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I hope Season 36 has more episodes, more old clips

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by teenintosesame, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. Ssetta, if you regularly speak with people from Sesame Workshop, why don't you suggest that they produce more than 26 episodes. Or if it was PBS to blame, why don't you talk to PBS about ordering more than 26 episodes.
  2. Dantecat Active Member

    What's BTW Just Mean :confused:
  3. BTW means By the Way
  4. Dantecat Active Member

    Hey,Guess What Everybody,Sesame Street's 36th Season Will Start In January Instead On April! You Know Why? Because My Local PBS Station: WHYY Just Told Me. What Do You Think? :)
  5. The Count Moderator

    So... Season 36 to start in January 2005? Good sign, might mean more episodes, though what do I know.

    Just one question. Kind of squeamish in asking it, but...
    will Season 36 have an episode with this ****** dino I hate?
    God, I hope it's only a very sick joke done in extremely poor taste. And blast that pile of prehistoric putrid purple poo to kingdom come!!
  6. Dantecat Active Member

    I'm Sure It Won't Count! ;) Anyway,Sason 36 Will Still Just Have 26 Episodes Like Ssetta Just Said!
  7. pollick529 New Member

    Does this mean that Sesame Street is gonna go off the air after these 26 episodes? If they stop making it, will they show classic episodes, or will it be taken off the air for good? :confused:
  8. Dantecat Active Member

    Now That,We Don't Know For Sure! I'm Sure In Their 40th Season Or So They Should Make Boxed Seasons Of Every Sesame Street Episodes That's Just Ever,Ever,Ever Made!!!!!
  9. The Count Moderator

    No, it doesn't mean that SS will go off the air. All it means is that all of Season 36 will air in its original run as new episodes throughout the month of January and a little of February. For the rest of the year, they'll just resort to re-running the **** out of that season. They might mix in a few episodes from recent seasons past, but it'll be a loooong wait till 2006 and the month's worth of what'll be the whole of Season 37.
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  10. Dantecat Active Member

    Well Everybody! Season 36 Will Just Start On Monday January 3rd! :) ;)
  11. ssetta Active Member

    No, it will probably start in the beginning of April, as it has for the past 2 years.
  12. Dantecat Active Member

    How Do You Know Ssetta??? :eek:

    Because My Local PBS Station WHYY (The Philadelphia PBS Channel Just Said That To ME!!!!) :smirk:
  13. ssetta Active Member

    But that's just a local PBS station. You see, I actually spoke with someone at Sesame Workshop, and THEY'RE the people to ask.
  14. Why did PBS start to only want 26 episodes per season starting in Season 34?
  15. ssetta Active Member

    That's because of their budget. They're doing this so that they can afford to make all sorts of new series as well.
  16. You mean PBS has to pay for the TV episodes that they order?
  17. ssetta Active Member

    Obviously. I think that any TV network has to pay for any shows they air.
  18. AHA! So it WAS the budget to blame, but it was PBS' budget, not Sesame Workshop's budget. Why isn't Sesame Street PBS' top priority anymore? And what has gotten PBS limited with money?
  19. ssetta Active Member

    Because they have so many other shows they want to produce, such as Dragon Tales, Sagwa, Cyberchase, Arthur, Maya & Miguel, Postcards from Buster, etc. etc.
  20. mikebennidict New Member

    anyone know why they're producing so many more shows than they have in years past?

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