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How Cookie Monster works?

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by Georgina, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Gerbert Member

  2. unheard Member

    does any one know what size cookie monsters eye are please and what size the black pupil are please ?
  3. CoOKiE Member

    his eyes might be about 55mm... not sure about his pupils tho :/... He doesnt like rulers anywhere near his eyes... but you'd be terrified too if you didnt have eye lids to protect your eyes :insatiable:
  4. Is 55mm a standard size because I got a plastic ball here [I believe it was a christmas ornament once upon a time] I figured was about the same size as cookie monster's eyes, after comparing it with a video of cookie with someone, and putting my ruler on the front of it, the measurement the eye looks to be 55mm [if you close one eye], but measuring from the back of it, lined up on something flat it's 60mm. Circumference is 19cms.
    After looking at this photo, that's a higher rez version of the previously posted pic further up, I was able to get the eye the same size as my 55mm ball, in photoshop, and think the black pupil is 22mm in diameter.
    As it was said earlier in this thread, you can see they're tiny screws holding the pupil and the pupil itself is slightly curved.
    If I could find a material similar enough to cookie monster's fur, I'd be interested in making my own as well. Looks like that bath mat type stuff judging by how it clumps together.
  5. unheard Member

  6. TheCreatureWork Active Member

    This fur has sparkles in it. What you want is a 2 - 3" blur fur, without sparkles. If you boil the fur it should give you the texture of Cookie Monster. I recommend doing test boils on small pieces to gauge how long the fur needs to boil for. The sparkle fur is nice and is the right length but unfortunately I wouldn't recommend it. :insatiable:
  7. unheard Member

  8. TheCreatureWork Active Member

    Nice find.

    That's the ticket! The royal blue one looks like the best bet. Sorry if I sounded like a arse in my last post. I am here at work and can't be on here too long. LOL Had to keep it short and sweet.

    Nice find too as it is hard to find long hair nowadays. You can also get a swatch for a $1 if your a member. I gotta favs this site. Thanks
  9. unheard Member

    that ok i didn't think that at all.
  10. TheCreatureWork Active Member

    After I read it I thought someone might think I was being short. Maybe it is the kinda day I'm having LOL
  11. unheard Member

    so royal blue is the right color.
    I wasn't sure if it was to dark and to hairy.
    sorry to ask a silly noob question's
    but the photo blue looks lighter and the The Borsa Pattern look to small as shown on tv, will they be ok ?
    please can you tell me where about can i buy the eyes on the net ?

    thank you
  12. TheCreatureWork Active Member

    Never go by a photo. The colour is always off in pictures...I would recommend getting a $1 sample from the company. When you get it boil it for about 1 minute and then let dry. Once it is dry compare it to photos of Cookie Monster...LOL realistically the photo you will be comparing it to will be off colour too LOL Anyway, compare it to multiple pictures of Cookie and if it is in the ballpark then you have a winner. I don't have the link but I believe someone used the Borsa Pattern to build a Cookie Monster. I'll try to find it for you.

    You can always enlarge the pattern using a photocopier. If you do this buy some cheaper material (discount fleece) to make certain it is the right size before using the expensive fur.

    UPDATE: Found the link to that Cookie Monster build:
  13. unheard Member

    nice photo I see it state change the head please do you know to what shape please ?
    who made them puppet there amazing.
  14. CoOKiE Member

    So sorry for getting back to you so late. No the 55mm isn't standard ping pong size. the 40mm ping pong is the standard size ball. You may have to shop around online for a 55mm... they're not common in stores.
  15. TheCreatureWork Active Member

    I would ask the builder. Do a search here in the forums under cookie monster and it should come up as one of the top threads since it is fairly new. Sorry but I'd have to build one to give you the pattern but I'm too busy.
  16. unheard Member

  17. Animal31 Active Member

  18. unheard Member

    yeah i read the same.
    just wish could find out what type of head the used.

    could it be round pattern ?

    the fur looks amazing too.
  19. Animal31 Active Member

    Honestly, my favorite Cookie has always been the earlier one when I believe he was only two pieces, a front and a back.

    The one with the floppier mouth.........

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