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Fraggle figures! (we need 'em)

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by BEAR, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Well, the way I see it is that it's highly possible for Palisades to acquire the licsence. Look at it this way,

    JHC gave the licsence to Palisades for the Muppets in 2002. And even though Disney bought out the Muppets, Palisades still produced like 6 figs before the licsence expired.

    Also, Ken said that he talked to Brian Henson once and Brian said he was happy with the line so far. So if JHC liked what they saw with the Muppets, don't you think they'd like Fraggles too? I think if Palisades asked JHC for the licsence, we'd see Fraggle figs.
  2. Foodie

    Foodie Well-Known Member

    Plus if this Fraggle Rock movie does happen, they'll hafta try cashing in on it somehow. :smirk:

  3. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    To true, to true.:D
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    OK... Will get on it, there'll be a few changes regarding the Merggles though.
    BTW: Remember that HIT has to be part of the conversation for Fraggle Rock figures, since there the ones who control the merchandising rights. JHC will have to give the ultimate go-ahead, but HIT needs to be part of the mix also.
    And here's hoping the FR movie does get off the ground and those stupid retailers who nixed getting the license in the first place with the Muppets are proven wrong.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    OK, here it is with some revisions.

    Fraggle Rock.
    Series 1.
    Gobo Fraggle: Comes with Ditzy pack-in figure, tan mandolin guitar, postcard, knapsack, map of Fraggle Rock caverns, and Fraggle-lantern.
    Felix the Fearless: Comes with Rotary Doozer pack-in figure, magnetic magic gauntlets, miniature tunnel turnstile, and Spiral Cavern spinning rock base for wayward travelers.
    Sprocket the Dog: Comes with basket-bed and moss-wrapped postcards from Uncle Matt. He appears to be as tall as Phil van Neuter, but that's because of his positioning.
    He has his head looking upwards, his belly fully visible, and his pawed hands pushing outwards.
    Cantus the Minstrel: Comes with Wrench Doozer pack-in figure, red-crystaline Doozerstick tower, golden magic pipe, and glowing musical rocks.
    Cantus Repaint: Wears silver flowing robes. Comes with Wrench Doozer pack-in figure, yellow-crystaline Doozerstick tower, silver magic pipe, and rosey glowing musical rocks.

    Series 2.
    Wembley Fraggle: Comes with Cotterpin Doozer pack-in figure, Doozer rover vehicle, twin halved melons, rock-climbing ladder, and extra banana-tree shirt on hanger.
    Firechief Fraggle: Comes with Flange Doozer and Wingnut Doozer pack-in figures, magnetic firefighter's hat, water gallon canister with armstrap and hose nozzle, and a red-crystaline Doozerstick highrise tower. Flames surround the tower's borders, as if it were burning.
    Mudwell the Mud Bunny: Comes with The Lizard pack-in figure, two round mud pies, rocky fully-caked muddy tub, and four break-away eggshell saucer segments.
    Murray the Minstrel: Comes with Tumbrell Doozer pack-in figure, red-crystaline Doozerstick bridge segment, tan guitar, and canteen of water.
    Murray Repaint: Wears earthen muddy brown coat. Comes with Tumbrell Doozer pack-in figure, yellow crystaline Doozerstick bridge segment, slate gray guitar, and canteen of water.

    Series 3.
    Mokey Fraggle: Comes with Lanford pack-in figure that has opening jaws, tin filled with radishes, watering can, paintbrush, and easel with portrait of Magical Spider-Fly.
    Herkimer Fraggle: Comes with book of riddles marked by a black question mark, handheld bell, small circular rock base with rod for the bell, and Rhyming Rock swinging pendulum rock.
    Philo and Gunge: Come with rusted radiator bed, broken bowl-like pot bed, dented baby's rattle, badly brewing coffee perkilator, worn-out hair curler, and metallic wastebasket.
    Brio the Minstrel: Comes with Architect Doozer pack-in figure, red-crystaline Doozerstick gateway, Doozer blueprints, red castanets, and Fraggle-lantern.
    Brio Repaint: Wears cold stone gray robes. Comes with Architect Doozer pack-in figure, yellow-crystaline Doozerstick gateway, Doozer blueprints, dark castanets, and Fraggle-lantern.

