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Meeting at Schotsky's

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Er, you mean moving on to Mississippi, New York, and wherever it is Camilla's going to be met, as going back to Cali would imply moving back to the present?
    All good stuff in this extra chapter piece, the thoughts of the trio as a parent and two wayward waifs made me chuckle at times.

    Please, continue when you get the chance.
    :insatiable: Me just love fanficky goodness.
  2. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I mean that the reason for Kermit and Fozzie embarking on this trip was because they were both set to visit their families, who are in Mississippi and New York respectively.

    Gonzo isn't going to meet Miss Camilla until the group starts the Muppet Show, cause I believe that's where he did indeed meet her.

    There will be an explanation of the group heading back to Cali in the next part I post.

    Kermit has always had that 'father figure' mystique and I don't think it started when the show started or when they did the movies, I think it started immediately and probably with Fozzie. As mentioned, he's the most childlike of the group and I think, of everyone, he brings out the inner parent. In a good way.

    The others of course...

    Hopefully will have the next and concluding sections up soon!
  3. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    "Corn hulks" in Iowa huh? Don't make 'em yellow. You wouldn't like 'em when they're yellow...

    Er...Piggy herself stated that her birth name was Pigathia (on the Avery Schrieber ep, if I'm not mistaken), although I admit Piggy Lee is a cute joke.

    Snickered a LOT at the idea of Gonzo coming off like a naughty peeper...after being at the petting zoo...

    Uh, YES Floridians are southern. REAL Floridians. *posing, thank you, thank you* Clearly ya ain't never been t' the interior t'meetya some honest-ta-goodness Florida crackers! And anyway, I'll have to go look again, but I could have sworn that opening swamp shot in TMM had cypress AND mangroves...and mangroves only grow in the swamps of FL. Eh. Swamp culture is pretty much swamp culture, though; I doubt the gators care what state they're in...

    :o Unless it's in a suitcase! Aaaaah!

    Very cute so far. You do keep throwing me with the bar named Schotsky's, as it reminds me too much of a really awful chain of delis back east called Schlotsky's...though I could absolutely see Fozzie trying to enliven the brisket-sammich lunchtime crowd.

    Again...slow down! EDIT! But storywise this is fun, much fun. Keep going!
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  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Oh I know, just for that moment I didn't use it (though I did consider it). I might bring it back at some point though.

    If you liked that, you're gonna love the next sections! I don't think Gonzo is like creepy peeper, he just enjoys the chase and the game.

    I was in the Southern end, for West Palm Beach and seriously hated it. Not all of Florida, just that particular city.

    Oh God, you had those too!? I agree, that place was horrible and here I thought it was just me. I hated that place and hated whenever someone suggested we go. For some reason, the name struck me as a bar and it took a few moments before I realized, 'ugh, it's that disgusting deli place!' Hence my need to change the name.
  5. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    On stage, the new Miss Bogen County looked out at her subjects and was immediately struck by a member of the audience. Short, green, and handsome and looking at her the way she was looking at him. Was there such a thing as love at first sight? Piggy didn’t know, but at that moment she was convinced that there was. Every movie cliché that she had ever seen went off in her head – the slow motion pan to the stranger’s face, the fireworks that appeared behind him, the love song that sung in her head…

    Everything that was happening around her – the song the announcer was singing for her win, the congratulatory handshakes, and friendly hugs – all she saw was the green stranger. Suddenly, things came back to the present and before she realized it, she was heading through the crowd to meet the handsome creature.



    “Hey there,” Gonzo interrupted, holding out his hand to her. “Gonzo, the Great Gonzo, at your service. My card.”

    Miss Piggy tentatively took the card from the blue creature, before turning her attention back to the frog. “Congratulations on the win,” he whispered.

    “Thank you.”

    “Yeah,” Fozzie piped up, taking a bite from his ice cream cone. “Good job on that. Hey, we’re gonna get some cotton candy and then a balloon and go ride the Ferris Wheel. Wanna come?”

    Kermit wasn’t sure who was more shocked – Miss Piggy for being included after just meeting the group or Kermit, for the very forward way that Fozzie had just randomly invited some random, yet beautiful, pig to join them. And when did he agree to going on the Ferris Wheel?

    “If…it’s okay, with you…” Miss Bogen County turned to look at the frog. “I’m sorry, I…didn’t catch your name.”

    “Kermit,” the frog gulped. “And uh…yeah. Yeah, we can…we can spend a few minutes here, but not a lot cause…Fozzie and I gotta get back on the road.”

    “Oh?” Piggy asked. “Where’re you going?”

    “Uh…” Where…was he going? When did he stop thinking logically?

    “We’re headed down to see Kermit’s family in Mississippi!” Fozzie exclaimed. “Then we’re gonna see my Ma in New York.”

    “A Southern gentleman,” Piggy cooed.

    “I’m a Southern gentleman,” Gonzo again interrupted, causing Piggy to turn her ire on him.


    “Oh yeah,” Gonzo replied. “I was born right in the Southern part of…uh…” The weirdo racked his brain in trying to figure out which state he could’ve been born in. “Is Arkansas a southern state?”


    “What about Kansas?”

    “I’m going to go change,” Piggy said, turning from the obvious letch and turning to her handsome frog. “I’ll be right back.”

    The three watched as the lovely pig sashayed back to the dressing tent.

    “She seems nice,” Fozzie replied.

    “Yeah,” both Gonzo and Kermit sighed.

    “I’ll meet you guys at the cotton candy machine.”

    “That’s some beauty queen, huh Kermit?”

    “She obviously won on merit,” Kermit sighed, dreamily. “She put her best assets forward.”

    “I’ll say,” Gonzo grinned. “And she’s got some nice assets from behind too.”

    Kermit turned an irritated look on the plumber. “You’re a letch.”

    “Thank you.”

    The two continued to stare in the direction that Piggy left in, ignoring everyone around them. “Hey Kermit,” Gonzo started. “You think a pig like her and a guy like me…”


    Gonzo looked at the frog in surprise. “Don’t be so quick to answer, Frog,” he chuckled. “I might think you’re interested in her.”

    “I’m not interested in her!”

    “Oh good,” the plumber nodded. “Then you won’t mind if I go after her.”

    It took nearly a minute before Kermit answered. “I don’t care,” he muttered. “However I don’t think you’re her type.”

    “Oh? You know her type then, do you?”

    “I know it’s not you.”

    “Me thinks the frog protests too much.” Gonzo couldn’t help but smirk. This was going to be fun! “Alright, Kermit,” he said. “I’ll be a sport about this, so may the best daredevil win.” Looking at the frog, the plumber smiled. “Game on.”


    What should have been a few minutes, fifteen at most, had turned into another hour as Kermit endured another round of obviously insane Muppet theatre. When he wasn’t trying to get Fozzie to stop eating so much ice cream and cotton candy, he was trying to remember his own name whenever that Miss Piggy person talked to him, and then trying to keep Gonzo’s pervy mitts off her.

    At the rate they were going, they would never get back on the road, which meant another day of driving, which Kermit didn’t think he could really handle. “Okay, c’mon guys,” he finally said. “This has been great, it really has, but Fozzie, we have to go.”

