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Hensonville City 2011

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Cookie: Me smell hamburgers. Me like hamburgers. They round like a cookie
    Beth: Just make sure you stand in line like everyone else Cookie Monster ok?
    Cookie: Me will behave, me promise
    Beth: Thank you.
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Cookie. Cookie? Wait, that mean Beth's here too?
    *Hears an excitable Fraggle in the pool. Yep, Beth's here. Good, I'm glad when she makes herself known as still with us.

    *Uncle D serves a cup of potato salad for himself, Count gets the shrimp one we brought, and I get a bit of help with the cole slaw.
    *We move down the table and call out for two batburgers for the spooks and some ribs for me.
    *The spooks get refills for their plastic glasses, Count remembering to grab a bottle of Sprite for Ed.

    Thanks Chef and Kathy and everyone else who brought something for the bash.
  3. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    putting a hamburger on Cookie Monster's plate OK...there we go! Enjoy,Cookie!
    Whew!wiping the sweat from my forehead Hot behind here.
    Chef: Yu go relax. I got da rest uv it.
    You sure?
    Chef:Ja! Go!
    OK...if you say so...going to sit with Grover Rosita and Prairie Even though Ed said that we're protected from rain,I'm glad it didn't. A few times it looked like it was going to downpour any minute.
    Rosita: I thought I heard thunder before.But I didn't want to say anything.
    Grover:I heard it too.But as long as it didn't rain,I figured we were okay.
    Prairie: Yeah..thank goodness!
  4. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Ugh...starting to get buggy out here. calling Robin!C'mere a sec please?
    Robin comes running Yeah Mom?...sticks out his tongue Darn..missed it.What's up?
    Missed what?
    Robin: The dragonfly
    Blecchh!! Well what I was going to say was that the bugs are out so I wanted to spray you with stuff to keep the bugs away.
    Robin: But Mom!They're tasty!
    Ummm..not the mosquitoes I think.
    Robin: Right. Okay...spray me.
    Thank you honey spraying him. Okay..off you go kissing him
    Robin kisses me back Thank you Mom. Love you!
  5. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    OK...time to bring everything inside....including a sleeping young frog. Thanks for coming you guys!
    a couple of people were nice enough to put the innertubes away
    I think we might have to make a couple of trips.
    Grover: Do you want me to take Robin inside?
    He won't be too heavy for you?
    Grover:I do not think so picking up Robin and slinging him over his shoulder
    No...Grover..wait...put Robin down ..you're going to break your back. Robin..honey...wake up.Time to go inside.Grover..go help Prairie with the cooler.
    Robin mumbling :Wanna swim more.
    Tomorrow. You fell asleep. I'm tired too and so's everyone else.
    picking up Gaffer who's in her kitty carrier and following Chef who has the bag of snacks. Rosita has the bag of towels & sundry items.
    Once we get inside :
    OK kiddo...change into your PJs
    Robin: Can't I sleep in my bathing suit?
    No.You'll get a very unpleasant rash where it doesn't belong. It'll take 2 minutes to change.
    Robin yawns: OK and goes to change into his pajamas and brush his teeth. Then he comes back in his room and climbs into bed
    Did you have a good time today?
    Robin nods sleepily I sure did. I'll sleep good tonight I think.
    I think you will too. Sweet dreams Robin. kissing him I love you ' round the whole world and back again!
    Robin kisses me back I love you ' round the whole world and back again! (Not even a minute later he's out like a light!)
  6. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Kermit: Hey Ru, hey Fozzie. Have you seen my--mmm! (sniffing) What's that you're eating, Fozzie?
    Fozzie: Um, banana bread, toasted, with butter and honey.
    Kermit: Oh, wow.
    Ru: Have a seat, honey. You want you're lightly toasted or darkly, um, toasted?
    Kermit: Medium, I guess. (Goes to the fridge and gets a glass of strawberry swamp soda, pops the lid and takes a drink.)
    Fozzie: Those things any good?
    Kermit: Um, not bad. (Makes a scrunchy face at the label.) Says it will take you right back to the swamp.
    Ru: And...?
    Kermit: I'm not buying it. I'm still right here in the middle of the budget stuff.
    (Ru puts a big stack of banana-bread toast in front of him.)
    Ru: Here's honey, butter and grubella.* It's strictly self-serve from here, Kerm.
    Kermit: (Tucking in.) Or course, right here has it's advantages.
    (At that precise moment, Piggy sweeps into the kitchen in a cloud of perfume, wearing a strapless sundress and cute little sandals. She air kisses Ru, who hands her a plate of toasted bread.)
    Piggy: Thank you, mon ange. (She turns and looks at the boys.) Afternoon, mon amis.
    Fozzie: Yep--here has it's advantages.
    Kermit: Ummmm

