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Family Reunion

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by miss kermie, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Miss Kermie! You got a point. If you are saying, "Let there be more choas!" Oh, the chaos will continue. BTW: I believe chaos runs into all kinds of families..
  2. mo

    mo Well-Known Member

    thank you, It's really good! I love chaos especially muppet kind!
  3. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Chapter Nine- Make that three problems...
    With Mo occupied, Jaz terrified, and Poogy... Homicide...Al, there was way too much chaos. On the bright side, with Poogy occupied by Mo, Jaz could sneak out of the kitchen and into the basement, so she could answer the door, without being spotted by Poogy.
    So anyways, Mo, was asking Poogy a few questions.
    "Hi there Miss Poogy..." Mo smiled.
    Poogy glared for only a second, then finally said something. It wasn't understandable however...
    "So... What can you tell me about Kermoot...?"
    Poogy stared at her.
    "He likes me. And it's wierd. End of story." Poogy seemed to be avoiding the topic at hand.
    "Have you ever had the same feeling towards him...?" Mo asked, hopefully.
    "Ummmm..." Poogy avoided eye contact.
    In Mo's mind, she was shocked. Ummmm...? No "Get out my face"? That's a bit suspicious...
    "Well... No... I haven't... Wh-Why are you asking anyway...?" Poogy was now very upset.
    Mo told her nothing and walked outside, and Poogy chased her, demanding answers.
    Later on, there was a knock at the door. Jaz, happy to see Poogy wasn't in the living room, gladly answered the door.
    As soon as she did, she slammed it.
    "Jaz, who was that?" Piggy asked.
    "Nobody! N-No one at all!" Jaz scurried off, as the same knock re-appeared.
    "Well someone was at the door Jaz!" Piggy answered the door, and it was bad news for Jaz.
    "It's-a-me! Mario!"
    "A-And Luigi!"
    "And Peach!"
    "And Daisy!"
    "Yoshi Yoshi!"
    It was the Mario gang!
    Jaz ran up to the door, and slammed it again.
    "Jaz, what's the matter with you?"
    Piggy opened the door again.
    "Hey Jaz, good to see you again!" Luigi hugged her tightly, as Fozzie made it to the front door.
    "Jaz, you know these guys... In REAL life...?" Piggy asked.
    "Uh-huh... By the way, what are you guys doing here?" Jaz asked, half-way pushing them out the door.
    "We're here for the reunion Jaz." Peach explained.
    Fozzie and Piggy exchanged looks.
    "You're here for the what now?" Jaz asked.
    "The reunion dilweed, now get out of our way!" Daisy yelled.
    (I think we've found another Spamela!)
    Fozzie was confused. Jaz's family was the Mario gang...?
    Piggy crossed her arms. One, NO ONE calls her a dilweed, and two, how exactly are they related to anyone...?
    "How are you related?" Piggy asked.
    "Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi!"
    "What did he say?" Fozzie asked.
    "He said he was Lenny the Lizard's cousin." Translated Jaz.
    The whole thing was so wierd.
    The Mario's invited themselves in, as Jaz twitched, and twitched, and twitched, and then Piggy slapped her to get her to stop. "Jaz, get a hold of yourself! What's wrong?"
    Jaz finally sat down and told her the truth.
    "All of you took their places, and I don't know how they'll take it. I mean, you took Peach's place, Fozzie took Luigi's place, Kermit took Mario's place, and Gonzo took Yoshi's place!" Jaz sighed. And Fozzie stood there, amazed at how fast she said that. Piggy only crossed her arms.
    "They're only game characters, they shouldn't have any feelings!" Piggy smiled, and walked off, hopefully not to Daisy. Jaz shrugged. Only because Piggy was right...
    Wait, she was right?
    Meanwhile, Kermoot was outside where he could see Poogy chasing Mo. He smiled. Which he wasn't sure if it was because Mo was avoiding obstacles, and Poogy was going right through them, or because he was watching the love of his life run around.
    (Just so we're clear, the love of his life is Poogy, not Mo. :))
    Mo just ran into the sprinklers, and so did Miss Poogy, causing them both to be soaked. Then Mo got an idea.
    "Hey Poogy, since you like running into stuff, run into this!" Mo slid down the slip n' slide that was set up for Robin, and Poogy... put the slip, in slip n' slide. She was trying to slide down on her feet, but apparently, that wasn't a very good idea. What she didn't know, was that at the end of the slipping slide, was a garden of tulips. That was a flower that Poogy was deathly allergic to. Poogy had no control of herself, so she was, to put it simply, Screwed, PWN3D, and done for..... Or at least, not if Kermoot had anything to do about it. Kermoot knew she was allergic to them, so he sprung into action. Literally. He jumped over to the slip n' slide, and pulled Poogy off before she could reached the tulips. Poogy landed safely in his arms.
    "Hi there goregeous." Kermoot smiled.
    Poogy pushed him away.
    "You're lucky you saved my life, or I would stab the living daylights outta you." Poogy mumbled, walking in the house as Kermoot followed.
    "Well it's the least I could do after letting me fall in love with you." Kermoot hugged her from behind.
    "You have five seconds before I seriously hurt you." Poogy growled. "It's worth it." Kermoot sighed.
    Mo was watching from behind the couch, and was so wierded out by a toad/hog interspecies romance. Then again, wierder than that, was human/bear, frog/pig, and chicken/whatever...
    "It has now been 4 seconds, I suggest you let go." Poogy growled. "It's still worth it." Kermoot remained snuggled up to her, and Mo could've been mistaken, but she swore she saw slight blushing on Poogy's face.
    "Kermoot, LET GO!" Poogy yelled. Kermoot did as instructed. Kermoot knew how to push her buttons, and how hard you should push 'em. Which, pushing too far, could get you stabbed. As Kermoot let go, Poogy walked off, and Mo came out of hiding. "I think I saw her blush." Mo smiled.
    Kermoot smiled too. "That's 'cause I'm a chick magnet."
    Mo looked at him skeptically. "Uh-huh... Sure you are..."
    Later on, Miss Piggy was setting the table. This time, without being asked. "Hey there Princess..."
    Piggy giggled. It sounded like something Kermit would say when he was in the mood to be flirty. But it wasn't his voice.
    Piggy turned around, and no one was there.
    At least, that's what she thought before she was bagged from behind. "Hey! Lemme go!" Piggy mumbled from inside.
    Luckily, Luigi saw the whole thing, and ran into the living room, where some of his friends were, along with some of Jaz's friends.
    "Jaz! Piggy's b-been kiddnapped by Magikoopas!"
    Jaz jumped up of the couch.
    "Magikoopas? Why would they take...?"
    "I think they mistook her for the princess."
    "I told her not to wear pink with Peach in the same house. Peach could be her human twin." Jaz chuckled.
    Overhearing the problem, Fozzie, Kermit, Yoshi, and Daisy agree to help. "Ok, so we have a team." Jaz smiled.
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  4. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Chapter Ten- Pairing Poogy, Protecting Piggy
    Mo was having a harder time than she thought getting Kermoot with Miss Poogy.
    Poogy's anti-romantic, Kermoot's too suggestive... It's impossible. But then again... She thought of all those romances she knows that didn't seem like they'd work.
    A suggestive pig and a semi-romantic frog,
    A gamer geek, and a cowardly comedian,
    A chicken with a daredevil of an unknown alien race,
    A beautiful actress paired with a yuck named Justin Bieber...
    All seemed impossible. But look at them now! If all those couples lived, so can they. Mo ran over to Poogy, and on the way, she grabbed Kermoot.
    "Please go on a date with him." Mo begged.
    "Give me one good reason why you shouldn't." Mo smirked.
    Poogy was silent. "Fine. Fine, ok? I'll go on a date with him."
    Kermoot silently rejoiced.
    "Alright, get in your best dress! Kermoot, in your suit!" Mo smiled. It's about time she got that to work. Now she needs to make sure the date goes alright...
    Meanwhile, Jaz, Luigi, and the rest of the team were walking to the cement factory, because that's what Jaz's Koopa radar says. (Don't ask why she has one.)
    And things get a bit awkward on the way there.
    "So, Luigi, me and you have a lot in common, huh?" Fozzie chuckled. "Oh yea! We're both afraid of ghosts, we're both brothers to the hero, and we're both... boys..." Luigi chuckled.
    Fozzie smiled.
    "Yeah! Wh-What role did you play in Jaz's family anyway?"
    "Oh, I was her boyfriend."
    Jaz facepalmed, because she was afraid of this.
    "Oh... Ok..." Fozzie stayed silent for the rest of the way.
    Meanwhile, Mo was waiting downstairs with Kermoot. They were waiting for Miss Poogy to come down, and when she did, they were both surprised.
    Miss Poogy came down wearing an all black strapless dress, with a skull necklace, and elbow length gloves, made from nets. It wouldn't work for most people, but the look really fitted Poogy very well.
    "Wow Poogy, you look beautiful..." Kermoot was blushing in her presence. Poogy's heart jumped, at something she never heard before. Her own mother, who loved her very much, never even called her beautiful. So by Kermoot's surprise, and her own, she softly said thank you.
    Mo, knowing that if this all went well, she'd be able to save Jaz, just calmly smiled, hoping it wasn't false romance.
    The gang made it up to the gate, and Fozzie tried to climb over it, but got zapped.
    "That doesn't even make sense!" Jaz yelled.
    "Because it's not even an electric fence."
    "You're right. It's an electric gate." Said Daisy.
    Jaz rolled her eyes, and went to see if Fozzie was alright. He fur was more burnt orange than it should've been, but he was fine for the most part.
    "Well how do we get over the fence now?" Kermit asked.
    "I have an idea!" Luigi got some super stars out his pocket, and threw one at each of them, causing them all to be invincible.
    "Now hurry, these things are temperary!" Everyone climbed over the gate, with no problem.
    "Gee Luigi, that was smart!" Jaz smiled.
    "She never called me smart..." Fozzie mumbled.
    "Sheesh..." Kermit sighed.
