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Get Ready for some Muppet Nightmare Fuel

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Drtooth, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Wait, when did you post a picture of Robin? I am NOT going to view that picture. Unsubscribing from the thread before I get nightmares.
  2. galagr Well-Known Member

    No, look at the bottom of Mo Frackles' second recent post. Oh, and sorry Vincent...

  3. Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    I posted a picture of Robin?

    *Checks back*

    Oh, that group shot.
    galagr likes this.
  4. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    OK, you got me back by quoting my post. That picture of Big Bird really startled me. Something like almost falling off my office chair.

    (I repeat: since when did this become the "scare the freaks out of Vincent" thread? :grr:)
  5. Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    Don't know. I was just posting these for fun. By no means was I trying to give people nightmares.

    This ought to calm you down:
  6. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    A last note: Curiosity kills the cat.
  7. Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    So that's where Gaffer went!
    Zoot the Saxer and galagr like this.
  8. galagr Well-Known Member

    Okay, no more freaky eyes (from me, I can't stop anyone else). I apologize by giving you a relatively calm picture:[IMG]
    FrackleFan2012 and newsmanfan like this.
  9. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    OK, that doesn't scare me. (I thought I unsubscribed to the thread…)
  10. Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    Gee, I didn't know Scooter was in Dinsey's Pinocchio.
    galagr likes this.
  11. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    It actually looks kinda funny. At least Scooter found a costume for next Halloween :D
    galagr likes this.
  12. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    I dunno. The Big Bird one is kinda funny :p
  13. galagr Well-Known Member

    That one freaked me out. How 'bout this one?
    Big Birds' a rasin!
  14. Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

  15. galagr Well-Known Member

    Actually, I got the last one from the 2005 ugly Muppet toy pagent! :)
    Mo Frackle likes this.
  16. Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    This is legit scary:
    Hopefully, this won't cause the thread to go into an off-topic discussion about IaVMMCM.
  17. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    At least you didn't mention MWoO:[IMG]
  18. Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    Let's not forget...
  19. Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

  20. Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

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