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idea's for 14 playsets

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Zack the Dog, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    lets just say that this line is going to 14 series no mater what, even thought it could go under or over it, if you could have 14 muppet playsets what would be the best ideas?

    well besides the ones coming out so lets say 7 playsets ideas....

    okay muppet labs, the band stage, kicthen,pigs in space, EM bus and koozisbane are pretty much set,

    Muppet labs, in stores and in your homes now!
    Band stage series 2
    kicthen series 3
    pigs in space series 4
    EM bus series 5
    Koozisbane series 6 ( not sure if it is locked down thougth)

    we gotta have a mix of muppet show and movie playsets but there are still a few muppet show playsets that should be released at some point if the line does well,

    we got one movie set so far,the Bus, now if koozibane is a MS set, should series 7 have another movie set?

    i would still like to see vets hospital, bear on patrol, the back stage, and the muppet theater, althought i don't know if the theater will be part of the "one playsets with each series" or just come out in the line.

    it would be nice to have a playset from each muppet movie, but some movies have many great ideas for a few playsets like"TGMC" and then some do not "MFS"

    TGMC could have the double decker bus, happiness hotel, and beau taxi,

    MFS could have a dr phil lab set with brian sucker thing and even an area that lab rats could be tested on such as the "carival ride" that rizzo could fit into like in the movie with the cage spining around, the top could have a handle that you could spin, and even a "maze" with the rats placed in it with a crank that would make the rats move "like the idea with the koozisbane set" the rats could be smaller and couldnt't come out of the maze but they could have red flags on them and don't forget about the red cricles";-)maybe even a blackend rat.

    other MS ideas were the miss piggy dressing room but it would be hard because it would be nice to have it as part of the backstage set, the door could open on the backstage set but nothing but a "drop" would be there, funny for miss piggy thought, someone sugested large poles to hold the dressing room up to it's level with the back stage.

    there was even an idea for a gonzo stunt corse,

    lets not forget muppets tonight as well, but i really would like the some of the MS playset not to be forgoten like vets and patrol bear.
  2. King Prawn

    King Prawn Well-Known Member

    This sounds like fun, we give the figures alot of thought but not really the playsets.

    1) Muppet Labs
    2) EM Stage
    3) Swedish Chef Kitchen
    4) Swine Trek
    5) EM Bus
    6) Kozzbane

    7) Swamp with Kermit & Banjo
    8) Vets Hospital with Dr. Bob (Think about it Piggy comes with the Swine Trek and Janice with the EM Bus so Rowlf should go with this one)
    9) Stunt Arena with Gonzo & Motorcycle
    10) Fair with Miss Piggy (TMM)
    11) Bear on Patrol with Fozzie Bear
    12) Island with Chief Pig?
    13) Happiness Hotel with ?
    14) Movie Studio with Scooter (TMM)

    that's 14 and there's still a million more playset idea's
  3. kane31666

    kane31666 Well-Known Member

    I'd put pops in happiness hotel.
  4. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    A few people have mentioned the island for MTI - i can't see that being so great actually as a playset. I'd rather they had a go at doing the actual ship. It could have gunpowder kegs, canons, sails, and it could come with a Gonzo with arms made like the 'stretch armstrong' character so that you could recreate the scene where they put him on the sails to shorten his arms.
  5. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    okay, i'll play too...

    we have the 5 confirmed sets

    1) Muppet Labs w/Beaker
    2) Electric Mayhem Stage w/Animal
    3) Swedish Kitchen w/Swedish Chef
    4) Swine Trek w/First Mate Piggy
    5) Electric Mayhem Bus w/Janice

    I say 5 because while we all KNOW Koozebane is planned for 6, we also KNEW Janice would be in series 4

    6) Koozebane w/ Reporter Kermit
    7) Hispanola Bridge w/Clueless Morgan
    8) Muppet Show Backstage w/Pops
    9) Muppets Tonight Lobby w/Bobo
    10) Vet's Hospital w/Dr. Bob
    11) Happiness Hotel Lobby w/"Tanning" Janice
    12) Bear on Patrol w/Officer Fozzie
    13) Muppet Boarding House w/Tutu Pepe
    14) "Manhattan Melodies" Stage Set w/ "Wedding" Kermit and Piggy

    I gave the Manhattan Melodies set two exclusives for two reasons: 1) Kermit is Basically Tux Kermit, different paint, same sculpt 2) give the set just enough of a spine to stand on it's own, but make it a perfect match for the Muppet Show Stage. moving set pieces, buildings that push in from the side...just like the actual number.
  6. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member

    The Backstage playset shouldn't come with the regular series; it should be a deluxe playset released alongside the series, like the Stage playset is set to be. And if the first deluxe playset comes with a large monster, perhaps so can the second one;) Pops can then come with the Happiness Hotel.

    I'll try it.

    1) Muppet Labs w/Beaker
    2) Electric Mayhem Stage w/Animal
    3) Kitchen w/Swedish Chef
    4) Swinetrek w/First Mate Piggy
    5) Electric Mayhem Bus w/Janice
    6) Koozebane (take note, correct spelling) w/Reporter Kermit (plus aliens!)
    7) Hispaniola w/Clueless & Polly
    8) Vet's Hospital w/Dr. Bob
    9) Swamp w/Kermit & banjo (plus crocodiles!)
    10) Miss Piggy's Dressing Room w/Formal Dress Piggy & Foo-foo
    11) MT Lobby w/Clifford
    12) Bear on Patrol w/Patrol Bear Fozzie
    13) Happiness Hotel w/Pops
    14) Motorcycle Stunt Course w/Biker Piggy (Ken DID say that if ever they were to do Biker Piggy with her motorcycle that it would have to be done as a playset type of deal.)

