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Ask Travis: A Master Replicas Photo Puppet Q&A Thread

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by ElecMayhem, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Are there any plans to ever do any full size Muppet Monsters like Sweetems?
  2. Davina

    Davina Well-Known Member

    oh that'd be sweet.. but the shipping alone would kill me i think.... when it comes to postal law.. Alaska is treated as a third world country... *sigh*
  3. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    OK Travis....we got the frog, the Animal, and the weirdo. now bring us the Bear and Pig! I cannot wait for these guys. I still think Gonzo is awesome. He will be great with my others. So looking forward to the preorders! :o
  4. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    As evidenced by this thread, there are a lot of hardcore fans who are willing (and able) to pay a great deal of money for such a unique high quality product.

    Unfortunately, one's love and hardcore fan status is not exclusive to a particular financial class of person - so there exists people like myself who while i live, breathe, and sleep Muppet/Henson love - am among the working poor (thank you ever so much Mr. Bush!) who has to work two jobs in order to keep up with the cost of living (and sometimes wonders if the cost is too much and should just make things easier by eliminating the "living" part) and STILL has to often decide which bill to postpone paying every month. Despite my love and desire to, the reality is that i know that i simply can not at this very hard time in my life pay over $50 for a Muppet product regardless of what the product is. (I've been in the unenviable position of even having to sell parts of my collection that i never thought i would have to part with.)

    For those of us in that boat, is there any chance of MR doing any kind of contests or promotions where a fan who would never be able to obtain one otherwise might be able to win one? I'm sure a lot goes into pricing and part of that is looking to eventually sell them to where they ideally go out of stock and the end figure from that is kept in mind on the initial price point - but could anywhere from five to even one be set aside for such a promotional giveaway purpose?
  5. tomahawk

    tomahawk Well-Known Member

    Not a question. Just a note for Travis and everyone at Master Replicas on how great Gonzo looks. You, Travis, were more than right. He looks great in person. It didn't take any time to let him grow on me. He is already growing on me as only Gonzo can. Thanks!
  6. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

  7. muppetguy

    muppetguy Well-Known Member

    Travis....if You Can Hear Me....

    TRAVIS! MuppetCapers pics of all three are amazing. Gonzo looks spectacular! I am still awaiting mine. Now, bring on the Bears pre-order and the pigs proto shots! Can't wait for Fozzie and Piggy and then the fab 5 are complete!
  8. ElecMayhem

    ElecMayhem Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, sorry I've been gone for a while. Gearing up for Toy Fair next week, and it's taking up all of my time. Anyway, here are the questions that I think I had left unanswered to date. (BTW, for thos of you who think some of the following answers might be rude, bear in mind that Blinky_Fish and I are old friends... despite the fact that he is annoying.)

    No. You're an idiot.

    Once I get the dimensions, I will give them to you. P.S. You're an idiot.

    Competition is rough. And no, I am not making any money.

    It's actually gone up, on account of all of the hate on this board. Ironic, yes. Idiot.

    There will be no Camilla. Although, I would consider sponsoring a "Make your own Chicken" contest.

    Yeah, I am sure that's in our license.

    And you are my new idiot.

    There are not, but anything is possible. That said, don't hold your breath.

    Actually, there have been a couple of contests on the MR site. Although there's nothing planned for the immediate future, I am sure there will be more. I will be sure to post it here, the next time this kind of event comes up!
  9. Blinky_Fish

    Blinky_Fish Well-Known Member

    Fine - I'm an id10t but you still have to wake up knowing that you stink at Halo. And - My "junk" is in a bunch so make sure you get you head out of your... resting place and your hands out of those finger cuffs you were issued and help us out.

    Now, get back on the corner and make me some money. :)

    BTW - FARA sent you guys a package today - Being the cheap person she is before the Postage hike. I told her to hold it and make you take it back with you. You obviously don't have enough on your back yet.
  10. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member


    Anymore updates as far as Fozzie doing or the next Muppet poser?