    While that went on, Mo played chauffer, and drove Kermoot and Miss Poogy somewhere, that had a romantic atmosphere. She wasn't sure of the location, but when she arrived there, she'd know.
    Luckily, the two Moopets in the backseat were enjoying the ride, and not trying to rush her.
    Poogy was calmly looking out the window, as Kermoot gazed at her. She was beautiful, fancy dress, or not, but he felt like today, she dressed especially for him. Which was nice.
    Poogy hoped that there would be some good in this "date". She would admit that she was nervous. She hasn't been with anyone since her heart was broken.
    That, however, is a whole other story, and she'd never go into detail with it.
    "OK! We're here!" Mo smiled, happy that she finally picked a location. Kermoot looked outside the window, and saw a field of grass, and flowers. It was like a meadow.
    "Zis good?" Mo asked.
    Kermoot nodded, as he got out the car, and opened the door for Miss Poogy.
    Finally, the gang reached Bowser, and there was Piggy, tied up, about to break the rope with her muscles.
    "Well, we walked in just in time for action..." Kermit sighed.
    Bowser blew fire, as Piggy pounced on him, and attempted to choke him. Bowser flew out of the building on his Koopa copter to avoid further pains, and the gang thought it was over. "Coward." Piggy growled.
    "Well, Let's-a-go!" Luigi led the group outside, where the entire Koopa clan was there, waiting for them.
    "Well, looks like SOMEONE should've used copter helmets instead of super stars for the gate, huh?" Fozzie frowned.
    "Copter helmets! Thanks for reminding me!" Luigi threw down three, and took one for himself. Daisy and Jaz grabbed on as he started to take off. Fozzie had to fly with Yoshi, and Kermit was flying with Piggy. They should be safe now. Minions do mostly nothing without their leader.
    Poogy sat in a little patch of petunias, and she smelled one... And then sneezed. "Stupid flower."
    Kermoot chuckled. "It's only pollen."
    "Well I hate both." Poogy snapped.
    Kermoot frowned. The sound of her yelling reminded him of an incident from the past, and now that they were all alone, with no one to change the subject, his feelings actually showed.
    Noticing, Poogy put a hand on his, much to Kermoot's surprise. "What's wrong...?" Poogy asked. By the sound of her voice, you could tell that she tried hard to be sincere.
    "Nothin'... I'm... I'm a little chilly." Kermoot lied, turning so his back faced her. Poogy wrapped her arms around him.
    Kermoot blushed, surprised by her actions.
    "Are you warm now?" Poogy asked.
    Kermoot nodded, and even managed a small smile.
    It wasn't normal for Poogy to be so nice, but he was enjoying it while he could. Poogy was just being nice. Sure, he's a Moopet, and she's a lady, you know the story, but... For the most part, she wanted to leave before they went too far.
    But enough about them....
    Luigi, and the gang arrived back at the Muppet house.
    Ok, now back to them. (LOL)
    Poogy eventually stopped holding him. But Kermoot ended up holding her... It made things very awkward.
    Poogy sat there... Until Kermoot started to lean in... And you know what that means...
    I'm cutting you off there.
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  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I apologize for not replying earlier but oh my gonzo I am getting intrigued with this fanfic. More please!
  6. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Chapter Eleven- It was all a lie...
    Before Kermoot could press his lips to hers, Poogy smacked him. She didn't mean to. It was just reflexes.
    "What was that for?!" Kermoot asked.
    Poogy was speechless. She didn't know what to do, or what to say. "I... Don't... Know..." Poogy blushed.
    Kermoot smiled in the end.
    Poogy couldn't understand why.
    "Why are you smi-" Poogy was cut off with a kiss.
    Kermoot got what he wanted.
    Poogy got what she didn't know she wanted.
    Mo smiled. "Bingo..." She whispered.
    Meanwhile, at the Muppet house, there was a knock at the door. Jaz answered it of course. An elderly man stood at the door. He was tall, he wore glasses, and he had a mustache. And he sounded a little bit like Fozzie.
    Ms. Lee stared in shock.
    And Piggy did too.
    "Daddy...?" Piggy whispered.
    "Piggy, do you know this guy?" Jaz asked.
    Piggy shook her head.
    "I remember him. I saw him in photos... He's my father..."
    "I thought your dad was dead..." Jaz frowned.
    Piggy glared at her mother.
    "That's what I thought!" She yelled.
    Ms. Lee wasn't sure of what she should do now.
    "That's not your father Piggy Lee. Your father passed."
    Piggy shook her head.
    "No, I look at his picture everyday before I go to work mother, it's him! I remember his face! I remember it well! And that only means you lied to me when you said he died in a tractor accident!" Piggy yelled, with tears in her eyes.
    Ms. Lee began to break out in a sweat.
    "No! It's not him!" Ms. Lee cried.
    The man entered the house.
    "Piggy it is me. And I can prove it."
    Ms. Lee covered Piggy's ears. "No, don't tell her!"
    Piggy pushed her mother away.
    "Prove it."
    The man sat on the couch.
    "My name is Frank. When you were little, you had a severe mental condition. I took you to the doctor to get a chemical injected into your brain when you were only a year old. With that chemical, you could walk and talk with no help from me and your mother. Every night, I would tuck you in, and tell you the story of Cinderella. And you always said, one day my-"
    "Prince will come too daddy..." Piggy recited.
    "It is you!" Piggy hugged him tightly.
    "Why did you leave when I was two?"
    Frank glared at Ms. Lee, who broke out in a sweat.
    "Ask your mother."
    Piggy then glared along with her father. She expected answers.
    Ms. Lee fell on the ground and cried.
    "I didn't want you to hate me... I... I told him to leave..."
    Piggy began to cry. So many questions flew inside her head. Too many of them did. So many, that she screamed.
    "WHY!?!" The word, that headed her questions.
    Piggy was outside playing with her sister, Porky.
    Piggy was only three years old, and Porky was four.
    Inside was their mother and father.
    "Marissa, our budget is tight this month. What are we going to do?" Frank asked.
    Marissa shrugged. She was jobless, and refused to get one.
    "I don't know, work harder, ask for a raise!" She suggested.
    Frank glared at her. He knew what she was doing behind his back, and that it caused her to be rich.
    "Why don't you ask your boyfriend for money?" He asked.
    Marissa had a wandering eye for men, and she knew he knew now.
    "I would, but he's busy making more money."
    "How could you cheat on me, and do nothing for our kids? You have no job, and you're using me for the money, we're through. I'm taking the kids." Frank was just about to leave, when Marissa grabbed him. "No you aren't. They're going to stay here with someone who can take care of two girls. What's a man know about women?" Unfortunately, she proved an excellent point. Frank had to leave in silence. And Marissa watched him to make sure he said nothing to the children.
    Piggy and Porky were just about tired and ready for dinner. Piggy was at least. Porky however was so thin, and not as interested in eating, unlike her sister, who was a little plump and always ready for a meal.
    "I wonder what mother made for us." Piggy wondered.
    "It's a mystery. I just know that dad probably bought us icecream. He always makes sure we have something sweet..." Said Porky.
    "Like chocolate!" Piggy smiled.
    As the girls opened the front door, they saw that their father was not present.
    "Mother, where is daddy?" Piggy asked.
    Marissa was furious at her daughter for simply mentioning him, and smacked her across the face.
    "He's dead! The tractor ran him over!" She yelled.
    Piggy ran upstairs to her room and cried, as Porky cried next to her mother.
    Piggy had nothing left in the world now...
    (Flashback, over!)
    Piggy was very upset. Her whole life, without her father...
    All because of her mother...
    "Get out..." Piggy whispered.
    "Wh-What?" Ms. Lee asked.
    Ms. Lee did as instructed. She prompty left the house.
    Piggy stood by her father, who was very surprised by her outburst.
    Then there was a knock at the door. Jaz answered it again.
    A blonde pig who was quite thin appeared.
    Piggy turned around.
    Yes, it was Miss Piggy's sister, Porky.
    Piggy hugged her tightly.
    "I've haven't seen you since we were little... Where'd you go?" Piggy asked. "I heard you ran away..."
    Porky looked at her very curiously... But then she remembered that their Mother was a certifiable liar.
    "I never ran away... Well, I did, but not because I wanted to."
    "Then why...?" Jaz asked, butting into a sisterly moment.
    (Because that's just how she rolls! :D)
    Honestly, seeing how her father was already there, Porky wasn't sure if she wanted to talk about where and why she'd gone. It was just too much heartbreak, and too much sadness. But Piggy was her little sister, and she deserved to know. "Well... I was snooping around in the kitchen, looking for some cookies one day, and I overheard mom on the phone with dad... And she didn't want me to tell you, so... She removed me far from the premises." Porky explained.
    Piggy felt like the sun went out.
    Without her sister...
    Without her father...
    All over one little lie...
    Piggy left the room. Specifically upstairs to her own room.
    After she went upstairs, Poogy, Mo, and Kermoot entered the room. Poogy was embarrassed, because she was in a dress, and Kermoot was in a tux. Which one could only assumne that they went on a date.
    However, you know what they say.
    Assuming only makes a... A... A donkey of yourself...
    Anyhoot, the couple scrambled to Jaz's room, and Mo just kept a wide smile on her face, and sat on the couch.
    "Y'know, if this were TV, I'd be saying, we'll be right back after these messages!" Fozzie chiuckled.
    "Fozzie!" Jaz giggled.
    And this is where we take our comercial break. :)
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  7. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Miss Piggy's father is Frank Oz? Oh my gosh! Miss Kermie, I can't believe you put Frank Oz in this story. You are one smart author you are.
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  8. mo

