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Blinking eyes and moving eyebrows

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by fishbone, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. fishbone Member

    hey,all you pro builders, i need a sure fire way to make eyes blink &eyebrows ,i need to know what materials i need to go out & get,home depo shopping list ,how to construct the mech. in side the head of foam,please pro's only or ppl w/ exp.no geusses.remote control eyes too if you know :crazy: please!!!????
  2. Buck-Beaver Active Member

  3. fishbone Member

    buck,your the beaver,do you have a method you could share?manual or remote control? i won't use it for evil :halo:
  4. BorkBork New Member

  5. Puppetplanet Member

    Oh my goodness! Thats so cool! I'm not sure I'm ready for that stage yet, but I would love to give it a try! :excited:
  6. Torarin New Member

    just if anyone wanted to know how the muppet performers really operate those eye mechanic muppets, couse I tried one once. The "trigger" is actually a handle like the one you might have on top of a spade. And it's not "hanging" from the top of the head like on many designs, it's laid straight down, coming from the nose, with the handle pointing towards the back head. So when you put your hand in it, the handle is on top of the mouthplate, and you put your fingers on top of the handle. To move the eyelids, eyebrows or whatever, you pull the handle back towards the back of the head with your fingers, so that instead of pointing straight pointing at the nose part of the puppet, your fingers are bent, pointing down at the mouth plate. This works well, couse you are able to move the both the mouth and eyes at once.
  7. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    Many performers prefer blink/eye movement to be controlled by a cable control that is not actually inside the puppet's head but rather built in to an arm rod or hangs below the puppet's body. I've often found mechanisms inside a puppet's head to be cumbersome unless they are really well made. More often than not they don't get used a lot by the puppeteer because they end up being too much trouble.
  8. Puppetplanet Member

    Buck, what do you think of the ability to control the blinking eye movement in the method shown in photos and diagrams shared by BorkBork? It looks rather easy to manipulate with the finger glove thingy built in under the head, don't you think?

  9. fishbone Member

    that helps alot,man.... i love you guys,not bad for a bunch of nerf wranglers. :)
  10. fishbone Member

    did anyone ever own the animal puppet from fp,inside it had a blinking mech.when i was a kid i never really thougth about it,but that was really clever,i wonder if that's how it really worked.
  11. Torarin New Member

    I do, but it's really not good enough. It's just a plate rigged on top of the mouthplate, and you push down to move the eyelids. Unfortunatly that makes them impossible to move if you have his mouth open.
  12. Fozzie Bear Moderator

  13. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    lol, I actually hate that method, but it's really a matter of personal preference.

    There's a puppet I am using for my project "Bear Town" that was built (by someone else) with exactly this type of mechanism and it's very annoying because you really have to stop working the mouth in order to pull the control correctly. You can actually see this on some TV shows - if the eyes/eyelids only move when the puppet's mouth is not moving chances are it has this type of mechanism in it's head.

    These types of controls can be OK if they are properly fitted to the puppeteer's hand. If the control has to be inside the head I'd recommend designing a "trigger" along the lines of what Torarin described above.
  14. fishbone Member

    hmmm,maybe like cousin skeeter
  15. fishbone Member

    whats that plastic shell over the skull of the puppet,any one....any one.. :o
  16. Puppetplanet Member

    Plastic! ha ha ha ha ha..... ahem..... sorry. :o
  17. fishbone Member

  18. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    you called?

  19. fishbone Member

    i said freak,...not dork... just fool'n dumbass :grouchy:
  20. Puppetplanet Member

    awww, that wasn't very nice.

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