    Series 4.
    Red Fraggle: Comes with radish bars, Tug-a-Tails trophy, collection of smooth rollies, outstretched folding hammock, and small tower of odd-shaped stones.
    Blue Dragon: Comes with basket full of peaches, and shrunken lightning tree.
    This figure, in its massive dimensions, takes up almost half the package space.
    Rock Hockey Hannah: Comes with magnetic helmet, rock hockey sticks, rock hockey puck, rock hockey championship trophy, and ice-frosted penalty box with icicles hanging from its rim.
    Brool the Minstrel: Comes with Crosscut Doozer pack-in figure, red-crystaline Doozerstick bridge segment, white banjo, and satchel filled with berries.
    Brool Repaint: Wears lava enrichened red coat. Comes with Crosscut Doozer pack-in figure, yellow crystaline Doozerstick bridge segment, ash black banjo, and satchel filled with berries.

    Series 5.
    Boober Fraggle: Comes with magnetic lucky cap, walking stick, Book of Superstitions, laundry basket filled with Fraggle laundry, lucky blanket/washcloth, and pot with radishes.
    Tosh Fraggle: Comes with The Beast pack-in figure, studded collar and leash, four extra manicle chains, friendship ring, smooth blue rollie, and yellow Fraggle pebble.
    Treebird Creatures: Includes figures of Papa Treebird Creature, Mama Trebird Creature and Baby Treebird Creature. Comes with family nest, treebranch roofing bridge, two laid eggs, and swinging perch which hooks into the underside of the treebranch bridge above the nest.
    Balsam the Minstrel: Comes with Hammerhead Doozer pack-in figure, red-crystaline Doozerstick tower, light brown bongo drums, and streaming banners.
    Balsam Repaint: Wears light rosey robes. Comes with Hammerhead Doozer pack-in figure, yellow-crystaline Doozerstick tower, chalk white bongo drums, and streaming banners.

    Series 6.
    Uncle "Travelling" Matt Fraggle: Comes with magnetic pit helmet, scrolled map of Outer Space, small Doozer statue, roasting Doozerstick, rugged knapsack, bag of dry radishes, and compass.
    Fluffinella, Mr. Schimelfinney's Cat: Comes with two mispainted garden gnomes, ball of yarn, scratching post, quart of milk, and Fraggle-hole wall socket.
    Storyteller Fraggle: Comes with book of Fraggle stories, empty wooden bookshelf, stack of leather-bound books, and giant golden-brown mushroom seat from which she reads her stories.
    Mervin Merggle: Comes with dead black hatrack tree branch, set of magnetic hats to place on the tree branch, and two trails of knobblies connected by small hooks.
    Mervin Repaint: Wears copper brown shirt. Comes with white living hatrack tree branch, set of differently colored magnetic hats, and two trails of knobblies connected by small hooks.

    Series 7.
    Convincing John: Comes with Flying Batworm pack-in figure, magnetic straw hat, lightly wooden cane, giant golden melon, and white Doozerstick obelisk.
    Begoony: Comes with miniature Mokey Fraggle ragdoll figurine, couple of hanging cobwebs, baby spider figure, and Fraggle dollhouse featuring an external Doozerstick framework.
    The Poison Cackler: Comes with open-faced rocky nesting area, two rocky pillars, set of small skull-shaped Poison Cackler eggs, and set of chewed Fraggle bones gathered in a heap.
    Merkie Merggle: Comes with dead black rooted tree stump, two skeleton fish, three black mystical seashells, and two trails of knobblies connected by small hooks.
    Merkie Repaint: Wears gauzy black shroud. Comes with white living rooted tree stump,two skull fish, three black mystical seashells, and two trails of knobblies connected by small hooks.

