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How do I get a job as a Muppeteer?

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by Fozzie Bear, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. gfarkwort

    gfarkwort Well-Known Member

    The Sesame Workshop does interns

    and the Jim Henson Company has internships

    However neither of the companies have puppet related internships...so it would have to be a covert job of networking. Also...sorry to say, they only accept college students who are majoring in something realated to what the offered internship is. So....you will have to wait a few years, and hopefully by then there will be more jobs availiable and/or the Muppets are doing something.
  2. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    You will probably have to contact the company to get a lead for an internship.
  3. Marky

    Marky Well-Known Member

    I always like to use apolitical, atopical and ageless bizarre bufoonery as a base for my humor.
  4. GabeFirestone

    GabeFirestone Well-Known Member

    i know he probably gets this alot, but do you think that i could contact kevin clash? i know that he got started doing puppetry at an early age, and got his big break when he was discovered doing a puppet show at the age of 12! would he possibly be a good contatct?

    sorry about my HORRIFIC spelling!
  5. Marky

    Marky Well-Known Member

    Not really. He's a Muppeteer himself. Best bet - send anything you have to Diz bigwigs - aka, the ones who do the hiring!
  6. GabeFirestone

    GabeFirestone Well-Known Member

    well, i was told that he is the one to send things to since he is the muppeteer captain, and he does scouting...
  7. gfarkwort

    gfarkwort Well-Known Member

    yea...I disagree with Marky a bit....the suits are fine ppl to send stuff to...but they don't know puppeteering like puppeteers and Kevin is the one who does the scouting and he does hire people he thinks is qualified. He (& they) also hold auditions...which is probably a better place to have a chance for being hired because he can see you live and understress....because tapes can be edited to show the best.
  8. Marky

    Marky Well-Known Member

    Yeah, he's the captain Sesame dude. You do need to kind of already be a professional performer w/ an agent, etc.
  9. dollynibble

    dollynibble Member

    Young Hopefull

    :eek: oh how rude!!.... im agreeing with the people who think there are less need for puppeteers today due to animation etc... im a 24 yr old puppetteer who has yet to be established ;)!!....can anyone help me?, im Very expressive with my hands, i even use my feet and toes to perform!... i hope to one day work with my puppets for the BBC Childrens program and im trying to find out more on how to get my "foot in the door" as it were!..;)..maybe i should apply for a job as a cleaner at the BBC and work my way up!!! what dya think?....!.Mainly i just want to talk to some more puppeteers ! please reply , any piglits wellcome

    Miss DeaDea
  10. Marky

    Marky Well-Known Member

    a) video tape your work. watch it, criticize & improve yourself.
    b) send copies to agents (emailing digital clips is just as effective).
    c) build your own website.
    d) try to land an agent (not necessarilty for puppeteering, but acting, voicework, anything).
    e) purge any contacts you have for connections.
    f) get out there, volunteer, meet other puppeteers, look for classes, workshops, etc. Be willing to work for free.
    g) videotape and photograph everything you do.
    h) have self-confindence.
    i)practice, practice, practice.
    j) once you get contacts in the industry, then email/send anything you've got in your protfolio.
    k) remember, there are more puppeteering opportunities out there besides Muppet ventures.
    l, m, n, o and p)REMEMBER THIS!!!!

    Don't let other puppeteers hold you back - take their advice with a grain of salt and/or run by any feedback or advice with someone you know cares about you and wants you to get ahead. Sadly, it can be cutthroat and talent & confidence can breed contempt/jealously
  11. Thom

    Thom Member

    Well said, Marky! As a part time puppeteer myself, I'm in total agreement with you. I also think that there's alot to be said for being at the right place at the right time. Seek the opportunities! You'd be surprised what a little determination, open ears and open eyes can bring you.

    "Muppets From Space" and Cartoon Network
  12. travellingpat

    travellingpat Well-Known Member

    Youve gotta be real good or know somebody! lol
  13. Marky

    Marky Well-Known Member

    I wonder if they'll hold auditions again?
  14. travellingpat

    travellingpat Well-Known Member

    Probably within the next couple of years
  15. Marky

    Marky Well-Known Member

    I hope so. I also hope that darn you-know-what campaign doesn't come back. If anything, that was counter-productive.
  16. tinweirdo

    tinweirdo Active Member

    Hey Tell me what you think about this? Last month Disney was here in pittsburgh for auditions looking for look alike characters and puppeteers. I went of course and auditioned for the puppeteering job they said they liked me. But they wanted me to be a walk around Disney character (Tigger). At first I past but then I called one of the casting directors Chris Lipkin about the jobs. After we talked for about week he said the puppeteering job was still open and so was the Tigger job. But I would have to relocate on my own and find my own place and I don't have car also the jobs didn't pay that well. The puppeteering job paid 75 cents and hour and my main job would be doing Tigger, so I past but I'm still hoping to go down to florida next year, they said they would keep my application.
  17. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    From what I have been told Disney uses costume performers and puppeteers interchangeably in Florida, but in California they are treated as two different jobs. They don't pay very well, but the experience is incredibly valuable. A lot of professional puppeteers start their career "paying dues" in a job like this. You also get the chance to meet other professional puppeteers and network which can be very valuable.
  18. Punch'n'Judy

    Punch'n'Judy Well-Known Member

    You're joking? Is there no minumum wage in America?
  19. travellingpat

    travellingpat Well-Known Member

    Yeah there is...its like 7.25 or something around there
  20. tinweirdo

    tinweirdo Active Member

    Yeah, but like I said my main job would have been doing Tigger, and no way I'd be able live down there for that amount of money.

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