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Ideas for Muppet books thread

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by minor muppetz, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I do agree that, at least for now, The Muppet Show II book would be unlikeley, unless, of course, The Muppet Show Book was to be re-released.
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Speaking of ultimate visual guides, I think that Ultimate Visual Guides would be good for The dark Crystal, Labrynth, and farscape, thoguh I'd be happy with just visual guides for Muppets and Sesame Street. if DK Books is interested in inc;uding any ultimate visual guides for any henson creations, or if henson (and other companies that own henson's creations) is interested in it's creations having visual guides, I think it might be best to wait for the upcoming Dark Crystal sequel and animated dark crystal prequel (assuming that these do get made) to be near completion before we get The Dark Crystal: The Ultimate Visual Guide (it would be a good way to promote either the new movie or animated series, and waiting for those to be made would be a good way to get public interest for such a book). I also kind of feel the same way for a Fraggle Rock visual guide. If Henson does manage to make a new Fraggle Rock movie, it might be good to wait untill it is close to being released, since the release of the movie would create demand for the book. Or a visual guide could be released at the time of a season DVD set.
  3. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Well-Known Member

    Oh, absolutely. Go to your nearest bookstore or library, and see how many biographies are unathorized. Again, "unathorized" doesn't have to mean "sleazy" (though admittedly it can). All it means is that the writer isn't under someone's thumb, being told what they can and can't write.

    You may want to check out "Steven Spielberg" by Joseph McBride, or "The Monkees Tale" by Eric Lefcowitz. Neither are technically authorized, but they're both very respectful to those involved.

    It sounds like the book you're interested in would be more of a collection of obscure facts. An example of that would be "The Monkees: The Day-By-Day Story of the 60s TV Pop Sensation" by Andrew Sandoval. I could totally go for a Henson book like that, too, though it's not exactly as what I was describing above.

    I do agree that Visual Guides for all the Henson-related universes would be nice, but I also agree that such a book will be far more likely once the movies are on the horizon.
  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here are what kinds of chapters i would include for Ultimate Visual Guides for The Muppets and Sesame Street.

    Chapter 1: The main characters
    Chapter 2: Secondary Characters
    Chapter 3: Muppet Television Shows
    Chapter 4: Muppet Movies
    Chapter 5: Muppet Specials and more
    Chapter 6: The People Behind (and Under) The Muppets
    Chapter 7: Muppet Merchandise

    Sesame Street
    Chapter 1: From Then To Now
    Chapter 2: The Muppets (or Sesame Street Puppet Characters)
    Chapter 3: The Humans
    Chapter 4: Classic Moments
    Chapter 5: Sesame Street Outside The Show
    Chapter 6: Collectables
    Chapter 7: Behind The Scenes
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here is what sections would be included in a Muppets ultimate visual guide. In The Ultimate Visual Guides that I've seen, all sections get one or two pages. If there is a slash mark shown, that means it's two one-page sections. Many of these pages would also include pictures of design sketches, storyboards, style guide photos, and related merchandise.