    *Grubella is sortof like Nutella--sortof.
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Stepping into our apartment's living room, bathed and dressed.

    Hey guys, what's on the agenda for today?
    UD: Got another chapter in.
    *Marks his place before biting into his toasted bagel with booberry jam.
    Good, we'll go over it soon.
    Count: We've also the Japanese yokai to examine, who's up for addition and whatnot.
    Hexcellent. That reminds me, I've gotta contact Ru after reading her latest release.
    BTW: Heard from Erin, she might be coming back with her usual roomies soon.
    *Bites into a piece of toasted bagel with scream cheese.
    Count: That's good, she's busy what with working at the town's newspaper and getting a first-hand look at the BC riots.
    *Spreads a bit of blackberry preserves onto his sesame-seeded bagel before munching.
  8. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Kermit: Thanks for the snack, Ru. Do, um, you need any help cleaning up?
    Ru: No, Honey--I'm closing the kitchen till supper. I'm gonna write a little.
    Kermit: Oh. Okay.
    Ru: What are you gonna do? Are you all unpacked?
    Kermit: Oh yeah. Not a lot of wardrobe issues.
    Ru: I guess not. (Turns and leans on the counter and looks at Kermit.) What's the matter, Kermit. You seem out of sorts--anything wrong?
    Kermit: No. No--I was just...um. I mean, we were, that is, Piggy and I were going to watch a movie this afternoon but she canceled on me. She, um, said she had something she had to do. Do you know, um, what, er, came up?
    Ru: (carefully) Kermit, honey, I really can't say. I'm sorry she stood--um, that she canceled, but didn't she reschedule for this evening? Aren't you supposed to watch your movie tonight?
    Kermit: Well, yeah. I was just, you know, wondering if Piggy was, meeting someone else. (Turning pollywog eyes on Ru.)
    Ru: (inhaling sharply. Wow--that look could melt an iceberg!) Kermit--I...look. I can't tell you where Piggy went, but I can tell you it was work-related, okay? Does that help some?
    Kermit: (still mopey, but obviously relieved) Yeah....
    Ru: So what movie are we watching tonight?
    Kermit: Harvey. With Jimmy Stewart.
    Ru: I've never seen it.
    Kermit: Me either. (hopefully) You're making movie snacks?
    Ru: Don't I always? Now, run along. I want to write.
    Kermit: Okay--I'm going. Um, Ru?
    Ru: Yes, dear?
    Kermit: What, um, what sorts of things do you write, anyway?
    Ru: Er, wow--look at the time.
  9. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    (Door open, and gang walks in, having just returned from seeing a certain movie that's very popular with both wizards and Muggles, if you catch my drift.)

    Storyteller: (sniffling and blowing nose into handkerchief) So sad...I can't believe it's all over...
    Beige: Oh, pull yourself together, woman, it's not like the books and movies are going to vanish into thin air now.
    Nora: (collapsing on sofa) Sure...I remember the night the seventh book went on sale down at Coming Unbound. 500 copies, gone like that. They even took the bookshelves the books were on.
    Scooter: Uh, no, that wasn't the fans, that was the guy who hosts that woodworking show on the local channel. He needed to come up with a bookshelf for the next day's taping and his bandsaw was broken.
    Erin: Typical. (rummages through A/V shelf) Well, now that we've seen the last movie, who wants to start over again? (Pulls out "Sorcerer's Stone.")