    mo Well-Known Member

    I love this story! I like how piggy has a sister, all have is a bunch of brothers :p
    but since your my muppet sister in a weird fan ficy way!:)
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  9. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member


    :) Imagine that.

    Chapter Twelve- Meet our next problem...




    Ok, so we have Moopets dating, Jaz's life in danger, Piggy's life being a lie, and Spamela's still a jerk...

    What else could possibly go wrong?

    You'll see.

    The next family that comes through the door, will be that of Gregory the chicken... Who's dead... (I blame Hubert...)

    Gregory was Camilla's brother. So... Bring in Camilla's family.

    Jaz opened the door, and three chickens came in.

    "Alright, who ordered the chicken?" Jaz asked.

    The hen pecked at her shin.

    "Ow! It was joke! Sheesh... I guess the yolks on me!"

    (Get it? Cuz, Cuz Chickens lay eggs...?)

    That time, the rooster pecked her.

    "Ok, ok, I'll leave the jokes to the bear! Sheesh!" Jaz walked into the kitchen, where Gonzo and Camilla were.

    "Hey Camilla, there's some chickens out in the living room. Any chance you're related?" Jaz asked. Camilla peeked out the kitchen, and saw very familiar faces.

    Camilla shook her head, and ran away with a clearly understandable, "Uh-unh!"

    Gonzo ran after her.

    Yet again, Jaz was confused.

    Once Gonzo caught up with Camilla, he put his arm around her like he usually did in times of pity, sadness, or those other times where he needed someone to love.

    "What's the matter?" Gonzo asked.

    Camilla looked away.

    "C'mon chicky baby... You can tell me..." Gonzo smiled.

    Since he asked so very nicely, Camilla did tell him. Boy did she ever... I mean seriously, if we didn't already misunderstand her, we'd need a censor bar for that mouth!

    (Errrr.... Beak I mean...)

    "WHAT!?!? Are you serious? Those were your parents, and you think they'll hate me? Au Contraire my dear chicken! I am very lovable! Just ask my fan base." Gonzo chuckled.