    Chapter 1: The main characters
    *Kermit The Frog (includes information about his beginnings, his orange sweater from the 1960s, his double-collar from the early 1970s, his job as a news reporter, his Sesame Street appearances, his best-known songs, Robin, and his performers)
    *Miss Piggy (includes information on her roles in Pigs In Space, Pigs In Space: Deep Dish Nine, and Veterinarians Hospital, some of her television guest appearances, her performers, some of her starring roles, such as The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show, Miss Piggy's Hollywood, and The Kermit And Miss Piggy Story, her first appearance, her roles as the four witches from The Wizard of Oz, Foo Foo, and Andy and Randy Pig)
    *Fozzie bear (includes information about his comedey routines, his backstage roles, his role as patrol Bear, some of the comedey sketches he performed in, how Frank Oz originally used a different voice for him in the original pilots, and some of his starring roles, including hey, you're as funny as fozzie bear)
    *Gonzo (includes information on his first appearance as the cigar box frackle, his acts, Dave Goelz, his starring roles in recent movies, characters he's teamed up with, species that he's been referred to as, his many outfits, and Camillia)
    *Rizzo The Rat (includes information about ho he was created, his early roles, his major roles, characters he's been associated with, and other muppet rats)
    Pepe The Prawn (includes information on Seymour The Elephant, his jobs as elevador operador and comissionary worker, his Long John Siler's commercials, Pepe merchandise, his language, and his role as Toto)
    *Rowlf (includes information about his Purina Dog Food commercials, The Jimmy Dean Show, Our Place, a list of the top ten songs he's performed, his roles as Dr. Bob and Merlin, his performers, considered names and designs, and some special appearances that he's made, such as on Sesame Street, the Dog City special, and Statler and Waldorf: From The Balcony)
    *Scooter (includes information about J.P. Gross, other jobs he's had besides go-fer, some roles he's had, his sister Skeeter, and his performers)
    Chapter 2: Secondary Characters
    *Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and beaker (includes information about the early Muppet Labs skits, Beakers speech, merchandise, songs that beaker has sung, their roles in movies, and a list of the top ten inventions from Muppet Labs)
    *Statler and Waldorf (includes information about their performers, their webshow, their ESPEN Classics appearances, their Muppets Tonigth! appearances, people they have heckled, their appearances in the movies, and Astoria)
    *Sam The Eagle/ The Swedish Chef (includes, for Sam, information about his early appearances, his guest appearance on The Animal Show, his Eagles Nest segments, and a list of thing that he hates, and for The Swedish Chef, info on performers, top ten meals he's prepared, and his Crooncy Stars cereal)
    *Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem (includes information on Dr. Teeth, Animal, Floyd, janice, Zoot, Lips, other characters who have joined the electric mayhem, and a list of their top ten songs)
    *Other musicians (includes information on The Gogolala Jubilee Jugband, Lobbock Lou and His Jughuggers, The Country Trio, Solid Foam, The Muppets Tonight! Band, trumpet Girl, Geri and The atrics, and Bobby Benson's Baby Band)
    *The Pigs (includes info on Link Hogthrob, Dr. Strangepork, Annie Sue Pig, Spamela Hamderson, David Hogsohog, and various generic pigs)
    *Clifford (incluses information about him being a musician, his movie appearances, him wearing and not wearing glasses, and him as the host of Muppets Tonight!)
    *Bobo The Bear/ Bean Bunny (includes, for Bobo, information about his security guard job, his early appearances as a generic bear, how he is performed, and his role as rentro, and for bean, his first appearance, his job on The Jim Henson Hour, and some of his injuries)
    *Dr. Phil Van Neuter and Mulch/ Johnny Fiama and Sal (includes, for Dr. Phil Van Neuter, info about Tales from The Vet, Mulchs early appearances, and Dr. Phil's appearances outside Tales from The Vet, and for Johnny and Sal, info on their songs, Johnny's mama, and some of their guest appearances)
    *Novelty Act Characters (includes information on Lew Zeland, Bill The Bubble Guy, Mr. Poodlepants, Zelda Rose and her singing owl, and Wayne and Wanda)
    *various species (includes info on the rats, the chickens, the birds, the whatnots, and The Frogs)