    This is not necessarily how I want it to pan out, just playing the game. Forgive me, I'm one of those purists who wanted a TMS-only line, but I concede that it probably wouldn't be able to put out 14 playsets (at least not 14 high-sales ones.)

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole
  7. simon42

    simon42 Well-Known Member

    1. I'd like to see Palisades get the Sesame Street license and do the actual street with Oscar.

    2. I know I'm in a small minority here but I would love to see a Muppet Babies Nursery Playset.
  8. kansasteen14

    kansasteen14 Well-Known Member

    first I heard that The Muppet Show theater would be a deluxe playset,I would hope for that.also I think the backstage area and muppet boarding house could also be deluxe.

    here are my ideas for the 6-14 playsets:

    6.koozebane w/Reporter Kermit(TMS)

    7.Vet's Hospital w/Dr.Bob,Nurse Piggy,or Nurse Janice(TMS)

    8.Nursery Room w/baby Kermit,Piggy,Scooter,Fozzie,Gonzo, and Rowlf(sounds like alot but these would be small) (TMTM)

    9.The Hispanolia w/Captain Smallet(MTI)

    10.happines hotel w/pops or motorcycle piggy(that doesnt make much sense but would get her out) (TGMC)

    11.pop's diner w/yolanda and some other rats(MTM)

    12.kermit's swamp w/kermit and perhaps a muppets from Kermit's swamp's years(TMM and Kermit's Swamp years)

    13.The Muppet's Tonight lounge w/clifford (couldn come out earlier just thought of it)(MT)

    14.Bear on patrol w/officer fozzie
    (could come out earlier)(TMS)
  9. kermiefan

    kermiefan Member

    I think it would be cool to have a Viking ship from TMS with Viking Pigs and a mini CD single of "In the Navy" from the skit. :)

    Also, the wedding scene from Muppets Take Manhattan as a playset with wedding Kermit and Piggy would greatly help in my quest for a Kermit and Piggy cake topper! :D
  10. electricmayhem

    electricmayhem Well-Known Member

    I love the idea of a Muppet Babies Nursery set. I also think with the Happiness Hotel that pops would work well but 'tanning janice' would be really fun too! I'm glad I dont make the decisions because I could never decide!! I'd say, "can't we make all the characters?":)
  11. simon42

    simon42 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to add the following:

    1. The island from Muppet's Treasure Island with Miss Piggy as Benjamina (maybe Spa'am)

    2. Miss Piggy dressing room

    3. I'd also like to see Miss Piggy on Motorcycle from the Great Muppet Caper...

    4. The dog kennel from Muppets Take Manhattan with nude Rowlf!!

    5. The ship from Muppet Treasure Island with captain Kermit.

    6. The nice restaurant scene in Muppets take Manhattan (where Kermit swipes Liza Minnelli's picture) with Kermit dressed in the get up he wore in that scene, perhaps include Rizzo and Yolanda Rat.
  12. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    i think one of the things to take into account when "figure"-ing out what playsets should be made is how much interaction you can have. for example, Vet's Lab is specifically the domain of Dr. Bob and Nurses Piggy and Janice, but ANYONE could be a patient, and that makes for good playability. the dog pound, while cool, is really only good for Rowlf. it's self-limiting...
  13. Gonzo

    Gonzo Well-Known Member


    I'd LOVE a Muppet Babies nursery set, and a Palisades version of Sesame Street would be AWESOME! I'd take it just from Big Bird's Nest down to the Fix-It Shop, and include the courtyard with tire swing and everything...man, that one'd be sweet! Sweet and pricey!

  14. MuppetVison

    MuppetVison Well-Known Member

    So for sure what play sets have been confirmed. Is there any were to look at the site were the have been confirmed???????? Thanks!
  15. kansasteen14

    kansasteen14 Well-Known Member

    so far these have been set in stone:

    1.Muppet Labs(already out) w/beaker-series 1
    2.Electric Mayhem w/Animal-series 2
    3.The Swedish Chef's Kitchen w/Swedish Chef-series 3

    these are planned to come out so far:
    4.Pigs in space w/First mate piggy-series 4
    5.Electric Mayhem Bus w/Janice
    6.Koozebane planet w/reporter Kermit

    this site has a list just dont know how to get to it.sorry,you could also go to www.palisadestoys.com
  16. simon42

    simon42 Well-Known Member

    I was thinking it would be cool to have Piggy's dressing room come with Annie Sue, sort of an All About Eve twist . . .
  17. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    hmm, glad this post is doing well, yeah there hasn't been much talk or posts about the playsets, so...

    MTI Hispanolia ship i think would be the best choice for MTI remember guys we would also get Statler and Waldorf on the front of the ship!

    i also think Dr. Bob would be best for the vet's playset as well, seeing that piggy and janice will have playset already. plus Dr Bob was the main character in those skits.

    hey, i'm not sure how in the world this would work, but what about the muppet lockers from TMTM? i don't know how they would all fit, because they wouldn'tbut it would be cool for each muppet to have there own items in the lockers with stickers and all, but still not much play value.

    reg rowlf should come with a paino, it would be cool to get an up right paino with him, but i don't think they would still make a reg rowlf to come with the pet care center, and i wouldn't want reg rowlf to be stuck with that playset only to come out, but it looks like that would be the only way if they did that.
  18. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    The lockers might be a nice idea for a PVC themed set of six Figs. They could all come in their lockers with stickers like you say, and then have the PVC sitting inside. Like with GMC they could all come packaged in crates.
  19. simon42

    simon42 Well-Known Member

    It could double as a way of storing the figures...
  20. suggsy

    suggsy Well-Known Member

    All I want is the backstage. I REALLY want the backstage. Even more than the stage. As long as it has two levels and doors that open I'm happy.

    Of course, El Sleezo and the mallory Gallery would seriously kick.

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