    Series 8.
    Sidebottom Fraggle: Comes with Flying Whoopie Cushion pack-in, magnetic lucky cap, jester's staff, Fraggle mask of comedy, wall-mounted dartboard, two darts, and floating stand.
    The Mean Genie: Comes with non-removable turban hat, ancient lamp, flattened floating rock platform, wishing well bucket and hanging rod, and small sack of copper coins.
    Sir Blunderbrain: Comes with singing sword, medieval shield, magnetic helmet, wrong-way goofy compass, and foreboding twisted tunnel segment that leads all the way to Outer Space.
    Merboo Merggle: Comes with dead black mossy tree covering, four small oysters, silent summoning conch, and two trails of knobblies that connect by small hooks.
    Merboo Repaint: Wears shadowy gray shirt. Comes with white living dewey tree covering, four small oysters, silver summoning conch, and two trails of knobblies connected by small hooks.

    Series 9.
    Large Marvin Fraggle: Comes with Scoop Doozer pack-in figure, box of crackers, large rounded water drinking bottle, pogostick jackhammer, and red-crystaline Doozerstick archway.
    The Glob: Comes with Yeaster Doozer pack-in figure, mechanized eggbeater rider, roofed Doozerstick cage, magnetic Doozer hardhat, pair of magnetic Doozer arms, and pair of magnetic Doozer legs.
    The Glob is big enough so as to fit a couple of Doozers inside its body.
    Gillis Fraggle: Comes with Flutebird pack-in figure, conductor's baton, music stand,and elongated Doozerstick bridge divided into white and black bars like a keyboard platform.
    Merple Merggle: Comes with dead black tree branch with last gray hopeful leaves, empty birdcage, two white ghost birds, and two trails of knobblies connected by small hooks.
    Merple Repaint: Wears shimmering foam white shirt. Comes with white living tree branch with gold leaves, empty birdcage, two white happy birds, and two trails of knobblies connected by small hooks.

    Series 10.
    World's Oldest Fraggle and Henchi Fraggle: Come with whacking walking stick, book of Fraggle Rock: History & Cultural Traditions, and the Great Fraggle Horn.
    Wander McMooch: Comes with Bulldoozer pack-in figure, rhinestone potted plant, deed to the Gorg's castle and lands, mini Gorg's Castle model, and Doozerstick rampways.
    The Wizard: Comes with Baby Poison Cackler pack-in figure, magnetic wizard's hat, extra magnetic hair and beard, extra banana tree shirt and hanger, thunderbolt magic staff, ominous black book of Fraggle magic spells, and small gray box with three or four smoke pellets.
    Mermer Merggle: Comes with dead black tree trunk, gold balltopped wisdom wand, golden rock-formed seat, and two trails of knobblies connected by small hooks.
    Mermer Repaint: Wears royal violet shirt. Comes with white living tree trunk, silver balltopped wisdom wand, silver rock-formed seat, and two trails of knobblies connected by small hooks.

    Regular Exclusives:
    S1: Retro Gobo Fraggle: Comes with dark-skinned mandolin guitar, sliding greaseberry leaf, Uncle Matt's 1st postcard, and crystal clear fork-toothed Doozerstick rod.
    Gobo has his long wild hairdo from the Beginnings episode, and wears his original dark jacket.
    S2: Frogger Wembley Fraggle: Comes with flyswatter, buggy eyepiece, antenna receiver, and flies in a jar. Wembley's dressed in his human or Fraggle fly costume.
    S3: Winter Coat Mokey Fraggle: Comes with pack-in figure of Agnes the Fuzzy ToeTickler, icy frosted caterpillar cocoon, and icy bell. The coat includes a hood worn over Mokey's head.
    Mokey's dressed in a grayish, thick hooded coat, protecting her from the winter chills.
    S4: Swimsuit Red Fraggle: Comes with a Doozerstick ladder, two water spectacular banners, and three S curving water slide segments big enough for Doozers, supported by thin columns.
    Red's dressed in a red and white striped swimsuit, with some reeds tangled in her hair.
    S5: Dr. Boober Fraggle: Comes with assorted Inkspot pack-in figures, pebble pox vaccine, Book of Fraggle Diseases, and cherry flavored tongue depressor.
    Boober's dressed in his doctor's uniform, complete with labcoat and doctor's headband.
    S6: Steppin' Out "Travelling" Matt Fraggle: Comes with magnetic pit helmet, halved melon cups, drinking glass, and bottle of Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water.
    Matt's dressed in a white-pressed shirt, charcoal pants, black tux jacket, and white bowtie.
    S7: The Fragglettes: Three differently sculpted figures, each come with a blue-gray songbook.
    These are Convincing John's backup singers, each dressed in a shimmering blue-grayish gown.
    S8: Glamour Storyteller Fraggle: Comes with open mushroom cap parasol, removable white pearl-adorned framed glasses, chilled ice bucket, and classy table propped up on two legs.
    Storyteller Fraggle's dressed in a chalk white ballgown, complete with gloves and pearl earrings.
    S9: Splashdown Large Marvin Fraggle: Comes with Doozerstick ladder, diving board, scorecards, and enlargened tub with sculpted surface bubbles to place below the water slide.
    Large Marvin wears a wrinkled towel around his neck, and a pair of black swimming trunks.
    S10: Uncle Gobo Fraggle: Comes with two Singing Cactuses, wooden walking stick with silver-knobbed balltop, caveway arched entrance, and original labyrinth map of Fraggle Rock.
    Uncle Gobo wears a beige shirt, khaki jeans, and hiking boots to match.