    *Backstage help (includes information on George The Janitor, Hilda, Beauregard, Lindberg, Gladys The Canteen lady, Vicki, and Nigel The Director)
    *Full-Body Muppets (includes info on Thog, Timmy Monster, Fletcherbird, betsy Bird, Big mama, Doglion, and Splurge)
    *Sweetums (includes information on Sweetums' first appearance, how he is performed, who has performed him, his best moments, and his friends)
    *Monsters (includes information about Boppity, Gloat, Luncheon Counter Monster, Anthony and Fran, Carl, Gorgon Heap, Uncle deadley, and behemoth)
    *Black background Characters (includes info on The Snerfs, The gazelles, The Gawky Birds, the Bossmen, and the java creatures)
    *Digit/ Leon (includes, for Digit, information abotu his technician job, his musician job, his interests, and his appearances outside of The Jim henson Hour, and for leon, his appearances on The Jim Henson Hour, his hobbies, his performer, and characters he has appeared with)
    *Unique characters (includes information on Mahna Mahna, The snowths, The Koozebanian creatures, The scoffs, Droop, vendaface, the foods, and lenny The Lizard)
    *Great Obscure Characters (includes information on Crazy Harry, Mildred, Shouting lady, The Newsman, Louis Kazagger, and Fleet scribbler)
    Chapter 3: Muppet Television Shows
    *The Muppet Show: Beginnings (includes info on the test pilot, The Muppet valentine Show, Wally, Real Live Girl, The Muppet Show: Sex And Violence, Nigel, The seven deadley Sins, Return To Beneath The Planet of The Pigs, and the fact that networks originally turned the show down)
    *The Muppet Show: A Map of The Muppet Theatre (includes backstage, stage, balcony, audience, dressing rooms, canteen, lobby, and prop room)
    *The Muppet Show: Recurring Segments (includes information on Pigs In Space, veterinarians Hospital, Muppet Labs, The swedish Chef, Muppet news, Muppet Sports, and Bear On Patrol)
    *The Muppet Show: More recurring Sketches (includes info on The talk Spot, The Houses, Fozzie's onologues, and the Conversation panel)
    *The Muppet Show: U.K. Spots (includes info on Rowlfs u.k. spots, backstage moments, english music hall songs, orchestra numbers, feelings, and Danny Boy)
    The Muppet Show: Guest Star Moments (incldues info on Paul Williams, Rita Moreno, Brooke Shields, raquel welch, Carol Burnett, Harry Belefonte, and Rudolph Nureya)
    *The Muppet Show: Top Five Explosions
    *Muppet Babies (includes info on what the show is about, some imagination scenes, parodies, and abandoned concepts)
    *Muppet Babies: The cast (incldues information on Baby kermit, Fozzie, Piggy, Gonzo, Rowlf, Scooter, Skeeter, Bean, Aniumal, Busnen, beaker, nanny, Statler, waldorf, and janice)
    *Little Muppet Monsters (includes info on the monsters, the animated segments, the episodes, and Muppets, Babies, and Monsters)
    *The Jim Henson Hour (includes info on MuppeTelevision, musical numbers, guest stars, Waldo C. Graphic, Merlin The Magician, Fashion dolls Sketch, and Hurting Something)
    *Muppets Tonigth: the acts (includes info on Bay of Pigswatch, Pigs In pace: Deep dish Nine, tales from the Vet, The Eagles Nest, and Thor: God of Thunder)
    *Muppets Tonight: Before They were Stars (info on Muppet Match Up, Muppet Band Stand, Muppet Hoo Haw, The Muppet Odd squade, and The Lunar Mooners)
    *Muppets Tonight: U.K. Spots (includes info on Swift Witts, real World Muppets, Polly and Clueless' resturaunt, Howard Pudman, and Fairyland PD)
    *America's Next Muppet
    Chapter 4: Muppet Movies
    *The Muppet Movie (includes info on the music, kermit in the swamp, the screening room, Doc Hopper and Max, a list of how kermit met the other muppets, and abandoned concepts)
    *The Muppet Movie Finale (includes info on the ending scene)
    *The Great Muppet Caper (includes info on various modes of transportation, the music, Nickey and Lady Holiday, and Kermit and Fozzie as brothers)
    *The great muppet Caper: The Happiness Hotel
    *The Muppets Take Manhattan (includes information about Manhattan melodies, Pete's resturaunt, kermit getting amnesia, and the wedding)
    *The Muppets Take Manhattan: Where everyone went (includes info on Scooter's usher job, Miss Piggy' cosmetics job, Goznos skiing job, Fozzie hibernating, The Electric Mayhem at a polka club, and Rowlf at a kenel)
    *The Muppet Christmas Carol (includes information on casting, abandoned ideas, the cratchet family, and the music)
    *Muppet Treasure Island (includes info on casting, abandoned casting choices, Long John Silver, Spam lawsuit, and music)
