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Muppet Fan-Fiction - Men Are Pigs

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by theprawncracker, May 18, 2007.

  1. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! I don't know if this is publicly known, but my dear friend Leyla is celebrating her birthday today, May 18th, and I thought to myself, self, what better day to post your newest fan-fiction than today! Especially since the subtitle of this fan-fic is "Prawnie's Ushy-Gushy Fan-Fic". Anyway, this is the first in a three part trilogy (Most trilogies ARE three parts-unless you're talking to Lisa...). I really hope you enjoy it! So, here it is, "Men Are Pigs". Happy Birthday, Leyla! :D :excited:


    Chapter 1

    "Mm," Miss Piggy hummed lightly to herself. "Sometimes a girl just needs to take a day off to herself." Cucumber slices covered her eyes, and her hair was pulled back in a towel. The only article of clothing on her body were her two famous purple gloves.

    A woman with large blonde hair; yes, large; was painting Miss Piggy’s toenails while smacking her gum loudly. "So, tell me, hon, what are you takin’ a break from?"

    "Oh, moi’s show," Piggy said arrogantly. "My co- hmph, well you can hardly call them stars, but moi’s co-workers can hardly get along without moi, but, alas, they must."

    The woman smacked her gum and dipped the toenail brush in the polish. "Which show is it?"

    "Well, right now we’re debating for a new title, ‘The Miss Piggy Variety Hour’," Piggy said smugly from behind her cucumber slice eyes. "But as of now we are still the humble little Muppet Show."

    "Oh, I love The Muppet Show," the woman said between gum smacks. "Who are you?"

    Miss Piggy frowned and sat straight up, sending her cucumbers falling off her eyes. She shot a direct glare at the smacky woman. "Vous do not know who moi am?" She growled at her.

    The woman rose her finely trimmed eyebrow at Miss Piggy. "No, should I?"

    "Well, duh!" Piggy shouted. "Moi am Miss Piggy! The star of the show!"

    "The star?" the woman asked. "I thought that cute lookin’ frog was the star."

    "That cute looking frog is mine!" Piggy shouted.

    "He doesn’t seem to think so," the woman said. "Latest gossip I heard, sweety, was that ‘your’ frog was out with a different girl every night!"

    Piggy smirked. "No," she said. "That was moi with a different outfit every night."

    "You keep telling yourself that, hun," the woman said.

    "And you keep telling yourself that you should mind your own business!" Piggy shouted, stamping out of the chair into her high heels, and stomping out in her towels and gloves.

    The woman pulled her gum out of her mouth and flicked it into a wastebasket. "Maybe I shoulda told her that her toenails weren’t dry."


    Kermit the Frog shielded his eyes. Fozzie was covering his face with his hat. Sam Eagle was collapsed on the floor next to him. Scooter was frowning behind his clipboard. Rowlf was sitting prophetically, trying not to bust out laughing. Clifford had already burst out laughing.

    Link Hogthrob, who stood on stage, shirtless, pushed his blonde hair back and rose his eyebrows in Kermit’s direction. "Well," he said. "What did you think?"

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "Somehow, I think that an-" he glanced at Scooter’s clipboard. "‘All-pig’ version of ‘I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt’ won’t... well, let’s just say Sam is warming the floor up for the rest of our guests if you do that number."

    "Nice," Rowlf said.

    Kermit shook his head. "Next! Please!" Kermit shouted. "And someone dress the pig!"

    Beauregard stuck his head out from behind the stage curtain as Link strutted his stuff across the stage. "What do you want me to dress him in?" Beauregard asked. "I have a nice cinnamon glaze."

    "Go wit’ da barbecue sauce," Rizzo the Rat said as he walked on stage wearing an earpiece.

    Beauregard blinked. "Ri-ght."

    Kermit shook his head again. "Please tell me we have something good on next," Kermit said to Scooter.

    Scooter looked down at his clipboard. "Well, chief, it looks like we’ve got The Great Gonzo and his Cha-Cha Chickens singing ‘Stayin’ Alive’."

    Kermit looked around him, at Rowlf, Scooter, and Clifford. "Can any of you blink?" he asked. They all shook their heads. Kermit sighed. "We need to keep someone who can handy at all times."

    "I’ll pencil in auditions for blinkers next week," Scooter said.

    "Good," Kermit said. "Alright, send in the chickens."

    "Send in the chickens!" Scooter said to the mouthpiece on his head.

