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Mirror Mask

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by Gelfling Girl, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    MirrorMask had great style, but gets an F for substance. There's a scene that includes one of the characters screaming, "I don't want to be a waiter!" for absolutely no reason. The laughter resulting from that pointless comment still wasn't enough to wake the audible snores behind me from a comatose audience member.

    It sometimes seems that there's a crowd of contrarians that only appreciate this sort self-indulgence. I feel that art is communication and that an artist should make some sort of genuine attempt to connect with an audience. I only felt irritated.

    I enjoy experimental filmmaking, but it doesn't have to create a disconnection with the audience in order to make a point. There are many ways to intrigue an audience, seduce them, invite them into your vision. Films like MirrorMask only invite those who had already chosen to willingly follow an artist for merely coloring outside of the lines.

    I guess my fundamental gripe is that there are better ways to paint outside of the lines that require more creativity. I found the storytelling in Mirrormask was beyond lazy and self-satisfying.

    Then Coraline came out. Audiences didn't receive that as well as I'd hoped, but it's a wild idea not too removed from the source material and the story structure is solid. The visuals...well, the blow away anything MirrorMask had to offer. I'm still pulling for it at the Globes and Oscars. :super:
  2. The 11th UrRu

    The 11th UrRu Well-Known Member

    I fell in love with this movie, I knew I was going to before I even saw it. We caught it at (to my knowledge) one of only 2 theaters in Canada showing the film... and this was the oldest theater Ive ever been in, even ground, no sloping seats, terrible quality. There were like 10 people in there, one of the couples in there were both reading books for 10 minutes before the movie started, you could hear a pin drop in there while waiting for it to start, so strange. The whole expeirence had such a different vibe, downtown Toronto, years of anticipation, and Im ready...

    The music, the performances, the fact that they took on college kids right out of school to make the CGI budget... it is a special project. You might have a favourite band, lets say U2. Your favourite song might be an "album track", that is a song that wasnt a single or got a lot of radio air play. It doesnt have "with or without you"s incredible guitar work or the amazing vocal performace that "where the streets have no name" showcases... but you love that song more because deeper it holds more meaning. For me, aside from the fact that I truly love the movie, this was the company I love returning to the stage, their stage, after so many years. I soaked it all in and loved every minute of it.

    I think that everyone was hoping for something along the lines of Labyrinth, so much so that when they saw the movie they were disappointed by the lack of similarities between this and traditional Henson fantasy. Take it for what it is, a 4 million dollar gem and a return to the stage they built. Thats just me.
  3. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I just wish the storytelling matched the fantastic visual style. I didn't expect Labyrinth or Dark Cristyal. I really wanted to see this film, but left the theater very, very angry.
  4. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    The funny thing is, it is a lot like Labyrinth. It's not very upbeat, you have the selfish teen girl, the magical villain(ness) that was mostly likely created from the selfish child's mind, the bizarre friend-turned-traitor, the amnesia-creating temptation, the quest to find something, the little red book that explains everything if you'd just read it .... The most fascinating differences to me were getting a chance to see the normal world while she was stuck in the fantasy one and the motivation of the queen.
  5. PurpleHonker

    PurpleHonker Well-Known Member

    Ditto. I absolutley loved it. I bought it the first chance I had. Admittedly I don't watch it repeatedly like I do with most Henson works (it's deeper and heavier than I like to go that often), but it's fabulous. It's a must-see if you haven't yet.
  6. PurpleHonker

    PurpleHonker Well-Known Member

    I agree there too!

    I am a devoted fan of Neil Gaiman with the exception of Coraline. I didn't enjoy that one in the slightest.

    The aesthetics of this film were top-notch. I thought it had complexity intertwined seamlessly with its flawless beauty.
  7. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    I had to laugh when I saw Mirrormask. It's basically if I had written Labyrinth, LOL. It's trippy and funky. This movie is basically Labyrinth without the Bowie songs and focus on comedy. It's kind of like Tim Burton imagining Labyrinth with Dark Crystal imagery, LOL.
  8. sprale

    sprale New Member

    Gaiman's stories are surreal and unlike much of Hensen's work. I've been afraid of what might happen to the Sandman if it hit the celluloid, though I think the Hensen Co. may be the only one's able to pull it off.
  9. hoopless

    hoopless Well-Known Member

    I've been looking in to Gaiman's work more recently having seen and enjoyed Mirromask and Coraline (though not read the book yet). I've read the first volume of Sandman stories and just love how dark all his stuff seems to be. I can't wait to see what he's done for his Doctor Who episode in this next series.
  10. MrBloogarFoobly

    MrBloogarFoobly Well-Known Member

    To me, MirrorMask was unimpressive. I think strong visuals should be used to enhance the story, and not the other way around. The artwork was interesting, but it also suffered from trying to be a Henson flick. Just my opinion.
  11. The 11th UrRu

    The 11th UrRu Well-Known Member

    At the end of the day, I think MirrorMask may have been a little strange for most viewers. Its a pretty unconventional movie.

    What did you all think of the performances? I thought the acting was great...
  12. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    Well I honestly loved the movie. I love the story, the characters, the visuals. Overall though, it's kind of the "Napoleon Dynamite" of fantasy movies, in that you can't really tell if a person's gonna like it or hate it until they watch it.
  13. SeanC

    SeanC Well-Known Member

    I remember buying this movie as a 'blind buy' a couple of years back. While I found it resonably entertaining, I'd have to say I was disappointed by the high level of CGI. While I'll accept that CGI is part and parcel of pretty much any modern fantasy movie, part of me was hoping for a lot of 'Dark Crystal/Labyrinth' physical effects. Oh well... it passed a couple of hours. Haven't watched it since, though.
  14. Mystic Master

    Mystic Master Well-Known Member

    I watched this movie and remember it being entertaining, but its nothing I'd own or probably watch again, it doesnt compare to the real Henson works, like Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal - if Jim were alive, I imagine this movie would have been very different...
  15. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    I thought this film was actually pretty intriguing. It was gloomy, moody and it had the feel of a cross between a Jan Svankmajer piece and a Dali painting brought to life. Mirror mask had the feel of a strange, deep, dream you're not quite sure was a nightmare or not.
    Frankly, I loved it! But I can see where it might not be for everyone, I guess.
    DannyRWW likes this.
  16. DannyRWW

    DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    You know the when I first watched this movie I wasn't sure how I felt...but the more i remembered the movi the more it grew on me... I do now own it and the story book retelling of it. I also have a fiurine of Valentine that someone got for me.

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