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Dr.Teeth and the Time Before the Mayhem

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by fictionalnice, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    more plz!
  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Ohhh! Zoot angry! Whoa like what was rully last time he got angry? Okay! Never mind about the qestions. I LOVE THIS!
    :halo: LOVE! LOVE! WOMAN?
    Yeah Animal! I am a woman!
    :halo: WOMAN! WOMAN!
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  3. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    I never seen Zoot this mad. Geeze, whats got into him?

    Hope hes OK.
  4. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: OMG!!! I am so SORRY!!! I never ment to take this long to update!!! I just started college and have no Wi-Fi! NO excuses though! Bad me! Sorry! Anyway! Please enjoy and comment! I love them so! Another chapter will come today! Promise!!! COMMENT PLEASE!!!!

    Chapter #6

    It didn’t take Zoot long to calm himself down, as soon as he was a few blocks away from the Muppet group home they all lived at. What he did and the things he said crashed down on him and he stopped dead in his tracks.

    “Oh my god…” he whispered, feeling even worse and more depressed than he ever felt before. Shoving his hands in his pockets he hung his head and sighed deeply wishing he had his saxophone so he could play the blues.

    Walking down the street a ways he found himself unintentionally walking toward a large tree on the edge of the park. Sitting down underneath it he pulled up his legs and rested his arms on his knees.

    “Why did I have to open my mouth?” he asked himself, pulling his hat in front of his eyes, Zoot mentally kicked himself. This was horrible he never felt so low in his life and THAT was saying something. The worst of it was that he yelled and said horrible things to his friends.

    Things he did not mean, particularly to Dr. Teeth, he yelled at him. After all Dr. Teeth did for him he had to go and scream at him. He always tried to keep his emotions inside and not let anyone know what he was feeling, what was bothering him, or what happened in his past. There was only one he could talk to for hours and not be worried about him being worried or hurt about what Zoot would say.

    He could say anything to this person, talk to him about anything, and not worry about him telling anyone or laughing or even being hurt by it. This person was the one and only Dr. Teeth. It’s been a while since they talked and Zoot figured as he sat there in the shade that it must be time to get a whole lot off of his chest.

    “Can’t have gotten that far!” Dr. Teeth complained, as he walked down the sidewalk. He was worried about Zoot, he was really upset, he said a lot of things that were very upsetting and concerning. Dr. Teeth wasn’t that upset at him, more well for lack of a better word concerned.

    Groaning in frustration he continued to walk until he got to the park, where he saw a very familiar scene. Zoot was sitting under a tree, hat in eyes, napping. Sighing in relief Dr. Teeth ran over to him quietly, kneeling next to Zoot he gently shook his shoulder “Zoot…Zoot wake up.”

    Zoot snorted loudly and his head snapped up, “Wha-were am I?” he yawned smacking his lips together. Dr. Teeth smiled “Ha, how are ya buddy?” he asked, Zoot felt the bottom drop right out of his stomach at the sight of Dr. Teeth. He was sure that he would be furious with him, maybe even throw him out of the band. “Uh…hi.” He whispered in a dazed tone.

    Zoot looked away from him and spoke in a barely audible tone “I guess I really messed up huh?” shaking his head Dr. Teeth reassured him “No you just blew your top a little…happens to all of us at one point or another.” Suddenly Zoot launched himself forward out of now where, surprising the heck out of Dr. Teeth, and wrapped himself around him.

    “Holy hugs!” he shouted in surprise. Zoot shouted in a cracked voice “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean any of it!” Dr. Teeth just frowned, wrapped his long arms around him, and whispered “It’s ok, man, It’s ok…I’m not mad.”

    Dr. Teeth pushed Zoot away a bit and continued “Hey, It’s not your fault! Everyone loses their composure when the heat gets to be so hot.” Zoot nodded very unsure of himself “Yeah but…but…I…um…” he honestly had no idea of what to say, but Dr. Teeth smiled

    “Zoot, I know you don’t want to talk about your past, and I respect that, but honestly man what’s the worst that could happen?” “I just don’t want to get rejected!” He murmured as he leaned up against the tree, Dr. Teeth crossed his legs over each other “Why would you get rejected? I know all about you and I’m still here?”

    “I know but…but…I’m just scared. And I don’t want them to leave me, if they find out about me.” Zoot whispered, studying his hands.

    “I know your scared of rejection, but…Zoot if you keep holding this all inside it’ll come back and bite ya someday…and I really think that they have a right to know. You may doubt it Zoot, but they, Floyd and Janice, Really do love ya.” Dr. teeth pause a moment as Zoot looked up at him,

    “I understand Zoot, But you need to be able to feel as though you can rely on more people than just me…” he didn’t want to sound as though he was giving up on him so he added “I will always be there for ya Zoot, but I strongly believe that you need to be able to rely on a stronger front than just one solitary person. You know what they say…a stronger support system heals old wounds.”

    Zoot was silent for a while, absorbing what Dr. Teeth said to him, before he sighed and nodded slowly “I-I-Oh…who am I kidding, your right.” It was a little annoying, Dr. Teeth was always right, “Ok…I’ll do it.” Zoot spoke with a smile, “Good…I am proud of ya Zoot.” Dr. Teeth smiled sitting next to him, “And I’ll be there every step of the way.” They sat together for a while, just talking, and talking. About everyone, everything, old times, new times, and it was nice.

