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Muppet Baby plush/DVD sets premiere at Target

Discussion in 'Muppet Babies' started by jediX, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. Klonoa

    Klonoa Well-Known Member

    That's the first commercial I saw, too.

    I can also confirm that Target does indeed have a temporary price drop of the Muppet Babies plushes down to 11 bucks. Ahhh...I want to buy them all but it wouldn't be very practical of me to do so.

    Just like the Rizzo and Beaker plushes I saw at SunCoast...

  2. Baby Rowlf

    Baby Rowlf Well-Known Member

    Hey cool!:) I looked on ebay,. and the new Muppet Babies keychains have been relased...and they have Baby Rowlf!:)
  3. Dr. Bombay

    Dr. Bombay Well-Known Member

    I wrote to the Betesh Group today about Baby Rowlf and Baby Animal. Not pleased with their response :( . I copy that email in it's entirety:

    You are welcome. Our site will be updated. Sorry for any confusion as our intention was to produce all. Of course, we also hope to expand the collection as well. Thank you for your interest in Muppet Babies.

    The Betesh Group
    Consumer Relations
    -----Original Message-----
    From: David Pierce
    Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 3:04 PM
    To: Kimberly Nater
    Subject: Re: Muppet Babies

    Thanks for your response.

    That's too bad that there aren't any plans to produce the 10" plush dolls of Animal and Rowlf. I noticed, though, that the website says they are slated for Fall 2004 and they are many people looking forward to these two. It would be good if that could be updated to reflect current plans.

    Hopefully plans will change to include them as well as other Muppet Babies such as Beaker, Bunsen, Scooter, and Skeeter.

    Thanks for your help.
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Kimberly Nater
    To: David Pierce
    Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 12:19 PM
    Subject: FW: Muppet Babies

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Kimberly Nater
    Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 2:14 PM
    To: Katherine Trock
    Subject: FW: Muppet Babies

    Sorry, there are no immediate plans to produce Animal and Rowlf in the 10" plush doll with DVD. Thank you for contacting The Betesh Group with your inquiry.

    The Betesh Group
    Consumer Relations
    -----Original Message-----
    From: David Pierce
    Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 12:35 PM
    To: customerservice@beteshgroup.com
    Subject: Muppet Babies

    I have purchased the Baby Gonzo specifically for the DVD that came with him. I'm quite pleased with it.

    I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what episodes of "Muppet Babies" will come with Baby Animal and Baby Rowlf when they are released?


  4. Baby Rowlf

    Baby Rowlf Well-Known Member

    What?! Why aren't they producing Baby Animal and Baby Rowlf?!

    Maybe they'll change they're minds!
  5. Therecanbonly1

    Therecanbonly1 Active Member


    Has anyone noticed how UNSAFE these plush are for small children? My 2 year old LOVES the Muppets. When I saw these, I was all set to buy all of them (the bean bag ones too) until I picked one up. The hard plastic that is used to form the mouths is ridiculously dangerous for a kids toy. If you place the side of Fozzie's (for example) mouth against the palm of your hand, it will hurt! Imagine a small child falling on one of these "plush" toys. Unfortunately, I had to pass on these. The company making these should have considered this to begin with and Target should look at what they are putting in their small children toys dept. :mad:
  6. jediX

    jediX Well-Known Member

    Riiiight... :rolleyes:
  7. Muppetsdownunder

    Muppetsdownunder Well-Known Member

    Imagine if murderers were going round with muppet baby plushes as the murder weapons! This is scary, lol! :)
  8. Baby Rowlf

    Baby Rowlf Well-Known Member

    :confused: Okayyy.... Well, I have a Baby Rowlf, and he doesn't have that!
  9. Therecanbonly1

    Therecanbonly1 Active Member

    Ya know what. I just thought some other people with small children may want to know about the potential hazard of these toys. I let my 2 year old play with all of the Palisades figures and the Sababa toys. The Muppet Babies were poorly designed. Period. They are great for collectors but not for kids. They are being marketed by Target to kids (they are in the stuffed animal aisle). If you have them and you find that plastic coming to a point on the side of stuffed toys is OK, good for you. As for the Ralph, he was not available when I was in the store. I saw (small) piggy, gonzo, animal, fozzie, and Kermit and (Large) I think fozzie Kermit and Gonzo. I felt they were unsafe for a two year old (The sababa animal doesn't have hard plastic pieces to keep his mouth open). Whatever... Once your kid gets hurt (and, no, I'm not speaking to the 12-18 year olds on this board) then you will know what I'm talking about. Otherwise... let it go. :p :concern:
  10. Baby Rowlf

    Baby Rowlf Well-Known Member

    Hey uh..I just looked at the tag to my Baby Rowlf plushie. It says "For 3 years and older".

    So maybe letting 2 year olds play with it wouldn't be a spiffy idea in the first place, you know? ;)
  11. Gonzo

    Gonzo Well-Known Member


    There's been a permanent price reduction on these at Target; now they're 9.99 instead of 14.99, and the mini-beanies are now 2.99 instead of 5.99.

    So if you've been holding back on picking them up for whatever reason, you may want to get them before they're gone...

    :) :o :concern:
  12. Beth C

    Beth C Well-Known Member

    Oh, Please don't tell me that.. don't say that.. I'm broke this week!!!!!

    ~Beth C
  13. Gonzo

    Gonzo Well-Known Member

    get Them Before They're Gone !!!
  14. Baby Rowlf

    Baby Rowlf Well-Known Member

    So...what's going on? According to some of the trade magazines at the NYC Toy Fair, there was going to be TONS of Muppet Babies stuff, like more new plushies, more new toys, more new books... But other than the beanies, the clipons, and the 4 DVD plushes, I haven't seen anything! Are they even bothering to continue the line?
  15. Muppet Crypts

    Muppet Crypts Well-Known Member

    i want muppet babie dvd's i got vcd's but poor quality
  16. Beth C

    Beth C Well-Known Member

    My local target has them reduced even more .. $8.98 for the big ones but the small ones are $3.99.

    Only problem is, I need piggy and all they have is Kermit, Fozzie and Gonzo.


    ~Beth C
  17. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    1. Are the astuffed animal one episode dvds the only MB dvds out yet for the foreseeable future? As in they aint gonna come out?

    2. Are any of the episodes from the 84-86 season?

    I finally got a lot of the official MB vhs tapes...sadly most of em seem to be from the Bean Bunny and on era which Im not too fond of. To me nothing beats the first few seasons^___^
  18. Dr. Bombay

    Dr. Bombay Well-Known Member

    I just bought all the MB beanies the other day at Target for $3.38 a piece. They are sitting underneath my computer monitor looking at me and being cute!

    I wonder which Target it was that had them for $2.99 like Gonzo was talking about? Darn it!
  19. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    The bigger dolls are on sale too... I'll think I'll wait until they're REALLy cheap and buy Gonzo and Fozzie, if nothing else for the DVD's...
  20. Baby Rowlf

    Baby Rowlf Well-Known Member

    *whimpers* When are they going to come out with new stuff?

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