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Fraggle DVD coming this summer in the US

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Phillip, Jun 18, 2004.


Let HIT know how much would you would pay for a 24-episode Fraggle season box set.

Poll closed Sep 16, 2004.
  1. I'd pay up to $39 per box set

    39 vote(s)
  2. I'd pay up to $59 per box set

    35 vote(s)
  3. I'd pay $79 or higher for a box set

    20 vote(s)
  4. I wouldn't buy a box set at any price

    5 vote(s)
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  1. AndyL

    AndyL Member

    I would be thankful if they actually released the product I want instead of trying for the lowest common denominator like usual.

    I doubt that they're aiming at us fans at all. They're probably REALLY targeting the parents who just want something,anything, that they can toss in a dvd player so that they don't have to pay attention to the kids for half an hour. If true, then it's easy to see why they wouldn't be interested in boxed sets.
    Other countries got boxed sets. Gotta love it here in America where it's preferred to sell lots of mediocre products rather than a few good products.

    Consider this : Does buying this out-of-order two-episode disk show HIT that a boxed set would be profitable? Or does it show HIT that more out-of-order two-episode disks would be profitable?

    (Making both at the same time would be even less profitable so they're going to have to choose.)

    While were on a similar subject, Perhaps the real reason they skipped #2 is that they're concerned that it contains a moral that many ultra-conservative parents might find too subversive and anti-authority for children? Sounds crazy I know, but recently a lot of people have been acting even crazier these days.
  2. wembleyfraggle

    wembleyfraggle Well-Known Member

    I think your logic is skewed! You seem to be the only one who thinks this way. That had to be the longest message ive ever read and it only made me mad...at you! If HIT is reading your message the only thing i see hapening from it is HIT getting mad and not releasing FR on DVD at all.

    If you hate the idea so bad, just don't buy the disc! Save us the speach and say to yourself "well instead of making everyone ****** im just going to not buy the DVD and keep it to myself!"

  3. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member

    They obviously are aiming this at fans...

    When my Nephews and Neices come over and they want to watch Fraggle Rock I certainly dont show them episode One or Two.

    I show them the exciting, magical, heartfelt stories. If HIT! were aiming this at the little kids then there would be two of the best eps on the DVD... Not the first two.

    :smirk: <-- Still Concerned
  4. Sir Didymus

    Sir Didymus Well-Known Member

  5. Oliver

    Oliver Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm sure that would be the likely scenario.

    You must be 10 years old.
  6. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member

    I agree with Tyler, Rather than trying to convince others of your opinion. Just take it on your own and do your own thing.

    Because the opinion you are putting out will not help with Fraggle DVD's. Which means its the opinion that we dont want to hear.
  7. David Slater

    David Slater New Member

    i want season sets on dvd...

    this 2 show dvd release is not worth my time or money.
    i want season sets on dvd... :smirk:
  8. Brian Damage

    Brian Damage Active Member

    Well, here goes my first post here:

    A little figuring left me with a probable price in Aussie dollars for a 24 episode set, based upon the assumption that the sets are worth roughly US$80... turned out to be about AU$120... I reckon I could stand paying that...

    The reason is, I just found an old copy of the video "Fraggles Make Good Friends!" (Aussie version of "Meet The Fraggles") a couple of weeks ago, and all the memories of this show came flooding back at once (Well, of what I'd seen, Ie: The end of the show and the animated version). Been searching around on the web for it ever since....

    Imagine my surprise when I found out about a possible DVD release. I'd be over the moon if they released the whole thing.

    I suppose what I mean, after all that rambling, is that I'd be chuffed to pay $120 for it. After all, an episode of FR goes for around 25 minutes or so, and there would be 24 of them, making 24 x 25 = 600 minutes of fragglyness per set.

    Now, over here, I'd say DVD's, good DVD's, are about 30 - 40 bucks each, and most movies seem to average around 120 minutes (Two hours) duration... So 600/120 = 5 (600 minutes is like five movies), and five times, say, $35, is $175... So I'd say that $120 for ten hours of Fraggle Rock is cool. Not to mention any extra thingummies they might have.

    To recap: Here, in Oz, 10h of movies is worth about $175. The boxed set, with 10h of FR, will be, assuming the price translates directly (Which it will, apart from shipping, if I order it from America) around $120. Which is alright with me...

    Someone tell me if I got the sums wrong, I'm off to watch TV for a while, in order to let my mind settle back into its original shape after all that math...

    (Nice to meet you all, BTW. Name's Brian. Brian Damage.)
  9. Oliver

    Oliver Well-Known Member

    Nice to see someone else excercising intelligence here.
  10. Muppet Crypts

    Muppet Crypts Well-Known Member

    Hit should put it is a soft pack and sell it for 4.99-7.99 the 2 episode disc that is
  11. Brian Damage

    Brian Damage Active Member

    Like some sort of sampler?
  12. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I would think with 2 episdoes it'd be a sampler.
  13. Brian Damage

    Brian Damage Active Member

    Ah, didn't know what a "Soft pack" was...

    Well, if it's technically a sampler... Shouldn't it be two of the better episodes anyway? Or would it be the a couple of the first ones in order to get those who are unfamiliar with the show used to it?

    I dunno, I've just been hoping they release the whole thing...
  14. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I would think this option, to get folks to refamiliarize themselves with Fraggles.

    Hey, everyone!

    Instead of complaining about there only being two episodes on the DVD, or which ones were chosen, why not start thinking postively about this:

    TEST RUN! FRAGGLE DVD!! If it sells well, we may get what we want!

    Discuss what you'd like to see, stop worrying about what we're getting 'for now...' who knows what the future holds?

    The SHADOW knows...oops, sorry. Wrong franchise...
  15. Brian Damage

    Brian Damage Active Member

    Yeah, I suppose. And even then, if they show no inclination to give people the series in chronological order, there's always the option of a massive email bombardment...

    I'd mainly like to see the episodes that were on the TV when I was too young to remember them at all, followed by the episodes I can just barely remember.

    But that kind of goes without saying, I suppose... I'd quite like to see the last one again...

    Oh, if you mean what we'd like to see in the sets... I'd like to see that 45 minute special that the UK DVD, I believe, had...
  16. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    What "I" want to see is a season-by-season Chronological dvd release that includes specials such as "Down at Fraggle Rock," and even interviews (et al) with the performers today. They can even put phone interviews on the DVD with photographs/stills of the production and characters on the screen. That'd work!
  17. Brian Damage

    Brian Damage Active Member

    Yeah, I realised what you meant. I wouldn't mind seeing that "Fraggles Look For Jobs", or whatever it was called... I don't think that was ever on Aussie TV... Perhaps in the last set...
  18. David Slater

    David Slater New Member

    well, if it comes down to it i still have most of Fraggle Rock on tapes.
    if they cant bother puting them on season dvd sets then ill just have to live with my tapes.
  19. tvoice

    tvoice New Member

    Yeah...it's not just the fact that this new DVD is only going to give two measly episodes for $15 but if we had to buy every episode the same way i'd have to have a set of shelves JUST for Fraggle Rock.
    I always thought five episodes was good for animated shows. Four acceptable. Three and I would think twice. Two...well I didn't even consider that someone would try that. It should really be in the $6-$10 range for that.
  20. Oliver

    Oliver Well-Known Member

    Not to mention that if HIT! were to continue with this proposed release context, it would cost us $720 to own the entire series!

    $75 US for 10 episodes... sure.

    This company's due for a huge reality check.

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