    What they didn’t know was that a man was watching them from a parked car. He got out his cell phone as it rang and spoke “Yeah, that’s him…uh huh…I know…alright…meet you there…great! Yes, I know…we finally found him. After all these years…and I promise you babe, that we will get him.”

    A/N: Okay! Liked? Comment? Please? And animal stop messing with my fans! :(
  5. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: Just like I said another chappy! cause i'm not sure when i'll be able to post again...maximum time until next update is a week. Promise! XD Enjoy and COMMENT PLEASE!!!
    Chapter #7


    “Janice! Babe are you ok?” Floyd asked as he opened the door to Janice’s room. She was sitting on her twin sized bed, leaning up against a big pink fluffy pillow, her room was bright and flashy, a large stereo system sitting in the corner, a few old guitars scattered around, in the midst of cloths and various items. She was going through a box of nail polish, looking as though she was not really that interested in them. Floyd closed the door and slowly approached her, “Hey, you ok?” he asked again taking a seat on the edge of the bed close to where she was sitting.

    Janice fiddled with a bottle of sparkly red nail polish as she sighed sadly “Like, I don’t want Zoot to be mad at me…I mean…sure we dated, but...I never really thought of him as more than a friend. And I don’t want him to be sour at me forever!” Floyd nodded sympathetically and he pulled himself closer to her, wrapping an arm around her in comfort “I know babe I know. I am sure he didn’t mean it…I mean; I know he liked you a lot more than you returned that. But, it’s not your fault, yeah, you broke up with him but you can’t control what you feel and…what you don’t.” Janice leaned into his shoulder swallowing her sob “I don’t want him to like hate me forever! I want us to be friends…” she trailed off taking Floyds hand, he gave her lovely hand a squeeze “He is our friend sweet heart. He was just mad and confused…I bet you anything he’ll walk in here any sec now and apologize for no reason. Everyone gets made, heck, animal is living proof of that. And at one point or another most people blurt out things in anger...” Janice lifted her head off of his shoulder and looked Floyd in the eyes and he whispered, brushing a hair out of her beautiful face “thing’s they never mean.”

    Janice smiled “Thanks hon.” He grinned cockily “Anytime.” Floyd leaned down closer to her and closed his eyes as Janice automatically followed his lead eagerly.


    After a while of just talking, Zoot and Dr. Teeth walked back to the house. Once they finally arrived at the Muppet house, Dr. Teeth addressed a small problem “Zoot, I think you should go talk to Janice and Floyd.” Zoot flinched as he said this “What? Now?! Um…Can’t I wait?” Dr. Teeth asked with a laugh “Till when?” Zoot checked his watch and laughed nervously “Around…uh…Christmas would be good.” “I don’t think so! Get up there! You guys need to talk!” Dr. Teeth lightly snapped a hint of humor in his voice; Zoot turned and looked up the stair case. “You’re coming to right?” Dr. Teeth nodded as he joked “Yeah sure, gotta make sure they don’t eat ya.” So together they headed up the stair, destination Janice’s room.


    Just when their lips were about to touch they both heard this loud bang, “OH for music sake Zoot!” Janice couldn’t help but laugh as she recognized Dr. Teeth’s gruff raspy like voice. “Oh man! There’s a wall there! Where’d the door go?!” This time Floyd joined in on her laughing as Zoot spoke, in a confused surprised voice, “Zoot, back, left, forward, door!” Spoke Dr. Teeth sarcastically, “Oh!” Zoot cried out in awe, “Alright I’ll just…um…” “Oh no you don’t! Get your saxophone playing self in their!” Dr. Teeth shouted out, they heard some scuffling and suddenly the door was thrown open and Zoot came tumbling forward crashing onto the floor. Dr. Teeth came walking in after him calmly, closing the door behind to him and leaning up against it.

    “Oh bummer.” Zoot groaned as he collected himself up off the ground, Floyd and Janice were both sitting forward expectantly. Zoot took a step back his mind blank “um…yeah…uhh…I-um…” he trailed off, blushing deeply, he hated it when this happened. Dr. Teeth laughed as Zoot shot him an imploring look as though asking for help, “Hey don’t look at me, you’re the one coming up blank here.” Zoot frowned, Dr. Teeth’s glasses raised up a bit and he made a hurry up gesture with his hands “You know…talking about the past.” He informed Zoot on some key words. “OH!” Zoot cried out in surprise, he turned toward Floyd and Janice who were trying to hold in laughter “I um…” he started uncomfortably “I said some things I regret, and I didn’t mean It.” he paused as Janice shot Floyd a look “I was angry and scared, but I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. Can you forgive me?” Janice shot up and hugged Zoot around the middle, “Oh there’s nothing to forgive Zoot! I just want us to be friends…and I am sorry our relationship didn’t work out.” Floyd walked over to them, as Zoot pulled away and shook his head “No, Janice, you needn’t be sorry for anything…that’s what happens with mixed chemicals. The only thing we did was clash. I want us to be friends to.”

    “Alright man! So we are all one big happy family of band playing friends! nice!” Floyd shouted ecstatic, Zoot nodded “good…thanks.” They were all quite for a minute as they all talked about whether or not to continue the story. Dr. Teeth gave Zoot a small shove, Zoot bit his lip but nodded at him “Um, I think I’m ready to talk about my past to you guys.” Floyd and Janice were both taken off guard for the millionth time in the past couple of days “Rully?” Janice asked sounding worried, Floyd agreed with her “Yeah man, You don’t gotta talk about it if you aren’t ready.” But Zoot shook his head, a part of him knew this was the better choice to make and that he really should talk about it with the people who cared. The other part was merely defiance, “No, I need to get it off of my chest.”

