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MC Dorms: 2009: Home for the Holidays.

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Spamela: Me too! :3 *shares corn chips with Ed*
  2. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (at the wedding gown store, sitting on a bench and sighing)

    Spike: Pfft. You really t'ink all dis glam is really necessary?

    Kelly (shrugs): That's what I'm unsure of. I mean, I would love to have a glitzy dress like Sarah's ... but ... I'm definitely not her dimensions and I can't really stand dresses. *turns to Spike* What are YOU gonna wear?

    Spike (long pause): I got as far as "clothes".

    Kelly (laughs)

    Spike (smirks): O' course, ain't you a geek? How 'bout Betazed-style?

    Kelly (nearly dies laughing): I don't think that will fly over at the dorms, Boots. 'Sides, I have body image issues -- NO WAY I'm gonna do THAT ... :D *tries to stop laughing* So, what do dinosaurs normally do?

    Spike (shrugs): I don't really attend a lotta formal occasions.

    Kelly (facepalm): You're so completely hopeless. *hugs him* I'm so glad you agreed to come back, though. You don't know how much that meant.

    Spike (smirks)

    Kelly (sighs, stands): Okay ... I'm not leaving here until I find a good outfit.
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thankees Spammy. *Takes some corn chips. *Offers soda. *Working at the bat-puter with one of my dark books.
  4. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Newsie (on a Dorm-only TV channel that he just set up): This is a Muppet Newsflash. The wedding of the semester, between the human Kelly and the dinosaur Spike, will occur this Saturday, according to the most recent interview with my roommates. Anyone who chooses to attend need not agree to come beforehand, just show up if you feel like it. This is to counter, according to close sources, an unfortunate occurrence where a party was offered and many agreed and only one showed up. So, no one will be sending out invitations. This newscast is to be considered a rhetorical invitation. The location was GOING to be on the Dorm rooftop, but due to some repair work from last semester, it was decided that maybe that wasn't the brightest idea. Thus, it shall occur in the Game Room, located on the basement level of the Dorms. Stay tuned to this channel for further updates.
  5. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    RF: *wriggling into a cardboard box with the front cut off* Lookit, Auntie Spammy! I'm on TV too! :3

    Spamela: *vaguely* That's nice, sweetie.

    RF: Wanna watch meeeee? ! O.O

    Spamela: I suppose...what kind of show is it going to be?

    RF: Ummmmm....uhhhhh... *contemplates for a moment*

    Zoot: *smiles a little and shakes his head*
  6. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (back in room 2, sighs, downcast): Man ... I just can't find the right style for me.

    Spike: Don't worry 'bout it.

    Kelly: Maybe we should postpone it.

    Spike (rolls eyes): Ovah a dress?

    Kelly (sighs, buries her head under a sofa pillow)

    Spike: Mind tellin' me what's got ya so down?

    Kelly (shrugs, mumbling): I dunno.

    Spike: Cold feet?

    Kelly: I'm warm-blooded.

    Spike (grins): Well, ya warm mine, heheheh. You afraid no one'll show?

    Kelly: ...

    Spike (nods): T'ought so. Look, toots ... we give our own lives meanin'. No one else can do dat. Dis is gonna be fun, you'll see.

    Kelly (sighs): Maybe we should wait a week.

    Spike: But yer only off for dat clinical t'ing dis Monday. If we wait 'til da next weekend, you'll have ta go an' pick a patient. *takes her by the hand* Come Saturday, at noon -- you an' I get hitched.

    Kelly (goes to sleep on Spike's arms)
  7. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Spamela: *dressed like Giselle from Enchanted*

    Chamberlain: What in the--? :confused:

    Spamela: *singing ditzily*
    When you meet this someone
    who is meant for you
    Before two can become one
    there's something you must do...

    The rest of her roomies: Do you pull each other's tails?
    Do you feed each other seeds?

    Spamela: No, There is something sweeter everybody needs...

    I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss
    And a prince, I'm hoping, comes with this
    That's what brings ever-afterings so happy
    That's the reason we need lips so much
    For lips are the only things that touch
    So to spend a life of endless bliss
    Just find who you love through true love's kiss

    Aaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaah...

    Others: Aaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaah...

    Chamberlain: *eyetwitch*

    Others: She's been dreaming of a true love's kiss
    And a prince, she's hoping, comes with this
    That's what springs ever-afterings so happy
    That's the reason we need lips so much
    For lips are the only things that touch...

    Spamela: So to spend a life of endless bliss
    Just find who you love through true love's kiss...

    Chamberlain: *screeches and runs away*
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Tacks notice on the bulletin board.

    Guys... Since I've been called to mailwatch duty, waiting for a package for my sister, I'll be offline most of the day until it arrives. Any new requests for residency will be tended when I return. Kelly and Spammy, you're in charge until I get back later whenever. Thanks and have a good day.

    MC Dorms Management.
  9. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (reads notice): I've got class this morning. *pats Pearl on the back* Tag -- you're it.