    Convention, Online or Super Retailer Boxed Exclusives.
    Junior Gorg: Made available in May of Contract's 2nd Year.
    If Sweetums is 10.5" tall and Big Bird might end up as 11" tall, then Junior and the Gorgs have to be at least 12" tall or slightly larger to maintain the scale throughout the entire line.
    Comes with crudely made Mokey salt shaker and Gobo pepper shaker, and tin of radishes.
    Junior's dressed in his knavelike casual Gorg clothes, with a bit of dirt around the sleevecuffs.
    Ma Gorg: Made available in November of Contract's 2nd Year.
    She would have to be at least 12.25 inches tall, so as to seem larger than her son.
    Comes with golden harp, magnetic headdress, and Mavis the Mirror.
    Ma Gorg's dressed in her classical flowing dress, apronlike skirt, and house slippers.
    Pa Gorg: Made available in May of Contract's 3rd Year.
    He would have to be at least between 12.33 and 12.5 inches, made taller thanks to his crown.
    Comes with magnetic Gorg's crown, box with royal crown jewels, and Gorg's Killer Souffle.
    Pa Gorg's dressed in his usual shirt, pants and shoes, and regally rich violet robes.
    Madam Margerie Trash Heap: Made available in November of Contract's 3rd Year.
    Her body would be raised from the floor of trash at the base of the figure.
    The whole figure would be at least 9" tall, towering over all Fraggles and most of the other Muppets.
    She would have her glasses on her face, and a pair of old curlers in her hair.
    Comes with a pair of dingy lampshades, old newspaper crossword puzzle,and ratty quilt.
    Vegetable peels line the trashy base, as well as some chicken bones and broken bottles.
  6. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Wha ha ha! Wow Ed that's amazing! If that happened...my wallet would be emptier than it already is...
  7. DTWolf

    DTWolf Well-Known Member

    A touch of gloom and doom

    Palisades has said that Fraggle figures would not sell well--I believe the words used were "the market just isn't as big as you think it is," meaning that there simply weren't enough potential buyers. While lots of Muppet Central folks--including me--would buy Fraggle figures, the regular world is another story. (All the old threads from the Palisades forum are gone now, so I'm relying on memory here.)

    However, that judgement was before plans were announced for a movie and before even the DVD box set. So public interest has been and will continue to be stirred up. I really hope that if a movie comes about we'll get figures of at least the "Fraggle Five," and possibly Traveling Matt. But if we're looking at a tie-in for a children's movie, I think Palisades is not the most likely manufacturer. Maybe they would make the best figures, but a movie tie-in deal would need fast, on-time delivery, and, let's face it, meeting a scheduled release date has never been a strength at Palisades. I think JHC and HIT would be likely to look elsewhere and be ready to license lower-quality, less collector-oriented, mass-market toys.