    “Aw Kermit…”

    “No,” the frog said. “I’m putting my foot down on this. We still have a ways to go, so we need to hit the road. Like three hours ago.”

    “Are you sure you couldn’t stay a little longer?” Piggy asked, turning bright blue eyes on the apparent leader.

    Kermit almost threw caution to the wind and said yes to staying, but luckily his heart was as tired as his body, which meant that his brain was still running fine. “No,” he whispered. “No, no. No, we definitely need to go. So...it was…you know, nice meeting you and…” Kermit looked around, confusion registering on his face.

    “Where’s Gonzo?”

    Kermit hadn’t known the daredevil plumber for even a day, yet he was already acutely aware that he should never take his eyes off him and should know his whereabouts at all times. This was one of those times when he really wished he hadn’t be distracted by the pig.

    “He went to go get a balloon,” Fozzie replied, taking a bit from a dwindling piece of cotton candy, which Kermit couldn’t account for in the entire time he’d been snack treat warden.

    “Hey guys!”

    One bear, one frog, and one beauty queen pig turned their attention upwards to view a blue weirdo hovering above them attached to a stack of balloons. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding,” muttered Kermit.

    “Gonzo,” Fozzie called up to him. “What’re you doing?”

    “About seven knots!”

    “AAAHH! Fun-nee!”

    “Fozzie, get the car!”

    “Yes sir!”

    “I should probably go with you,” Piggy stated, hurrying after the two as they tried following their floating friend.

    “Why?” Kermit asked.

    “Simple,” she said. “You boys ain’t from around here, are you? So unless you plan on getting lost, while tracking down the floating freak out there, you’re gonna want me around. Trust me.”

    “Do we have a choice in this?” Fozzie asked.


    “Fair enough.”

    The trio quickly got in the front of the car and headed off trying to catch their high flying friend. “Fozzie, keep on him!”

    “Yes sir!”

    The trio drove along, Kermit hanging out the passenger side window, trying to get a bead on where the little blue weirdo was. “Gonzo!” he cried. “Gonzo, you’re gonna have to let go of the balloons!”

    “Are you nuts!?” Gonzo called down.

    “Then just let go of one balloon at a time!”

    “You know,” Piggy stated. “We’d make faster time if you let me drive.”

    “I don’t even know you,” the bear countered. “I’m not about to let you drive my car. What if you’re some sort of speed demon? Or worse! A really bad driver!”

    “Well, we’re hardly making a dent with you driving, Grandma!”

    “Safety first!” Fozzie cried. “That’s what Ma always says!”

    “Will the two of you stop it?!” Kermit exclaimed, pulling his head back in to stop whatever they were bickering about. Putting his head back out the window, Kermit wondered how he managed to get himself into these situations. If only I had taken a plane like I originally planned…

    Truth be told, Gonzo was having a great time. He’d always enjoyed flying, ever since he was a little kid. He didn’t know what it was or even where the idea of flight came from, but the feeling of weightlessness and feeling the cool breeze rip through your fur was incredible, a feeling Gonzo couldn’t even explain to himself sometimes. But even dreams, as he once learned, had to come down from the clouds every once in a while, so though he was loathe to do it, he began to release a few balloons at a time from his grip.

    The idea had merit, as it dropped Gonzo closer and closer to the ground; in fact, he was pretty sure he’s be able to drop right down, but then he saw the top of Fozzie’s car and the idea of landing on that was a bit more intriguing than just hitting the ground and running.

    “Get under him, Fozzie.”

    “You got it.”

    A few minutes later they could hear a thump on the roof, which caused Fozzie to stop the car suddenly. That in turn caused Gonzo to slide off the roof, down the front windshield, over the hood and down to the ground. He popped up a second later, exclaiming, “That was fantastic!”

    Inside the car, three riders looked at the blue weirdo, who was jumping up and down in joy and excitement. “That guy…is a lunatic,” said Piggy.

    “Yes, we know,” replied Kermit.
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  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    When Kermit asked where Gonzo was, I knew what was coming.
    :halo: Balloon! Balloon!
    Yeah, I heard the girls go gaga over that stuff.
    :cluck: Gaga!

    You're doing a superb job portraying the main points of the movie during what the frog will remember in your ficverse as the Trip of Heck.
    Good show with the pageant portions, then Gonzo and Kermit as rivals for the same maiden's satin gloved hand, and the inner spaced-out dreams of a weirdo.

    More please!
  7. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Geez guys, I seriously did not intend for this chapter to be as long as it was, but man if I'm not cracking myself up. I'm near the end, promise! And poor Kermit...if there was sanity left in him, it's gone by the end of this trip. Completely.

    Here's some antics with a bear, a pig, a frog, and a whatever. Next chapter - a puppy pianist makes five!

    “Man, did you see that!?” Gonzo asked, excitedly. He had rushed over to the passenger side and was basically leaning through the window in order to talk to everyone at once. “I don’t think I’ve been that high in the air before.”

    “Oh I’m sure you’ve been high on something,” Piggy muttered.

    “Gonzo,” Kermit said. “Get in the car.”


    “Fozzie, let’s go.”

    “I can’t, Kermit.”


    “I can’t go,” the bear repeated. “Not until one of you gets in the backseat. This car isn’t really built for having more than two people in the front seat. It’s illegal.”

    “The backseat’s nice and toasty,” Gonzo grinned, patting the seat beside him.

    When would this day end? Rubbing a tired flipper across his forehead, Kermit muttered, “Fine.” before getting out of the passenger side and getting into the backseat with Gonzo.

    “Kermit!” the plumber exclaimed, holding a hand for him.

    “But Kermit,” came the protest from the remaining two in the front seat.

    “Guys,” the frog stressed. “I’m tired and hungry. Can we please just…”

    “Oh Kermit,” Piggy gushed. “Dinner sounds like a wonderful idea!”

    “Agreed,” Gonzo nodded. “I love dinner!”

    Piggy turned on the weirdo almost immediately. “You are not invited,” she said. “You especially are not invited.”

    “Don’t be cruel,” Gonzo pouted, cheekily.

    “Kermit, I’m hungry too,” whined Fozzie.

    “How is that possible?” the pig rounded. “After all the ice cream and cotton candy you had?”

    “I’m a growing bear,” the driver stated, glaring at this…this…interloper. “I need the sustenance.”

    “No one is to talk for the rest of this car ride,” Kermit stated. “Fozzie, drive and find a place to eat. Nobody is to talk! I mean it! We’re going to play the quiet game and the first person who talks gets to walk home.”

    Fozzie and Piggy continued to glare at each other until Piggy turned to look at Kermit. She was caught by Gonzo however, who winked, causing her to turn back around in a huff.

    The rest of the car ride was ridden in silence.


    Finding a restaurant outside of Bogen County was difficult, especially at nearly eight at night on a Saturday night. The next town over was nearly thirty minutes away and by that time, Kermit was grateful that the others had listened to him and managed to keep quiet for the first fifteen minutes. But as he figured, Fozzie couldn’t keep quiet long enough and before the bear was even aware of it, he was humming to himself. The glare Piggy threw at him in the front seat only made him hum louder, in defiance. Gonzo of course couldn’t leave well enough alone and started humming along with him, which brought Piggy’s ire on him, which only made him enjoy the humming as much as possible.