    Camilla smiled the best she could.

    (She's a chicken you know.)

    "It'll be alright, I promise!" Gonzo kissed her, and went back inside.





    So, in the meantime, let's show what happened while that little conversation went on.




    "Yo Jaz."

    Jaz looked over her shoulder to find Miss Poogy lurking over her. "ZOINKS! Uhhhhh.... H-Hi Miss Poogy!" Jaz was clearly terrified. Yeah...

    "I just came to tell you that... You ain't the target for da Moopets no more." Poogy nodded and walked off.

    After Jaz was certain that she was gone, she did a backflip.

    (Keep in mind, Jaz is not athletically inclined.)

    "I'M FREEEEEEE!!!"

    And then she ran up to Fozzie and gave him a big kiss.

    "Fozzie, your sister is the best person in the world right now, because I'm freeeeeee!" Jaz smiled.

    Wierded out, but happy, Fozzie slowly backs up, and falls down the stairs to the basement.

    "Oh! Fozzie! I'm comin' sweetie!" Jaz ran down the stairs.





    Back to the alien loving chicken and the chicken loving alien.





    Gonzo and Camilla went back into the living room.

    Camilla said a few words to her parents. Assume it was an introduction. Then her parents said a few words to her.

    Then Camilla threw a fit, and Gonzo began to frown.

    Then Camilla's parents dragged her outside as Gonzo dropped to his knees. At that moment, Kermit came in, drinking coffee. (He needs rehab for coffee, man.)

    "What's wrong Gonzo?" Kermit asked.

    "Camilla parents think I'm too wierd for her, so they're taking her away from me... Forever..." Gonzo almost cried.

    Kermit frowned, and gave him a reassuring pat on the back.

    "I'm sure everything will be fine." Kermit forced a smile, but Gonzo was still forced to frown.

    "No Kermit, everything won't be fine. You know Camilla means the world to me! If I lose her forever, I won't know how to live with myself! I know you know how that feels Kermit!"

    Kermit frowned a bit. He did know how that felt. He and Miss Piggy had been seperated for ten years, with heartbreak and anger. And Kermit knew that Gonzo shouldn't have to go through that pain and agony. While Kermit deserved it for his rudeness toward Miss Piggy, Gonzo has done nothing to Camilla to deserve seperation from the one he loves.

    "I'll see what I can do to help." Kermit said.

    Gonzo shook his head.

    "There's nothing you can do Kermit. She's gone, and I don't know where she's gone to! It's over..." Gonzo sighed.





    Meanwhilez, let's catch up with the Moopet lovers.






    Poogy was sitting outside next to Kermoot. They were sitting on the grass, far away from the tulip garden.

    "So, uh, Poogy... I.... I had something to ask you..."

    Poogy directed her full attention toward him.

    "Uhhhh... Do... Do you want to make it official...?"

    "Make what official?"


    Poogy was now a rosy red...

    "You mean like... Me bein' ya galfriend...?"

    Kermoot slowly nodded, while a light blush appeared on his face. Poogy scooted a way a bit, tucking her chin between her knees. "I... Um... I uh..."





    CUT OFF!!!






    Is Fozzie alright?

    (Has he ever been?)

    If not, does Jaz know how to administer first aid?

    (I will tell you, I don't know first aid. I cryed at CPR class.)

    Will Miss Poogy and Kermoot start an official relationship?

    (Oh, what would that make? Bouncing baby Togs? Hoads?)

    Where has Camilla gone?

    (How should I know? I'm only the author!)

    Where is Miss Piggy in all this?

    (Why do you care anyway?)

    Will Gonzo ever see Camilla again?

    (I will tell you that Gonzo *CENSORING SPOILER*)


    All these questions will be answered, maybe more, on the next installment of...




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  10. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    NOOOOOOOO! Not Camilla! Poor Gonzo! I feel so sorry for the weirdo! I would like to find out what happens to the Moopets, Gonzo, Kermit, Miss Piggy, and of course, Fozzie, and Jaz really loves him.
  11. mo

