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Favorite Sesame Street Skits 90's

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by dinoboy, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Muppet Frog

    Muppet Frog Active Member

    I Wonder 'Bout the World Above Up There, Zoe's new bed, I Don't Want to Live on the Moon Aaron Neville version, Zoe and Wolfgang skits, Girls of the World, Siesta/Fiesta, Ernie counts backwards, Read Me a Story, Kermit and Grover show light and dark, Pet to the Vet, Carribbean Amphibian Kermit and Jimmy Buffett's version, Zoe and Bob talk about around the corner and Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster imagine CM planning to steal Prairie's cookie.
  2. Kiki

    Kiki Active Member

    I've posted in this thread already, but I didn't really give a proper answer...

    "Alphaquest" segments (when I saw that thry were on the '40 Years of Sunny Days' set, I was like, "oh my goodness, this brings back so many memories!").

    "C Drives Me Crazy"

    "Heavy and Light"

    Anything with Benny Bunny- I'm trying to find my beanie! ;__;

    Cecile sketches. She was cool :p

    Erm... Suzie Kabloozie...

    Lady with her 'O'

    "With a Little Yelp From My Friends"

    "My Animal Books"

    Monster Pieces Theatre sketches

    "Two Princes" :)

    Alphabet Jungle

    Those jungle segments, which sort of looked cut out (vague, I know)

    Anything with Wolfgang :)

    "You Don't Have to Be..."


    "What is Friend?"


    "Throw it My Way"


    "I'm a Little Aeroplane" (I just remember watching it in th 90s, but I don't know whether it was actually made then)

    "Five Jive"

    The "Aligator" cartoon... my brother and I still always make references to that ;)

    Ruthie moments!

    "Eight Balls of Fur"

    The "Wateroon" (?) song

    Billy Joel singing the alphabet

    Elmo and Whoopie :3

    "The Sound That's In The Air"

    "My Name is Zoe"

    ...and many more. Gee, I can't wait until I get broadband and I'll be able to use Youtube.
  3. Muppet Frog

