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Muppet Email System

Discussion in 'Games' started by Beth C, Apr 28, 2004.

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  1. McFraggle Active Member

    To: Piggy and Beauregard
    From: Kermit

    Subject: I don't care

    I don't care who comes, just get me out of here.
  2. Infinity Sirius New Member

    To: Gonzo
    From: Robin
    Subject: Magic Tricks

    Are you ready to do our magic act now? I think we can do it! I get to fly!
  3. Statler New Member

    To: Standler
    CC: Woldof; Kermit
    From: Statler
    Subject: Who are you?

    Hey Standler and Woldof...Who are you? Doh, ho ho... Me, STATLER and WALDORF were wondering why you are impostering us?
    From: Kermit
    Subject: RE: who are you?

    Listen gang, there are imposters using muppet e-mail! Please forword all imposter mail to me.
  4. McFraggle Active Member

    To: Kermit
    From: Sam The American Eagle
    Subject: Kids These Days

    It just goes to show the way society is going, when people are stealing the identities of senior citizen muppets.
  5. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    To: Peggy
    From: Cermit

    Subject: Imposters

    Where? What imposters?
  6. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    To: Kermit
    From: Sam the Hawk

    Subject: Re: re: who are you?

    What are you talking about? I am not an imposter...or, if my lawyer was still talking to me...
  7. McFraggle Active Member

    To: Kermit
    From: Foozie the Bear
    Subject: Imposters

    Somebody said there were imposters here.
  8. McFraggle Active Member

    To: Foozie the Bear
    From: Fozzie the Bear
    Subject: Who are you?

    Who are you? Hey, would you like to hear a joke?
  9. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    To: Ralph the Dog
    From: Cammera the Chicken

    Subject: Imposters

    Burk, burg, burg!

    To: Crazy Hairy
    From: Sweat Ums

    Subject: No Imposers

    Imposer not nenny of!

    To: Leak Hogfroth
    From: The Sweedish Chief

    Subject: Who ha, ha!

    He, ho hum?

  10. McFraggle Active Member

    To: Kermit the Frog
    From: Miss Pudgy
    Subject: Me An Imposter

    I'm worried someone may think I'm an imposter Kermie.
  11. Infinity Sirius New Member

    To: Gonzo
    From: Robyn

    What are you doing?
  12. McFraggle Active Member

    To: Robyn
    From: Gonzo

    Who are you and what have you done with my little green buddy?
  13. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    To: Little green budy
    From: Dr Swinepork

    Subject: Experiments

    Going as planned. Can take over Muppet Show tommorow. *evil laughter*

  14. Infinity Sirius New Member

    To: Dr. Swinepork
    From: The Real Bunsen Honeydew
    Subject: Watching

    I know what you are doing and I shall prevent you from taking over the Muppet Show! Happily assisted by my assistant beaker.
  15. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    To: Kermit the Dog
    From Dr Swinepork

    Subject: Frd: Watching

    <I know what you are doing and I shall
    <prevent you from taking over the
    <Muppet Show! Happily assisted by
    <my assistant beaker.

    Uh, oh, busted!

  16. Infinity Sirius New Member

    To: Everyone
    From: Bunsen Honeydew
    Subject: Imposters Dealt With

    Hello Everyone,

    I am sorry for the recent hostile takeover of the imposters from Outer Space. I was able to teleport them back to their space ship and it accidentally blew up somewhere outside the Milky Way Galaxy. We can now return to our normal Muppet Show schedule.
  17. Statler New Member

    To: All Muppets
    From: Kermit
    Subject: re: Imposters Dealt With

    Hi-ho everyone. I just want to thank Dr. Honeydew. Yea! The Muppets are saved again!
    On another note, has anyone noticed the big mouse around here? I herd he is going to steal the muppet theater! I Think his name is mickey, and he answers to some guy name Eisner... Any Ideas on how to deal with this?

  18. McFraggle Active Member

    To: Kermit
    From: Fozzie
    Subject: Re:

    Thanks for getting rid of the imposters.
  19. Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    To:Kermit & The Muppets at Muppet Theater
    From:An Old Friend From Sesame Street! :)
    Hi everybody! It's me! Little Prairie Dawn! :)
    I've missed you all too! Sorry I haven't been around, but things on the Street have been kinda busy.Elmo is driving meCRAZY!! Oh well...I guess I'll put up with him. He's only a little shrimp (sorry Pepe) If you all ever need my help over at the theater, let me know,'K?
    Hugs to everyone!
    PS....Um Kermit? Has the Chef's cooking gotten any better? I got ptomaine poisoning from eating one of his so called "Speshools Uv Der Day" the last time I was there! :eek:
  20. Infinity Sirius New Member

    To: Everyone
    From: Kermit
    Subject: SS E-mail

    I didn't know we were connected to the SS e-mail system.
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