    And is the Fozzie Poser going to be at toy fair? That would be awesome to see him there again this year!
  11. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    No question, just: awwwww, that reminded me of the old Palisades days! :cry:
  12. doc hopper

    doc hopper Well-Known Member

    good times!
  13. Kevin Knight

    Kevin Knight Well-Known Member


    Is it SOP that a final product photo is used on the MR website, once it's available to you? When items require a proto photo for pre-sale orders, is it changed as soon as a final product photo is taken?

    When I asked last week concerning marketing campaigns, I guess what I was asking was what media is used? Is it mainly online, Toy Fare magazine for print, San Diego Comic Con, Disney websites, and distributors? The reason I ask is that other than a Newbury Comics franchise store, and finding out about it here at MC I would have never known about Kermit. Is there a reason that marketing wasn't extended to specialty stores such as Spencer Gifts or Toys R US? Do you think the small bit of advertising that is done attributed to Kermit taking so long to sell out? Will that change for quicker sales numbers? (Working in entertainment/media marketing and promotions I kinda love getting into that mentality.)

    With the loss of the Lucasfilm account, and a majority of MR products therein can you give any insight as to what MR will be adding to (for lack of a better word) make-up for and maintain their international position as a collector's source for high quality replicas? (See parenthesis above!)

    Lastly, for no other reason than curiosity and keeping morale could you tell us exactly where production of fozzie is at this point? I think the smallest detasl would be very interesting and informative. Even something as trivial as deciding on artwork for the box.

    (as a side note) you mentioned that the satin fabric liner will not be continued past Gonzo. I give it to you to offer as an option, having the schematic drawings of the character (seen on the outside of the box) printed on tissue paper and substituting that for the satin. Would cost less and also be somewhat collectible.

  14. muppetguy

    muppetguy Well-Known Member

    Hey Travis...

    To add onto what Kevin Knight said about what stage is Fozzie in right now, I would also like to ask you, has there been any talk with Terry on Piggy and what's going on with her? Any update would be great. I know it's been awhile since we last heard of Piggy.

    P.S. Other than the Muppet Statues being shown at Toyfair, will there be any other muppety items there as well?

    Thanks again, Travis! :sing:
  15. Telly

    Telly Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily a question for Travis, but....when is Toyfair?
  16. Blinky_Fish

    Blinky_Fish Well-Known Member

    Heeeeeeyyy Trav!

    In retrospect... Do you feel that the planning of the release schedule is too optimistic for the production process?

    Is it hard to explain what you are doing on the corner of Union Square - I mean most of those BUM's on that corner are talented. You just sit there with that sign... " Help a brutha out, I need surgery to remove the Bug from my..."

    How did you come up with the one piece eyelid for Animal and Gonzo? Did you look into a split two piece eyelid so that it could mimic the real eye mechanics?

    Should we expect accessories to come soon for the Muppets?

    Do you use a dart board for important decisions like projects? Just wondering...:sing:

    So, are you coming to NYC or not?

    Do you think that Muppets like Beaker and the Chef really need to be solid? I mean they are for the most part baggy, would you consider building them like the life sized Dancing Homer or xmas Homer on a C Stand type model so that you could set him up fast? If you need me to draw a Pitcha'... I'll need crayons.

    Consider, if you will side-lining the Pig. Honestly, She's a pain in all aspects from design to shelf... and Jerry Nelson really needs to have some props with Floyd being made.:sing:

    Find a purpose man.:D
  17. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    Starting this Sunday though I think next Wednesday. I sure Hope Fozzie will make a show for us to google at once again! :o
  18. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    Hi Travis, just a quick one. I've been shown an image that I am told is the first factory proto-photo of Fozzie and because of the difficulty in finding his fur they have had to use alternative materials. Is this really it?

  19. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    Only pulling ya leg! Good luck with the toy fair!
  20. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    *screams and runs away in torent*
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