    Floyd smiled, and put an arm around Zoot “I’m glad Zoot, It’s about time we get to know each other a bit better.” Dr. Teeth nodded opening the bedroom door for them “Ya, and it won’t be too bad there Zoot.” They all walked out of Janice’s room, she nodded as they walked down the stairs “Like yeah, this will be awesome!” But Zoot couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed and confused at the prospect. When they made it to the living room the group was about to sit down when the doorbell rang, Floyd stood up and perked up his hearing “Ha!” he said as Zoot walked over to the front door, and held up three fingers “Three, two, one.” Floyd spoke and as he shot out the one a familiar shout could be heard “DOOR! DOOR!!!” “Animal! Come back here!” shouted Gonzo’s raspy voice, just then animal came barreling into the living room, Gonzo cashing him. Animal came to a screeching halt next to Zoot, “Hello! DOOR!” he laughed as Gonzo bumped into Zoot and fell down to the floor.

    Zoot helped Gonzo to his feet, as animal threw the front door open and shouted very loudly “HELLO!!!” but Zoot was not prepared for who had appeared on him doorstep, he gasped out in utter shock “Dad.”

    A/N: did you like? Yes?! I wont know unless comments come! :D
  6. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

  7. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: Well here it is! The next chappy! Thnks for your paitence! I REALLY hope you like it!! :D Oh! And comment! PLEASE!!!

    Chapter #8

    Zoot’s father Simon Simms was a dark green Muppet with a big blue nose, large eyes, and a reciting head of black hair. He was also at least a head taller than Zoot and more built than him. He wore a pressed black suit, as though he were on his way to a wedding, and a matching bowler hat. It was hard to believe that this was Zoot’s father; they did not look much alike.

    “Hello son.” Simon greeted, looking as though he did not at all mean it, Zoot had gone a light shade of the color he originally was as he paled. Dr. Teeth quickly hurried over to them “Why hello there Mr. Simms!” Simon didn’t look very surprised that Dr. Teeth was there, “Oh…Hello Eugene. My, my, haven’t you…” he paused, not noticing his son standing there frozen as he sanded his eyes over Dr. Teeth “Filled out.”

    Dr. Teeth’s eyes almost popped out of his head, but he merely smiled widely, knowing it would irritate the prissy, high maintenance man in front of him. “Thanks!! I see you’ve lost a little as well.” He grinned showing of his teeth as he referred to Simons almost no hair.

    Simon glared at him, as Janice and Floyd came over and stood next to Zoot in support. Simon turned toward his son and spoke in a serious tone “We need to talk Zoot.” Zoot was at a complete loss at what to say or do, he had, as Floyd put it, skipped a beat. His mind was blank and his heart raced, so many emotions were filling him up now. “uh…” he stuttered, hoping his friends would catch on to his fear, but his father rolled his eyes and attempted to grab Zoot by the arm.

    But just as he reached down his arm was grabbed by a green hand, with several rings on different fingers. It was Dr. Teeth, and he had a serious look on his face and he said “I think you should leave.” Simon yanked his arm out of Dr. Teeth’s grip, and pointed his finger at the pianist’s chest, well away of the death glare he was receiving “I am sick and tired of you and your big mouth.” Animal didn’t know what was going on, but by the way everyone was acting he decided that this was a man to hate, so he took a step closer and growled.

    Zoot shook his head hard, snapping back to reality when he heard animal growl. Pulling Dr. Teeth and animal away from his so called dad, and spoke quickly wanted to have this not escalate, “Stop, it’s ok…I’ll…” he paused swallowing hard “I’ll talk to him.” “Zoot, you don’t have to-” Dr. Teeth began shaking his head a little, not wanting Zoot to even look at this man. But Zoot cut him off

    “No man, it’s ok…I mean, what could happen? Right?” Simon sighed throwing his arm up indicating they would talk in the yard “Now son.” He snapped, Zoot nodded and shot his friends an imploring look, before he followed his dad outside. As though saying “just calm down.” Closing the door behind him, Zoot knew his friends were probably all talking gathered together on the couch, wanting him to come back inside.

    Zoot came to a halt in the middle of the front fenced in yard, and asked “Ok…what?” Simon cleared his throat and began “son, I have been looking for you for a while now. As it has come to my attention that you owe me quite a bit of money, now I did loan you this money when you were a child, but now that you are an adult I expect full payment.”

    Zoot didn’t speak for a minute as he processed this; he was now even more confused “Um…What do you mean I owe you money?” Simon pursed his lips tightly and leaned down a little “Don’t. Mess. With. Me. I loaned you monthly checks when you were a minor. That built up to a heck of a lot of money! I want it back.” It clicked, and Zoot’s mouth dropped open, he knew exactly what his father was talking about now, and he couldn’t believe his father would stoop so low.