    mo Well-Known Member

    I loled at the ending :3! I hope camilla and gonzo are going back together, I hope I can find my camilla stuffed animal, I think my dog ate her!
  12. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Chapter Thirteen- Answering your questions
    "Camilla!!!" Gonzo cried. Yes, our resident daredevil was an emotional trainwreck, and it was getting on Piggy's nerves. However she wasn't feeling any better than he was. She was so upset, that she went to bed, and told everyone she wasn't going to get up. Which puts Kermit in a funk, 'cause now he has nobody to talk to, and no one to hug. What about Fozzie? You ask. Well, Fozzie's little stair accident cost him a trip to the hospital. He's covered in bruises and a neckbrace, therefore, Kermit can't hug him. So that puts Jaz in a mood. Especially since she has to watch Daisy and Spamela fight all the time.
    (At least it's a change. Miss Piggy could be dealing with her.) Oh, and don't get me started on Beaker...
    Oh wait, nevermind.
    Jaz escaped from the living room chaos, to go make her sweetheart some chicken soup... Although, rethinking about it... Was it a very good idea to make chicken soup? Just because Camilla wasn't there, doesn't mean that Gonzo won't flip. In fact, now, he might flip out more...
    Tomato soup then.
    Jaz began to make the soup, as she listened to her mother figure cry upstairs. If you knew Miss Piggy, you knew, that she could cry rather loudly. It was so loud, that Jaz even thought of giving Fozzie earmuffs. His room was right next Piggy's room after all. It would only make sense.
    Jaz carefully went upstairs with Fozzie's soup, and opened his door. "Hey there handsome... You feelin' alright?"
    Fozzie did the best he could to nod.
    "Good... I made you some soup... You need me to feed it to you?" Jaz asked.
    Fozzie sat himself up.
    "Jaz, you don't have to, if you really don't want to." Fozzie smiled. As he attempted lift his spoon, the pork princess next door let out a wail of sadness... For the 856th time today...
    Then Jaz handed Fozzie the earmuffs.
    "Thank you, I needed that." Fozzie smiled.
    Jaz nodded, as if to say, "Your welcome", and left the room, to look for Kermit. Maybe he could stop the awful crying next to Fozzie's room.
    Gonzo, the emotional trainwreck downstairs, was next to Kermit. Kermit was very serious when he said he'd try to help Gonzo, but he honestly didn't know how. And the fact that Kermit couldn't help his friend, added on to his bad mood.
    "Hey Kermit!"
    Kermit looked over his shoulder, to see Jaz getting closer.
    "Kermit, could you fix the sobbing sow situation upstairs please? If she doesn't stop crying, poor Fozzie might get a headache... And Piggy might flood the house..." Jaz chuckled.
    Kermit shook his head.
    "I'm afraid I'm a little too busy helping Gonzo feel better."
    Jaz shook her head, and pushed Kermit aside.
    "Never let a frog do a woman's job." Jaz scoffed.
    "You're getting more like her everyday." Kermit chuckled.
    "Like who?"
    "Miss Piggy."
    "She is your mother after all... Right?" Kermit teased.
    "Ah, and you get the sheesh from me..." Kermit laughed, walking upstairs.
    "Sometimes I wanna choke that frog... Ew, I AM getting more like her... That's disturbing and awesome at the same time... Anyway, I didn't push Kermit away to talk to myself! Gonzo buddy, you gotta feel better!" Jaz said, give Gonzo a pat on the back.
    "I can't... Camilla's gone..."
    "Then let's go get her back!"
    Gonzo did a double take, then paused. Could he have heard that correctly? Or is he so sad to the point of hallucination?
    "I said, let's go get her back! If you really loved her, as much as you say you do, you'd take my suggestion!" Jaz seemed to be testing him a bit, but he didn't notice
    Gonzo, for the first time in six hours, smiled.
    "Let's do it!"
    "ALRIGHT! That's the Gonzo I know and love! And speaking of love, let's get Fozzie out of bed. He can still function with bruises and a neckbrace... That... And I'm afraid that a Moopet might harrass him..." Jaz cringed at the very thought of a Moopet bullying her bear.
    "No problem! Let's go get the guy!" Jaz and Gonzo hurried into Fozzie's room. In the meantime, the Pig and the Frog were conversating... Hopefully, it doesn't take a turn for the worse...
    "Piggy...?" Kermit called, cracking the door open just a bit, in case the pig was indecent.
    "Leave me alone Kermit!" Piggy yelled, gripping her sheets and blankets tighter. Kermit opened the door, entered the room, and closed the door behind him.
    "Piggy... Please..."
    "GO AWAY!"
    "You have every right to be upset but-"
    "Then let me be upset!"
    Kermit sighed.
    He really didn't want to resort to singing.
    Which, I'm sure you all know, that Kermit's singing voice turns Piggy into a plate of soup.
    "Piggy... Please listen..."
    "NO! I SAID NO YOU STUPID LITTLE FROG!" You could hear the sadness and anger in her voice.
    Yup... He needs to resort to singing...
    Kermit took a deep breath, and then Piggy hurled a shoe at him. "If you start singing, I'll MURDER you!"
    Piggy got out of bed, and started to push Kermit out of her room, but Kermit did a reversal on her, and instead pinned her against the wall.
    Quite an awkward position for the both of them.
    Piggy was quite speechless.
    "Now, Piggy are you going to listen to me?" Kermit asked.
    Piggy slowly nodded. Another thing that turns Piggy into soup, is Kermit's spindly, yet manly arms. Odd as it sounds, it's true.
    "Piggy, you have every right to be upset... But your mother is gone now. She's done what you asked. And that was to never return... So just relax... Ok?"
    Piggy nodded. Why is it that she acts like such a teenage girl around him?
    "Ok. I'm going to release you now... Ok?"
    Piggy shook her head, which only made Kermit smile.
    He brushed the hair from her face, and wiped the makeup that dripped from her face.
    "Are you better now?"
    Piggy answered him by pulling him into a kiss.
    And who else but Jaz to but in on the scene?
    "Ooh! Am I interupting something?" Jaz asked, giggling like the immature girl she was.
    Kermit broke the kiss, and blushed.
    "H-Hey Jaz!" Kermit scurried out the room, thinking of nothing else to say.
    After Kermit left, Piggy glared at Jaz.
    "You saw nothing, comprende?"
    Jaz nodded. "Sure thing... It'll cost you five bucks."
    "Five bucks!? ... I taught you well dear." Piggy handed her the money, and they both left the room, hitting Kermit with the door, because apparently, he had his head up against it, listening to their every word. Shame, shame.
    "Oh! Kermie! Are you ok?" Piggy rubbed his head.
    "Anyone else seeing flying fish with trumpets?"
    Jaz only laughed.
    Gonzo and Fozzie came out of the next room.
    "We're ready Jaz!"
    "Ready for what?" Kermit asked.
    "I told Gonzo, I'd help him look for Camilla. He loves her, so it's only right for me to help him, right?" Jaz asked.
    "I don't know Jaz..."
    "Oh please! Please please please please please please PLEASE!?" Jaz begged.
    Kermit sighed. "Alright fine. But me and Piggy are coming too, to make sure you guys don't do anything stupid."
    "What a fatherly decision Mon Capitaine..." Piggy gave him a kiss on the cheek.
    "Alright! Let's get goin' then!" Gonzo jumped downstairs, as Jaz led Fozzie down, and Kermit led Piggy down.
    Oh, and let's not forget those Moopets!
    "So, what do you say?" Kermoot asked.
    "Uhhhhhh.... I-I don't... I..."
    "NO! I'm not gonna be your gal! NO!" Poogy ran away, leaving Kermoot there, broken hearted. Sob, sob... :(
    Anyway... Let's see how that whole Camilla thing goes...
    WHAT?! I didn't mean NOW! Sheesh!
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    she did teach you well, I would ask for more though *creepy/devious smile*
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    Chapter fourteen- Looking for Camilla... While The Moopets rule the place...






    We leave off with our Muppet pals... And Jaz...


    About to load Fozzie's Studebager trade-In with... People... So they can search for Camilla.

    As they began to get in the car, two familliar voices approached them. "Mr. Kermit, Oh please let us go with you! last time you had a big adventure, we got abbandoned at a gas station!" Bunsen said.

    "Mee Mee Meep!"

    Kermit and Piggy exchanged looks.

    "They have a point." Piggy said finally.

    "Do we have room for them?" Fozzie asked.

    Jaz looked in the back seat. Then at the front seat. Then at the head count. "Well, I would take a different vehicle... Like... Piggy's limo!"

    "Ohhhhh no you don't. You wierdoes aren't messing it up."

    "Oh, pretty please Miss Piggy?"


    "You know Piggy, if you do this for me, I'll leave you alone for an entire year." Gonzo offered.

    Piggy perked up.

    "Alright, I'll drive!"

    "NO!" They all yelled. "If you drive, it is DEATH!" Jaz yelled.

    "We could always get my sister to drive." Fozzie suggested.




    Minutes later...






    "Alright, everyone got their seatbelts on?" Mo asked.

    "This limo doesn't have seatbelts." Miss Piggy said.

    "And YOU wanted to DRIVE?" Jaz asked, clearly shocked.

    "Why is everyone scared of me taking the wheel?"

    "Piggy, have you seen yourself drive? You could kill us. Really you could. I mean, seriously. You go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past the speed limit. I mean, don't get me wrong, if we need to escape in a high speed chase, yeah, we'll call on you."

    "What is THAT supposed to mean?"

    "It MEANS that you drive like a criminal."

    "I drive like a criminal? Have you seen your-"

    In the middle of the arguement, Kermit perked up.

    "Uh, Mo, could you start driving please?" Kermit asked.

    Mo nodded and began to drive, listening to the drama in the backseat. What a headache everyone will have later...





    That's Meanwhile backwards.





    Kermoot sat in the living room, holding a rose in his hands.

    As he grasped it, he thought of the one who broke his heart.

    If you don't know who, refer to chapter 13...

    Wait, I mean... Uh...

    Eh, there's nothing wrong with fanfic humour.


    Kermoot sighed. Then he started to listen to someone singing. He followed the voice, hoping to find the person behind it. When he reached the end of his musical trail, he ended up in the garage, and he knew exactly who was singing.





