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Favorite Sesame human of all time

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by SCOOTER_101, May 26, 2005.

  1. BEAR Active Member

    Plus, if you see some of the early clips on her on the show, she looks so young and tiny. She easily passes as atleast a 16 year old.
  2. mikebennidict New Member

    you may all be right. the idea of Maria being a teen still doesn't sound right because since she always lived in the 123 building and there was no mention of parents it's hard to believe. i though the SSU book and i can't remember if they referred to her as a teen though they did refer to her as a hippie. now Gina was a teen when she appeared on the show and there was Mike and was recently mentioned here along with Salvon i think. most of them were gone by the time the 80s ended. but the thing about them is they didn't live on the apartment and i don't think they lived about Hooper's store like Bob does or above the fix it shop. like Mr. Hooper, David, and Luis before being married to Maria lived elsewhere. so it would of been pretty easy to have not included parents of the teen cast. i do believe Mr. Hooper was a married man because i recall 1 episode where a granddaughter of his phoned him and with the exeption of a coupl of episodes where his brother came to visit, to the best of my knoweledge most of his personal life wasn't exploered.
  3. Ziffel New Member

    Yeah, while it's true that actors in their 20's often have played the roles of teenagers ( as in "Happy Days" ), it seems likewise to me that her character was supposed to be her actual age of early 20's. She just seemed to relate to the other adults (and vice versa) that way. (Then again, to a child of age 4-7 in the early 70's as I was, a teenager probably would have seemed pretty old and grownup!). Another thing too is the scene I recall from about 1973 or 1974 where David had the tape recorder. I posted on this at this thread:

    http://forum.muppetcentral.com/showthread.php?t=19181&highlight=David Maria

    It doesn't seem too likely that David an adult would have said that Maria is always on his mind if she was a teen. But I can understand the comparison to Gina. Just think they never had Maria's character be quite that young (like no high school and high school graduation for Maria as they did with Gina in 1990 or so).
  4. BEAR Active Member

    In the book, Maria was referred to as a "teen". But even if she is in her early 20s, she can still have a relationship with David. How old do you suppose he was?
  5. GeeBee New Member

    You have to remember that David was pretty young when he started the show too and could probably have passed for someone in his late teens (at least by television standards). David and Maria pretty much represented the "younger generation" in the beginning.
  6. GeeBee New Member

    Well, it's not impossible for some teenagers to have their own apartments.

    Besides, look at Big Bird, six years old and where are his parents? ;)
  7. BEAR Active Member

    Speaking of Bird... I know he is, or was, written as a 6-year-old, but doesn't it seem as if lately, he has been allowed to age a bit...like almost to a 7 or 8 year old?
  8. jeffkjoe New Member

    I think Maria is the quintessential Sesame Street human cast member.

    Usually, she's the "go to" person when there's no one else around, and the one they use the most in street stories nowadays.

    A most valuable player that bridges the gap between old and new Sesame.
  9. Ziffel New Member

    He was also in his early 20's when Maria started the show in 1973. So I was just pointing out that I thought it would be unlikely for them to have an adult be interested in Maria if she was supposed to still be a minor on the show.

    That's true, just like the point raised before that often in television and movies people in their 20's have played younger people. But also remember in the case of David and Maria that sketch in her first or second year (1973 or 1974) where they were a couple about to be married and Bob was the minister. It's still possible that the show had her character be a teen. Just giving some reasons that lead me to think they more likely intended her to be a young adult as she was. Just my opinion. :)
  10. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    Yeah, I really can't find anything on Hal at all. I guess we can refer to him as the "lost" Gordon.
  11. mikebennidict New Member

    don't wanna sound fuzzy but it was 1971 when she joined.
  12. BEAR Active Member

    Then how come EVERY source I have read says she joined in '73/'74??
  13. I think they're pretty much all good. From a humorous perspective, I like the way Maria reacts to things like special effects now. But as far as having a natural interaction with the kids and puppets, I think Alan is really emerging as one of the best.
  14. BEAR Active Member

    Yeah, I have started to really like Alan a lot. It is so funny because there was a period of time when i would only tune in occassionally because of time, and one day I turn it on and I see this new guy running Hooper's. I thought, "Where did HE come from?!" I guess I wasn't really around too much during the time Handford left. Anyway... I agree, I think that Alan seems to naturally connect with the Muppets.

    What happened to the others' acting?!! Why is Maria such a spazz these days? I mean, don't get me wrong, of course I love Maria, but her acting seems to be so forced and over-done if you know what I mean. She used to be so much better. I mean, that was always one of the things I enjoyed seeing was how the humans on the show interacted with the Muppets, but now the original people seem to be overacting tremendously.

    Also...anyone know what happened to Susan? It doesn't seem like she is around much. I remember watching Elmo Saves Christmas and noticing how weird it was that Gordon and Miles were there and not her. Any thoughts?
  15. Tim Kelly Member

    I couldn't have put it better myself. Northern Calloway was the best singer in my opinion, and it's tragic that he died so young.
  16. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    It is kind of odd that Susan's appearances are rare these days. But she did show up in a recent episode (The "Healthy Food Game" ep), and was in "The Street We Live On" special.

    I think the situation has to do with the fact that Loretta Long was on the show from the very beginning, so maybe she's pursuing other projects. Just a thought.
  17. mikebennidict New Member

    i explained that i page 2 of this thread.
  18. mikebennidict New Member

    everyone has been on a lot less due to the ammount of epiosdes that are made these days and the present day format.
  19. BEAR Active Member

    Yeah, it is just so strange. Was she even in Elmo in Grouchland? She was interviewed with Maria and Bob for the A&E Biography of SS and in Elmopalooza. I hope she will be interviewed in the new doc special. For the longest time I thought she had just dissapeared. Her and Bob are our windows into the Sesame Street way back when. Do you think her lack of presence has anything to do with age? Although Bob shows up so much more often. I see him as more of a symbol or representation of Sesame Street than any other human. Him and Susan have been there the longest and know what it is all about.
    By the way...I know that Gina is still on the show, but did she go away for a while and come back? What was that about?
    Also, does anyone know what ever happened to past cast members who have left the show? Thanks
  20. Ziffel New Member

    Ah I see on post#19 that you mentioned that she said in an interview that she started doing the show in season 3 (1971). So I guess the sources that say 1973 or 1974 are erroneous (unless 1973 was the first year she was a REGULAR cast member. But that's probably doubtful since there really weren't any sporadic adults on the show (as there were with muppets like Professor Hastings!) By the way, I thought of Professor Hastings at work today because my foot fell asleep during my lunch hour!

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