    “D-d-dad…I…you can’t. That money was…” but he trailed off shaking his head in disbelief. Simon glared at his son, “I never said anything about you never paying me back! It’s bad enough you had the gall to disappear when you turned eighteen and it took me YEARS to find you! And if I don’t get my money after all of that you will be sorry.” Zoot shook a little, and implored his father to see reason

    “But dad…I’m broke! I don’t have a nickel to my name! And besides! After all you put me through…you owe me! You owe me! Not the other way arou-AH!!” he was cut off violently as his father smacked him across the face, successfully knocking his sunglasses clean off his face. Zoot put a hand on his cheek, and covered his eyes with his arm, as a new voice snapped into the moment “Hey! What’s going on here!” Zoot removed his arm from his eyes and looked over to the source of the voice, it was Lips, he slammed the door to a taxi shut, and slung his duffle over his shoulder and stormed over to Zoot.

    Zoot had never before been so happy to see him, Lips stood next to Zoot and glared at the appalling man. “Simon, what are you doing here!? What was one threat not enough for ya?” Lips sneered, but Simon crossed his arms over his chest. “Don’t get involved kid.” He grumbled, Lips laughed “Just because I baby sat him a few times doesn’t mean, I don’t care about Zoot.

    And you can bet I will always get involved when he is being mistreated!” Simon threw his arms up disgusted “Oh for god sake! What are you even doing here! Aren’t you in college or something?” Lips threw his bag onto the floor and cocked an eyebrow “I am on vacation, I was going to go to New York but as I sat there waiting for my plane I thought it would be better to spend my holiday here, and after coming back to this I’m glad I second guessed myself! And just so you know! You are assaulting and trespassing on private property, if you don’t haul your pathetic self out of here now I legally can and will call the police!”

    after Lips was done ranting he continued to glare at the man expectantly. Simon looked as if he would explode, but he merely turned and briskly stormed out of the yard slamming the gate shut behind him.

    He was just about to get into his car when he called over to Zoot “This isn’t over son.” After he said that he got in his car and drove off Lips shouted after him “OH! You’re so threatening! I’m shaking!!!”

    Zoot kneeled onto the ground and picked up his sun glasses, Lips turned around and asked apparently concerned “Are you alright Zoot?” Zoot nodded as he got up, Lips picked up his bag and smiled “You have nice eyes man.” Zoot flushed and quickly slammed his glasses back over his eyes and kicked at the ground “Yeah, yeah, don’t let it get around.”

    A/N: hope you liked! :D Comment!! No flames though! didn't like don't comment meanly!
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  8. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Wow! I am so glad Lips told Simon not to torture Zoot. Cool! Ahhhhhh! Aminallllll! WHERE IS FLOYD WHEN YOU NEED HIM!
    :sing: Man, I knew Aminal was lose. Animal! Animal! Stop chasing Muppetfan24/7 alright?
    :halo: SOR-EEE!
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  9. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    Haha! THNKS!!! Sorry for the wait, but no wy-fy and college is a bad combo! Anyway! Here's more! A chap a week! Like I promised! Or sooner...if I can! XD
  10. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: Hey!!! Hope you will continue to enjoy and like my story! Please comment! I luvs them!! Enjoy! :D
    Chapter #9​

    Zoot opened the front door and rolled his eyes as Lips whined “Oh come on! Why not?!” closing the door Zoot groaned “Because I don’t wanna!” Lips threw his duffle by the door and continued to complain

    “But there so pretty looking! Why can’t I see them again!” Zoot flinched, unaware of the looks they were getting from their surprised friends, “Don’t call me that!” Lips shrugged “Why not? They are?”

    Lips grabbed Zoot’s wrist and pulled him over to Dr. Teeth, Floyd, Janice, animal and Gonzo sat bent on getting him to see things his way. “Isn’t that right guys?” he asked standing Zoot in front of them, Zoot shook his head and sighed. Floyd asked the obvious question

    “Not that I’m not thrilled to see ya here again Lips, but, what are you doing here?” lips rolled his eyes “I decided to spend my vacation here, with my family…instead of alone in the big city.”

    Janice let out a loud aw that surprised animal who began to look her over trying to figure out where that sound came from, Dr. Teeth laughed as Gonzo gently had Animal sit back down. “What were you saying now Lips?” He asked, Lips jumped a little

    “Oh yeah! Anyway! Doesn’t Zoot have beautiful eyes?” he asked as though it were the most obvious thing in the whole world. Floyd laughed throwing his head back “I’d love to give my opinion on that matter if I had ever seen them!” Janice just shrugged looking at Lips as though he were crazy as Gonzo just laughed at the scene

    “I have no idea!” Zoot frowned and plopped down on the couch next to Dr. Teeth, Lips took the single armchair and asked Zoot in disbelief “What?! So me and Dr. Teeth are the only ones who have seen your eyes?! That’s not fair! You have to show them!” Zoot shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest, “Uh uh.” Dr. Teeth scoffed “Why not? It comes to be in the story at some point, why not just let them see now?”

    Floyd leaned back in his seat “Yeah man, how come were always left out?” Janice nodded for emphasis, as animal yelled out “LEFT OUT!” But Zoot just leaned back and pretended to be asleep “I can’t hear you, I’m sleeping.” Dr. Teeth snorted “nice try!” Zoot sighed pulling his feet up on the couch,

    “Let’s get the ball rolling man.” Just as Dr. Teeth was about to ask if they should wait for Kermit, when the door slammed open and Kermit ran in talking on a cellphone closing an umbrella “Yeah…ok…no I understand…yeah…TV reporting never rest’s…yeah I did to…I miss you already though!….Aw! I’m sorry! Haha!...alright…by.” he hung up his cellphone and placed his umbrella in the holder and shivered “Oh, that rain came out of nowhere, good thinking Miss Piggy had a spare umbrella.”

