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Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Season 35

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by Phillip, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Well I loved it. It was neat. Loved the whole Cookie and telling about his first time eatting cookies. It was cute. And some of the other stuff. That and there wasn't anything about Global thingy on today's episode I watched. Weird? :confused: Oh well, can't wait for tomorrows episode.
  2. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    You know, I was wondering what the Count's segment for #3 was going to be like, since usually they used the "thwee bears" dancing. With the addition of Curly Bear, that segment as it stood could cause a little confusion for the little ones.

    I haven't seen these new sketches. What happened with Cookie and Prairie with letter "N"? (I did like the Super Grover one, but things change.)
  3. Don_Music_2004

    Don_Music_2004 New Member

    Yes, I loved that one. It actually showed Oscar in his Mudbath. The last time that aired was in Season 24. Episode 3113 and even by then it was outdated.
  4. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    It was Olivia.
  5. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    I saw the 3rd episode which was #4060. It was pretty good.

    Hoots the Owl finally returned on there!! :excited: He sang to the boy in bed, Things are Always Changing! It was also shown on Noggin. What year was this skit?
  6. Animal Jam

    Animal Jam Member

    I watched #4060 too.I was hoping for a long storyline with Natalie Portman but the storyline was so short,it wasn't a storyline.I wanted more storyline! :mad:
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Actually I think this was the fourth episode of the season, cause if you read above there's an episode missing from the ones I've seen so far.
    I've watched the Season Priemere: The Street We Live ON, Episode 2: The Best Pet in the World, and what I believe to be Episode 4: Alan Goes on Vacation.
    Episode 3: Cookie's First Cookie is still missing. The other reason I know it's missing is cause Phillip said that episode 3 was sponsored by N and 3, which I still haven't seen either.

    Season 35 Episode 1: C and 10.
    Episode 2: B and 8.
    Episode 4: D and 17.
    I'll post again with my thoughts on this episode.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thoughts on Season 35 Episode 4: Alan Goes on Vacation.

    1 Venus Williams introducing her favorite SS memory, the song for the number 12, The Ladybug's Picnic.
    2 The arrival of Natalie.
    a. It brings in new blood as a new human character.
    b. It harkens back to the chain of command we used to have.
    I.e.: Mr. Hooper and David, David and Gina, etc.
    3 Natalie.
    She has this soft mousey speaking voice, but a good singing voice.
    4 The segment where Hoots the Owl returned.
    Jimmy's family's moving away and he's a little unsure of the move. Hoots comes and shows him that everything's gonna be all right.
    5 Bert and Ernie are playing house, with Bert guessing what role Ernie's playing.
    Steve Whitmire was voicing Ernie, and it sounded very much like Frank was voicing Bert. Must be from seasons gone by.
    6 Trash Gordon.
    This is gonna be the standard ending for Season 35 episodes, and it looks like we'll get a new character with each ending for the different adventure/endings.

    1 Letter D Cookie segment was the same. Though I did get to see it from the beginning.
    Favorite Quote: "Me love to run fingers through alphabet."
    2 Counting Organ 17 segment was the same.
    3 Elmo's World: Bugs was the same. Though there was a nice subtle joke where the ladybug left, and Elmo said that it had to go to a picnic.
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  9. Cheebo

    Cheebo New Member

    Found this on PBS Kids. Looks like Snuffy is going to be invisable! It looks to be a obvious refernce to when no one saw Snuffy. Plus its a 2 parter!

    Episode 4069
    Snuffy gets a magic ukulele that makes him invisible when he plays it. Big Bird worries when it breaks and Snuffy is invisible. Tip: Ask, "How would you feel if one of your friends became invisible?" Letter and Number: M, 12

    Episode 4070
    Snuffy and Big Bird have to wait longer than expected for the magic ukulele to be fixed. Tip: Talk about other ways Snuffy and Big Bird could have kept busy while they waited for the ukulele. Letter and Number: O, 14


    thoughts:Sesame Street 35 years

    i love sesame street because the songs and laughter in the whole world i think that sesame street is 35 years! happy Birthday Sesame Street.
  11. wildirishrose

    wildirishrose New Member

    I think it was Curly Bear doesn't like porridge or at least that is what aired last night here in Cleveland. There was a Cookie monster segment in it with Cookies Mom that might have been Cookie's first cookie, but I didn't get to chance to see all of it as my 5 month old was screaming her head off.
  12. Don_Music_2004