    (Five minutes later, everyone's settled on the sofa with ice cream, as the opening credits play out.)
    The Count likes this.
  10. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Robin appears at my bedroom door: Knock knock!
    Who's there?
    Robin: Orange
    Orange who?
    Robin walks into my room Orange you glad it's only me and not that weird guy Harvey Kneeslapper that used to be on Sesame Street? Hi Mom!hugging me
    Hi Robin! hugging him And yes.. I'm VERY glad it's you and not that nutcase Harvey Kneeslapper. What are you up to today?
    Robin : About 3 feet tall ,give or take an inch. ;)
    Wise frog!
    Robin grins: Yep..that's me! There's no Frog Scouts for the summer.So do you think we could go to the pool later on?
    Sure! I think I've seen most of these episodes of "Mystery Diagnosis " already. We'll go after lunch,okay?
    Robin: YAY! Thanks!
  11. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Beth: *sprawled out on couch* I am so hot. So. So. So HOT.
    Rowlf: At least you aren't covered in fur
    Beth: You're right, I'm sorry about that!
    Rowlf: You get used to it. But even today is a bit much
    Beth: Well, I think we should take a cue from our Fraggle friend and head to the pool
    Rowlf: Usually I avoid water, but I'm with you, let's go
    Beth: I'll leave a note for Cookie, I don't know where he is.
    Rowlf: Good plan
  12. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    (Fozzie and Kermit come in, looking exceptionally bedraggled. The heat index has been well over 100 degrees F most of the day, but the room is air-conditioned and the big ceiling fans are moving the air around. As usual, they head for the kitchen and, as usual Ru is dishing something up.)
    Ru: Hey fellas--come on in, oh hot and tired ones!
    Fozzie: (Wiping his brow) Whew--even my eyebrows are hot.
    Kermit: I hear you. If I had eyebrows, they'd be hot, too.
    Ru: Sit--relax.
    (She puts pimento cheese sandwiches, on dark bread, with cucumbers and lettuce on their plates. There is cold peach iced tea and each glass has a strawberry floating in it.)
    Ru: (to Kermit) You want to add any protein to yours, you know where I keep things.
    Kermit: (wearily) No--I'm good. (Takes a big bite.) I'm real good.
    Fozzie: Got any banana pepper rings?
    Ru: (exclaiming) Oh! What a good idea, Fozzie. (Retrieves them from the fridge, along with two bowls--one for the frog, one for the bear.)
    Fozzie: (putting pepper rings on his sandwich) Yum! What's in the bowl?
    Kermit: What is this--it smells good.
    Ru: It's a gelatin dessert--it has jellied cranberry sauce, crushed pineapple, chopped apple, fresh blueberries and walnuts. It's just FULL of anitoxidents.
    Fozzie: (nervously) Will they--will they hurt us?
    Ru: (flummoxed) Will they--oh. Oh! No, Fozzie, honey--antioxidents are, um, well they're good for you.
    Kermit: They're delicious.
    Ru: (Taking off her apron) Okay guys--the kitchen is closed--can you wash up after yourselves?
    Kermit: Absolutely. I'm the dish frog.
    Fozzie: And I am the drying bear.
    Ru: (teasingly) Why do I suddenly feel like I've stepped into a very strange superhero comic strip....
  13. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Rosita coming in from outside : Ooh...hace calor out there!
    hearing chunkety-chunkety-chunk in the background Oh no...that better not be the A/C going.
    Robin:No...just my sandals in the dryer. They got wet when I left them out in the rain last night.
    Your what?? racing towards the dryer , shutting it off and fishing Robin's sandals out Robin giving him his sandals please don't ever put your sandals,or sneakers for that matter,in the dryer. It's too much for the dryer and it could break.
    Robin near tears I..I didn't know. I'm sorry.
    It's okay..don't cry. I'm not mad hugging him You're right...you didn't know.Tell you what. We'll put the sneakers by the fan over here by Gaffer's bed.
    Chef: But den der kittee will smell der stinkkee sanduls!
    Chef!shooting Chef a dirty look.
    Chef: Ooh..I onlee kidding Robin!;)patting Robin on the head
    Robin: Well...your feet don't smell like roses either Chef!;)
    Oh brother!:rolleyes: Now Robin...if you'll please put the sandals by the fan.
  14. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    (The lime green double-recliners are occupied by the usual suspects.)

