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Elmo Muppeteer Kevin Clash resigns from Sesame Street

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by brkndwnbus, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Yes Kevin loved Sesame and Elmo very much, and I know this has to be breaking his heart.
  2. J10cool10

    J10cool10 New Member

    Always loved Kevin's work and being in the UK it's very hard to watch full episodes of Sesame Street. But he has visited us with Elmo this year and last and appeared on many television and radio shows - which have all been brilliant to watch.

    I am an aspiring puppeteer and he has been one of my biggest inspirations. I was very sad to see the news of his resignation when it broke yesterday and still can't get my head around it. I, personally, can't believe any of the allegations are true and it is just someone trying to make some money. (Very much like some of the people coming out here in the UK in regards to Jimmy Savile - just some people after a quick bit of cash.)

    I think it's very sad that someone's career can be ruined because of some allegations that, as of yet, have no evidence.
  3. Walter

    Walter Well-Known Member

    This is a very sad day in the world of Sesame. Regardless of how all of this turns out, we will always have the hundreds of hours that Kevin devoted to Sesame Street and Elmo.
    Muppet fan 123 likes this.
  4. mbmfrog

    mbmfrog Well-Known Member

    Dedicated...that was the word I was looking for in my previous post. Kevin Clash was truly dedicated to his work to the very end. :wisdom:
  5. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Well, you think too, this is something he dreamed of doing since he was only ten: like to a lot of us, Jim was his hero, and inspired him to pursue a dream, and eventually, that dream did come true... and now it's all gone.
  6. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Whoever it is, what we'll have to do is be open-minded, supportive, and accepting over the recast.

    Nobody will be like Kevin, but keep in mind, Kevin wasn't even the first to perform Elmo, Elmo was passed on to him by a fed up Richard (who inherited Elmo after Brian's departure). Whoever takes on Elmo now will need the same kind of consideration we gave Steve when he took on Kermit and Ernie, likewise Matt as he takes over Jerry's characters (and how he's already done an excellent job in proving to us that he'll be able to carry on Big Bird should anything happen to Caroll, God forbid).

    Plus, we're just only in Season 43 right now, right? And they're current in the process of filming 44 at the moment, correct? Well, we won't be seeing 44 till next year, so we probably won't notice any kind of change or difference in Elmo for a couple of years or so, at the most.
  7. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm almost certain it was posted here, but filming for 44 finished mid-December, so they must have gotten a lot done with him; I'm hoping they got the new ETM segments done first. The only other thing that would involve Elmo for the season are the word of the day bits they tape in the Spring; though they may just use Abby/Murray more heavily for those, or just AMs.
  8. Rowlf86

    Rowlf86 New Member

    I'm a huge Muppet fan and felt the need to talk with fellow Muppet fans about this. Its very sad that Kevin had to leave Sesame Street. He will always to me be known as Elmo regardless of who takes over for him. Elmo fans will someday be able to get used to the new voice just as we have now gotten used to Steve Whitmire and others taking over roles from Jim, Richard, Jerry and Frank. My prayers go out to Kevin and his family. Elmo has not always been voiced by Kevin in fact Richard Hunt and others voiced him in the early days. Kevin made the voice his own and for that we will miss hearing him. And I wish some of the news reports would stop making it seem like it was Elmo that was involved in this alleged act.
  9. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    I was shocked when I heard about this. I mean, for the most part I've never really liked Elmo, but I thought Kevin Clash was kind of a cool dude. I went to the SST40 event at William Paterson University a few years ago, where Kevin and some of the other Muppeteers showed up (with Muppets, of course). It was a fun evening.

    Here's hoping everything works out okay in the end.
  10. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    This could be really an interesting and exciting time for Sesame . We all know that Elmo has been a huge part for the show, and now he might not be for sometime. This will be a great chance for the younger Muppeters to step up and try some new things.
    It may also give some of the classic Muppets more screen time as well. I can't wait to see what is going to happen in the next few years.
  11. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    I know how you feel.
  12. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    I was fortunate enough to shake his hand at MuppetFest. I probably already said this but whatever happens. Kevin's performances always has a special place in my heart. Very talented performer. Especially when he was Harold Handupme on Dinosaurs. So many good lines. One of my favorites was the episode where he says "There doesn't seem to be an end in sight of the crankiness among males, and now here's Dwayne with sports" then enters Dwayne who's the blue duckbilled dinosaur or unisaur I think the term was used since the puppets always got recycled. lol) performed by Steve Whitmire "Great, great, throw it to me with only thirty seconds left, huh!" Then the two characters grawl at each other and Dwaye lightly smacks Harold with his script and Harold stands closer trying to look taller then Dwaye says "Come here, I'll bite your little leg off." lol I really wished Dinosaurs came to iTunes. I have the DVDs but I'd love to have them on my ipod on the go.