    I heard that you're, settled down, that you've, found a girl and you're, married now. I heard that your dreams came true. (I) Guess she gave you things, I couldn't give to you. Old friend, why are you shy? Ain't like you to hold back, or hide from the light.





    I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited but I, couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it, I hoped you'd see my face, and that you'd be reminded that, for me, it isn't over...




    Nevermind, I'll find, someone like you... I wish nothing but the best for you... Don't forget me, oh babe, I'll remember you said, "Sometimes it lasts, and lures, but sometimes it hurts instead..." "Sometimes it lasts, and lures, but sometimes it hurts instead..."




    You know how the, time flys, only, yesterday was the time of our lives, we were born and raised, in a summer haze. bound by, the surprise, of our glory days...


    I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited but I, couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it, I hoped you'd see my face, and that you'd be reminded that, for me, it isn't over...




    Nevermind, I'll find, someone like you... I wish nothing but the best for you... Don't forget me, oh babe, I'll remember you said, "Sometimes it lasts, and lures, but sometimes it hurts instead..." "Sometimes it lasts, and lures, but sometimes it hurts instead..."





    Nothing compares, no worries or cares, regrets and mistakes, they're memories made. Who would've known how bitter-sweet this would taste?





    Nevermind, I'll find, someone like you... I wish nothing but the best for you... Don't forget me, oh babe, I'll remember you said, "Sometimes it lasts, and lures, but sometimes it hurts instead..."




    Nevermind, I'll find, someone like you... I wish nothing but the best for you... Don't forget me, oh babe, I'll remember you said, "Sometimes it lasts, and lures, but sometimes it hurts instead..." "Sometimes it lasts, and lures, but sometimes it hurts instead..."



    "Nice song..." Kermit whispered.

    Shocked, Miss Poogy turned around, blushing.

    "Uh... Thanks..."

    "I didn't know you could sing like that."

    "Well... I sing when I'm upset.... Sometimes..." Poogy looked down, avoiding eye contact.


    "Don't sweet-talk me..."

    "Ok... Poogy... Uh... I just want to say that... I respect your decision. And if you want us to part ways then-"

    Poogy kissed him mid-sentence. Which was a surprise.

    Kermoot broke the kiss, and just stared at her.

    Then he wrapped his arms around her waist. Suffice to say, he's speechless, and he just wants to hold her.

    Odd, right?

    Poogy rested her head on his shoulder... Until...

    "So, when's the wedding?"

    Kermoot let Poogy go, and Poogy backed away at the sight of their eavesdropping friends.

    "What is your problem?!" Poogy yelled.

    "I don't know. But I see what yours is..." Roowlf chuckled.

    "I hate you."























    "We've been searching forever Gonzo, I think it's safe to say she's gone forever..." Kermit sighed.

    Jaz smacked him.

    "OW! What?"


    Piggy shook her head at the two.

    "Gonzo... I'm sorry. And I mean it..." Piggy gave him a pat on the back.

    "Hey look, a chicken crossing the road!" Fozzie pointed out the window.

    "Not now Fozzie..."

    "No really, look!"

    Everyone looked out the window, and Gonzo was first to recognize the chicken.

    "Stop the limo!"

    Mo slammed on the brakes, and Gonzo ran out of the vehicle. "Camilla! Oh, my Camilla!" Gonzo embraced her.

    Gonzo opened the limo door for her, and she went inside.

    "So, why were you going across the road?"

    "Bawk bawk ber bawk."

    "You ran away from your parents just to be with me?"

    Camilla nodded and burried her head into his chest.

    "Awwwww..." Jaz smiled. And following the smile was a tap on Fozzie's arm.

    "How come you never say anything like that to me?"

    "Please stop acting like Miss Piggy..."

    And they all laughed, the end... Of the chapter I mean.