    Fozzie: Theeth areth thoh gooth!
    Ru: Thankth. Anotherth?
    Piggy: Vous all sound ridiculous! Just eat them with a spoon!
    Kermit: Thath no funth!
    Ru: Yeath--thath no funth! (Swallowing with effort.) Ith more, ugh, fun to put the whole thing in your mouthth, um, mouth and eat it that way.
    Kermit: (Working his lips to thaw them.) Yeah--c'mon Piggy, you can put a whole one in your mouth! C'mon, I know you can!
    Piggy: (narrowing her eyes) Are you saying my mouth is big, froglips?
    Kermit: (smiling at her) I'm saying your lips are...hot.
    Ru: Gooth thwun, Kermith!
    Piggy: (snapping at Ru) Oh--you keep out of this! (Taking a frozen fruit cube.) What's in these things, anyway?
    Fozzie: Mashed mangoes, bananas and oranges--all frozen in an ice cube tray.
    Ru: (Trying to thaw her mouth) Yeah--and we didn't have popthicle, ugh, popsicle sticks, so we're just eating the cubes as, um, cubes.
    (Doubtfully, Piggy puts one in her mouth, then her blue eyes fly wide.)
    Piggy: Wow! Theeth areth amathing!
    Kermit: (getting another one) Told you. (He holds the frozen fruit cube over his mouth and looks sideways at Piggy.) Let me know if you need any help warming up your lips....
    Piggy: Huth! Vouth wisth!
  15. MuppetsFan4Life

    MuppetsFan4Life Well-Known Member

    Me: (coming back from watching Harry Potter for the second time, wearing a Gryffindor robe) Wow! That was so much fun! To be honest, I wanted to-
    Doc Hogg: Cry? I know what you mean.. I almost.. shed a tear or two myself.. (sniffles) Excuse me... (rushes to his room to get a hanky)
    Ojo: Let's see it again!
    Tutter: Please??
    Me: Not right now, guys. Maybe a group of us can go see it. Right now, I got a note from Ed saying that we have to switch rooms.
    Tutter: What?!
    Me: I'm sure it's exactly like this one. We have to go to Apartment #10. So, get your stuff and let's get-
    Doc Hogg: (comes out of his room with his suitcase already packed) :sing: Movin' right along... :sing:
    Me: (sighs, chuckles) Okay, Doc. Let's go!
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Just finished updating the HV roster. Now then... *Off to work some more on other roster. :batty:
  17. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    Nora: It's pouring buckets out there. (several metal pails come crashing down onto the sidewalk) Not that kind of buckets! (pails turn back into rain) Even the weather's making bad jokes these days.
    Erin: (on sofa, re-reading Order of the Phoenix) Don't knock it, I'll take this over the triple-degree heat. (going back to book) Man, Umbridge is a tyrant.
    Beige: You think that weather was hot? When I was a kid, every summer we'd take a vacation to the lava pits down in the Sheer Foolishness Caverns, and my uncle would make us...
    Storyteller: No, no, no, the Sheer Foolishness Caverns are the ones with the quicksand pools - it's the Pure Madness Caverns that have the lava pits!
    Scooter: Bet the tourism office had fun with that. "Come to the Pure Madness Caverns - where life really is the pits." (checks phone) Oh, hey, Erin, that baking supply shop in Nelson Square called earlier. They've got your golden syrup, whatever that is.
    Erin: Excellent - now I'll be able to find out why Harry and his friends like treacle tart so much.
  18. MuppetsFan4Life

    MuppetsFan4Life Well-Known Member

    (now happily situated in Apartment 10...)

    Me: (is bored, tossing a basketball in the air and catching it) I am so BORED!!

    Tutter: Me, too! Even cheese isn't making me happy.

    Ojo: (gasps) The world is ending! Tutter doesn't like cheese anymore! (fake-faints)

    Me: (chuckles) Ojo, you silly bear cub...