    Kermit was cleverly devising a plan in which he would somehow steal the car and travel back to the land that made sense. He of course immediately felt bad about that because of Fozzie and it being his car, so he tried to add Fozzie to the ultimate plan, but then he felt bad about that because that meant leaving Piggy with Gonzo and while he didn’t think the blue whatever meant anything by it, Kermit felt he’d be leaving a woman in distress and he couldn’t do that.

    Ultimately, every plan he thought of in which he could escape either meant feeling guilty afterwards or taking everyone with him, which of course defeated the very purpose of the plan in the first place.

    Thankfully, a cheerful little diner was found and the group wearily was taken to a nice round table. Kermit was only vaguely aware of some weird staring contest between Piggy and Fozzie, who had snagged the chair next to him. Piggy reluctant took the seat that was directly across Kermit, however it put her next to Gonzo, who waggled his eyes at her when she did.

    “Oh brother.”

    “Hey Fozzie,” Kermit muttered. Standing on very tired legs, he continued with, “Order me something, okay? I’m gonna call Rowlf and let him know where we are.”

    “Sure thing, best frog buddy,” Fozzie replied, watching as Kermit walked towards the payphone. Spreading a napkin across his lap, he said, “See? Kermit asked me to make a selection for him. That’s because we’re besties.”

    “I thought they had another word for that,” Piggy quipped.

    “It’s short for best friends,” Fozzie countered. “That’s what it’s short for. Isn’t it, Gonzo? It’s besties, right?”

    “Oh, how do I say this without ruining your childlike sensibilities?” the weirdo sighed. “Yes, Fozzie, you are correct in that.” The bear looked triumphantly at the pig before arranging his dinnerware. Leaning over to Piggy, Gonzo replied, “Don’t ruin his spirit; he’s just a boy. I, on the other hand…”

    “Are a lunatic dressed in a weirdo’s body,” the pig retorted.

    “I see you’ve noticed.”

    “You are to stay the furthest away from me.”

    “Why don’t you and I get own table?”

    “Why don’t I punch you in the face?”

    “Beautiful and dangerous,” Gonzo whistled. “I like that in a woman.”

    “What is wrong with you?” Piggy asked, exasperated. Anyone else would have cowered in fear, this guy got off on it!

    “Oh I don’t know,” Gonzo replied, flirtatiously. “But I’m sure we could find out together.”

    Turning in her chair, Piggy shouted, “Security!”

    “Whoa, whoa!” Gonzo said, quickly moving his chair away from her. “I’ll behave, I’ll behave!” Making sure that no one was coming to get him, he leaned over and whispered, “You’re a very bad girl. I like that, too.”

    “If I gave you a dollar, would you go out and play in traffic?”

    Gonzo looked at her, as though offended that she would use such a rouse against him. “Only a dollar?” he asked.

    Piggy sighed in annoyance. “Fine,” she huffed. “Two dollars.”

    “Oh, well I would’ve done it for free,” he chuckled. “But if you’re offering money…”

    “Bad news, Fozzie,” Kermit said, returning to the table and dropping wearily in his seat. “We have to cut our trip short.”

    “What? Why?”

    “I just got off the phone with Rowlf,” the frog continued. “Apparently the network wants a new season immediately, so I have to be back there by Monday.”

    “I didn’t know you were in television, Kermit,” Piggy said.

    “Are you kidding?” Fozzie exclaimed. “This is Kermit THE Frog, the very face of children’s television! Isn’t that right, Kermit?”

    “I wouldn’t say that, Fozzie.”

    “I wondered why you looked familiar,” Gonzo said.

    “You watch Sesame Street?” Fozzie asked, surprised.

    “What?” Gonzo asked. “No, no. That other show. You did that other show with that guy named Sam, right?”

    “You watched Sam & Friends?” Kermit asked, perking slightly. It was very rare to find someone who had seen the old show.

    “Are you kidding?” Gonzo said. “I loved that show! It was great! Not enough explosions for me, but I forgive you for that, network TV and all. Wow, this whole time I’ve been in the car with a big time celebrity. How cool is that?”

    “I’m not that big,” Kermit muttered, a little embarrassed.

    “And modest too,” Piggy said, dreamily. She had certainly picked the right frog. Handsome, smart, a leader, and now, a famous celebrity.

    “The point,” he was saying. “Is that we gotta go, Fozzie. In order for us to hit California by Monday, we have to leave now and keep driving. Not to mention drop Gonzo and Piggy off at their perspective homes…”

    “Well, hang on there, Kermit,” Gonzo interrupted. “You can’t make Fozzie here drive all night and day, can you?”

    “He’s been making me do it the entire trip here.”

    “That’s just cruel!” Gonzo persisted. “You should really get a second driver and it just so happens that I had an accident earlier, so I am without a vehicle, which means…”

    “No, Gonzo.”

    “Here me out, Frog,” the weirdo stated. “You’re looking at another two, three day drive you know. The bear’s gonna get tired.”

    “I am kinda tired, Kermit,” Fozzie admitted.

    “And you’d certainly need company,” Piggy said, looking straight at the frog. “I mean, how much fun could you possibly have with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Freak over here?”

    “No,” Kermit said, shaking his head. “No, this is a bad idea. This is an incredibly bad idea.”

    “Why?” Gonzo asked. “What’ve we got to lose?”

    What did they have to lose? Only their minds.

    And that folks, is finally the end of the never ending chapter 3! Next chap - Rowlf remembers his meeting with the daredevil and the diva!

  8. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Happy Sunday people!

    Here we are in chapter 4. We've heard the story on how the frog met the dog, how the dog and frog met the bear, and how the bear and frog met the pig and the whatever. Now it's time to met the dog and set up what will eventually be the Muppet Show.

    Chapter IV: A Meeting at Schotsky’s

    Despite eagerly wanting to know about this ‘before time’ special he had somehow stumbled upon, Scooter had to switch from eager child wanting a story to stage manager and Muppet handler for the Muppet Theatre and show. The younger Muppet would be lying if he said the whole story about a never talked about bar didn’t intrigue him – especially now when he was old enough to enter said bar – because of course it did.

    He was always interested in what the others had done before they had all come together to form this wild and crazy family of theirs. For Scooter, the kid who lucked out in being a part of all this, learning that Kermit had been a big name even before Sesame Street was cool; that Rowlf had been a TV star with the guy who sold those tasty sausages was cool; that Gonzo really was a plumber (and not just saying it for the fun of getting into small, dark spaces) was cool; that Fozzie had been a standup comic long before he met Kermit was cool; and of course, knowing a former beauty queen in Miss Piggy was just cool.

    Unfortunately, his job as the stage manager and overall assistant to the big boss had stopped further inquiries to this Schotsky’s place and the most important of whether he could go with them the next time. On the docket for this weekend’s show were several acts that had been featured before – Vet’s Hospital usually never took their chance to rehearsal, even when it would probably do them good if they did; the Swedish Chef had stated (they thought) that if he rehearsed, he would have to do it with preparing anything because his dish was time sensitive.