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    I'll admit that I don't completely hate adele but she is a little bit over shown and I don't really like piano, love pop songs I just like other singers more then her like alex winston (google her she's pretty good)
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    wow this is one of the greatest fanfictions i've ever read it's awesome can't wait for the next chapter ;):):D
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    Chapter Fifteen- The Battle of the Marios
    Gonzo, happy to have Camilla by his side again, smiled contently on the ride home... Y'know until the car got a flat tire. For some strange, unknown, reason, it freaked everyone out. Seriously. I don't know why.
    "I knew I should've stayed home today."
    "What do we do now?"
    "Does Moi LOOK like someone who knows everything?"
    "Don't answer that, or you're toast, frog."
    After all the indistinct chatter, Bunsen Honeydew had an idea.
    "I know! We can teleport the car somewhere to ask for help!"
    I said it was an idea, not neccesarily a good one. Sheesh!
    "Bunsen, if we teleport it home, we won't NEED help!" Jaz facepalmed.
    Kermit watched all his friends argue more, after Jaz's statement. It made him a little upset inside. They were supposed to be family. Not bicker buddies.
    When they all least expected it, they were under attack by Magikoopas!
    "What the-?" Jaz was the first to notice that the limo was being attacked by the Magikoopas' geometrical spheres of magic. Following the Magikoopas were a group of Boos. They lifted the limo, with help from Parabuzzies, all the way to an unknown destination.
    Apparently, they were all knocked out. They woke up in a cage of some sort. "Where are we...?" Piggy asked, sleepily waking up. Jaz flickered her eyes open and took a look around. "It looks like..." As Jaz's eyes met with a Bowser statue, she knew exactly where they were. "We're in Bowser's castle... And according to our location in the room, we should be right next to Bowser's throne." Jaz explained. Mo woke up next, wondering something. "Where's... Where's Fozzie?"
    "And Kermie?"
    Jaz looked around in the cage. No Kermit. No Fozzie. No Bunsen, Beaker, or Gonzo. Camilla was there, but no trace of any male was in that cage.
    Before Jaz, or Piggy had a chance to snap out because their men were missing, the giant doors at the start of the corridor, leading to the throne, opened.
    At first, all you see is the giant shadow of a beast, but then when the beast enters, you see Bowser, the Koopa King... Jr. "Hello Ladies..." Jr. said.
    "Listen youi bit sized CREEP, what have you done with my frog?"
    "None of your business! All you need to know is that you're going to be papa's slaves!"
    "Oh, HECK to the no." Jaz yelled. "Piggy, bend the bars! Mo, once Piggy gets 'em open, me and you escape to find the guys. Got it?"
    "Got it!"
    Just as the plan had went, Piggy bent the bars open, and they all escaped. On the way out, Piggy grabbed Camilla.
    "Don't let them get away!!!" Jr. commanded. At that moment, the Kooptrol guards were ready to attack.
    Jaz and Mo looked back, but Piggy waved them on. She was a platnim belt, she could handle this.
    Jaz and Mo ran out the double doors, running from the small group of enemies that followed them. "By any chance, do you know where the dungeon is?" Mo asked, still running for her life. "No, but I have an idea, follow me!"
    Jaz jumped on a mystery box that was left for Mario when he often came to save the princess. Mo was left running, until Jaz hoisted her up on the block as well.
    "This is like OC's to the rescue." Mo said.
    "Shhhhhh! You want to classify us as Mary Sues?"
    Mo giggled, as Jaz hoisted up two Magikoopas, and stole their glasses, wands, and cloaks.
    "Put these on."
    Jaz handed Mo one set of Magikoopa gear, and they both hopped of the block, walking to the nearest Koopa troopa.
    "Excuse me, we're new here, and we were wondering if you could tell us where the dungeon is?" Jaz asked.
    "Right down those steps."
    "Thank you."
    As they moved further away from the Koopa, the two girls couldn't help but giggle at his stupidity.
    Piggy was bashing badies back and forth, left and right, with Camilla, at her side, now wide awake.
    The two farm animals bashed them all, until the biggest badie came out...
    Bowser Senior!
    "What do you think you're doing?"
    Miss Piggy didn't show any sign of fear, but she was actually quite terrified. His face... Was scaly... Like... Like an Alligator... And we all know which pig is scared of alligators.
    "Well, are you gonna just stand there in a ninja pose, or say something?" He yelled.
    "I-I Uhhhh.... KERMIIIIIEEEEE!!!" Piggy ran out the double doors, using her frog sensors, (That yes, would have been useful earlier.) to find Kermit, as Camilla chased after.
    In the dungeon, was and Crummy feeling Kermit, a Boo-Hoo Beaker, a Blue Bunsen, a Glum Gonzo, and a Frowning Fozzie Bear. "Kermit, when's our honor visit?" Fozzie asked.
    "Fozzie, it's a dungeon, not prison. You'll be lucky if they feed us..." Kermit sighed.
    Gonzo just sat there in silence. He was so close, yet so far getting Camilla back. Instead of spending the rest of their life together, he was spending life in a dungeon, instead of life with her. Where ever she is. Hopefully not roasting on a spit. "I miss Jaz..." Fozzie sighed.
    Kermit nodded. Fozzie and Jaz, are like him and Miss Piggy. So naturally, Kermit misses her. Ever since she left the house 10 years ago, he's been destroyed. So everytime he's away from her now...
    He's a wreck.
    "I'd do anything to see Jaz again..."
    As if on cue, Jaz and Mo, ran into the dungeon, shedding their disguises.
    Everyone looked at her.
    "Oh, I'm... I'm sorry about that. I'm gonna just... Open the cells now..."
    Mo did as she said she would, and Fozzie and Jaz immediately hugged eachother.
    "I missed you so much...!" Fozzie smiled.
    Kermit still stayed there with Gonzo, feeling like a set of third wheels, until...
    "Kermie! Are you in here?" Piggy said running down the stairs. "Piggy!"
    "And Camilla!" Gonzo said, watching Camilla hop downstairs.
    The two other couples hugged as well, leaving Mo, Bunsen, and Beaker, the only ones left not hugging.
    "Hug?" Bunsen asked.
    "Oh sure, I'd love to-"
    Mo was cut off my the fact that, Bunsen was talking to Beaker, and she was now the only one left not hugging.
    "Real nice guys... Real nice."
    Everyone stopped hugging, now trying to think of a way to get out of there.
    "Jaz, does this game have a way to get us out of here?" Kermit asked.
    "Well, there's the whistle, the warp pipe, and the blue pipe..."
    "Well there's a whistle next to me..." Fozzie said, handing the whistle to Jaz.
    "Alright, here I go..." Jaz began to play the whistle, whirling them through time and space.
    "Where are we?" Fozzie asked. "We're in some kind of universe transportation thing. It seems longer in the process, but all of this is actually happening in one earth second." Bunsen explained.
    "That's awesome." Jaz said simply.
    "Well, what do we do in the meantime?" Kermit asked.
    There was a moment of silence.
    Until Mo said, "Tag you're it."
    All there was, was a facepalm.
    But, the facepalm, and the constant playing of tag, got them back to the house without boredom.
    "We're alive!!!" Fozzie yelled.
    "Not for long."
    There they were, lurking in the shadows.
    The Mario Gang.
    "Wh-What do you mean?"
    "You're Jaz's boyfriend... She was my everything, and you stole her from me..." Luigi frowned, then faced the other direction. "If it wasn't for you Muppets, Jaz wouldn't have left us... So now... You must be terminated..."
    The Muppets slowly backed away, until...
    CUT OFF!!!!
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    your fanfic makes me want to play super mario...and tag...
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    Chapter Sixteen- Battle Of the Marios Pt. 2
    The Muppets slowly backed away, until...
    Piggy was captured, which only startled Kermit.
    "Piggy! Let her go! I thought Luigi was a good guy!"
    "Luigi is... But Mr. L isn't." Jaz explained.
    "Who's Mr. L?" Asked Gonzo, clutching Camilla in his arms.
    "Luigi." Jaz answered.
    "I thought Luigi was good." Fozzie said, smirking, at how any interest Jaz may have had in Luigi, probably dissapeared.
    "He is." Jaz confirmed.
    "What...?" Mo asked, really confused.
    "Luigi is Mr. L, Mr. L is Luigi! In Super Paper Mario, Count Bleck's servant, Nastasia, used her hypnosis beam to turn Luigi into Mr. L, who is quite cocky. Luigi doesn't mean what he's saying. It's like he's a totally different person now..." Jaz explained. "However... I have no idea how the rest of them are big jerks like him, but they do appear to be wearing Mr. L type outfits... And if Nastasia is the only one with the hypnosis tool..."
    While Jaz was thinking, Bowser appeared with All of Count Bleck's former servants in a cage. Bowser also had Nastasia's hypnosis tool.
    "Uh oh. Everyone run!"
    The Muppets split into different parts of the house, hoping to not be captured by The Marios.