    *Muppet treasure island: Treasure map
    *Muppet treasure island: New Characters (includes info on Polly Lobster, mad Monty, Clueless Morgan, Blind pew, and Spa'Am)
    *Muppets from Space (includes information on The Muppet Boarding House, C.O.V.N.E.T, the alien family, and music)
    *Kermit's swamp years (incldues info on Kermits childhood, obscure refferrences, Goggles, Croaker, Blotch, Horace D'Fly, Pilgrim, and Arnie The Alligator)
    *It's a very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (includes info on movie parodies, Moulin Scrooge, how the muppets turn out without kermit, and Daniel and The Boss)
    *The Muppets Wizard of Oz (includes information on casting, music, sets, and The Flying Monkeys)
    *The Muppets Wizard of Oz: A Map
    *Muppet Vision 3D (includes information on pre-show, special effects, animatronics, nd complicated scenes)
    *Muppet Meeting films (includes info on Leo, Grump, and other things)
    Chapter 5: Muppet Specials and more
    *Fantasy Specials (includes info on Tales of The Tinkerdee, Land of Tinkerdee, Hey, Cinderella!, The frog Prince, The Muppet Musicians of Bremen, and Tale of The Bunny Picnic)
    *Muppet Specials (includes information on The Muppets Go Hollywood, the fantastic Miss Piggy Show, John Denver and The Muppets: Rocky Mountain Holiday, The Muppets At Walt Disney World, The Muppets Go To The Movies, The Muppets: A celebration of Thirty years, and The Muppets celebrate Jim henson)
    *Muppet Christmas (includes info on The great santa Clause Switch, John denver and The Muppets; A Christmas Together, A Muppet family Christmas, and mr. Willobys Christmas Tree)
    *Home Video projects (includes information on the Play-Along Videos, The Muppet Show Compilation videos, and Muppet Sing-Alongs)
    *Muppet Classic Theatre (includes information on all stories)
    *Guest appearances (includes information on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Tonight Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and The Cosby Show)
    *Muppetfest (includes information abotut he event, the characters who were there, the guests, and The Muppet Show Live)
    *Live Shows (includes info on The Muppet Show On tour, Here Comes The Muppets, and The days of Swine and Roses)
    *Comic strip
    *Muppet Magazine and Muppetzine
    Chapter 6: The People Behind (and Under) The Muppets
    *Jim Henson (includes information about his works, his characters, his family, and his acomplishments)
    *Frank Oz (includes informantion about his characetrs, his directing career, his acting credits, Yoda, and Frungus from Monsters, Inc.)
    *Jerry nelson/ Richard Hunt (includes, for nelson, info on his characters, his earl performances, and his singing voice, and for Richard Hunt, info on his characters, his acting credits, his writing credits, and his directing credits)
    *Dave Goelz/ Steve Whitmire (includes, for Goelz, information about his characters, his puppet building, and his performances, and for Whitmire, his characters, how he took over as Kermit, and his fondness for performing musicians)
    *More major Performers (includes info on Kevin Clash, Eric Jacopson, Bill Barretta, and Brian henson)
    *The performers of today and tomorrow (includes info on John Kennedey, Drew massey, Rickey Boyd, Tyler Bunch, and leslie carara)
    *Past performers (includes info on John Lovelady, Eren Ozker, Camille Bonora, kathy Mullen, and Brian Meehl)
    *Jerry Juhl (includes info on his writing credits, his performing, and taminella Grinderfall)
    *Other writers (incldues info on Jim lewis, Kirk thatcher, and Christopher Langham, and others)
    *Puppet Builders (includes info on Don Shalin, kermit Love, and others)
    Chapter 7: Muppet Merchandise
    *Plush (includes info on the ideal toys, storyboards for ideal toys, fisher price plush, sababa toys, Disney releases, Igel Toys, and master replica of Kermit)
    *Action Figures (includes info on regular releases, exclusives, give aways, megas, minis, repaints, and the wedding of the century set)
    *high-quality collectables (includes info on the busts and other high-quality merchandise)
    *Albums (incldues info on Muppet Show albums, movie soundtracks, original albums, and the John Denver albums)
    *Home Entertainment (includs info on videos, laserdiscs, DVDs, and video games)
    *Books (includes info on Of Muppets And men, The Muppet Show Book, The Muppet Comic Show, storybooks, and movie adaptions)
  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here are what sections I would include in sesame Street: The Ultimate Visual Guide:

