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Bert and Ernie, Cousins?

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by Mario, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. BEAR Active Member

    Yeah, Telly was just the one I didn't know what to do with. He is just a big kid I guess.
    Two-Headed I didn't put as a kid because I don't really see him..er them...ah IT as one, but he doesn't exactly take on an adult role either.
  2. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    Snuffy would probably be a kid too since he's around Big Bird's age. Actually, I think I read somewhere that he was four.
  3. BEAR Active Member

    Yes, he is written to represent the psychological age of a 4 year old, just as Herry and Big Bird are to represent 6, Prairie 7, Grover 4, Elmo and Zoe 3. Snuffy could be a kid because he goes to "Snufflegarten" yet he is also called Mister, so who really knows.
  4. Gonzo14 Active Member

  5. mikebennidict New Member

    of course they're just best of friends. can we just drop this?
  6. BEAR Active Member

    That was an amazing interview! I love when he slid from voice to voice. Also, the big question at the end...I love that the question was asked to Bert himself. It was interesting. And the answer is exactly what we all knew all along. They are best friends and nothing more.
  7. zanimum New Member

    They've served as archaelogists. Remember the Egyptian skit?
  8. DTF Member

    Which can still support the college student idea. They could have been on a trip with some college group - perhaps Professor Grover or even Forgetful Jones' more well-known cousin led it :) I mean, I don't know how you get that job. They would thus be able to be shown not having jobs because they don't need jobs, and you actually get the nice balance between the college brain who goes there only to study versus Ernie, the guy who goes to have fun & really enjoy his freedom - but who probably also manages some good grades.

    And, I know one person and another I've heard of who spent 10 years in college, so in the timelessness that is SS it would explain their continued existence int he same place.
  9. GeeBee New Member

    I see you're back to your old job as self-appointed moderator.
  10. Lone Wolf New Member

    Post deleted by author.
  11. Ernie101 Active Member

    They always seemed to be young adults or teens to me. I don't know, I agree with what somebody said earlier.. If they are children..they are pretty intelligent to be so.

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