    The Electric Mayhem had jumped at the chance of playing, as they always did when they were the musical feature on the show. This weekend they had gotten actress and singer Zooey Deschanel and the band – and Rowlf – had been monopolizing her time on several different projects and interpretations that it was pretty much shaping up to be a good show.

    Gonzo and Fozzie of course had their normal routines, though after learning about their favorite bar, Scooter noticed they seemed to be putting their heads together and planning something. There were certain pairings on the show that were usually never a good idea and putting Gonzo and Fozzie was one of those bad idea pairings.

    So far, as dress rehearsals went, things were going…as to be expected. Which was to say that things were as crazy as they could be.

    An actual lull in the zaniness allowed Scooter to saddle up next to Rowlf as he waited his turn on stage. Rowlf was a feature in that week’s show, as he was not only working with Zooey, but he also had a piece with Piggy, not to mention his role as Dr. Bob on Vet’s Hospital. “Things are going as expected,” the dog commented when he noticed the stage manager next to him.

    “Which usually means so far, so good,” Scooter quipped. It often seemed as though Rowlf took the unofficial role of gatekeeper when it looked as though Kermit’s sanity was hanging on by a thread and when Scooter had been sucked up in the madness of the cast. The brown dog was generally unaffected by the weirdness that went around him on a weekly basis and even when he was adding to it, he seemed to do so with a calm serenity.

    “I’m guessing you’re hanging around because you want to hear more about Schotsky’s.”

    “What?” Scooter began, feigning ignorance and surprise. That was of course what he was hoping for, but he wasn’t going to tell Rowlf that. “Why would you…? Okay, that’s actually why I’m here. And because I can view the insanity from a safer place form over here.”

    Rowlf chuckled. He’d always admired the kid’s learning spirit; Scooter had proved he could be and was more than just the theatre owner’s nephew and sometime patsy and spy. Truthfully, talking about meeting the others was making him remember when he had met Dr. Teeth and Floyd, Janice, and Scooter himself. “Ask away, kid.”

    “So,” the assistant began. “I knew you and Kermit had known each other for a while and obviously you and Fozzie, and Piggy, and Gonzo are like the founding members of the Muppets and all…”

    “Uh huh.”

    “But how did you end up meeting Gonzo and Piggy?” Scooter asked, finally. “And how did you come up with the idea for the Muppet Show? Or even the script for the movie? And…”

    “Hey, slow down there, Red,” Rowlf chuckled. “One question at a time, alright? So you remember how Gonzo may have embellished parts of that story of his?”

    “That seems like a distinct possibility.”

    “Well,” the dog continued. “Kermit really did need to get back and Gonzo and Piggy really were quite adamant on tagging along. So after like a week of being gone and coming back, those four end up back in Hollywood and Kermit ends up back on Sesame Street…”

    The Past

    Rowlf always looked forward to heading over to Schotsky’s, picking up a beer, and having a chat with his good friend, Kermit. Meeting the comic bear Fozzie was like an added bonus; he liked Fozzie. The guy was funny when he didn’t think too much about trying to be funny and watching him and Kermit together was like watching the formation of a great comedy team.

    This night, Rowlf was waiting patiently for the two to show up and hopefully bring the two tagalongs they had picked up while they were supposed to be driving to meet the parents. He hadn’t gotten much from Kermit, only that they had literally run into this guy named Gonzo and that a local Iowa beauty queen had decided she wanted to come to Hollywood, too. He could tell through the phone that the frog was a little annoyed at the prospects of virtual stowaways, but obviously the duo held some sway or else the frog wouldn’t have let them come along.

    Rowlf had already snagged their regular table and was just about to get up and order their drinks when he saw his party walk through the door. First through was that of an attractive lady pig with big blue eyes and long blonde hair that hung about her shoulders. Her very entrance signaled ‘movie star’ though the dog was sure he’d remember her if he’d ever seen her in anything; next up was the frog, who looked for all the world like he wasn’t with the pig who just entered.

    That idea didn’t last long, as one green flipper was placed on the small of her back once he spotted the dog at the table. “That’s interesting,” he muttered to himself, watching as Flirtatious and Indifferent made their way towards them. Behind them were Fozzie and a weird blue furry thing he assumed was Gonzo. The bear must’ve said something funny because Gonzo started laughing loudly, patting him on the back and smiling.

    “Another cheerleader,” Rowlf smirked. Standing quickly, he nodded to Kermit, shaking the flipper that was offered to him. “Bout time you got here,” he joked. “The newsie boys have been eyeing this table ever since I got here.”

    The newsies were a group of local anchormen from the station a few blocks over who coveted the sacred table that Kermit and Rowlf claimed nearly every week. The dog had no idea why they were so obsessed with it – it was just the typical round table that was located in triplicate throughout the bar – but it seemed like the trio had to fend them off every time they sat.

    “What is their problem?” Kermit groused, sending an annoyed look towards the newsies, who were more than happy to glare back.

    “Who’re the newsies?” asked Gonzo.

    “The local anchors from up the street,” Rowlf replied. “They’ve been gunning for our table for weeks now. I’m starting to think they’re just messing with us.”

    “You’re having an issue with the local news station?” Piggy asked, skeptically.

    “Hey, I don’t get it either,” the dog shrugged. “But if you want, Princess, how bout you go over there and get them off our backs? Put your best assets forward, as it were.”

    Raising an eyebrow at the obvious backhanded compliment, Piggy leaned on the table slightly, making sure Rowlf was well aware of where her ‘assets’ were. “Believe me, Pup,” she retorted. “I could have those guys eating out of my hands if I wanted to.”

    “You could have me eating out of your hands if you want to,” Gonzo leered.

    Without taking her striking baby blues from the dog, Piggy reached up, grabbed Gonzo by the nose, and pushed him back, stating, “Personal space” as she did so.

    “Please let’s not have a repeat of breakfast,” Kermit announced, pulling out a chair and sitting down. “There’s so many places I want to be asked to leave and Schotsky’s is not one of them.”

    “Hold up there, Frog,” Rowlf replied, pointing at the frog. “We still have a matter of who’s buying drinks. Alright kids, ante up.” Looking pointedly at Piggy, he said, “You too, Princess.”

    “Excuse me?” Piggy asked, looking at the dog. “I’m not buying you drinks. I am a lady.”

    “You weren’t such a lady when you wolfed down my sandwich earlier,” muttered Fozzie.



    “Come on, Piggy,” Kermit pleaded. “It’s tradition; we do this every week. And we all pitch in for drinks, right?”

    “Now hold on, Kermit,” Rowlf intervened. “Your lady friend has a point. She shouldn’t have to pay up.”

    “Thank you.”

    “I mean,” the dog chuckled. “It’s not like she came out here to play with the big boys or anything. You did say she was a beauty queen; can’t have her ruin her image, you know? So you just sit tight, Princess. Let the big boys take care of things.”