    Chapter 1: From Then To Now
    *Early developmnents (including information about the test pilots, the promotional film with Rowlf, and the fact that the Muppets were originally only going to appear in inserts)
    *Differences in the street (including information on the original set, the added curve between Hooper's Store and 123 Sesame Street, around the corner, changes affected by the hurricane, the Mail-it Shop, and various versions of the street, seen in Julie On Sesame Street, Follow That Bird, and Elmo In Grouchland)
    *A map of Sesame Street
    *A map of Sesame Street around the corner
    *the structure (including information on why the format has changed, Elmo's World, Trash Gordon, Journey To Ernie, Global grover, letter of The day, Number of The day, and Spanish Word of The day)
    Chapter 2: The Muppets (or Sesame Street Puppet Characters)
    *Big Bird (including information on the original puppet and personality, the people who helepd bring Big Brd to life, how Big Bird is performed, Big Bird's friends, radar, and information on the birdkateers)
    *Elmo (including information on Elmo's beginnigns as baby Monster, Elmo's performers, Tickle me Elmo, top 5 songs from Elmo, Dorthy, Elmo's popularity, and characters that Elmo often interracts with)
    *Ernie and Bert (including information on the performers, a list of the top 10 songs from ernie and/ or bert, bert's favorite activities, Ernestine, brad, Rubber Duckie, and other characters that ernie has interracted with)
    *Cookie Monster (including information on Cookie Monster's original personality, other edible foods that Cookie Monster has eaten, unedible things that Cookie Monster has eaten, characters that Cookie Monster interracts with, his role as Allistar Cookie, ways cookie monster has tried to get cookies, his job introducing the letter of the day, and a list of Cookie Monsters top 10 songs)
    The Count (including information on his hypnotism spell he had in his early appearances, his job intoducing the number of the day, his performer, his girlfriends, his bats and cat, and the top five songs from the count)
    *Oscar The Grouch (including information on his original colors, his namesake, the inspiration for his voice, Ask oscar, grungetta, Irvine, osvaldo, bruno, Slimey, the elephants, what's inside oscars trash can, How oscar walks with his legs out of his can, the sloppy jalopy, and the grouchkateers)
    *Mr. Snuffleupagus (including information about how people originally thought he was imaginary, why he was outed, ways he was just missed, Alice Snuffleupagus, and how he is performed)
    *Grover (including information on Fat Blue, Supergrover, his original color, his mommy, characters Grover interacts with, marshall grover, fred the wonder horse, global grover, and a list of his top 10 songs)
    *The many jobs of Grover (including his jobs as a waiter, mail man, singing telegram deliverer, elevador operador, flight attendant, taxi driver, and a small resume)
    *Kermit The Frog/ Rosevelt Franklin (including, for kermit, a list of his top ten songs, his job as a news reporter, mention of who he appeared with on sesame Street, his lectures, and his muppet appearances, and for Rosevelt Franklin, info on his mom, his classmates, why he is no longer on the show, and his performer)
    *Zoe/ prarie dawn (including, for zoe, info on her performer, rocco, her zoe mobile, her ballet dress, and her friendship with elmo, and for prarie, her plays, her namesake, and characters she is a victim to)
    *Monsters (including information on herry, Telly, Frazzle, the Monster Clubhouse monsters, Rosita, and the two-headed mosnetr)
    *More monsters (including information on Humphrey, Ingrid, ingrids other names and personalities, baby natasha, deena and pearl, Aristotle, Leo, Ruby, Lulu, and merrie monter)
    *The Anything Muppets
    *supporting muppets (including info on Gladys The Cow, Buster, Forgetful Jones, Clementine, Biff and Sully, Guy Smiley, Don Music, Sherlock Hemlock, and the Amazing Mumford)
    *More Supporting Muppets (including barkly, stinky, kingston livingston III, Wolfgang the seal, simon soundman, roxy marie, lefty, tweedlebugs, and Harvey Kneeslapper)
    *musical Muppets (including information on Hoots The Owl, Athena, Little Jerry and The Monotones, Chris and The Alphabeats, How Now Brown Cow and The Moo Wave, and Ferlingetti Donnizetti)
    *Short-Lived Muppets (including information on Herbert Birdsfoot, Proffessor hastings, Dr. Nobel Price, Little Bird, and Sam The Robot)
    *fairy tale characters (including info on baby bear and his family, Goldilocks, and others)
    *Generic Groups of Characters (including chickens, sheep, the elephant, the wolves, honkers, dingers, and martians)
    *celebrity parodies (including dr. feel, placedo flamingo, dolly parton, meryl sheep, and h. ross parrot)
    Chapter 3: The Humans
    *Susan and Gordon (including info on the three gordons, Miles, Trash Gordon, jobs, and more)