    Floyd laughed as Kermit shook slightly, obviously cold “Hey look guys, it’s Swamp Frog!” the group laughed as Kermit spun around a little surprised by their presence. But as Soon as he spotted Zoot he quickly ran (or hopped) over to him, “Oh good! Zoot!” he stopped in front of Zoot and continued

    “Look, Zoot, I’m sorry, I never mean to-” But Zoot cut him off “No Kermit, I should be sorry…I didn’t mean to get so off my rocker back there. Forgive me?” Kermit nodded sympathetically “Oh, It’s ok Zoot.” Dr. Teeth motioned for Kermit to sit down “

    Good thing you showed up springy legs, we have talked and will now advance with our story.” Kermit sat next to Floyd and got comfortable “Oh, alright.” Dr. Teeth leaned back as Zoot laid his legs on one of Dr. Teeth’s own “Now, where was I? Oh yeah! I told Zoot he could tell me anything, and he sounded as though he wanted to say something serious-”


    Zoot stared down at the polished wooden table nervously, he had never told anyone this before “Good, this is hard for me to say but…I” He looked away feeling another one of his episodes coming on. “I-I-I…uh... um…hmmm.” He blushed agitated; feeling his face heat up, this was so embarrassing, he hated it when his mind just went blank! Darn nerves! Eugene studied him in wonder, a small smile turning into a large cat like grin “Go on.” Zoot turned back to him sheepishly

    “I-I…um…can’t…” he trailed off; fingering his glass, Eugene openly laughed “What do you mean?” Zoot sighed and squeaked out “I forgot!” “What?!” Eugene asked still laughing, “Stop laughing!” Zoot cried out offended, “I’m sorry, man, I’m sorry.” Eugene apologized quickly crossing his arms together on the table, “Help me out!” Zoot asked flustered, Eugene whipped his eyes and tried not to laugh again at the puppy dog look on Zoot’s face as he reminded him

    “you know you had something important to tell me…it’s hard for you to say…” Eugene watched him expectantly, and Zoot suddenly let out a loud “Oh yeah! Ok…um…as I was saying…I-” he stopped for a moment the tension suddenly refilling the room.

    “The chest…that you helped me bring upstairs…it had some…very personal stuff in it. You see, a few years ago when I was ten…my-my…a person very close to me died. Um this person was involved in an accident the person was 7, I was ten, and one day we were playing in the living room together…and…”

    Zoot paused his throat closing up on him, Eugene just watched him with deep concern and sympathy etched all over his face, and he didn’t say anything he just waited for Zoot to continue as he held his breath. Zoot continued his voice obviously cracking on him “I don’t know…h-how it happened! One minute we were fine and then the next-” Eugene slowly got out of his chair, when a small sob escaped his friends lips. He took the chair next to Zoot and wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

    “It’s ok, take your time.” Tears ran down Zoot’s face but he continued in between sobs “there w-was a fire. And…mom and dad weren’t home!” he paused again as a few heart breaking sobs overtook him, “I d-d-didn’t k-know what to do…t-they…” another pause as he continued to cry “g-got me out…but-she! She-she…”

    Zoot wasn’t just crying at this point he was full out sobbing and Eugene felt his heart ache for the poor guy who had latched onto him for comfort.

    “It’s ok…it’s ok.” Eugene mumbled, gently patting his back.

    “My-my! Sister Zontise (zon-teese) was killed!”
    “YOU HAVE A SISTER!!!!???!!!?!!?!?!?!?”

    A/N: HAHA!!!! Cliffhanger!!! Comment and hope you liked!
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  11. Zoot the Saxer

    Zoot the Saxer Well-Known Member

    Whoa, this story is awesome. So suspenseful! So intriguing! Can't wait for more. :D
  12. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Sorry for the delay! major buisiness! enjoy non the less! XD
  13. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: Comments make me happy! so please tell me what you think! :halo:
    Chapter #10​

    “YOU HAVE A SISTER!!!!???!!!?!!?!?!?!?” everyone except Dr. Teeth shouted, once again interrupting the story, but this time it wasn’t Zoot who interrupted, it was, well, everyone else. Even Lips was awe struck


    “FOR REAL!!”


    “What is she like Zoot?” Kermit asked, leaning forward very intrigued, he never knew this. Zoot wasn’t listening to them; he was far too brought back by horrible memories. He was sitting forward his head in his hands, his eye’s full of unshed tears. He knew that if he spoke the tears would start,

    Dr. Teeth had an arm around him in a consoling gesture “He doesn’t like to talk much about her. As it was mentioned earlier, she was killed in a house fire.” Gonzo noticed how upset Zoot was and offered words of comfort “Oh gee, I’m sorry Zoot. That must have been horrible…” Kermit put in quickly “Oh yes, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

    Zoot remained silent and merely jolted his head up slightly, he really did not like to talk about his late sister Zontise. It was too painful. One by one his friends realized just how upset he was quickly, in Gonzo’s lead offered words of condolence. Floyd furrowed his brow sharing a look with Janice “Oh hey man…we don’t have to talk about her…I mean, we can get that.” Janice nodded quickly “Like yeah, we’re just glad you shared this with us.”