    Blue eyes narrowed. If there was one thing Piggy hated it was to be seen as a silly little girl; and while she could play the part to the hilt, she was the one to call when and where she did it. Standing, she shouldered her way in the manly Muppety circle that had been formed. “Move over.”

    One secret and overly complicated elimination round later, Rowlf had been saddled with buying drinks, however in this case he wasn’t as disappointed in that as he usually was. He had of course completely ignored Miss Piggy’s request for some girly little drink he didn’t think he had ever heard of and instead got everyone a beer, nodding to Rocky the bartender in thanks. Five drinks were placed in front of five very different Muppets who had just managed to meet each other in the most oddest of situations.

    “Rowlf,” Piggy complained, looking at the dark brown bottle that was placed in front of her. “I asked for a Cosmo.”

    “And I got you a beer.”

    “But I didn’t want a beer,” she protested.

    “That’s too bad cause that’s what you’re drinking.”

    “And if I refuse?”

    “Then someone at this table doesn’t get any more beer,” the dog replied. “Now shut up and drink your beer. Look, I even had them remove the bottle cap for you.”

    “How gallant,” she said, sarcastically.

    “We should do a toast,” Fozzie piped up.

    “To what?” Kermit asked.

    “To this!” he exclaimed “To us! To this moment right here!”

    “To making it back in two days without killing each other,” Rowlf joked.

    “Oh there was a fifth guy,” Piggy said, nonchalantly. “But he didn’t make it.”

    “Don’t suppose you had anything to do with that,” Rowlf said.

    “Me?” Piggy asked, batting her eyes. “I’m such a gentle person.”

    “I doubt that.”

    “Bite me.”

    “Don’t tempt me,” the dog chuckled, giving her a sly wink.

    “To old friends who’ve just met!”

    The other four turned to look at the weirdo, who chuckled nervously when he felt their eyes on them. “What?” he asked, tentatively.

    “Is that a song lyric?” Piggy asked.

    “No,” Gonzo said, swallowing hard. “I just…I just made it up, just now.”

    “Well, it should be,” Rowlf replied. “A lyric, I mean. Pretty good lyric.”

    Gonzo smirked at that. “I’m no songwriter,” he said. “Besides isn’t that your job? Aren’t you like a pianist or something?”

    “I like it,” Kermit whispered, thinking the idea over. Wasn’t that what they were? Despite all the ways in which they had apparently been trying to drive him insane, they certainly get along well…well, aside from Gonzo and Piggy, but even that he wasn’t sure was pure malice. “It’s perfect.”

    Raising his bottle, he stated, “To old friends who’ve just met.”

    “I’ll drink to that,” Rowlf whispered, raising his bottle with others and clinking them together.
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    I'm really enjoying this story. There's lots of funny stuff in here. I particularly liked the interactions between Gonzo and Piggy, which at times nearly caused me to die of laughter. :p Keep up the good work!
  10. WebMistressGina

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    Glad you're enjoying it, TWG! Chap 3 contains a lot of quotes from some of my favorite shows and movies. Being an 80's/90's kid, I like sneaking in references to other stuff, so always be on the look out for things!

    Am always surprised that no one ever catches my Clue references.

    And of course, I'm managing to bring in some Muppet quotes along the way!
  11. Twisted Tails

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    This is great, Gina! Post more soon so I don't get someone to force you to get more chapters.
  12. newsmanfan

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    Geez you write fast. Playing catchup already...

    I like the interactions between the new friends. Gonzo WAS a bit of a letch early on (I especially love the "cluckitis" ep, where he starts chummily rubbing...everyone) and it's funny to see Piggy already having to fend him off. Also, I like the subtle hints that Kermit is already attracted to Piggy -- and his friends probably realize it before he does. That seems very right. :)

    Your dialogue is well-done; I laughed at the bits between Piggy and Gonzo re: finding out just how weird he was -- and playing in traffic. Also the "please let's not have a repeat of breakfast" is wonderfully evocative of some chaos not shown.

    Hmm. Are the irritated newsies Ron Burgundy and his cronies? :concern:

    Just FYI...Kermit couldn't be filming "Sesame Street" in LA. The show is not only set in, but has always been filmed in, NYC. One could argue him taping things in LA to be sent to production in NY, but since many of his skits involved other Muppets on the show that seems like a lot of travel expenses for a kids' show just starting out... Oh, and Arkansas IS considered "southern". (They were pro-slave.)

    You're right, though. West Palm Beach is not Southern, nor is it FL...it's a snobby enclave of rich ex-Yankees. ;)

    Enjoying your story. I fully expect a rumble between the journalists and the Muppets at the Special Table, though...
  13. The Count

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    Things I liked...
    Rowlf noting flirtaceous and indifferent ascribing the qualities to :mad: and :).

    “There’s so many places I want to be asked to leave and Schotsky’s is not one of them.”

    Look, I even had them remove the bottle cap for

    Can't find it, but I know you threw out a quip of "what's wrong with you Gonzo?"
    :concern: D'ya want the short list? Or in alphabetical order?
  14. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    When on a roll, man, you gotta take it with butter. Oh god...I'm starting to sound like Gonzo...

    :concern: Starting to?

    Listen...you...it's after three in the morning and I'm not even sure if I've slept or not so you...shut up. Yeah.

    I really do like the idea of him being attracted to and having feelings for Piggy, but I think overall he does things to get a rise out of her. Actually, I think he does and says things just to see the reactions and Piggy really does give him some gems.

    While doing this, the idea of reimagining a story idea into the build up to Piggy's leave popped into my mind and I thought it was such a good Gonzo and Piggy moment, I may actually have to write it up.

    I had actually was supposed to use another line, but I think it's early enough that I can still use it. I just love the two of them together.

    I won't lie - the idea of a newsie show down with the Muppets ala Anchorman did pop into my head for a moment. It may makes it's way in, but only the aftermath I think cause...that would be funnier.

    See, I knew NYC would come biting me in the ***. I...think I can work around this. How? I don't know, but I can work something out.

    I think I know Ar-Kansas is southern, but I don't think Piggy and Gonzo know. Or maybe Piggy does, but admitting that would be admitting that Gonzo would be in the running for a southern gentleman and I think we know how well that would end.

    Actually, I thought area rather ghetto myself. But the ocean was pretty. Newsie rumble...okay, you talked me into it. It can be arranged.

    I did; it's towards the end of chapter 3 when our fab four go to dinner. Gonzo tells Piggy that he likes his women beautiful and dangerous, to which she asks what was wrong with him. Which is when he replies that they could figure it out together if she so chose (she didn't).

    EDIT - So I made to mention that no one seems to have caught the rivarly between Fozzie and Piggy. Call it a shameless plug, but no worries. The two become friends, even if they have to share Kermit.
  15. WebMistressGina

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    Hi ho MC! So sorry for the lateness of this. I actually had the idea and wanted to take a break, but tonight (or this morning) I said, hey. Break over. Here is the first part of chapter 5 and right off, it's different from the other chapters.


    Cause this one starts in the past...