    Muppet Frog Active Member

    I think Eight Balls of Fur is from the 80's.
  4. Kiki

    Kiki Active Member

    Hm, actually, you're probably right there. I just remember a lot of 80s sketches growing up! ;)
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Some of my favorites:
    • Don't Throw That Trash on the Ground
    • Air with Guy Smiley
    • I Wonder About the World Above Up There
    • Ernie catches fish
    • Mountain of Love
    • This Song's for the Birds
    • the Alphaquest segments
    • Arnold Rides a Chair
    • Monsterpiece Theater: ABCD Blue
    • Things That I Remember
    • Monster in the Mirror
    • Grover competes with another waiter
    • Grover works on Charlie's Birthday
    • Grover works at a bakery
    • Grover works at a chicken restaurant
    • Oscar recalls the time he met Slimey
    • I'm Sad Because I'm Happy
    • Jim Carrey demonstrates happy and sad with his feet
    • You Tickle Me
    • Kermit and Grover demonstrate "light" and "dark"
  6. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    My Favorites Are These
    . The Time Clock skits
    . The Big Bird & Snuffy Bumpers from Season 31 (Yes, they count as 90's segments, filmed in 1999)
    . "Little Miss Count Along" w/ The Count, Zoe, & the Spin Doctors
    . "Count it 1-2-3" w/ the Counting Crows
    . "Eight Balls of Fur" w/ Little Chrissy & the Alphabeats
    . "Believe in Yourself" w/ Ray Charles, Elmo, & SS Cast
    . "Night Bug Boogie" w/ AM Bugs
    . "The Boogie-Woogie Piggies" w/ the Oinker Sisters & Farm Animals
    . The Count's Storybook Theatre: Countilocks & the 20 Rabbits (I cracked up at The Count's feminine voice)
    . "Rap 'n Count" w/ Kid 'n Play & The Count (I haven't seen this one yet but I will when it's posted up on Youtube)
    . Next To w/ Elmo, Zoe, Telly, Rosita, Herry, Humphrey, Ingrid, & Homer Honker
    . "Conga!" w/ Gloria Estafan & SS Cast
    . Telly & The Count Demonstrating Over & Under
    . Monsterpiece Theater: Little House on Prairie
    . Monsterpiece Theater: Conservations with My Father
    . Monsterpiece Theater: Cyranose de Bergerac
    . Monsterpiece Theater: Monster in a Box
    . Monsterpiece Theater: Howard's End
    . Monsterpiece Theater: ABCD Blue
    . Monsterpiece Theater: The Horse Whisperer
    . Monsterpiece Theater: 1 Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest
    . "That's The Way I Read" w/ Zoe, Telly, & Prairie Dawn
    . Count to Twenty w/ Liam Neeson & The Count
    . "Be Doodle Dee Dum" w/ Elmo, Zoe, Telly, Ernie, Bert, Baby Bear, Rosita, a Honker, & Mama Bear
    . "Gospel Alphabet" w/ Patti LaBelle & SS Muppets
    . "Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5" w/ Lillian, The Count and his All-Bat Band, & Muppet Birds
    . "Counting Vacation" w/ The Count
    . "Singin' in the Rain" w/ Grover & Prairie Dawn
    . "C is For Cookie" (1998 Remake) w/ Cookie Monster, Elmo, Grover, Zoe, Rosita, Telly, Herry, and AM Monsters
    . Light & Dark w/ Kermit the Frog & Grover
    . Counting School w/ The Count & AM Students
    . Late Night on Sesame Street w/ Conan O'Brien, Telly, Herry, & AM Monsters
    . "Sing" w/ Nathan Land & the Oinker Sisters
    . Wynton Marsalis's Monster Music Class w/ Wynton Marsalis, Elmo, Zoe, Telly, & 2 Honkers
    . Make It So, Number One w/ Patrick Stewart & The Count
    . "Counting Backwards in Spanish" w/ The Count, Tito, & AM Muppets
    . "I'm Sad Because I'm Happy" w/ Oscar the Grouch
    . Wubba-Ball w/ Elmo & AM Monsters
    . The Super Morphin Mega Monster Sketches
    . "Baby, You Can Count on Me" w/ The Count & Baby Natasha
    . "Seven With Count" w/ The Count & The Countess
    . "A Cat Had a Birthday" w/ Kingston Livingston and Muppet Animals
    . "Kingston's House Party" w/ Kingston, Elmo, Zoe, Rosita, Telly, The Count, & Prairie Dawn
    . The Sesame Street Open w/ Prairie Dawn, Cookie Monster, & Herry Monster
    . What If The Alphabet Song Began With B w/ Big Bird
    . "Really, Really, Really Glad I'm Me" w/ Mary Chapin Carpenter, Big Bird, Zoe, Telly, The Count, & Baby Bear
    . "Cluck Around the Clock" w/ Little Chrissy & The Alphabeats
    . "My Outer Space Friend" w/ Telly & a Martian
    . "Eating Cookie" w/ Cookie Monster
    . The Mulberry Bush w/ the Twiddlebug Family
    . "Let's Lay an Egg" w/ Muppet Animals
    . "Adventure" w/ En Vogue, Elmo, The Count, Ernie, Rubber Duckie, Super Grover, Oscar, the Honkers, the Dingers, and The Martians
    . "The Elephant Elevator Operator" w/ Horatio the Elephant, Rosita, & AM Muppets
    . "Mr. Between" w/ Mr. Between, Wolfgang the Seal, Two Guys Named Ed, AM Girl, a Duck, a Fish, and Horatio
    . "Ill Alphabetto" w/ Madame Alma Cluck & Muppet Birds
    . "The Sound That's in the Air" w/ Elmo
    . "Five Jive with Elmo Hammer" w/ Elmo & two AM Monsters
    . "What is Friend?" (both versions) w/ Cookie Monster
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  7. BuddyBoy600alt

    BuddyBoy600alt Active Member

    Here are some of my favorite 90's Sesame Street skits:

    *Muppets/Cast/Song: (2-part skit) Cerrado and Abierto (Sung by a green frusterated anything muppet with help from Maria)
    *Muppets/Song: Chrissy and the Alphabeats sings "Gonna Rock you to Sleep."
    *Cartoon/Song: Cecille the Ball
    *Muppets/Song: Four Lambs
    *Muppets: All Colambo skits
    *Muppets/Song: Chrissy and the Alphabeats sings "Wet or Dry."
    *Muppets/Song: Chrissy and the Alphabeats sings "Eight Balls of Fur"
    *Muppets: Mr. Johnson goes to a photographer studio so he can get his picture taken. And Grover only took the picture of his foot and hand, then he was out of film.
    *Monsterpiece Theatre: Conservation with Father (Featuring Cookie Monster's Father)
    *Cartoon: Three Taxi Chairs (Featuring background music of Gracie Jones' "Pull it to the Bumper")
    *Muppets/Celebrities/Song: Ray Charles and other celebrities and muppets sing "The Alphabet Song"
    *Muppets/Cebebrities: Patrick Stewart helps Count Von Count get the number 1 in the right spot ("Make it so, Number 1!")
    *Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash, Slimey has landed on the moon (Street scene from one of the episodes of Season 29)
    *Cartoon/Song: Gloria Globe sings "I am the World."
    *Muppets/Celebrities/Song: Bobby McFerrin sings "Tweet in the Morning" with muppet birds.
    *Film: A girl plays with her dog at a beach (Featuring background music of Bobby McFerrin's "Simple Pleasure.")
    *Cebrities: Robin Williams demonstrates what is alive, And what is not alive?
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  8. DePingPong

    DePingPong Active Member

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