    *Maria and Luis (including info on their job, their marriage, and gabbi)
    *Bob/ Linda (including, for Bob, info on his singing, his job, and more, and for Linda, info on her sign language)
    *Mr. hooper/ other hooper's store workers (including, for Mr. Hooper, his first name, other names Big Bird called him, his death, and his relationships with others, and for other hooper's store workers, info on david, Mr. Hanford, Alan, Carlo, and Gina)
    *Around The Corner humans (including Ruthie, Celina, Angelo, and Jamal)
    *other great humans (including willy, mr. macintosh, olivia, uncle wally, and savion)
    *short-lived humans (including mike, hiroshi, lillian, tom, petey, molly, and ralphael)
    Chapter 4: Classic Moments
    *multi-part stories (including the hurricane, the hawian trip, the mexico trip, and slimeys trip to the moon)
    *animation (including the alligator king, the king of 8, queen of 8, ladybug picnic, and cecile)
    *Animated characters (including suzie kabloozy, alice bratsworth goodyshoes, teeny little superguy, billy jo jive, the typewriter guy, and hero guy)
    *insert humans (including mr. noodle, mr. noodles brother mr, noodle, the number painter, buddy and jim, ralph and wally, larry and phyllys, and wanda the word fairy)
    *Sesame Street news (in the format of a newspaper, with news articles and collums on Rupunzel, Pinnocchio, Humpty Dumpty, a bird with divorced parents, the three little pigs, and cinderella, plus info on rumplestilskin, with phone number listed so people can call and guess his name)
    *Monsterpiece Theatre (including info on Me, Claudius, Upstairs, Downstairs, Chariots of Fur, The Taming of The Shoe, Waiting For Elmo, and Little House on Prarie)
    *television favorites (including sneek peek previews, ask oscar, miami mice, and mysterious theatre)
    *alphabet segments (including alphaquest and alphabet bates)
    *number segments (including the baker films, the jazzy spies, and the country fiddler)
    *songs (including rubber duckie, rock and roll songs, covers, parodies, and cast songs)
    *Muppets and Kids (including John John, kermit and a girl saying the alphabet, Kermit demosntrating next to, Ernie's show and tell, and monsters in day care)
    *Elmo's World (including info on the structure)
    Chapter 5: Sesame Street Outside The Show
    *Specials (including julie on Sesame Street, electric company crossover specials, pledge drive specials, christmas specials, specials about other coutnries, and anniversary specials)
    *Follow That bird (including info on the sleeze brothers, Ernie and Berts plane, vehicles, the blue big bird, miss finch, and the dodos)
    *Elmo In Grouchland (including info on the grouchland citizens, huxley, queen of trash, pesties, and Elmo's blanket)
    *other sesame street filsm (including sesame street 3D, appearances in muppet movies, and sony theatres trailers)
    *Play With Me Sesame/ Sesame Beginnings
    *Sesame Street on Ice/ Sesame Street Live
    *Sesame Place
    *guest appearances (including the ed sullivan show, the flip wilson show, the muppet show, mr. rogers neighborhood, hollywood squares, the rosie o'donald show, between the lions, and the electric company)
    Chapter 6: Collectables
    *toys (including action figures, early hand puppets, tickle me elmo, sleep 'n snore ernie, magical talking kermit, beanies, 30th anniversary PVCs, and rock 'n roll toys)
    *Albums (including the first album, songs from the street, best of albums, and a few others)
    *Videos (including alphabet videos, number videos, golden book videos, start to read videos, song-filled videos, character videos, and more)
    *Book collections (including the sesame street learning kit, the sesame street library, the sesame street treasury, and the sesame street dictionary)
    *Storybooks (including Big Bird brings Spring To sesame Street, there's a monster at the end of this book, there's another monster at the end of this book, ernie's Big mess, and books based on specials and movies)
    *informative books (including sesame street unpaved, all about sesam estreet, sesame street revised, and the wisdom of big bird)
    Chapter 7: Behind The Scenes
    *Joan Ganz Cooney/ Jim Henson
    *the original performers (Frank Oz, Jerry nelson, Fran brill, Richard Hunt, and Caroll Spinney)
    *More performers (kevin clash, carmen osbahr, martin p. robinson, matt vogel, eric jacopson, david rudman, pam arciero, joey mazzarino, and steve whitire)
    *writers, directors, and producers
    *songwriters (christopher cerf, joe raposo, and others)
    *animators (budd luckey and others)
  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    For the Muppet guide, I forgot to list Louise Gold in the section on Past Performers. For the Sesame Street guide, I forgot to list a section on International Sesame Street in the chapter called Sesame Street Outside The Show.
  8. Skekayuk