    Kermit ran into Miss Piggy's room, hoping to find a martial arts tool somewhere. Luckily for him, Piggy's room was surprisingly clean and orderly. Kermit searched her closet first. Dresses. Then her other closet. Shoes. Then her dresser. Lingerie. Kermit blushed, until he saw a pair of nunchucks witihin the dresser. "Bingo." He said to himself. He found them just in time. Mario, under the influence of hypnosis, was ready to attack.
    "N-Now, just wait a second you, I-I've got a pair of nunchucks, and I'm not afraid to use them!" Kermit began to swing the nunchucks wildly, and before Mario had a chance to be frightened, Kermit clunked himself in the head with the nunchucks. Mario then used hypnosis, to put Kermit under Bowser's control. "All Hail Lord Bowser." Kermit said, brainwashed.
    Jaz ran into the basement with Beaker, while Bunsen seemed to have run elsewhere.
    "Beaker, do you have a place you hide when something has a chance of exploding?" Jaz asked.
    "Mee Mee Mo."
    "What do you mean, no?"
    It was a little too late as Daisy entered the room.
    Beaker's instinct was to panic, Jaz's was to stay utterly and completely still. Beaker ran into the teleporter, and just like that, he was gone. Before Jaz had a chance to do the same, she was hypnotized by Mario and Kermit, who had just joined Daisy. Now the hypnotized group had to meet up with the others.
    Mo got hypnotized too. :D
    Gonzo had led Camilla into his room, for he had a plan to her and himself from hypnosis. Gonzo had put a helmet on Camilla's head, and loaded her into a cannon he had pointed outside. Camilla figured he knew what he was doing... He does this kind of thing everyday.... Right?
    "Alright Camilla, this won't hurt... Too much."
    And now Camilla was worried.
    Gonzo lit the cannon in the nick of time for Camilla to escape. However, It was much too late for Gonzo. The hypnotizing group of Muppets and Marios had gotten Gonzo to join their evil guild. At least Camilla managed to get away.
    Fozzie was running out of places to hide. They had all split in seperate directions, and he had to choose the side with the living room, kitchen, and backyard. "THAT'S IT!" Fozzie yelled. Fozzie ran outside to the backyard, where there was plenty of open space. He decided to jump the fence. However, like every other time... The Hypno-Guild made an appearance. "End of the line Fozzie..." Kermit said.
    "K-Kermit? J-Jaz? G-Gonzo?" Fozzie stuttered, thinking his eyes were deceiving him. His girlfriend, and his two best friends were up against him. Now that hurts.
    Before Mario even tried to hypnotize him, Luigi stopped him, and slowly emerged out of the crowd of hypnotized good guys. "Well, well, well, if it isn't The girlfriend stealer."
    Fozzie wasn't sure if he should be terrified or infuriated. He was worried about what would become of him, but he was... Mad... And yes, Fozzie was a pretty easy-going guy, but it's not his fault Jaz likes him better.
    "Looks like the end of the line... Any last words?"
    Fozzie took a brief look around, and he spotted Honeydew, and Beaker. They both signaled a thumbs up, as they're hands remained occupied with some kind of machine.
    "Uh, as a matter of fact, I do. Take it away guys!"
    As soon as the words came from Fozzie's mouth, Bunsen
    and Beaker pressed a few buttons on their mechanical doo dad, and everyone was back to normal! Fozzie wiped a small bead of sweat from his forehead, and smiled.
    "Wha-? What happened?" Jaz asked.
    Fozzie ran and gave her a hug, causing her to blush.
    Kermit gave one of his signature half smiles, and laid a hand of one of Fozzie's shoulders.
    "Looks like you had an episode." Kermit chuckled.
    Fozzie released Jaz, and smiled.
    Jaz looked at Fozzie adoringly, her eyes asking for answers.
    Fozzie blushed, with a knowing smile.
    "Oh, right. So, uh... You guys were hypnotized... All of you."
    "Miss Piggy too?" Mo asked.
    Fozzie shook his head.
    "Then where is she?" Kermit asked.
    Fozzie shrugged, but then remembered.
    "She got kiddnapped by Bowser! She was caged by Bowser and the Marios!"
    All eyes directed attention to Luigi, and no one else.
    "What?" Luigi asked.
    Jaz placed a hand on his cheek, and looked into his eyes. (Guess who was jealous.)
    "Luigi... Can I ask you something?"
    "Anything." Luigi sighed dreamily.
    "Do you still like me?"
    Luigi only blushed. How did she know? Did someone tell her? Was it Mario? Daisy? Whoever told is at the top of his list. (And the only one on the list for that matter.)
    "How did you know?"
    "C'mon Weegee, I see the way you look at me, and Fozzie always looks at you with angry faces. You still like me, and Fozzie's jealous about it, because he thinks that I prefer you over him... And Fozzie, I prefer you."
    Fozzie's melachony face changed in the blink of an eye. But... How did she...
    "And Fozzie, before you ask me how I know what you think, let's just say, your best friend reads you pretty well."
    Of course... It was the frog.
    Kermit started to whistle, with a slight, "no hard feelings" smile. Fozzie only moved his eyes to meet Kermit's face, but he still smiled. C'mon, can he really stay mad at him?
    "Jaz, I've tried moving on, but face it, it sucks to be Weegee. You're one of the only people who actually still appreciates me. Please take me back, no one else likes m-"
    "OPEN YOUR EYES!" Jaz interupted. "Daisy practically LOVES you! You're so stuck in me, that you can't even see Daisy!" Jaz yelled.
    Luigi met eyes with Daisy's, and suddenly, everything made sense to him. THAT'S why she's only extremely mean when she's around HIM! It makes perfect sense! That's her way of saying she likes him!
    "You women have a wierd way of expressing yourselves." Luigi said.
    "Tell me about it." Fozzie and Kermit agreed, adding a chuckle. However, on that note, Kermit remembered what they were doing before this mess.
    "Let's go save Piggy... If she hasn't already saved herself."
    Just as everyone began to enter the house, the whole house turned into... A Legend of Zelda level...?
    "See, now that makes no sense. You'd think, it'd be a Mario level or something!" Mo said.
    "Oh well. CUE THE WIERD MONTAGE!" Jaz yelled.
    "How do you do a montage for Zelda?"
    "The Brentalfloss way." Jaz then put on a fake beard, and quickly dressed Kermit in a hero's tunic.
    {Stuff from the montage with appear like this}
    I'm an old man, and this cave is my home, take this it's dangerous to go alone!
    Jaz shoved Kermit into the house with a sword that she somehow had, and the montage was about to officially begin.
    Now journey, across a spooky laaaand, you hold in your haaaaand, a sword that shoots laser beams!
    {Kermit is seen shooting lasers at some koopas}
    {Kermit is compared to peterpan}
    On a quest greater thaaaan, your dreams, than your dreams, than your dreams, fleemy geemy deemy...
    Go Kerm, travel here to over there, you'll find Bowser's lair, C'mon it's your destiny! Trust the hero inside, but if you're terrified, purchase the strategy guide,
    {Jaz pops in, and gives Kermit the strategy guide}
    from me. Forty dollars, also tax, HERE YA GO NOW!!!
    Piggy, is Hopeless and distraught,
    {A vision of Piggy sitting miserably in a cage is shown}
    but mostly she's hot,
    {Piggy batts her eyes flirtatiously}
    sooooo hurry! Just steady thy course, go find that triforce, and take it by force, and maybe she'll touch, your lips, with her lips, with her lips, lippy dippy chippy.
    Go Kerm, go and save her, seek out Bowser,
    go invade his barricade,
    {Kermit enters his room, finding Bowser}
    swing your blade,
    {Kermit strikes Bowser with his sword.}
    and save the maid,
    {Kermit frees Piggy from her cage}
    and you just might get.... PAID!
    {Kermit finds a bag of gold coins}
    "Kermie!" Piggy squealed. (More unwanted Pig puns!)
    Piggy embraced Kermit in a VERY tight hug...
    "Uh, Piggy... You're squeezing the guts outta me..." Kermit said, trying to manage breathing in his current situation.
    "OH! Sorry Mon Capitaine!" Piggy immediately released him, and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, causing him to blush wildly.
    Jaz, Fozzie, and Mo ran in, seeing the house become normal, and flooded with Muppets as usual.
    "So everything's back to normal?" Fozzie asked, gripping Jaz's hand.
    Kermit nodded, as Piggy dragged him by one hand, and led him outside.
    "It must be nice to be in love..." Mo sighed.
    "What about Grover?"
    "I need to talk to him, I haven't talked to him in forever..."
    Jaz smiled, and led her up to her room, where she was going to let Mo use her phone.
    What a reunion it has been so far...
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  20. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    OH! And here is the song used for the montage.

    It's a BrentalFloss song.

    That means, if you are under the age of uh... I'll say 13, because I know this stuff, and I'm supposed to, then please, if you're going to watch it, ask an adult...
    OR! If you have permission for this kind of thing...
    GO FOR IT~!



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