    Don_Music_2004 New Member

    I actually watched today's episode, and I noticed the order in which everything is shown. Like Letter of the Day comes first now and Number of the day comes after JTE. The Spanish word of the day also comes earlier. I was happy when I saw Hoots in that insert today. It looks like theyr'e starting to bring the old charachters back in inserts. hopefully we will see more of them. Mabye they will show Forgetful Jones and Sherlock Hemlock Sketches also. I really hope they do.
  13. Don_Music_2004

    Don_Music_2004 New Member

    I think that one was from 1991, Season 23
  14. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I finally saw Wed's and Thursday's eps.

    Wed: When I first read the synopsys of Curly bear not liking porridge, I was worried it would be just like the episode where Telly declaires he doesn't like it. But they really dressed it up with such a great bunch of gags. Papa Bear was too nervous to be on TV, and gave blank responses. The Fairy tale chorus chorus. Humphry's cameo as a news man. Plus I really liked the new letter and number segments. The JTE was a bit bland, but I did like the old 80's clip of them singing where vegitables come from. OPlus the Global Grover used footage of a clip for Pl.aza Sesamo where they make a puppet. I especially liked Grover's comment, "It must be fun to be a puppet" Very clever! Cookie Monster's song about hios first cookie was great, and the closing Trash Gordon, where he read from his own book to worms rounded it out nicely. Also liked the Monkey King skit.

    Thurs: Not as good. I liked the street segment, especially the 3 men in a tub (Say, do they have a new puppeteer? the candlestick maker sounded different from any puppeteer's voice I've ever heard). And the Elephant trying to make an omlet he called "Rhapsody in Blue cheese" Very witty stuff. Disappointed to see they reused not only the letter and number of the day, but JTE and Grover as well. in fact, other than the dull hands counting to 17 and nonsequitor "D" skit about the wagon, there wasn't much new stuff. However, the old Hoots skit was great, and I'm glad to see it back. With his new footage on the DVD and this skit, I wonder if Kevin's gonna bring the character back. Trash Gordon once again does not dissappoint with the brilliant "Stinky Cheese Guys"
  15. gildir

    gildir New Member

    WGBH Mixup and Irreplaceable Alan

    I missed the Curly dislikes porridge/Cookie's first cookie episode because WGBH in Boston showed "The Street We Live On" again instead! I'm sure it'll be repeated at some point.

    I'm pleasantly surprised that no one has been whining about a line in today's episode that I thought would be very controversial with adult fans. Reacting to Natalie filling in for Alan, Baby Bear said, "Alan is iwweplaceable!" Yes, we old-timers know that Alan is the fourth character to run Hooper's Store, but to three-year-olds watching the show now, Alan is irreplaceable, every bit as much as we thought Mr. Hooper and David were.

    I think today's Ernie and Bert segment must have come from the height of the "Ernie and Bert are gay" mania of the 90's. Ernie was playing house, and Bert tried unsuccessfully to guess what Ernie was pretending to be (it was the stove). At one point Bert said, "You're not the mommy, are you?" and Ernie replied, "Of course I'm not the mommy, Bert!" Clearly that was the show's subtle way of reassuring parents that Ernie and Bert are just good friends...
  16. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    You did? the real episode was on 44 just this morning at 9! That's how I saw it!
  17. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Maybe WGBH made a mistake. Was this the 6 AM airing you saw? I have no idea what's going on. But I saw the real episode on RIPBS at 7:30 this morning, and it had a street insert with Marisa Topay (is that how it's spelled) and JOEY AND DAVEY MONKEY! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! And I can't wait to watch "today's" episode tomorrow morning!
  18. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    You mean Marrissa Tome, don't you?
  19. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I didn't know how it was spelled.
  20. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Was that clip made a while ago? I don't remember it....

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