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Help Save British Fraggle Rock Episodes

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by charlietheowl, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. MuppetDanny

    MuppetDanny Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update, An episode that is not from the 12 shows that were released on DVD:excited: Any info on the other episode?

    Fingers crossed these will be the UK versions and if it is the UK version, we will have an upgrade copy "Preachification of Convincing John".
  2. johnpeters999

    johnpeters999 Well-Known Member

    There more than just 12 master copies, BFI hold 11 more master beyound those 12 dvd.

    It wont be, I wish it was but the chances are so slim, we would have heard about a missing episode turning up :(

    It does seem it will be from the USA, why could there not have used Capture the Moon.
  3. anathema

    anathema Well-Known Member

    The BFI actually have 17 episodes which haven't been released on DVD. 'Preachification' isn't one of them, sadly, although it does still exist on VHS.
  4. johnpeters999

    johnpeters999 Well-Known Member

    Yes it was an US one :<
  5. johnpeters999

    johnpeters999 Well-Known Member

  6. johnpeters999

    johnpeters999 Well-Known Member

    I hope your search will lead to ALL the tapes being found, saying that everyone will have to keep digging

    Has anyone ever asked Scottish television? I know this is a long shot, but when nigel pickard went to work for Scottish ( well he never moved to Glasgow, STV just opened an office in Maidstone) I believe in 1995 when ever thing was moved up to Glasgow there must have taken the tapes with them of all the series there were making at the time, how 2, Art attack, etc Its was all EX TVS kids programmes. It possible the tapes could have went Glasgow for archive, of course STV never had any real reason to look in there warehouse have there?
  7. anathema

    anathema Well-Known Member

    So far as we know, the ex-TVS tapes either remained in Maidstone or were sent to Leeds for storage. From there they appear to have been transferred to Disney in 2011, although I don't know whether they are physically still in the UK or were sent to the US.

    It is possible that all 96 episodes still survive on broadcast-quality tapes, but it's by no means certain. I have an eye-witness account of tapes being thrown into skips when TVS closed down in the early 90s. We don't know whether these were the only copies or just duplicates, of course.

    The bottom line is that unless the originals are still in the ex-TVS archive, and short of someone at Disney actually going through all the tapes we may never know, the best hope for recovering anything will be off-air recordings. As the majority of the episodes were only shown once, the chances of this are slim; nonetheless we do know of several dozen recordings, many of which are of episodes for which no broadcast tapes have been located.
  8. johnpeters999

    johnpeters999 Well-Known Member

    Maybe someone at the BFI should ask Disney if the BFI could rack throw the tapes. Im sure of it the tape are still in the UK held at a warehouse in Ashford, under the lock and key of Disney.
  9. anathema

    anathema Well-Known Member

    Do you actually have any reason to believe that, or is it just wishful thinking?
  10. johnpeters999

    johnpeters999 Well-Known Member

    I do have reason to believe that the Disney tapes are in Warehouse in Ashford or somewhere in kent. I was on another forum, where there are also doing ALOT Of digging for another ITV company, Strangly TVS is not the only ITV station to see Archive go walkies , Anyways there was some talk about TVS etc and said the tapes are in Warehouse in Ashford. Kept asking where did stuff get moved from when there were doing up Maidstone studio... AS you said its all in the hands of Disney but the tapes are still in the UK, and Disney office in London VIA USA office.

    It get WORSE in 2008 ( 5 years after takeover and IFE not seen the light of day) this was the official word from Disney, about another TVS show:

    Please be advised that International Family Entertainment ("IFE") owns the episodes of "Catchphrase" (the "Series") that were broadcast on TVS. However, IFE will not be able to license to Challenge TV the right to exhibit.

    I have no idea what that actually means, disney were still claiming to wash there hands of TVS, back a few years ago IFE was brought over in 2001 by disney and become part of ABC family channel as part of Disney, The takeover of the content was a different kettle of fish IE MTM was kept by Fox while everything else was just sold off.

    This is what causing the utter gridlock, Disney at the top of the Tree, TVS archive is not, and comes under a sub group of another subgroup, of Disney.....

    But those tapes are in kent I would not put a bet on as the odds would be so poor :p and if the BFI could get a good look around it might be able to found some gems!

    what I still dont understand is that Disney in bed with Jim henson company etc via the connection with Muppets etc and it would be them if the UK clips turned up.

    If you want I coudl give the email address for the Executive CounselThe WaltDisneyCompany and , I sure that man still works of them,...
  11. anathema

    anathema Well-Known Member

    Oh, that forum, yes. The information you found there is outdated, I'm afraid.

    Re 'Catchphrase': what that statement means is that whilst IFE own the tapes, they either do not own, or are not the sole owner of, the broadcast rights to those programmes, so they cannot make them available to a TV station. A similar situation exists with 'Fraggle': the rights will belong partly to Henson and partly to whomever bought TVS's share in the show.
  12. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    This thread's getting confusing by each addition! Who huh what now?? :confused::p I hate it when answers are never straight.
  13. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    Watching Sundays episode of fraggle rock and the episode is .....the great radish famine.
  14. johnpeters999

    johnpeters999 Well-Known Member

    At least these broadcast are helping spread the word about the missing tapes and hopeful might make a few people say I have a copy of tape and help fill in the blanks hopeful?
    FrackleFan2012 and theSHE124 like this.
  15. MuppetDanny

    MuppetDanny Well-Known Member

    :sigh: shame CITV showed the US verisons.
  16. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Uhh.. :(
    When are we ever going to see the UK versions of Fraggle Rock?!?!
    WHEEEEEEEN?!?!?!?! :cry:
  17. johnpeters999

    johnpeters999 Well-Known Member

    I still wonder Why wasnt the UK clips weren't sent to Jim henson company for there archive? since most clips were using their puppets..
  18. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    I saw the CITV 30th anniversary special on Youtube and they didn't show any Fraggle Rock and other Henson shows. If Fraggle Rock aired on CITV this year, how come they weren't any clips from that TV show in that special? I believe Fraggle Rock should have as much importance as those other shows like Art Attack, Danger Mouse, Sooty, and other TV shows that were shown during the 30th anniversary special. What do you think?
  19. Mister Muppet

    Mister Muppet Well-Known Member

    I agree completely Fraggle rock clips should have been shown although they aired the USA episodes meaning they might have not been able to get the existing Uk eps and Maybe they thought if they used the US clips then many viewers may get confused so decided not to show any fraggle clips
  20. johnpeters999

    johnpeters999 Well-Known Member

    Im sorry, But there were a few other show which were never included in the CITV 30th Documentary show. Worse still there were MUCH MUCH bigger show homegrown show which were never even broadcast over the weekend such as ZZZap, or Emu/Grotbag.

    Yes Fraggle rock is important but alas its not that important in the history of CITV.

    Fraggle rock got no mention last time on its 20th Birthday, to be given 2 slot of the not even the Original broadcast episode is good going!

    This wont make me pouplur but its true, Its also a Disgrace the TVS archive is in an utter mess with the tape/paperwork missing.

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