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Muppet College Roommates

Discussion in 'Games' started by Janice & Mokey's Man, Aug 27, 2003.

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  1. muppetintherye New Member

    hopefully the count does.
  2. JaniceFerSure Active Member

    JFS: Well Scooter,I just briefly went thru the posts in the forum. #164 says your in #10.But #375 & #394 says #4.Yeah,I think talking with Count would be a good idea.
  3. muppetintherye New Member

    Go ahead, Scooter, talk to the Count.
  4. Fozzie Wozzie New Member

    If I could room with any muppet it would be... Fozzie Bear! :o

    "Here I am, Fozzie Bear, to tell you jokes both old and rare!"
  5. JaniceFerSure Active Member

    That would be a great idea Fozzie W,but,umm,as the Count told me,you have to choose a roomie not taken by someone else.There is a listing of who is in which room with whom & which rooms are left.Hope that helps.You might have to talk to Count,and see if he can help you,if you need any.:)
  6. Fozzie Wozzie New Member

    No!! :o Whatever will I do?
  7. muppetintherye New Member

    Look, I posted a listing of all muppets not taken in post 1954, not long before you said you wanted to be roomies with the Fozz. If you still need help, check the Count's Muppet Listings 11.0. PS, choose a room number.
  8. Muppet Crypts New Member

    i want to room w/ statler and waldorf
  9. muppetintherye New Member

    But you can't. They've already been taken by Aaron. There are plenty of other muppets to choose from, and for the last time, my name is spelled M-U-P-P-E-T-I-N-T-H-E-R-Y-E, without the hyphens or capital letters on all the letters.
  10. Erine81981 Active Member

    Does anyone need anything from the store? Me and Grover are going to get some stuff to make for a party thats going on over at Sesame Street this coming weekend. If anyone needs something just give me a list.

    Grover: I'll have my cell phone with me.

    Thanks Grover.

    Grover: Your welcome.

    *walks out the door when Cookie comes out*

    Cookie: Me want some cookies. Could u pick Me ups some?

    Cookie! I bought u a whole bag and so did Scooter. Your going to get a tummy ake one of theses days.

    Cookie: Me already did. It happend about..*counts fingers*...2 mins. ago.

    *puts hand over face* Ok Cookie I'll do so. *talks as I walk away*
  11. The Count Moderator

    Just read through all the last-minute notes, and... can't you just feel the love?
    Hey Grover, could you please pick up some seafood? I might make a nice seafood platter for that party over at Sesame Street.

    As for room placement...
    Scooter (MC), you're not going to find an explanation of why you and Scooter were switched from Room #10 to Room #4 posted here on the boards. Don't you remember? We talked about this last year and agreed that it would make more sense to have the rooms numerically planned as they are now. And of top of that, I talked to you about the reasoning as to why I thought it would make more sense and you agreed to it, also via E-mail. But I can post my reasoning again if you wish.
    As for new boarders, Fozzie Wozzie and MuppetCryps, you guys need to contact me to get you guys fully registered as new boarders. As Muppetintherye says, he posted a list of who "has" been taken and not who "has not" been taken yet. If you want suggestions on what Muppet character you'd like to room with, head on over to the Classic Muppets section of this forum and read through my "Muppet Listings 11.0" thread. Or if you prefer, contact me via E-mail and we can talk about a few suggestions you may have as to whom you'd like to be your roommates.
    Hope this helps, hope to hear from you guys soon, and have a good night.
  12. Scooter New Member

    That's alright, It's a lot of information for me to be going through right now and I just got a little confused. Thanks though.

    ::Note on Scooter's squared door:::
    We know we have been coming and going on the board and it really is unfair to everyone else. For that we apologize. Also just to let everyone know so they don't think we fall off the face of the earth again most Fri-Mon there will not be any messages from the two of us. We will be at the local Renn Fest working. Thanks. Leave us any messages you want on our door.
    --Scooter and Scooter--;)
  13. McFraggle Active Member

    Telly: Hey, fellow monsters, can I get some triangles?
  14. Erine81981 Active Member

    At the store.....

    Ok here is a list of what we need as well as our other friends need.

    2 loafs Bread
    3 Cokes
    3 Dr. Pepper
    gummie bears and worms
    spiggitti and Sauce
    shicken al king and noodles
    sandwich meat
    hamberger meat
    hamberger helper

    Can u think of anything we need Grover?

    Grover: Not rea....wait. Deoderint. You need it bad. LOL

    Oh Grover why u little...*start playing around* LOL
  15. McFraggle Active Member

    McFraggle: Pick up some french fries too, please?
  16. The Count Moderator

    Heh, watching Animaniacs? Don't forget to get the french fries with that order of popcorn for the hottubs. And I'm glad to see that you're back to normal Kyle.
  17. muppetintherye New Member

    Can we perform at the party?
  18. Aaron Active Member

    :boo: anyone but you :sleep: yea doooooooooohoo
  19. The Count Moderator

    Glad to see our bellboy's back, along with the 5th Lord of Statler and the Duke of Waldorf. (Daily Show with Jon Stewart reference.)
    So, you guys have a good nap? How's work down at the movie theater? See any good movies lately?
  20. Aaron Active Member

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