    "Send in da chickens!" Rizzo shouted from backstage.

    "Send in the chickens!" shouted a large, blue Muppet with purple hair and a large jaw who ran on stage. "Clyde! Where are the chickens?"

    "They're still getting dressed, Butch!" squealed a smaller pink Muppet, running on stage behind the blue Muppet. "Boss Butch. Butch Boss?"

    "Kermit's the boss now," Butch whispered.

    "Oh, yeah," Clyde said.

    Kermit frowned. "Are you two done?"

    "Oh, yeah!" Butch shouted. "Sorry boss!"

    "Yeah, sorry!" Clyde shouted as well.

    "Will you cut that out?" Butch scolded.

    "No, no," the Great Gonzo said as he walked onto the stage in a black jump suit, with chickens following behind him, each in a shining silver tutu. "I cut my spleen out on next weeks show."

    Kermit shook his head. "Alright Gonzo, show us what you've got."

    "I think he's got chickens," Fozzie said.

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "Gonzo?"

    "Yes?" Gonzo called back from the stage.

    "Start your act!" Kermit shouted in utter annoyance.

    Clifford laughed. "Easy, Kerm," Clifford said. "Remember your blood pressure."

    Fozzie turned to Rowlf. "Can cold blooded animals have blood pressure?"

    Rowlf pondered this, then looked at Kermit. "If they live with Piggy they can."

    "Hit it!" Gonzo shouted.

    In the band pit, the Electric Mayhem, led by Dr. Teeth, began to jam on their instruments. Gonzo began to dance, with the chickens following him as backup dancers.

    "You can tell by the way I use my walk
    I’m a chicken’s thing: no time to talk!" Gonzo sang, with the chickens clucking and strutting (literally) their stuff about the stage.

    "Music loud, and chickens crispy,
    I’ve been beat about since 1960-"

    "Seventy-six," Scooter muttered.

    "But it’s alright, it’s okay
    And you may look the other way
    We can try to understand
    The New York Times’ effect on man!" Gonzo continued singing.

    "Whether you’re a chicken
    Or whether a’ticklin’
    You’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
    Fell your bones breakin’ and your whole body shakin’
    And we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive!"

    "Brawk, bawk, brawk, bawk," the chickens clucked.

    "Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive!"

    "Brawk, bawk, brawk, bawk."

    "Stayin’ alive!" Gonzo shouted, his eyelids pulled to the back of his head as he gleefully danced around the stage with his chickens.

    "Well now, I get low, I get high
    And if I can’t get either, I really try
    Got the wings of heaven on my shoes
    I’m a crazy man! And I just can’t lose!

    "You know, it’s alright, it’s okay
    I’ll live to see another day
    We can try to understand
    The New York Times’ effect on man!"

    "Whether you’re a chicken
    Or whether a’ticklin’
    You’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
    Fell your bones breakin’ and your whole body shakin’
    And we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive!" Gonzo sang, the chickens still joining behind him.

    "Um, Kermit," Scooter whispered to the frog as Gonzo and the chickens continued dancing about the stage.

    "Hm?" Kermit said, not breaking his vision of the stage.

    "Is Miss Piggy in this number?" Scooter asked.

    Kermit’s face twisted up. "No, Scooter, of course not," Kermit said. "Why?"

    "Because she’s here."

    Kermit’s view shot back up at the stage. "Uh oh." Kermit gulped.

    "Brawk, bawk, brawk, bawk-"

    "I’m stayin’ alive!"

    "Not for long you’re not!" Miss Piggy shouted at the weirdo and the chickens.
    The music stopped abruptly. "Uh oh," Floyd Pepper said. "Looks like Piggy’s about to put Gonzo on one of those crash diets!" Floyd laughed.

    "Rully," Janice said. "But he’d, like, probably enjoy it."

    "Piggy, what are you doing?" Kermit asked, walking towards the stage.

    Piggy turned to Kermit, and growled. "Kermie, why is there a weirdo taking my act?"

    "Your act?" Kermit asked. "Since when was it your act?"

    "Since I was so graciously asked to perform it on ‘American Idol’," Piggy said, pushing her hair back pompously.

    Kermit frowned. "Piggy, you didn’t even sing, you just made a small appearance!"

    "Don’t talk details with me, frog!" Piggy said. "I know what I did- and at least I was there."