    Chapter V – It’s Time to Play the Music

    The Past

    Rowlf, Fozzie, and Gonzo were already at Schotsky’s by the time Kermit and Miss Piggy made their entrance. Their froggy friend had just come back from another trip to New York in order to film his Sesame Street segments and the trio hadn’t seen Piggy during that time either.

    Rowlf thought it funny – and interesting – that while the group hadn’t known each other long but they were already hanging out and acting as though they had known each other for their whole lives. Fozzie, Gonzo, and Kermit got on like gangbusters, though Kermit may have complained that the two were a lot zanier than he was; Rowlf of course had gotten along with everyone, his laid back and calmer personality was such a departure from the character part he had played on Jimmy Dean.

    Rowlf found it easy to handle Fozzie’s usual miss of humor, while handling Gonzo’s more outrageous ideas was taking a bit of time to get used to; the brown dog actually found that he enjoyed Piggy’s company the most.

    While she was definitely a diva and starlet in the making, there also seemed to be a vulnerability about her that just drew out his protective side; he felt the same way about Fozzie, but Piggy had a bit more street smarts than the bear. She was also a very eager music student – the few times that he had made his way to the piano in the bar, she had been right there, wanting to know what pieces he was playing.

    That usually warmed Rowlf’s heart to anyone. And the fact that she was easy on the eyes made spending time with her all the better.

    He knew Gonzo felt the same way, though he wasn’t sure if the weirdo was just playing a game with both the pig and frog or if he actively had feelings for her. Time would have to tell on that one. The rivalry that seemed to crop up between Fozzie and Piggy dissipated, or at least they weren’t doing it so noticeably in front of the frog anymore.

    And then there was Kermit and Piggy.

    Rowlf didn’t think he had ever seen a girl try so hard to be noticed by a guy, nor had he even seen someone as dense as to not notice he was being noticed than those two. To say Piggy had a crush on the frog would have been like stating that the Earth was round – not rocket science – however, Kermit’s actions felt like a rubber band at times. Some days he’d ignore the pig flat out and then there’d be times, like this, where he’d place his hand on her back to lead her, pull out her chair, etc.

    Rowlf would have to keep an eye on that.

    “Hey Kermit!” Fozzie exclaimed, his face lightning up at the sight of his best frog friend.

    “Hi ho, Fozzie,” Kermit replied, pulling out a chair for Piggy before taking a seat himself. “Hey guys.”

    Leaning over to Piggy, who had sat next to him, Rowlf whispered, “Where’ve you been?”

    “Not here,” came her saucy response.

    “Obviously,” the dog smirked. “Have a good trip?”

    “No idea what you mean, Rowlfie.”

    “Sure,” he nodded. To Kermit, “Hey Kermit, help me out with some drinks, right?”

    “Sure Rowlf.”

    The two friends headed up to their customary places at the bar, waiting for the bartender to notice them, which was the perfect time for Rowlf to ask the question he wanted to. “So,” he started. “You and Piggy headed up to New York, huh?”

    I headed up to New York,” the frog groused. “She just happened to be there when I got there.”


    “Yes really,” Kermit huffed. “I know what you’re thinking. You think there’s something going on between us and well, I’m going to set you straight because there isn’t. I don’t even like her.”

    “I like her,” Rowlf asked.


    “She’s got spunk,” the dog replied, chuckling as he did. “I like spunk. She’s a girl who knows what she wants and she does what she can to go and get it. She’s independent, intelligent, beautiful…”

    “Demanding,” Kermit added. “Grandstanding, clingy…” Throwing a look over his shoulder, Kermit noticed that Gonzo had quickly taken over the chair that Rowlf had vacated and was trying his best to talk to the pig. “Gonzo certainly likes her.”

    “Gonzo likes anything in a skirt,” Rowlf laughed. The brown dog had noticed that right off the bat; Gonzo was definitely a lover of the ladies, regardless of size or species. “Heck, I’m sure he likes anything out of a skirt. C’mon Kermit, honestly; you don’t really dislike her, do you?”

    “Who? Piggy?”


    Kermit grimaced before sighing, causing the bartender – Eddie tonight – to look at him strangely when he dropped of their drinks. “She’s alright,” he muttered.

    “Good,” Rowlf replied, nodding his thanks to Eddie. “Cause she really likes you.”

    “I don’t know why,” Kermit grumbled. “We have nothing in common; she and Gonzo would make a better couple.”

    The two turned to head back to their table, drinks in hand, when they saw Piggy pick up her complimentary water and throw it in Gonzo’s face, leaving him a soggy mess.

    “Oh yeah,” Rowlf nodded. “They’d make a great couple, assuming they didn’t kill each other first.” Walking up, Gonzo relinquished the dog’s seat as he put drinks down on the table. “Problems, kids?”

    “Just a simple misunderstanding,” Piggy replied, airily. “Gonzo wanted his hand on my leg and I didn’t.”

    “I was thirsty anyway,” the weirdo said, wiping his face with his napkin.

    “Can’t you control your libido for five minutes?” Kermit chastised.

    “No actually,” Gonzo retorted. “I can’t, especially not with blonde, busty, and beautiful at the table.”

    “Only you could take a compliment and it dirty,” the pig glowered.

    “I do, but try.”

    Topic of conversation had of course turned to what the frog and pig had done in New York. Piggy played it off as a vacation that just happened to include Kermit, which the frog vehemently denied; when talk turned to his work on Sesame Street, the underlining annoyances came out once more, though Rowlf noted they seemed to be even stronger than before.

    It certainly wasn’t that Kermit didn’t love kids; he did! He certainly had enough nieces and nephews that he just adored, though one name kept popping up more and more lately. Even Kermit couldn’t pinpoint what it was exactly; maybe that he was in front of the screen and not behind like he’d been wanting to do for a while; maybe it was that, while Sesame Street was a great program for kids and Kermit would state that until his dying day, he wanted to be doing something else.

    That’s when Rowlf asked a question he had done earlier. “So again, I ask you, Kermit,” he began. “What do you want to do? Create your own show?”

    “Yes!” the frog exclaimed. “Yes, okay, Rowlf? Why not?” He was quiet for a moment, just staring at his bottle. Why not? The first time Rowlf had asked him the question, Kermit didn’t have a ready answer. Truthfully, the question frightened him a bit. What did he know about creating a show? And what kind of show would it even be anyway? After all his grousing and groaning about the lack of children’s educational shows on television, here he was turning his back on the very thing he had a hand in starting.

    While he was extremely happy with Sesame Street, that was great for the little kids in the audience, but what about the bigger kids? What did they have? Wasn’t he always hearing his little nephew Robin complain that he wanted to watch a big kid show, but there were none for him to watch. Why couldn’t Kermit do that?

    Why not?

    “Why not?” Kermit whispered, more to himself than anything, but the others none the less picked it up.


    Looking up, Kermit repeated, “Why not?”

    “Why not what, Kermit?” Piggy asked.

    “Why couldn’t we create our own show?” he asked.

    “What?” Gonzo countered. “Just the five of us?”

    “Well, no,” Kermit said. “Not just the five of us, but…well, why not just the five of us? Why couldn’t we start our own show?” The others were quite frankly stunned and couldn’t bring themselves to even remotely come up with any arguments. “What’s to stop us?”