    Lips sighed leaning back in his chair “Ya, we all really appreciate you confiding in us.” Zoot smiled chocking back any noise threatening to escape, Dr. Teeth merely smiled at him, not a successful grin, but a caring smile. Just as they were basking in the comfort of the moment before they would continue Kermit sniffed at the air and asked cautiously

    “Is something burning?” Gonzo gasped eyes growing wide as he jumped to his feet, the oven had come in the morning while Kermit was out with on his date, so Gonzo decided to make animal and him a personal favorite, “My coconut raspberry cheese cupcakes!!!!” he grabbed animals wrist and exclaimed “Come on animal!!!” Animal yelped but allowed Gonzo to pull him from the room, laughing at the way his friend was acting

    “HaHaHa!!!” Floyd leaned up a bit and laughed “be careful he’s the only drummer we got!” Gonzo shouted back “You can continue without me!! I’ll rejoin later!” Dr. Teeth laughed “OK!!” he turned to his friends “Probably better that way anyway, I mean we do not want to keep animal contained for too long.”

    Floyd shuddered to think of what would happen if he had animal just sit around for the second day in a row, and thought to himself that he really should get Gonzo a gift to show his thanks about how grateful he was to Gonzo for being so nice and wonderful with animal. It was odd, like, they have been friends for years, Floyd thought as he spied animal gobbled up the burnt, black, odd muffins as Gonzo laughed. “Anyway, let’s continue from where we left off dear friends.” Dr. Teeth put out as he attempted to get back on topic…


    Eugene didn’t really have time to be shocked and completely blow away, because Zoot immediately clung to him after he blurted out the truth. So Eugene just sat there and held him, knowing full well that when you were crying about something like this all you wanted was for someone to be there for you and listen, so that’s what he did. He allowed Zoot to cry out his feeling all over his shoulder,

    a few minutes later Zoot pulled back after having collected himself, he blushed and mumbled “Thanks…” Eugene smiled sincerely at him, “Anytime, and Thank you for sharing with me. It means a lot, and anytime you want to talk I’ll be around.” He paused and leaned forward a little for effect “I know it’s hard right now, and I can’t tell you the hurt will go away, but in time…it will be easier for you. Because you’ll be able to tell yourself that your sister is somewhere wonderful and that she wouldn’t want you to cry for her. She would want you to think about her and smile.”

    he paused again as Zoot looked up at looking deeply touched, Eugene smiled showing off gleaming braces “and one day, you’ll be able to do so.”

    Zoot laughed softly “Thank you Eugene…really…thank you. You’re really smart.” Eugene gasped overdramatically and put a hand on his chest “You sound surprised! Oh! I’m insulted!” Zoot laughed more lively this time, and Eugene was glad he seemed to feel better. A loud ding interrupted their moment, and Eugene got up with a smile “Sweet cheese and bread filled crust! Pizza man!!” Zoot laughed even louder this time throwing his head back “OH my lord! English teachers must hate you!!” Eugene just grinned cockily as he carefully took the Pizza out of the oven, “dig in.”

    Around eight o’clock the two had migrated up to Eugene’s large elaborately, bright room. Complete with stereo system, and old key board, rainbow swirl curtains, brown shag rug, a few bean bags, posters, a large full sized bed, a walk in closet, and all the basic furniture you would hope to find in a basic bedroom. All in all, Zoot wasn’t expecting such a jive room. They were currently sitting in the bean bags looking through records and talking “Wow, man, your room is sweet!” Zoot exclaimed as he looked over an album of the Beetles, Eugene smiled “Thank you. I do enjoy my flair of decorating.”

    They looked through a few more records before Zoot built up the courage to ask “Um…I don’t get why…well, you have an awesome personality, and a sweet room…so…why do you-” Eugene cut him off finishing the question quite bluntly “Dress like a complete nerd?” Zoot rolled his eyes laying down the record he was holding “I was trying to be nice. But, yeah…”

    Eugene just laughed softly answering sincerely “there my older cousin’s hand me downs…um…we’re kinda low on cash right now so, you know, I get what I can take.” Zoot nodded a little before he commented “Yeah…you know if you need money we can go job hunting together.”

    “I would but no one’s gonna hire thirteen year old.” Eugene sassed as he pushed himself up from the bean bag he was seated on, to put his records away. Zoot got up as well to help him “How do you know? It’s worth a try.” Eugene shrugged slipping the record back on the self “I suppose…” Zoot yawned and stretched out his muscles “I gotta go man.”

    “why?” Eugene asked following Zoot out of his room and down the stairs “I have to get more unpacking done before the ogres get home.” Eugene sighed annoyed “You just moved in today! Take a break!” “I would but, it has to get done…” Zoot laughed as he opened the front door, Eugene asked “do you need more help?” But Zoot shook his head, he felt bad enough after all he did for him “

    No, I’ll be good… I’ll see you tomorrow ok?” Eugene nodded “Yeah man, just head on over here I’ll show you the way to the bus stop.” Zoot nodded grateful “Thanks for everything.” “No problem.” Eugene nodded as Zoot then walked out closing the door behind him.
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    A/N: Comment and enjoy please! :halo:
    Chapter #11​

    The next morning Eugene woke up early to the smell of cinnamon, he had been asleep when his mother returned from work last night. He yawned and pulled his tired body from his soft bed, and begrudgingly began his morning routine. The upside to going back to that bricked **** of a school was that Zoot was going to be with him.

    Sam, on the other hand was down stairs cooking some cinnamon toast she got at the half price bread store last night. She was very worried, not that she would tell her son and risk worrying him, but they barely had any food left.