    Tutter: That's not what I meant! I'm just as bored as T is!

    Ojo: By the way, what're we doing for your birthday this year?

    Me: (sighs) Unfortunately, I'm gonna be busy on my birthday, so I won't have time for a party. :(

    Ojo: Awww! :( How about the day after?

    Me: Nope.

    Tutter: What?!

    Me: I'm booked for that whole week.... Well, let's not worry about that now. Let's play Just Dance 2!

    Tutter: Okay! :D I love to-

    Doc Hogg: (in a 70's disco outfit) Dance! Get the disco ball!

    Me: (face-palms) Not what I meant, Doc Hogg.... There is a song by Donna Summer in there, but don't expect much. Okay, guys. Let's get dancing!
  19. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    watching the good looking driveway pavers from my window and trying not to be noticed by them. I feel a tap on my shoulder & I jump.
    GAH!:eek: Chef...ya scared me!
    Chef: Surves yu rite fur being nozee! Whut yu lookin' et ennyway?
    Chef:Ja rite.Und I'm Bred Pitt.
    You WISH! :rolleyes:
    Chef: Whut? Yu doon't think I'm hansum?
    Well...you are. But those guys out there are REALLY good looking!Look at the six packs on them!:dreamy:
    Chef: Siks peks? We guts siks peks uv soda or watur in der frigerater. Doze men doon't look like dey hef soda or beer on dem.
    (Uhoh...language barrier)
    No Chef.. A "six pack" on a man means a muscular chest.
    Chef:Ooohhhh! Okee. Well ennywey,yu want mekerooni und toona seled fur dinnur tonite?
    Sure! No peppers though.
    Chef: Yu can hardlee taste der peppurs Miss Pikkee!
    All right..fine...put the peppers in. I gotta call Ru in a bit and ask her if she wants to watch the eye candy with me.
    Chef shaking his head as he leaves my room:Woomin!:rolleyes:
  20. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    (Kermit comes in the door of Apartment #5 and, hearing voices, comes straight to the kitchen.)

    Kermit: Hello Ru, hi Fozzie. Um, what's that you're doing?
    Ru: (flushed but grinning) I'm making sugared peanuts--come and try some!
    Fozzie: (chewing) And I'm helping.
    Kermit: (amused, to Fozzie) Oh yeah? What are you doing?
    Fozzie: (swallowing) Official taste tester.
    Kermit: Hmm. (tries a cluster of sugared peanuts) Hmm! Mmm! These are kind of neat-what's in them?
    Ru: Peanuts and sugar. Pretty simple. The hardest part was shelling the peanuts.
    Kermit: (taking a handful) Mmm. These are good. You know what this reminds me of?
    Ru: Candied gnats?
    Kermit: (astounded) Huh! How'd you know?
    Ru: A little Piggy told me. (nodding head toward the tin with lilies and dragonflies on it) Check out your cookie tin.
    Kermit: (prying open the tin and looking in) Oh--oh wow! Are these...homemade candied gnats?
    Ru: (making a rueful face) Er, sortof. More like "gnat brittle." I got them to clump but I couldn't get them to separate. Try 'em and let me know.
    Kermit: (breaking off a piece and crunching) Hmm. Mmm. Oh yeah. Oh--these are--this is great, Ru. How did you, um, know I liked these?
    Ru: (shrugging and nodding her head toward Piggy's room down the hall) I told you--a little Piggy told me. In fact, she bought the gnats.
    Kermit: (touched) Really? That's...that was really sweet.
    Ru: (shrugging again) Don't tell me--I just cooked 'em. Tell her.
    Kermit: (grinning) I--thanks. I will. (He starts toward the hall, then turns back to them.) Are these--are these all for me?
    Ru: (hands up to ward off the offer) Oh yeah. All yours sweetie. Fozzie and I are sticking to peanuts.
    Fozzie: (trying to get a cluster off of his fur) Literally. A little help here, Ru--I'm stuck, er, sticky.
    Ru: (laughing) Ok, Sweetie--hold on.

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