    I was even watching the Bill Cosby Jim Henson Hour episode last weekend and just seeing Leon brought a smile to my face. There's something just magical about The Muppets and their Muppeteers how they can take this figure made of foam and other materials and bring them to life in a way where they seem so real. Like everyone here, I wish Kevin the very best. Again, he was a great performer and his voices were hilarious. :)
  13. Squigiman

    Squigiman Well-Known Member


    Some people have already said some really good things on here that I agree with, so I'm not going to carry on, so much, with repetition. It is all very sad, no matter what the case may be, as far as where the truth in these accusations lies. I got to see Kevin perform Elmo at New York Comic-Con, JUST LAST MONTH, and even came close to getting backstage, with Tau and his mom, who I am friendly with, after having met at a prior event. I even posted video of the whole thing on YouTube. It was a great time. It's just insane what's going on.

    I really like the care and respect put into that NBC report, so thanks for sharing that. I just saw something on CBS, talking to the first accuser. It was pretty dumb, as it made it all about him "breaking his silence", which was just him saying he didn't want people looking at HIM like a monster, but when asked about certain specifics, he was clearly not able to talk about them, most likely for legal reasons. It provided nothing, except the show making it seem like he was such a victim, including him saying the "rumors" of him recanting were not said by him.

    Look, maybe he IS a victim, and Kevin really did stuff we just have a hard time accepting, because of who he is and what he's meant to us. Then again, Kevin's the guy visiting sick children in hospitals, and Sheldon's the one robbing former employers at knifepoint. He said he wanted to talk to Kevin, one on one, encouraging him to just be mature and act like a man or something like that. The reporters were acting like he was sympathetic, too. I don't know where the truth lies, but it's all horrible for causing what it has, and I hope all involved can work things out and move on.

    mupcollector1 likes this.
  14. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member


    I'm sorry, but those are two worlds that need to be kept as faaaaaaar apart from each other as possible, otherwise, worlds will collide, and they cannot stand!
  15. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    I don't know why? I always figured everyone and everything is welcome at Comic Con. Even The Jim Henson Company promoted some clips for The Dark Crystal sequel whenever that's going to happen. But perhaps that's just another discussion for another thread. lol

    But yeah, I don't really have much more to say about all this and really trying not to repete myself, I just wish for the best for Kevin. :) He's a great Muppeteer, always has, always will. :)
  16. Squigiman

    Squigiman Well-Known Member

    Um, I also got to meet Eric Jacobson at a table, last year. I think Muppets of all sorts would be awesome additions to any Con. I also (purely by coincidence) bumped into Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and Rick Lyon in Artist Alley, this year. I even got to take part in a video with Rick, though he was unfortunately convinced to go for the obvious joke:

    Anyways, this is rambling off-topic. Sorry.

  17. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Well-Known Member

    Seeing the guy's mugshot... He looks exactly like the type who'd make up a story just to get fast money.
  18. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm a little late here, as I choose this past week to vanish off the face of the web.

    But excuse my ignorance, Kevin is pretty much gone from Sesame for good, if I'm absorbing this whole story correctly?
  19. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    He did resign, yes. He and SW came to an agreement that these issues with his personal life have become to much of a distraction that SST doesn't deserve, or need to deal with, so, in the best interest for both parties, Kevin did resign from SST altogether.

    In a nutshell: the original accuser has recanted his recant, claiming he was pressured into recanting, and decided he wants to resume pressing charges against Kevin; a second accuser has come forward saying that Kevin lured him into a relationship; and the last we heard, two other accusers have also crawled out of the woodwork.
  20. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    I got to meet Leslie one, I remember asking her "Were you Spamula Hamerson on Muppets Tonight" and she laughed and said yes, Spamula was probably one of the riskiest characters she ever performed. lol Very nice person :)

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