    Kermit shook his head. "It doesn’t matter Piggy," he said. "What matters is, this is not your number!"

    "Yes it is!" Piggy countered, not as brilliantly as she had hoped.

    "No, it is not!" Kermit fought right back.

    "What are you saying?" Piggy glared down at the frog.

    "I’m saying that you, Miss Piggy, are wrong!" Kermit shouted. "You’re always wrong!"

    The Muppet Theater grew deathly silent. Everyone looked at each other. Piggy stood, staring, mouth agape at Kermit.

    "How... how could you?" she asked quietly. Kermit looked down at his flippers.
    Fozzie looked at Rowlf sadly. Gonzo looked at Camilla. Clifford looked at Scooter.

    Sam Eagle sat up from the floor, rubbing his head. "Mm, what did I miss? Dare I even ask such a thing."

    Piggy bit her bottom lip. "Well Kermit the Frog! Let moi tell vous something!" she shouted. "We are over!" she screamed. She moaned once and ran off to her dressing room, slamming the door behind her.

    Kermit turned around and looked at everyone. He gulped loudly. "We’re- we’re not over," he said. "We- we can’t be over, if we were never together."

    Gonzo looked down at Kermit. "Kermit, are you alright?" he asked calmly.

    Kermit nodded swiftly. "I’m fine. Great act, Gonzo, you’re in the show." Kermit stormed back to his seat and sat down.

    Rowlf, Scooter, Clifford, and Fozzie exchanged glances. "Kermit," Fozzie said. "Are you sure you’re okay?" he asked, putting his hand on his best friend’s shoulder.

    "I’m fine, Fozzie," Kermit said. "Scooter what’s our next act?"

    Scooter looked down at his clipboard. "The Swedish Chef," he said.

    Kermit nodded. "Put him on."

    "Put him on, Rizzo," Scooter said into his mouthpiece.

    "Put ‘im on what?" Rizzo asked from backstage. "If I put ‘im on anyt’ing, he’s gonna put me in a souffle."

    "Just start the sketch!" Kermit shouted.

    Sam looked around the theater. "Are you sure I did not miss anything?" he asked Rowlf.

    Rowlf shook his head. "Nothing, Sam, just the big scene that outlines the entire plot."

    "Oh," Sam said blankly. "Very well then."


    Piggy slammed herself down into her chair at her vanity. She looked at a framed picture of Kermit on the vanity and knocked it onto the floor. "Ugh!" she groaned. "Men are pigs!"

    "You’re telling me," Link Hogthrob said from the couch behind Piggy.

    Piggy shot around. "What are you doing here, air head?"

    "Relaxing after such an exhausting number," Link said. "I just hope I didn’t make the other performers too-" he pushed his hair back on his head. "Jealous of me."

    Piggy rolled her eyes. "I don’t think you have too much to worry about. No one could be jealous of-" Piggy stopped herself. Her mouth slowly opened back up. "That’s it!"

    "Huh?" Link asked.

    Piggy grabbed Link by his wrist, and pulled him out of the dressing room. "Come on, dumb, pompous, and gullible," she said. "We’ve got a jealous frog to make!"

    "But I didn’t get to moose my hair!" Link shouted.

    "There’s a moose at the boarding house," Piggy said. "Just come on!"

    "Where are we going again?" Link asked.

    Piggy groaned. "This is gonna be harder than I thought."
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  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh... It's a nice start and I'm sure others will rave and review... But there's something I'm not sure about. If you wanted to go for the UG angle, seems to me that Piggy grabbing Link to go make Kermit jealous wouldn't be the smart first plan. After all, how do you plan to make him green with envy? He's already green. And it suits him well, it's what he wants to be.

    Seems to me that maybe it would be more poinient to have Piggy realize why Kermit blew up at her, have a bit of introspective soul searching, have Kermit realize his blowing up at her was wrong and attempt to patch things up.
    Like I said, it's a good start. Just unsure of the angle for the direction it'll take.

    But I'll also say this... More please!
  3. Leyla

    Leyla Well-Known Member

    Ohhhhh, Prawnie, thank you honey, you're such a sweetie!

    And I presume PIggy was wearing a robe along with those lovely gloves of hers in the opening scene. ;)

    I'm more than a little amused that you post this as a birthday gift (Thank you, thank you) and it features such a catastrophic fight between my favouritist couple, but since I DO have a fairly good idea of where this is going, I hang on to my faith in you.

