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Episodes where you could totally feel for a charachter

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by BooberFraggless, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Yes, and believe or not that's the name he had in the shelter, and the dog from when I was a baby was named Toby (like Sarah's baby brother). Rowlf wasn't coincedental, but the other two were.
  2. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    Your name is Toby?
  3. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Oh no. I'm sorry If I confused you, but I meant to say the dog's name was Toby back then. I was just pointing out that it was yet another coincidental time where my dog had the same name as a Henson character. Otherwise it would be really funny how Labyrinth's one of my favorite movies.
  4. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    That's o.k.!
  5. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I sometimes talk like that, and confuse people.
  6. Collgoff Well-Known Member

  7. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Yes. It's part of the way I am, I guess.
  8. Collgoff Well-Known Member

  9. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for being so understanding.
  10. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    Your welcome!
  11. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    :) I'm glad to have had this conversation with you
  12. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    Me too!
  13. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    This is the only actual conversation I've had on Muppet Central so far.
  14. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    Really? howcome?
  15. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Well I've had people respond to my posts, but I've only been here a few days, and everytime someone responds to my post, I want to respond back. :)
  16. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    Is that so? I have only been a nember for 5 1/2 months.
  17. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I think I joined Monday at most.
  18. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    I understand Dominicboo1!
  19. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

  20. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    Your welcome!

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