    And the way their budget was…well, they couldn’t afford to buy much more food. She was working so hard, but her budget just wasn’t enough to cover this big house. It was good when her husband was around, because he worked as a surgeon, so they always had enough money to pay the bills and plenty left over. But now, a sudden doorbell pulled the worried mother out of her thoughts, picking up the plate of toast, Sam quickly placed it on the table and hurried to the front door.

    Opening the door she smiled, trying not to show any of her confusion to the pre-teen standing in front of her, “Oh! Hello.” She greeted, “May I help you?” Zoot smiled, holding up a plate of homemade cookies “You must be Mrs. Samantha, just thought I’d bring over a little hospitality to my new neighbor.”

    Sam jumped a tad ad put a hand on her chest, as she took the plate from him “Why thank you!” Zoot just shrugged and asked “No problem ma’am, is Eugene here?” Sam furrowed her brow “Yes…are you a friend of his?” Zoot just grinned, in a wonderful imitation of Eugene. And Samantha quickly pulled him inside closing the door “Oh! Yes! He’s home! I don’t believe we’ve met! My name is Samantha!”

    Zoot was taken off guard, but was polite none the less “Oh of course, your son has told me much about you ma’am.” Sam was so happy, she loved her son, but he was not well liked among people of his own age. And it upset her, but now she was so happy that he had someone that wouldn’t judge him and make fun of him.

    “Oh, please call me Sam!” she squealed and shouted up the stairs “Eugene!! Honey!! Your friend is here!!!” Zoot just laughed and introduced himself “I’m Zoot Simms, pleasant to meet you ma’a- I mean, Sam.” Sam smiled from ear to ear, and gave Zoot a gigantic hug, just then Eugene came striding down the stairs and gasped dramatically

    “I knew it!! You got to me so you could take my mother!! Shame!!” Zoot laughed and readjusted his bag on his back, Sam stepped away from Zoot and slapped her son playfully on the shoulder “Oh you!” Eugene threw his bag over his shoulder and gestured to the door “Come on man, we better go. Be back later ma!” and together they made their way to the bus stop. And let’s just say, Sam was still smiling stupidly when she arrived at work.

    Unfortunately they missed the bus and had to walk to school, but that wasn’t too bad. The most they would miss is announcements and roll call, so on the way the way Eugene pointed out fun places and hang outs to Zoot. When they finally arrived at school, Eugene showed Zoot to the main office, where he would collect his new schedule. “And here is the main circulation! The heart of the school! The-”

    Zoot cut him off “Ok I get it! Wow!” they walked into the main office and up to the secretary, “Hey Miss. Hilda ma’am.” Eugene grinned at the middle aged, run down, Muppet woman, with dark black greying hair, round glasses pale pink skin, an orange scarf around her neck and a ruffled white blouse with mini orange flowers scattered on it buttoned up to her neck.

    She looked up from a pile of paper work and smiled pleasantly “OH! Eugene! Hello to you! How is your mother today?” Eugene nodded a little “she’s ok...but-” and his grin grew to flattering proportions as he leaned over her desk “But, what’s a fine young woman like you stuck in a boring dull as a butter knife office day after day? Must rile up all them guys just yearning after your fine self.”

    Hilda blushed and laughed seemingly flattered, “Oh Eugene! You’re quite the Flatterer. You will be quite the heart breaker someday.” Eugene laughed, once again fearlessly showing off his gleaming braces, as though proud of them. He took a step back and pointed at confused Zoot “Anyway darling, my buddy Zoot is starting school today, I hoped you transfer his schedule over to him.” Hilda quickly nodded

    “OH! Of course! I was expecting you snoot.” Eugene let out a bark like laugh as Zoot stepped closer to the desk “No, it’s Zoot.” Hilda apparently didn’t hear him and handed him a slip of white paper “Welcome to our school boot!! Your friend there can show you around…if that’s ok with him?” Eugene was clutching his stomach at this point but managed to wheeze “No problem dearest Hilda.” Zoot frowned and crossed his arms as Eugene once more smiled at her “You’re a doll, sweet cake!” Zoot rolled his eyes as Hilda squealed pleasantly and grabbed Eugene by the arm dragging him away from her.

    Once they were in the hall way, Zoot pulled Eugene over to a long bench and they sat down to compare schedules “Oh! That woman is so! UGH!! Why are you so nice to her! She can’t even remember my name!” Eugene pulled out his schedule and chuckled “Because she’s really nice! And she’s got a wonderful sense of style! Heck If I ever get totally famous, or into showbiz and need a wardrobe coordinator the first person I’ll ever call will be her!” he paused still smiling, as Zoot studied him “Besides, she was the first person at the school to actually reach out to me and not completely despise my arrival…”

    Zoot sighed snatching his schedule “Fair enough…She still creeps me out.” Eugene patted his shoulder as he laughed for the millionth time that day. His good mood was rubbing off on Zoot for he began to smile as well, “Hey we got most of the same classes. Save for English, and math.” Eugene stood up and pulled Zoot up with him “Cool! Well if I be right then we must get to history, before our teacher mauls us.” “Alright.” Zoot nodded handing Eugene his schedule back and together they walked down the hall to history.