    “Uh,” Rowlf began. “Executives, money, directors, money…”

    “Look,” the frog began, a very serious look in his eyes and voice. “We all came out to Hollywood for a reason and that reason, I hope, was to make people happy. Well, we’re here, so why aren’t we making people happy?”

    “Kermit, you are making people happy,” Fozzie insisted.

    “I know, Fozzie,” the frog conceded. “But that’s just kids and even that is a small portion of kids. There’s still so many people out there. Why can’t we make them happy too?”

    The group let those words wash over them. The frog made some pretty good points; why were they in Hollywood if they weren’t planning on doing what they came to do? Currently, only Kermit seemed to be achieving that dream and he wasn’t content to just dream small either.

    “But Kermit,” Fozzie asked, tentatively. “What would we do a show about?”

    “It could be about anything, Fozzie,” he said. Turning to the bear, he continued with, “Aren’t you always telling me how much you hate performing at El Sleezo’s? And that you wished you had a bigger audience?” Turning to Piggy, he aksed, “You want to be a star, don’t you? What better way than to have millions of people know who you are? Rowlf, didn’t you say you missed playing? And that the dive bars weren’t doing it for you? And Gonzo…you’re a lunatic.” The weirdo couldn’t help but make a strained laugh at that.

    “But no one is going to let you be a lunatic except for me.”

    “You really mean that, Kermit?” Gonzo asked. No one, not even his clients, really ever truly let him do what he wanted to do and here was this frog that he had crashed into offering him his art on a silver platter, if he wanted it.

    “Yeah Gonzo,” Kermit replied, honestly. “I really do.” Looking around at the table, he whispered, “Guys, we could do whatever we wanted. So what’s stopping us? Why not?”

    The quartet looked at one another. The idea was probably crazy and they would certainly need to find a way to do it, but something about what Kermit had said and how he had said it just, well, inspired them. “Okay Frog,” Rowlf nodded, placing his beer bottle in the middle of the table. “You haven’t steered me wrong yet. I’m in.”

    “Me too,” Gonzo replied eagerly, following Rowlf’s example and pushing his bottle to the center.

    “Fozzie? Piggy?”

    The bear and pig looked at the frog before looking at each other. If there had been any hope of getting rid of the other for Kermit’s affection, that would be over. They were looking at the prospect of sharing the frog on a weekly, maybe even daily schedule. But they were loyal, to Kermit, and to their crazy dream that had brought them to Hollywood in the first place.

    As one, both pushed their bottles to reside with the first two. “We’re in,” Piggy stated, watching as the frog smiled and pushed his bottle out to complete the circle.

    “We’re all in, Kermit,” Fozzie grinned.

    “Yes we are.”
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  16. Twisted Tails

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    This is awesome! I can hear the voices of those characters with the original performers including: Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and Dave Golez. Even though Dave and Frank are around today, they still think about the "fearless leader" who started the Muppets and we all know that.
  17. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Active Member

    I must admit that I am really enjoying this story. I like the dynamics that you have going between Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Rowlf and Piggy; how one interacts with the other, how Rowlf pretty much can see down to what's actually going on and etc. It is extremely interesting and very creative, a much different take than what I usually read on here.

    Most of the time when people depart from the traditional muppet canon as we know it they veer way too far off course and I quickly lose interest- but with the way you have the characters playing off of one another while keeping their personalities familiar is great- very well done. I enjoy this different take and it reads and feels like it could of happened that way.

    I do have to admit though that I was a little disappointed when Kermit and Piggy did not have their big romantic date after the pageant that goes all wrong but still has a great ush-gush moment (hmm..sounds a lot like The Moon doesn't look like you...I wondered who wrote that...;))

    Anyway, keep up the great work- I'm intrigued to read what happens next, (and hoping for a few sweet frog-pig ush gush moments!! )
  18. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I'm definitely glad you're enjoying it!

    As I mentioned earlier, it was a thought that had appeared in my mind before I joined the forums on whether or not what took place in TMM was real real or Hollywood real. Of course, being a movie, true stories are never placed out as being exactly true, so I tried to think of it as, "if some of this stuff was true, how would it have gone down?"

    A great many thanks! I'm always wondering if I'm dong the characters justice, especially when I'm entering a new fandom. So the fact that I'm holding your interest and the characters sound the way they should is a great compliment!

    Actually, I was thinking about that and kinda figured that moment actually happened while the two were in NYC. I may have Piggy or Kermit discuss it, haven't decided yet. Depending on how my brain (and stomach) work in conjunction today, I may have something new later tonight!
  19. WebMistressGina

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    Sup kiddos! So in light of the tragedy that I'm not going to mention, I've been doing my best to find positive and happy things to do and guess what was running through my head as I left work today. So here's a new post for you! We're still in Chapter 5 (4? 6? what chapter is this??), which I've decided is gonna be a bit longer than the others.

    Jim Henson was known as a genius when it came to puppetry. It wasn’t just the aspects of puppets that he worked with, he had a knack for finding those creatures that he had deemed ‘Muppets’. The world had never seen these types of being before and it certainly wouldn’t be the last time the world would hear of the Muppets.

    For his part, Henson was also good about bringing together the magic of childhood with the humor of being an adult. Much of the material that he had worked on when he was on the Jimmy Dean show had showcased that and even some of the material that he brought to Sesame Street was appealing to both kids and adults.

    But as with many things, while he had tried his best to bridge the gap, those shows were still designed ‘for adults’ and ‘for kids’.

    So when his friend Kermit had called, stating that he had a new idea for a show that would appeal to both kids and adults, Jim was all ears. “You sounded a bit haggard on the phone, Kermit,” the man replied.

    He was a relatively tall man, with shaggy brown hair and a matching bushy beard to go with it. He was quite jovial, inviting both Kermit, Rowlf, and their three friends to dinner in his home on Thursday night, all because he wanted to hear about this idea that Kermit had.

    “As well you know,” the frog chuckled. “Living in California and working in New York can be difficult, but I’ve managed. I certainly couldn’t imagine not going back to the street.”



    “There’s a but,” Jim repeated.

    “There’s always a but,” Fozzie joked.

    The human couldn’t help but laugh. “I like this guy,” he said. “He’s pretty funny.”

    “Thanks, Mr. Henson, sir!”

    “Jim,” the man said, nodding at the three who accompanied the other two. “All my friends call me Jim.”

    The group had been seated around the dining table of the Henson home, finishing up a light dinner while going over show business talk and the like. “Alright Kermit,” the bearded man replied, taking a seat across the frog and his friends. “What’s this idea you have?”

    Kermit outlined their idea, the idea of a show that would appeal to both kids and adults in the audience. The frog had the overall idea, but it was his companions that added in the nuances – Fozzie suggested a vaudeville like theme, where there could be comedy and dancing; Piggy and Rowlf had taken that idea and run with it, suggesting musical numbers and even musical guests to star on the show; Gonzo of course had mentioned his own acts, daredevil and exciting.