    Loved the Stayin' Alive chicken version. This is definately a song that suits Gonzo... don't ask me why I think that, I just do. There's some really fun lines in here. You've definately got a knack for making me laugh!

    I can't really blame Piggy for being so upset. Imagine the nerve of that salon girl insulting her like that! That would make anyone defensive, and it's plain as day PIggy holds that the best defense is a good offense...along with a solid right hook.

    <shakes head> Piggy was acting outrageously, it's true, but Kermit's not getting the award for gentlemanly behaviour after saying things like:

    "I’m saying that you, Miss Piggy, are wrong!" Kermit shouted. "You’re always wrong!"


    Kermit turned around and looked at everyone. He gulped loudly. "We’re- we’re not over," he said. "We- we can’t be over, if we were never together."

    <shakes head> Deniiiiiiiiaaaal. Lousy loveable frog.

    <hugs!> Once again, thanks EVER so much PRawnie! Oh heck, I can't leave it like that.


    There we go. That's more like it.

    Mwa! Kissy kissy!
  4. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Very nice! Chock full of humor. Love the tie in to Miss Piggy's appearance on American Idol. Looking forward to seeing how she'll make Kermit jealous with Link. This is fun, bring us more!
  5. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <Snuggles Prawnie>

    I have a feeling that my brand new Kermit-and-Piggy pillow will be getting lots of use while I read this story... :p

    GLORIOUS glorious start, my dear Prawn.

    Among some of my favoritest lines...

    This line made me laugh very very much. And then you went and followed it with-

    The combination of those two lines is quite simply fantasticabulous (TM). So yes, I laugh muchly. And hug muchly! See? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<HUGS!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    As for Kermit-Piggy drama... Yeah, like I said, the new pillow will be getting a lot of use. ...As a shield. :halo:

    Oh, and also- love the wall-breaking, as usual!

    <ahem> MORE PLEASE!
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    My only complaint with that post? Why can't you post story muchly too Lisa? We miss your marvytrilliscent fanfics, shame none of them's getting the love and updates and closure they deserve.

    So Prawn... Now that the elections are over... Can we expect more to get posted soon? Please? After all, we need more fanfic!
  7. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    As I said yesterday, I read the first chapter and loved it.

    As you know, being me, I'll probably forget to read updates and I'll have to read the whole thing over again in word-format when you're done with it, but, at least I started! ;)
  8. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2

    Rehearsal ended, and most of the Muppets began to make their way back to the Boarding House, while Kermit, Scooter, and Fozzie made their way backstage.

    "Kermit," Fozzie finally said, he had been deathly quiet since Kermit and Piggy’s big blow-up. "What are you going to do about Miss Piggy?"

    Kermit straightened some papers on his desk backstage. "Nothing," he said. "I’m sure she’s already forgotten about it, and if I just pretend like it never happened, I’ll have nothing to worry about."

    "I think you’re forgetting something, boss," Scooter said.

    Kermit looked at the go-fer. "What’s that?"

    "You forgot who’s coming home with Robin from the swamp," Scooter said.

    Kermit frowned. "Aunt Marge. Sheesh, you’re right, Scooter, I did forget."

    "Aunt Marge?" Fozzie asked.

    "I told you, Fozzie," Kermit said. "My Aunt Marge is coming for a visit."

    Fozzie began to fiddle with his tie nervously. "For- for how long?" he stuttered.

    "An undetermined amount of time." Kermit sighed. "Against my will."

    "Who’s Will?" Fozzie asked.

    "My will, Fozzie!" Kermit said.

    Fozzie gasped. "Kermit, you’re dying?"

    Kermit smacked his lack-of-forehead. "No, Fozzie."

    "Oh, good," Fozzie said. "Because I don’t think I could deal with Aunt Marge without you."

    "That reminds me, boss," Scooter interjected. "Robin’s train gets into the station in a half-hour."

    Kermit nodded. "Okay," he said. "I think I’ll ask Piggy to go. Did either of you see her go back to the Boarding House?"

    Scooter shook his head. "She’s still in her dressing room."

    "Oh, good." Kermit smiled. "Piggy, honey!" he called.

    Miss Piggy came out of her dressing room almost instantly. "Yes, Kermit?" she said, emphasizing his full name, rather than "Kermie".

    If Kermit had an eyebrow, he would’ve raised it. "Uh, would you like to come with me to meet Robin and Aunt Marge at the train station?" he asked.

