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"If I ran the Muppets" thread. Post YOUR good ideas HERE!

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by spcglider, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Another thing I would do: I would make a deal with whoever owns the distrbution rights to the 1980s comic strip and release a book or two of every Muppet comic strip, in chronological order.
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Another idea is for a book featuring a guide to The Mupet Show episodes, plus other goodies. It would be similar to The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family (and it's follow-ups). Each episode would have a page or two, with plot descriptions, sketch listings, quotes, character profiels,a nd other things.

    Here is how it would be laid out:

    Profiles on the main characters (Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and Gonzo)
    The Muppet Show Theme (with lyrics and pictures from various openings)
    A listing of Fozzie's openign jokes
    a listing of what happened every time Gonzo hit the gong
    Season One Episode Guide (characters with profiles listed in parenthesis)
    Juliet Prowse (Mahan Mahna and the Snowths)
    Connie Stevens (Wayne and Wanda)
    Joel Grey (Frackles)
    Ruth Buzzi (The Gogalalla Jubilee Jugband)
    Rita Moreno (Country Trio)
    Jim Nabors (Scooter)
    Florence Henderson (The Guru)
    Paul Williams (Beautiful Day Monster)
    Charles Aznavour (Mildred Huxtetter)
    Harvey Korman (The Houses)
    Lena Horne (Muppy)
    Peter Ustinov (Cynthia Birdley)
    Bruce Forsythe (The Duck)
    Sandy Duncan (Sweetums)
    Candice Bergan (Andre the Artist)
    Avery Scrieber (Rowlf)
    Ben Vereen (Droop)
    Phyllis Diller (Hilda)
    Vincent Price (Gorgon Heap)
    Valerie Harper (George the Janitor)
    Twiggy (Uncle Deadley)
    Ethel Merman (Irving Bizarre)
    Kaye Ballard (Trumpet Girl)
    Mummenscanz (Vendaface)
    A list of what happened every time Gozno blew his horn
    Season Two Episodes:
    Don Knotts (Floyd Pepper)
    Zero Mostel (Granny the Gougher)
    Milton Berle (Zelda Rose and her singing owl)
    Rich Little (Lenny the Lizard)
    Judy Collins (J.P. Grosse)
    Nancy Walker (Luncheon Counter Monster)
    Edgar Bergan (T.R.)
    Steve Martin (Mary Louise and Friend)
    Madelien Kahn (Doglion)
    George Burns (Fleet Scribbler)
    Dom DeLuise (Mean Mama)
    Bernadette Peters (Miss Mousey)
    Julie Andrews (The Mutations)
    Lou Rawls (The Sleeze Brothers)
    Cleo Lain (The Swedish Chef)
    Elton John (The Crocodiles)
    Rudolph Nureyev (Sam the Eagle)
    Jaye P. Morgan (Nigel)
    Peter Sellers (Dr. Bunsen Honeydew)
    Petula Clark (Mickey Moose)
    Bob Hope (Animal)
    Teressa Brewer (The Frogs)
    John Cleese (Robin)
    Cloris Leachman (Kermit the Pig)
    Miss Piggy's karate chops
    Season Three Episodes:
    Kris Kristofferson and Rita Cooledge (Gladys)
    Leo Sayer (Annie Sue Pig)
    Roy Clark (Lobbock Lou and his Jughuggers)
    Gilda Radner (Marvin Suggs and the Muppaphone)
    Pearl Bailey (Clams)
    Jean Stapleton (Crazy Harry)
    Marissa Berensen (Lew Zealand)
    Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper's Band)
    Loretta Lynn (Winky Pinkerton)
    Liberace (The Gawky Birds)
    Spike Miligan (The Newsman)
    Harry Belafonte (The African Masks)
    Raquel Welch (Spider)
    Danny Kaye (Clive Chuenga)
    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (Horses)
    Sylvester Stallone (The Lion)
    Helen Reddy (Sopwidth the Camel)
    James Coco (Octopus)
    Roger Miller (Chickens)
    Leslie Uggams (Camilla the Chicken)
    Lynn Redgrave (Louis Kazagger)
    Elke Sommers (Beauregard)
    Leslie Ann Warren (Link Hogthrob)
    Cheryll Ladd (Bust of Beethoven)
    Explosions Guide
    Season Four Episodes:
    John Denver (Fungus)
    Crystal Gayle (The Prairie Dogs)
    Beverly Sills (The Fuzz Brothers)
    Dyan Cannon (Geri and the Atrics)
    Linda Lavin (Mr. Mason)
    Dizzy Gillesbie (Astoria)
    Arlo Gutherie (Winny)
    Lola Falana (Trevor the Gross)
    Jonathan Winters (The Gypsy Lady)
    Alan Arkin (The Bun-Bun Brothers)
    Phyllis George (The Flying Zuccinni Brothers)
    Ann Murray (Zoot)
    Liza Minelli (Dr. Strangepork)
    Victor Borge (Bobby Benson and his Baby Band)
    Doug Henning (Magic Shoes)
    Kenny Rogers (Quongo the Wild Mountain Gorilla)
    Shields and Yarnell (The Snerfs)
    Dudley Moore (Mamma)
    Star Wars Cast (Angus McGonacle)
    Christopher Reeve (Rats)
    Lynda Carter (Janice)
    Andy Williams (Cheese)
    Carol Channing (Timmy Monster)
    Diana Ross (Fletcherbird)
    Eating Moments
    Season Five Episodes:
    Gene Kelly (Penguins)
    Loretta Swit (Thog)
    Joan Baez (Rizzo the Rat)
    Shirley Bassy (Bruno)
    James Coburn (Betsy Bird)
    Brooke Shields (The White Rabbit)
    Senor Wenches (Pinnocchio)
    Lean Pierre-Rampal (The Birds)
    Paul Simon (Pops)
    Melissa Manchester (Lips)
    Tony Randall (Dr. Teeth)
    Carol Burnett (Robot Dancers)
    Mac Davis (Beaker)
    Glenda Jackson (The Parrot)
    Wally Boag (Foo-Foo)
    Gladys Knight (Senor Buffy)
    Debbie Harry (Mulch)
    Christopher Langham (Whales)
    Marty Feldman (Ali Baba)
    Hal Lindon (Statler and Waldorf)
    Johnny Cash (Big Tiny Tall Saddles)
    Buddy Rich (Tiger)
    Linda Carter (Gaffer)
    Roger Moore (Spies)
    The Muppet Performers (and who they perform)
    Additional Crew
    Great Characters Who Didn't Get Profiles Earlier
  3. dabauckham

    dabauckham Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a great idea, minor muppetz! I would buy that book. :D I guess we have a lot of that on Muppet Wiki, but having a physical tome with nice glossy pictures still beats out internet in my opinion.

    JEANYLASER Well-Known Member

    I have my idea. What if Scooter was kidnapped and tied up by the evil Uncle Deadly. And the guest tried to find Scooter in the disney studios.

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