    A/N: HAHA!! I couldn't help myself I had to throw muppet show character hilda in there! Hope you enjoyed!
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    A/N: I really enjoyed writing this! a whole lot! And I really hope you'll enjoy it and laugh! Please comment! Luvs them!
    Chapter 12​

    Zoot asked curiously as they walked through the double doors to the hallway that housed their history class, "So what’s our history teacher like?" Eugene hissed with a flinch that didn't go by unnoticed by his friend who frowned "That bad huh?" Eugene grabbed his arm and pulled him to a halt just outside of the door to their class

    "Well he's an American loving, rule following, prissy, high maintenance, book loving, know it all, snobby, guy, who absolutely hates me!" he finished off this description with a large, get me out of here, smile. Zoot groaned "Oh great..." he grumbled, as Eugene opened the door to their class.

    As soon as they walked in they both heard a loud shout "LATE! As usual Eugene!" Eugene smiled pleasantly and walked in with Zoot "My apologies Mr. Sam, but I was showing newbie Zoot here around." Sam was a Muppet eagle, who was exactly like Eugene described. He wore a blue button up and a dark blue vest, a black tie, and an American flag pin on the pocket. Zoot just waved as Sam ruffled his feathers in offence

    "MR. Sam if you will!" Eugene just grinned as Sam went for his roll call book, and flipped through it. "Ah yes, Mr. Zoot Simms, I was expecting you." Zoot nodded as Sam motioned him closer, he obliged and tried hard not to feel uncomfortable as the eagle wrapped a wing around his shoulder

    "Now Mr. Simms, I advise you to not allow this man to corrupt you. He is not someone you should befriend; do not let him get to you." Zoot shrugged him off "I'll keep that in mind..." Sam nodded and waved them over to an empty table "Sit down; we were just reviewing for next week’s test.”


    “Oh my god!!! I can’t believe that up tight bird was your teacher man!” Floyd exclaimed laughing, “I know right! Who’d wanna get taught by that man?” Lips cried out hunched over as he clutched at his stomach, Janice was trying not to laugh, but it was obvious as she giggled into her hand. “Guy’s cracked I swear…” Zoot mumbled as Kermit shrugged already having known that Sam worked as a teacher “I knew he was a teacher, and a lawyer, but I didn’t realize he taught you guys.”

    Dr. Teeth whipped at his eyes trying to calm himself down “Yeah and boy did he hate me!!” Zoot mumbled stretching out his sore muscles “That’s an understatement.” Dr. Teeth laughed again clutching his sides “My god! I haven’t thought of that in yea-” BOOM! “THE KITCHEN IS HAUNTED!”

    a terrified voice shouted running out of the kitchen. It was Gonzo, pulling what looked like a soaking wet animal behind him; Dr. Teeth stood up and walked over to Gonzo trying to calm down everyone before they all got riled up “what happened Gonzo?” Kermit put in sounding irritated as smoke billowed out of the kitchen “Not the stove again Gonzo?”

    Gonzo shook his head as animal began to laugh looking as though he found what just happened funny “No, the dishwasher.” “Gesh!” Kermit groaned plopping back down into his seat; Floyd rolled his eyes and walked over to animal “Come one buddy, let’s dry you off.” Animal nodded obediently going with him

    “Ok!” Floyd grabbed animals hand and led him upstairs; Dr. Teeth patted Gonzo on the shoulder “I’ll go call the repair man Kermit.” Gonzo offered, whipping soap suds off of his sweater vest. Kermit thanked him, and Gonzo left to make some phone calls. Dr. Teeth held up his hands “Well then Muppet people, looks to be an intermission.”

    Janice stood and stretched “Oh good! I’m like so tired of sitting!” as she said this she left to go upstairs with Floyd. Kermit also got up “I should go check out the mess in the kitchen.” That left Lips, Zoot and Dr. Teeth, all standing around now, also tired of sitting.

    Dr. Teeth took this moment to ask “Zoot, what did your psycho daddy want?” Zoot immediately turned red and got very quiet, but answered none the less in a low mumble “He wanted his money back…” Lips frowned and put an arm around Zoot’s shoulder as Zoot fell silent. “I don’t…you mean the money he gave you to-” Lips shot him a stern look, as though telling him to shut up.

    Zoot was only too glad when the phone rang, it provided a distraction. He jumped at the chance to answer it “Hello?” he was not ready for who began to talk to him on the other end.



    “Zoot! It’s your mother, you need to listen to me!”

    “what!!! How!”

    “NO! Zoot listen to me! I know I was the worst mother in history! But just listen, it’s your father! He wants his money and will do anything to get it, I know you don’t trust me and I don’t blame you, but you need to be careful! He has a new girlfriend and I know he’ll put you through anything to get his money back! You need to be careful, call the police, stay inside, do anything! He’s out of his mind!”

    Zoot on the other hand was so shocked and thrown back, that it took him a minute to process what he was hearing his quote on quote mother tell him “I don’t…how did you…why should I trust you? After what you put me through?” he heard his mother sigh on the other end “

    I know I wasn’t there for you, and I wish I could take everything back and be the mother you deserve, but…I can’t and I am truly sorry…for everything…I know you won’t believe me and I don’t blame you if you never speak to me, but I just wanted you to know that everything was my fault…and I’m sorry... But, you have to believe me! I would not lie about something like this! J-just be careful! Be…safe.” After she said that she hung up.

    Zoot was left their still holding the phone to his ear, as the dial tone began to play. A few seconds passed as he stood there, and as his friends one by one returned all string at him in concern all asking him questions, he couldn’t process. And right on the spot he swayed a little and passed out.

    A/N: DUN DUN DUN!!!!
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    Uh-oh! I hope Zoot is okay!

    I would like more story please, fictionalnice.

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