    Skekayuk Well-Known Member

    Well I'm glad you remembered eventually minor muppetz, though how you could forget the first British muppeteer in the first place... I don't know.

    Seriously, though, that does seem to be rather a common occurance, leaving out Louise Gold. Perhaps its because she so often gets overlooked, it actually often quite amazes me to realise the extent of her work as a puppeteer. I reckon her fansite doesn't really do her puppetry justice, yet. [~¦#%
  9. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member

    I can see DK doing a Muppet Show Visuall Guide but I dont know about Sesame Street... :smirk: :p
  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    For my Sesame Street guide idea, I also forgot to include a section on Sesame Street magazine in the chapter on merchandise, and I forgot to include a section on celebrity moments for the classic moments chapter.
  11. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I think The Muppet Show, The darkk Crystal, Labrynth, and farscape all have better chances than sesame street or fraggle rock (or even bear In The Big Blue House), but a Sesame Street book would rock nonetheless.

    And I keep getting this image in my head for the copyright page....

    Sesame Street, characters, and likenesses are trademarks of Sesame Workshop.

    Kermit The Frog and Muppets are trademarks of The Muppet Holding Company, LLC.

    Pictures from Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird are copyright 1985 by Warner Brothers.

    Pictures from The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland are copyright 1999 by Columbia Pictures and Jim Henson Pictures.
  12. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Well-Known Member

    Wow. A lot of impressive ideas, and very well thought-out, MinorMuppetz!

    Here's what I would imagine for your idea on the day-to-day book for the Muppets:

    1936-1954: Jim's Formative Years
    1955-1968: Birth of the Muppets (covers Sam and Friends, Rowlf on Jimmy Dean, TV commercials, Timepiece, etc.)
    1969-1975: Come and Play (covers Sesame Street, the SNL sketches, and the TMS pilots)
    1976-1980: It's Time to Light the Lights (covers TMS and first two movies)
    1981-1982: A Darker Realm (covers the making of the Dark Crystal)
    1983-1984: Children of Tomorrow (covers Fraggle Rock, MTM, Muppet Babies)
    1985-1989: Artistic Exploration (covers Labyrinth, The Storyteller and Greek Myths, short films like Monster Maker and Living with Dinosaurs, and the Jim Henson Hour)
    1989-1997: A New Direction (covers the near-sale to Disney, Jim and Richard's deaths, MCC, Dinosaurs, MCT, MTI, and Muppets Tonight)
    1998-2003: On their Own (covers JHC's later projects, like Bear in the Big Blue House, Farscape, MFS, EIG, the sale to EM.TV, MuppetFest, KSY, and VMMCM)
    2004-: The Future (covers the sale to Disney, and recent and upcoming projects)

    I could go into more detail, but you get the idea. :)

    BTW, I'm surprised no one thinks we'll ever see a Sesame Street book. That's the only show that's actually still airing new episodes, and Sesame Workshop is really starting to pursue the nostalgia market (i.e. the recent release of The Electric Company on DVD). Although I adore Labyrinth and Farscape, I think a Sesame visual guide is far less likely than either of them!
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    For my idea for an episode guide, in my list of characters to have profiles with each episode, I forgot to list somebody for the Carol Burnett episode. Big mama can have a profile there.