    "Oh, Kermit," Piggy said. "Sorry, but I have a date."

    Kermit frowned. "I don’t think we made plans for tonight... and besides, you know how Aunt Marge feels about interspecies dating," he said. "Do you think you can hold off for just a-"

    "Oh, Kermit, silly goose," Piggy said smugly. "Moi am not going out with a different species!"

    Kermit stared at her, as did Scooter and Fozzie. "Beg pardon?"

    Score! Piggy thought to herself. "Oh, Link, we’re going to be late!"

    "Coming!" Link called, joining Piggy outside her dressing room.

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "Your date is with... Link?"

    "Do vous know any other-" she gulped. "Handsome pigs?" Her face twisted up as she asked the question.

    "Well I-"

    "Moi didn’t think so," Piggy said, grasping Link’s wrist and pulling him down the stairs. "Now come on, let’s go!"

    "Evening!" Link called as he was pulled out the door.

    Kermit’s eyes were glued to the door Piggy and Link so eloquently slipped out of.

    "Uh, Kermit?" Fozzie tapped him on the shoulder.

    Kermit gulped. "Y-yes, Fozzie?"

    "I don’t think she forgot," Fozzie said.

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "C’mon, you two, we’ve got a train station to get to."


    Back at the Muppet Boarding House, the usual chaos reigned at the dinner table, as per usual.

    Also as usual, the couples in the house sat next to each other, Gonzo and Camilla, Floyd and Janice, and Clifford and Scooter’s twin sister, Skeeter who was home from mountain climbing expedition in the Andes.

    Forks and knives clanked on plates as everyone ate, and the couples began to gossip.

    "So, ya’ll hear what happened ‘tween Kerm and the pig?" Clifford asked.

    "Oh, rully," Janice said. "It’s like, so sad."

    "Brawk bawk," Camilla agreed.

    "Yeah." Floyd nodded. "But ya gotta admit, green stuff did have a point."

    "How so?" Skeeter asked.

    "He said Piggy was wrong- all the time," Floyd said.

    "Yeah, who wouldn’t agree with that?" Gonzo asked.

    "Brawk!" Camilla pecked him violently.

    "Hey!" Gonzo shouted. "What was that for?"

    "Like, she thinks Piggy isn’t wrong all the time," Janice said.

    "Sure she is!" Clifford said.

    "You don’t really believe that, do you?" Skeeter asked Clifford.

    "Sure I do!" Clifford said. "In fact, I think most women are wrong, most of the time."

    The clanking of forks and knives on plates at the dinner table halted.

    "Yeah, I’ll drink to that," Floyd said.

    "Ditto!" Gonzo agreed, downing his glass of water.

    Skeeter pushed her plate out from in front of her and shot up out of your seat. "Care to run that by me again?" she asked angrily.

    "I said that most women are wrong, most of the time!" Clifford reiterated.
    "Yeah," Gonzo nodded.

    Camilla glared at Gonzo, and threw her fork at him. She stormed away from the table, with Skeeter following.

    The fork stuck in Gonzo’s nose. "Cool," he said.

    Janice looked at Floyd. "Like, do you have those same, totally chauvinistic thoughts?"

    "Nah, baby," Floyd said. "However, it’s not too often you get the right answer from a woman. I was just agreein’ with the guys."

    Janice took a deep breath. "Like, I need some yoga, or wheat grass, or- like, excuse me." She took off behind Camilla and Skeeter.

    The three suddenly-single men exchanged glances. "I think that went well, don’t you?" Gonzo asked.

    "Man, no it did not!" Clifford shouted. "You got a fork in your nose-" he pulled the fork out of Gonzo’s nose and tossed it behind him. "And we all got dumped!"

    Sam Eagle walked into the dining room. "Sorry I’m late," he said. "I was re-alphabetizing my-" he shifted his eyes, looking around the silent table. "Did I miss something?"

    Everyone stared at Sam.

    Rowlf shook his head. "Once again, Sam, you’ve missed-"

    "Everyt’ing, hokay?" Pepe interrupted. "Jou really need to work on jour timing, bird brain."

    "Yeah," Rizzo said. "And you," he pointed to Clifford, Floyd, and Gonzo. "Need to work on your people skills. Yeesh, how do you anger t’ree women, in one sittin’?"

    "Si, dis is pretty unbelievable to me too, hokay?" Pepe said.