    In the end, Henson was impressed with the idea and liked it. With the success of Sesame Street even he too was looking for another outlet to bring entertainment to the masses and the idea that these Muppets had just outlined looked to be the kind of thing he not only was looking for, but was willing to back.

    “So you’ve got a crazy show with a bunch of Muppets,” he chuckled, liking everyone’s ideas that he had heard so far. “What’re you going to call it?”

    With everything they had come up with, that was the one thing they hadn’t. Kermit looked to his left, where Rowlf and Gonzo were seated; they looked back at him as though they had figured he had come up with a name. He turned to his right, where Fozzie and Piggy sat; they were equally looking at him.

    Everyone was entrusting him to come up with a name that basically conveyed what the show was and what they were about.

    Shrugging, Kermit said the first thing that came to mind. “The Muppet Show,” he said.


    Coming up with the idea for a show is completely different from actually getting the materials for a show. Jim Henson had of course backed the endeavor and had stated should they need anything, he would be at their disposal.

    Kermit was finding that request would need to happen sooner rather than later.

    Once again, the quintet were seated around their favorite table in Schotsky’s, trying to keep an already frazzled frog from completely losing it. “Now I know why I never followed this crazy idea,” the frog was muttering. “Look at all we need to do first!”

    “Calm down,” Rowlf replied, pushing another drink towards Kermit. “Look, we’ll take care of it.”

    “You’ll take care of it?” Kermit laughed, mirthlessly. “Rowlf, we need a place to put this whole thing on, we need actors, musicians, sets, people to work the sets, people to assist the people working the sets…”

    “You should really take a breather, Kermit,” Fozzie said, patting the frog on the shoulder. “You shouldn’t get so excited. Ma says that if you get too excited, your body doesn’t like it.”

    “Your mother’s a doctor then?” asked Piggy.

    “No,” the bear huffed. “But she’s a mom and they know things.”

    “Kermit,” Rowlf interrupted. “We got everything under control. I told you, I know a guy who knows a band we can hire and I know a couple of the local musicians who just love a steady gig. And I told you about that old abandoned theater that’s up the street from the studios. We just gotta contact the current owner…”

    “Leave that to me, Kermie,” Piggy said, smiling at the frog.

    Kermit of course eyed her with dubious suspicion. “How’re you going to get the owner to let us use the theater?”

    The diva in training laughed lightly at that. “A lady never reveals her secrets, mon cher.”

    “What is that?” Fozzie asked.


    “What you just said?”

    “It’s French,” Piggy said, haughtily.

    “You know French?” the bear asked.

    It took a beat before Piggy answered with a confident, “Yes, of course I do.”

    “Cool!” Fozzie exclaimed. “Say something!”

    “I…I just did.”

    “No, I mean say something else.”

    “What am I?” the pig groused. “Your language instructor? Go learn a foreign language from someone else.”

    “Focus, kiddies,” Rowlf admonished, watching as Kermit began to massage his temples to obviously ward off a headache.

    “Hey Kermit,” Gonzo piped up. “I know a couple of guys who could help with a whole bunch of stuff.”

    Kermit looked up and stared at the blue daredevil. “Somehow that doesn’t comfort me.” With a sigh, he threw himself back in his chair. “What was I thinking?”

    “Come on, Kermit!” Fozzie cried, moving his chair closer to that of the frog. “You can’t give up now. What about the dream?”

    “What dream?” asked the pianist.

    Fozzie looked around at the table. “The dream of us making people happy!” he exclaimed. “We can’t just give up now!”

    “Fozzie,” Kermit growled, moving away from the comforting hand. “I never promised you guys anything! I just said if you wanted to come, you could, and it works, well great. Stop looking to me like I’m the one with all the answers, cause I don’t have any.”

    Everyone looked at the frog, some of them in shock and others were a bit dismayed. “Are you done?”

    Kermit looked over at the brown dog, who had casually crossed his arms on the table and was leaning on them. “Did you really think it was going to be easy?” he whispered. “Even after everything we’ve done, did you really, honestly, truly think it was going to be easy a third time around?”

    Kermit opened his mouth to answer, but he couldn’t seem to form the words that he wanted.

    “Because you’re right,” the dog chuckled. “It is easier this time, but only if you let go a little and let us do our thing. Piggy’s gonna score you a building, I’m gonna get you a band, and Gonzo’s gonna get…you…something that is hopefully legal in all fifty states.”

    “What about me, Rowlf?” Fozzie asked. He had to give the bear credit; he could bounce back after anything.

    “You have the most important job, Fozzie.”

    “Really?” Fozzie was practically bouncing in his chair.

    “Oh absolutely,” Gonzo replied, nodding to the dog his understanding. “You’ve got to keep an eye on Kermit. Make sure he doesn’t get any greener than he is now.”

    “I don’t need a babysitter,” Kermit grumbled.

    “Yes sir!” replied the bear, saluting smartly in the dog and weirdo’s direction. Everyone apparently chose to ignore the glare that Piggy was sending towards both Gonzo and Rowlf. “No worries, Kermit, I’ll take real good care of you.”

    “So the frog and bear have been taken care of,” Rowlf began, downing the rest of his beer and standing. “We gotta jet. You’re with me, Princess.” The trio stood and made their departure, feeling confident in that Fozzie would do everything he could to ensure that Kermit would get out of his funk eventually.

    Once outside, Gonzo took his leave, only stating that he knew a guy that could help with them with any wiring, should it come to that. That left Piggy and Rowlf, heading towards the beat up car that the dog called his mode of transportation. “Still mad?” he asked.

    “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Sure you do,” he chuckled. Turning to face, he continued with, “You’re mad that I left Fozzie back there with Kermit instead of you.”

    “That’s ridiculous,” Piggy huffed. “But if I was upset over that, you can understand my confusion as to why Fozzie isn’t going with you.”

    “Firstly,” Rowlf stated. “You already said you would get the owner to get us that theater. Secondly, in order to hold true to that statement, I’m gonna need you and…all of your assets.”

    Piggy’s baby blues did narrow slightly, but there was a bit of a mischievous gleam that managed to shine through. While Gonzo was a lecherous creep, Rowlf’s flirty attitude had been nothing but playful with a side of flirtiness.

    “I think you just enjoy spending time with my assets,” she quipped.

    “Well, I certainly like looking at them.”

    “I’m starting to wonder who’s the cad here.”

    “Oh Gonzo’s a bonafide letch,” Rowlf admitted. “However, I’m appreciative.”

    “What’s the difference?”

    “I’m appreciative,” he stressed, wagging his eyebrows at her. Piggy couldn’t help but laugh; the brown dog always did have a way to make her giggle.

    Giving him a playful slap on the arm, she giggled, “Get in the car.”

    Rowlf hurried to the passenger, opening the door like a gentleman. “An appreciative gentleman always opens the door for a lady,” he smiled.

    “Flattery only works with me ninety percent of the time.”

    “You know,” he began, leaning on the door as she got in. “If you and the frog never make it…”

    I know where to find you,” she replied, coquettishly

    “I’ll be around,” he chuckled, before closing the door and heading for the driver’s side.

    There is more...a lot more to come, so keep staying tuned in! Same Muppet time, same Muppet forum!
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