    Pearl (opens her mouth to say something, but Kelly's already gone, sighs)
  10. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Beth: So are you all unpacked Cookie Monster?
    Cookie: Me travel very light. Me just need comb, teddy bear and pillow. Me low maintanance monster.
    Beth: Gotcha. Well in case I haven't said it yet, I'm so excited you're living with us this semester
    Cookie: Me too. Now when we eat?
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey guys, I'm back. Thanks Kelly. *Sends package to Mom so she can send it off to my sister.

    *Settles in for some afternoon thread-tending with a frothy fruit frappe.
  12. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Pearl (nods to Ed): We were glad ta help, hon, but there wasn't a whole lot ta watch.

    Cotterpin (at the common room bay window): Well, except for that ...

    *at the poolhouse, there are bright flames reaching far up into the sky but nothing is consumed*

    Pearl (goes over to the window): O_O Lordy mercy -- what in tarnation is that?

    Cotterpin: Kelly said she needed to let off some steam before the wedding this weekend. She's been kinda moody.

    Pearl: Uh-HUH.

    Cotterpin: She said something about needing to feel cosmic power, the harmony of the spheres ... something like that.

    Pearl: Right ... where's Spike in all this?

    Cotterpin: Uh, I dunno. He might be in there with her. I can't tell.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Gonna lie down for a while. Need a break from the computer. And the small headache from moderating elsewheres. :shifty:

    Check back in a couple of hours folks.
  14. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (comes in from the pool): Ahhhh.

    Spike (putting on his jacket): That was ... different.

    Kelly (grins): Heehee. *looks around* Wow, I wonder how much the college or whatever costs around here. Maybe tuition went up and that's why there are only like a handful of people here.

    Spike: Dere's a college?

    Kelly (shrugs): I kind of assumed so, being that there's a dorm for it. *laughs, enters the common room and breaks out a textbook*

    Spike: You decided ta do your homework? How long has dat been assigned?

    Kelly: Um ... since last week.

    Spike (rolls eyes): Nuttin' evah changes, does it?

    Kelly (playfully flings the textbook at Spike)
  15. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Ailie: Mrrrmph... XP *hoists in a sack full of Oreos*

    RF: *eyes widen considerably* O.O Where--?

    Ailie: Let's just say...Rama told me to go on a sugar binge. :3 *shares them with RF*

    Zoot: *hides in a broom closet somewhere, bracing himself for the eruption later*
  16. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    Beige: (listening in) Sugar binge. Sounds like a plan to me...do we have any more of that triple-fudge crunch?
    Nora: Have at it - I hear that the FDA's got that on a watch list because of the sheer amount of caffeine and sugar. (goes looking for strawberry shortcake)
    Storyteller: Well, I am all for a nice radish ripple - how about you two?
    Erin: Two scoops of that raspberry hazelnut one.
    Scooter: And I'm going to be really reckless and join Beige in the triple-fudge crunch.
    Storyteller: You boys are planning on getting some sleep tonight, aren't you?

    (gang settles on the sofa with their respective flavors)
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    UD: How are you feeling today Ed?
    Me: A bit better. The headache hasn't completely gone away, need to talk to Prawny. On the other hand, at least the SST C entries have been reintegrated and everything. Gonna have a sandwich for breakfast, then see if I finish Styx's wardrobe.
    UD: Don't forget, the wedding's tomorrow. And there's still that surprise you wanted for the dorms...
    Me: Yes, I know. I hope to get it taken care of, little by little. Hope to get some more pins later today. :busy:
  18. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Spamela: *humming, trying to brush RF's hair* ...does it ever lie flat? *smiles weakly*

    RF: Uh-uh. :p

    Spamela: *sighs*
  19. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (sighs on the sofa in the common room): Should I wear white? I can't find any good suits.

    Spike (shrugs): What's da white for?

    Kelly (blushes): Because this would be my first.

    Spike (shrugs, watches TV): I say wear what ya want. Are ya gonna get arrested for wearin' somethin' different?

    Kelly: Um ... no, not really. *plays around on the internet* Oh, look, here's something nice.

    Spike (looks): Uh-huh. Kinda screams "corporate takeover" ta me, though.

    Kelly: Well, if I change the dark gray vest and pants to black, let out the vest to accommodate my larger dimensions up there, and make the white long-sleeved blouse royal blue ... I think that'd look really cool.

    Spike (rolls eyes): Yeh ... if you like lookin' like you work for Wesayso.

    Kelly: PUL-EEZE! I'm not into fashion ... but I know I look better than Richfield ever would.
  20. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Spamela: *trying to add some gel into RF's hair to keep it down*

    RF: Uh, Aunt Spammy--

    Spamela: Hmm?

    RF: That's toothpaste... :pPP

    Spamela: Wha--? *facepalm* X_X Come on... *leads him down to the bathroom to wash it out*

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