    "Break-up! Break-up!" Animal chanted.

    "You just wait," Clifford said. "They’ll all be crawlin’ back to us come dinner tomorrow."

    "Wanna bet?" Sal Manilla asked.

    "Heh, I’d take that bet any day," Clifford said. "Ten bucks says all three girls’ll be back by tomorrow."

    "Deal!" Sal said, shaking Clifford’s hand from across the table.

    "That’s a nice job, Sal," Johnny Fiama said.

    "Thanks Johnny," Sal said.

    "If you win, you can pay me back that ten bucks you owe me," Johnny said.

    "Ten bucks? What ten bucks?" Sal asked.

    "Just get it to me by Monday..." Johnny said.

    "But- I-" Sal sighed. "Alright, Johnny..."

    "I always knew a girl would come between the band," Dr. Teeth said to Zoot, who was asleep on his plate.

    "Wha’?" Zoot uttered groggily.

    Rowlf looked down at Kermit’s empty chair, then back to the arguing Muppets. "Wait'll Kermit hears this tale," Rowlf said.

    "But Rowlf," Beauregard said. "You do not have a tail."

    Rowlf sighed. "It's gonna be a long story."
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  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah... Especially since it's broken up into three parts...

    So lemme introduce to you... Floyd Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band!
    Funny as all get out between Fozzie and Kermit backstage.
    Aunt Marge? Aw, and here I thought that was code for Margaret instead.
    Hey Clifford, you do know you just made a sucker's bet doncha?

    Prawny please post more!
  10. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Okay, first of all, I am SO looking forward to meeting Aunt Marge! <bouncy bouncy bouncy> Love how worried Fozzie seems about it- and, to tell the truth, NOBODY seems to be looking forward to it! OOOOOOOOH, I love conflict!

    Also. Please excuse me while I laugh hysterically at the three guys who just talked themselves straight out of dating life. <ahem>


    Why am I getting the feeling that the ladies, few though they be, of the Muppet Boarding House will be bonding quite a bit for the next... Ohhhhhh, until the guys get down on their knees, apologize, and bet the girls to forgive them?


  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah... What she said, more please!

    Need fanfic... Starving for fanfic...
    *Looks in the cupboard where Ruahnna's quadrology is keeping Lisa's trilogy company.
    Well, at least we got a good serving of Irish stew this weekend.
    *Pats copy of Wearing O' The Green.
    Go read it you ushgushers.

    But if you want me to hold this new trilogy in the same esteem... Well, Prawny, post more please!
  12. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Hey, it's coming. I've got a lot of stuff to do, but I'm writing, just for you ravenous readers. ;) :p
  13. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3

    "So tell me about your Aunt Marge, Kermit," Scooter said as he, Kermit, and Fozzie waited at the train station.

    Kermit chuckled. "Well, Maggie’s named after her," he said. "And let’s just say it’s not the name that’s similar between Maggie and Marge."

    "How do you mean?" Scooter asked.

    "Know how Maggie resented Piggy when they first met?" Kermit asked.

    Scooter nodded. "How could I forget?"

    "Aunt Marge is worse," Kermit said blankly.

    "She resents everyone who isn’t a frog!" Fozzie said. "She thinks that if you aren’t a frog, you aren’t right."

    "So imagine what happened when I told her about Miss Piggy," Kermit said.

    "Is that why you couldn’t go to the swamp for all those years after ‘76?" Scooter asked.

    "More or less," Kermit said. "Everywhere I went, Piggy went. Which wouldn’t have boded well for Aunt Marge, or Piggy."

    "Trust me," Fozzie said. "Aunt Marge is one tough customer. First thing she asks you- if you’re not a frog, that is- is ‘what are you supposed to be’."

    Scooter looked himself up and down. "Boss, what am I supposed to be?"

    Kermit shrugged. "Just be yourself."

    "That’s the problem, what is myself?" Scooter asked.

    "Aren’t you a go-fer?" Fozzie asked.

    "Yeah, go-fer coffee, go-fer sandwiches," Scooter said. "But I don’t go-fer tunnels."

    "Right," Fozzie said. "You dig them."

    "I don’t like tunnels that much," Scooter said.

    "Enough with the puns already!" Kermit shouted. "Aunt Marge is here."

    "Ah!" Fozzie shouted, ducking behind the bench. "Hide me!"

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "She’s on the train, Fozzie."