    So I hope we see some Fraggle figures (articulated! posable!), I really do, but I'm not expecting a set from Palisades.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well... Also from memory...

    When Palisades got the license for the Muppets, they had expressed interest in getting the license for FR. However, after talking to the retailers at that time, the stores basically wouldn't support the line because it was too obscure in their minds.
    But with the possibility of a movie, I hope those plans are reconsidered.

    Oh, and while we're talking about release schedules... That's rully a crap shoot, it's either hit or miss or rollback when it comes to releases from most every toy manufacturing company.
    Hope this helps.
  9. MuppetfraggleEX

    MuppetfraggleEX Well-Known Member

    I have a large collection of Muppet Figures, and I would love to have the fraggles too. Right now I just have them in plush. I also have alot of the Muppets. I would even love a Sesame Street set too. With Fat Blue and all. LOL
  10. Effralyo

    Effralyo Well-Known Member

    Convincing John would be neat! More flexible than the rest...
  11. MWoO

    MWoO Well-Known Member

    It's not a matter of asking for thel icense. Palisafdes has to pay for it. Right now they are having a hard time getting Sesame Street into store, and that show is still huge and on the air. Maybe if the fraggle rock movie does really well it would be worth it, but not now.
  12. zeldazipple

    zeldazipple Well-Known Member

    Are you serious?!! I didn't knwo they made that maney Fraggle Figures. How did you get those anyway?
  13. zeldazipple

    zeldazipple Well-Known Member

    Got you noe.. I think.
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ahem... Mayhaps you guys should glance over the lineup I posted earlier in this thread. Might serve as a bit of lead-off for plans of your own.
  15. DTWolf

    DTWolf Well-Known Member

    Baba's posts have got me thinking about those Doozer pack-ins (not that the Count didn't mention them too). . .

    Choking-hazard concerns have been the stumbling block for in-scale Doozer figures, but isn't there a way? Okay, you might have to cheat the scale a little bit, but I can picture little-bitty PVC-like groupings of two or three Doozers on a single base, as one solid piece. Or a Doozer in a crane or two Doozers riding in one of their jeep-like vehicles. If you grouped enough Doozers together or stuck them in vehicles or attached to Doozer buildings you could have your Doozers close to scale without having tiny eensy-weensy parts.

    Not the same as a single-piece Cotterpin, I know, but it's something.

    (And either way, the Count and Baba are dead-on right about having Doozer constructions as accessories. Those could be in-scale with the Fraggles regardless.)
  16. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Well I think that for now, We should just hope that the Sesame Street figures will come out. But it would be great to have the Fraggles in the set as well, I would love to have the Five main Fraggles as well Uncle Matt. The Grogs would have to be huge, and probably still not huge enough for it to look like the real grogs. But it would still be cool.
  17. CoOKiE

    CoOKiE Well-Known Member

    I agree with Bear. Seeing how it is Fraggle "ROCK" its all about music as well. So, the inturments are a good add.

    I would have had Cantus in Series 1. And Hold off on red, and switch with Mokey. Only because the Red and Gobo combo is a really hard hitter... thinking about that, i changed my mind.

    But i was thinking if Red was in series 2, series 2 would do better.

    And i'd say Philo and Gunge should come as a 2 pack, and not with Treash Heap. I'd say that Trash Heap should come alone, with the set. They can make extra money selling Philo and Gunge seperate from her set base because you'd need them to complete the look of the scene. Like Pigs in space. You needed 3 characters, but they were spereate.
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Uh... Would recommend you go back through the thread and reread the posts with my own individual lineup ideas. Hope this helps.
  19. jacobsnchz

    jacobsnchz Well-Known Member

    I would LOOOOVE Fraggle Figures! I would love to see the Cantus one! :)
  20. CoOKiE

    CoOKiE Well-Known Member

    Yea i didn't exactly see that there were 3 pages untill AFTER i said something...

    Do you think putting them all in seperate waves is a good idea? It would push the line-up further... but most cases, it may not last that long, and once again... we wouldn't get all our fraggles.

    But its nice to see someone else agreed about holding off on Red

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