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Gonzo Replica for $79

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by Andibcool, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. GonzoScooter04

    GonzoScooter04 New Member

    how tall is the gonzo replica just wondering.
  2. Boba Lynn

    Boba Lynn Member

    I just ordered one of these as well as just bought a Animal for $125 shipped off eBay.
    I can't wait to get them to go with Kermit.

  3. muppetfan1999

    muppetfan1999 New Member

    The only problem is that when you add shipping and handiling it costs a little over 100 dollars
  4. Boba Lynn

    Boba Lynn Member

    I would say that it isn't really an issue and a **** of a bargain at $100 since these were over $300 new.

  5. doggiepants

    doggiepants New Member

    I just paid $150 for mine at Wizard Wold Chicago. I feel sheepish...
  6. Apocaloso

    Apocaloso New Member

    I had Keremit for 40 €
  7. CalciferBoheme

    CalciferBoheme New Member

    Man, I hope a good deal is running when I can actually afford. I would ive anything to have The Great Gonzo sitting in my living room.
  8. the80sdrummer

    the80sdrummer Member

    Hey mods, can we get rid of this as a sticky?

    Gonzo is $99 at Amazon.com with free shipping. Still a great deal if you don't have him yet or if you just wantan extra :concern:
  9. Andibcool

    Andibcool Member

    Why ? Its only 20$ extra and there are newcomers here every day that might not know.
    If Gonzo is gone from amazon with free shipping i would agree, but as it is now i think this sticky is still ok.
  10. MadForPepe

    MadForPepe New Member


    looks great!
  11. goldengonzo

    goldengonzo Member

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