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Elmo's World-free episodes don't go over

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by ssetta, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. wwfpooh New Member

    Which equates to what, exactly?
  2. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Considering the writing in some of the episodes, it's no wonder. The thing I wonder about... they can take out Monster Clubhouse, Hero Guy (sporadically), Journey to Ernie, Global Grover (to some extent), and it's only Elmo's World that gets the major complaints.....

    I still think they should try at the Elmo's World free episodes again... but just make Elmo the main character in the street story when they do... see how that works.
  3. Muppet dude Active Member

    Agreed! But instead they chose to feature almost NO Elmo in the Elmo's World-free episodes!

    This season so far we've had quite a few street stories without Elmo, so it makes sense to have Elmo's World in those episodes.
  4. wwfpooh New Member

    Agreed. There's a balance: Having no Elmo's World, but focusing the Street story around Elmo or not focusing the Street story on Elmo, but including Elmo's World. This way, Elmo is included for the Elmo-liking tots & we classic fans get our dosage of an old-school feel, with or without the inclusion of Elmo's World.
  5. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Of course... our season so far was like a week and a half's worth of episodes.... But someone posted behind the scenes footage, and he's there... and there are a few episode descriptions.

    I think they should try this again next season WITH Elmo staring in the main storyline.
  6. wwfpooh New Member

    That is, if the Street even has a next season, considering that this season was--as you noted--only a week and a half long. XD
  7. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    A week and a half is still more than the last 3 seasons of Arthur.... :eek:
  8. wwfpooh New Member

    Good point.
  9. Ilikemuppets New Member

    This season has like 19 episodes left they just haven't aired yet. But the show is going until at least season 41 at this point.
  10. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Off topic... but were there even any new episodes of Arthur this season? Or did they cheap out and say, "Aw, we have enough to mercilessly rerun through all eternity."
  11. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Nah- Sesame St. will go on forever! Or At least until Season 50. Imagine...Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary! :wisdom:

    Never give up hope!:D
  12. wwfpooh New Member

    If it's the latter for the Street, then air some of the "classic" episodes, dang it!
  13. Ilikemuppets New Member

    Mark Brown has stated that season 12 and 13 are in the works and that he has no plans to cancel the show at all.

    I'm not giving up. But Ugh! I like the show and everyhting, But I think that fifty is just pushing it. I don't like to think that far ahead...:p
  14. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    That's the problem. With all the Blah Blah Blahs and Yakkity Smackitys they wouldn't want to show classic episodes amidst newer ones.

    Though I think they can bulk the season up by re-editing certain episodes and slapping some different footage in them/ Sort of like what they used to do in the old days.
  15. wwfpooh New Member

    I just hope that when you say "re-edit" that it doesn't mean the classic skits get retooled (i.e. Henson being replaced with Whitmire).
  16. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Nah... By "re-edit" they take the main story line and shove different sketches in. That's what they did in the old days. There's quite a lot of rerun episodes that padded out the 100+ episodes a season they used to have in the beginning.

    I don't see why they can't take any episodes up to season 32 (the change season) that have EW, and just add new and different sketches to it.
  17. Ilikemuppets New Member

    Not sure exactly what you mean, but to be nit picky, the changed season was season 33.
  18. wwfpooh New Member

    Perhaps he means to re-air said episodes, but with new skits and segments?
  19. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Like they used to back in the earlier days. How else did you think the first season was capable of over 100 episodes? they reused the street segments, gutted out the rest, and put alternate sketches in.

    I could see them doing that with specific older episodes. And, if done right, we could use the same Letter of the day/Number of the day openings and put Elmo's World at the end. Maybe alternate those as well....
  20. wwfpooh New Member

    Indeed. Say, if Elmo's in the Street story, don't include Elmo's World.

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