celebrating, "Big Bird's 10th Season."

    1. When did you first visit Muppet Central?

    It was back in April of 2004. I discovered it from a link from another website and I thought it was so cool.

    2. What are some of your favorite Muppet Central memories?

    I loved sharing my memories of classic Sesame Street, getting a chance to write some Muppet Fanfiction and sharing it with everyone, getting a chance to trade rare Muppet shows on video, and making good friends on here. :)

    3. What is your prediction for the Muppets in 2008?

    I'm hoping that Disney will do something new with the Muppets one of these months or years. Maybe come out with another movie or video game or a straight to DVD special. Or here's a crazy thought, maybe they can make a new animated series with the Muppets.

    Anyway, congratulations on 10 years and hopefully will continue to 20 years and still counting. :)
  20. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday Muppet Central! :) I am so happy to know that i'm older then this site (pretty much everyone is) but it's funny for me to hear that. But i've enjoyed every bit being here and i'm glad to have found a site that enjoys as much Muppet stuff i do.

    1. When did you first visit Muppet Central?
    I guess it was somewhere around 2000. I had been (i think) searching for Muppet stuff and stumbled upon this site. I visited for a while so i could get to know everyone that was on there and to see all the neat thread about Muppet/Fraggle/Sesame stuff. So then i asked my mom (even tho i'm old enough to join and old enough to make my own decision) but just wanted her to know that i would be a member of a group from all over the world of every Muppet Fan. So then i joined. It's been fun since then.

    2. What are some of your favorite Muppet Central memories?
    I can as much as i can but the one memeory that still comes up is of a kid that i met on here named "Aaron." When i first met him for some reason we had a big fight online. It can't remember what it was that we were fighting about but it had to be a game or something but that's one of the memeories that i have from being here so long. Some of the other memeories are meeting all these wonderful people who now are like freinds that've known forever. If i could name every one of these people it would take up the at least four or maybe 20 pages long for me to mention them. There's times i can't see me not knowing them or days it would be a shame if one had passed away. But i'm sure all these people will be here till the day i die and i hope i at least get to meet pretty much everyone here.

    3. What is your prediction for the Muppets in 2008?
    I really hope to hear some news about some new Movie, speical, game, toys, animated seires or just anything. But i'm always going to suport my Muppets no matter what happens to them. So Disney please get some newer stuff to going for us Muppet Fans out here please. Every where needs some kinda of Muppet stuff in their life.

    But thanks for all the good years Phil and Cindy too. Can't wait to start hearing your son on here. It'll be one thing to hear all the neat stories of how is Father and Mother kept him entertained with whole bunch of stuff of Muppets/Fraggles/Sesame.

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