    By the way, I do think that a Sesame Street visual guide would be very likely. I believe that only one person mentioned not being able to realistically see it happening.
  14. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    The Muppet Movies

    I think Disney should release a book about the Muppet movies. It should at least include info on all theatrically released muppet movies, and also kermit's swamp years, the made-for-tv movies, and maybe also Muppet Vision 3D (if that counts as a movie). Each movie could have at least six pages about them, and there could be a list of all major credits (writers, directors, producers, company that released the movie), as well as year of release, how well the theatrical movies did at the box office, how well they have done on video, laserdisc, and DVD, a listing of performers, and a list of celebrities.

    It could also include some of the most memorable quotes, info on changes from script to film, info on some deleted scenes, a basic plot summary, behind-the-scenes photos and information, storyboards, and info on some of the most memorable scenes. And also pictures of movie-releated merchandise.

    Or, if there are no legal problems, maybe make a book on all henson movies, including the muppet movies, both sesame street movies, Time Piece, The dark crystal, Labrynth, The Witches, Buddy, Good Boy, and maybe a short list of all movies not owned by Henson that the creature shop was involved with.
  15. Skekayuk

    Skekayuk Well-Known Member

    In the Carol Burnett ep bit then, I think you should also mention about The Muppets infamous appearance on the 1977 RVP (at the London Palladium).
  16. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    What are you talking about? :confused:
  17. Skekayuk

    Skekayuk Well-Known Member

    RVP = Royal Variety Performce. Which by tradition used to always take place every year in one of the big London theatres such as Theatre Royal Drury Lane or The London Palladium (these days it still happens but not in the really big theatres).

    Anyway first time The Muppets appeared on the Royal Variety, was the 1977 one. And if you've read the book OM&M, you might recall that one of the Muppet monsters enlivend the proceedings by deciding to hug Prince Charles. OM&M doesn't actually name the monster, but i(as was once revealed on this msg board, in the old Delphi days) it was in fact Big Mamma. - possibly the only muppet monster who would think of doing such a thing!
  18. rumtar_10165

    rumtar_10165 Well-Known Member

    My Idea for a book.

    The Compleate Muppet Show episode Guide book.
    Starting From.
    The Muppet Show: Sex and violence to Muppets tonight.
    and to make it more intresting.
    Flippernotes: behind the secens of the Muppet Show.

    The Episode Guide should give full detail on the episodes itself with the foot notes, I mean flippernotes, on how the episode was made and what was the hardest part of taping the show.

    With the topper that will make the book the best.
    A foward from the surviving members of the original show to state why the episode was their fave memories.
  19. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    This episode guide idea sounds a little different from my idea, but also sounds great. Would this include an episode guide for The Jim Henson Hour? Muppet babies? The movies? Would this include all muppet specials (like The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show and A Muppet Family Christmas) or just ones specifically related to The Muppet Show (like The Muppets Go To The Movies)?
  20. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    yet another idea

    A few years ago, there was a book about Saturday Night Live that had quotes from so many people involved with the show. This would be a good idea for a Muppet Show or Sesame Street book. Quotes from performers, writers, and more., performers can talk about characters they wish they could have performed.

    Now that I think about it, it seems like there have never been any informative Fraggle Rock books. Jim henson: The Works has some info on Fraggle Rock, but it's not a Fraggle Rock book, it's a Jim Henson book. Fraggle Rock didn't even get an entire chapter.

    Fraggle Rock also usually gets a lot of information in biographies on Jim Henson. I've only read a few biographies. In The Story of Jim Henson: Creator of The Muppets, there is a little bit of information on Fraggle Rock, but not as much as there was for Sesame Street or The Muppet Show. This book doesn't even mention the names of any characters, nor does it give information on who performed who.

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