    "Oh." Fozzie followed Kermit and Scooter to the unloading platform of the train where passengers began to depart. Finally, from the train emerged a wrinkly puce frog with bags under her piercing eyes, next to her walked a usually chipper little five year old dark green frog.

    Kermit cleared his throat. Here we go, he thought to himself. "Aunt Marge!" he shouted, throwing his arms in the air.

    Aunt Marge glared over at Scooter and Fozzie. "What are you supposed to be?" she asked with an annoyingly elder voice. Fozzie and Scooter each took a step back, not answering the frog. "Kermie," Aunt Marge said to her nephew. "Send these things for our bags."

    Fozzie and Scooter looked at each other. "Kermie?" they both asked.

    "What’s a’matter?" Aunt Marge snapped at them. "Ain’t ya ever heard a pet name before?"

    Kermit looked pleadingly at his friends. They both sighed and walked towards the luggage cart.

    Aunt Marge smiled, and hugged Kermit. "Good to see you, Kermie."

    "You too, Aunt Marge," Kermit said. He looked down at Robin who yawned and rubbed his eye. Kermit bent down to his nephew’s height and smiled at him. "Welcome home, Robin."

    The young frog yawned again. "Thanks, Uncle Kermit."

    Kermit frowned. "Uh, Aunt Marge," Kermit said, looking up at the wrinkled old frog, glaring at all that passed. "I think Fozzie’s mishandling your undergarment suitcase."

    Aunt Marge gasped and cracked her knuckles. "I’m gonna skin me a bear rug!" She ran off, shouting at Fozzie. Fozzie screamed and ran off in the other direction.

    Kermit turned back to Robin. "I owe Fozzie one."

    "Or seven," Robin said drowsily.

    Kermit smiled. "Why are you so tired?"

    "I was going to sleep on the train ride home," Robin said. "But Aunt Marge just kept talking."

    Kermit nodded. "I’m sure she did." Kermit picked his nephew up in his arms. "How ‘bout a froggy-back ride back to the car?"

    Robin climbed onto his uncle’s back. He glanced over his shoulder. "I don’t think so, Uncle Kermit," he said.

    "Why not?" Kermit asked.

    "Because you and Scooter are going to have to carry Fozzie back to the car after Aunt Marge finishes beating him with her purse." Robin pointed to where Fozzie was being pummeled with an old frog’s purse, and passers-by did just that, passed by.

    Kermit frowned. "Aunt Marge didn’t happen to say how long she was staying on the train ride home, did she, Robin?"


    Skeeter punched the bedroom wall. "How could they say that?"

    "Brawk bawk," Camilla clucked, filing the claws on her feet.

    "Oh, fer sure," Janice said while she coated her nails in a ruby-red nail polish. "I mean, like, it totally was Clifford’s fault."

    Skeeter put her hands on her hips. "Ladies, let’s not point finely filed fingers," she said.


    "Or talons," Skeeter recovered. "Now, what’s our plan of action?"

    "Like, make love not, war," Janice said.

    "Brawk!" Camilla clucked loudly. "Bragawk byuck brawk!"

    Skeeter nodded. "She’s right, we’ve made too much love already!"

    "Oh, like, not me, okay," Janice said. "I’m like, totally remaining abstinent. Rully."

    "Byuck buck bawk!" Camilla argued. "Brawk bragawk byuck!"

    "I think pecking their eyes out might be a little much, Camilla," Skeeter said hastily.

    "Rully," Janice said, moving onto the other hand’s fingers. "And, like, Gonzo would totally enjoy that way too much."

    "What we need is something vengeful and tactful!" Skeeter said, slamming her fist against her palm.

    "Brawk bawk," Camilla muttered.

    Skeeter smirked. "How is that tactful?"

    "Brawk," Camilla clucked.

    "Like a three-point plan doesn’t automatically make something tactful," Janice said.

    Camilla shrugged. "Well," Skeeter said. "Piggy isn’t here in tears, is she? She’s obviously got some sort of brilliant plan going."

    "Or she’s dating Link to like, totally make Kermit like, rully jealous," Janice said.

    "Where did you get a crazy idea like that?" Skeeter asked.

    "They’re like, totally right outside," Janice said, pointing out the bedroom window.

    The girls peered out the window and looked down at Piggy and Link who were getting out of a taxi. Link attempted to wrap his arm around Piggy’s shoulder, but Piggy quickly administered an elbow to his chest.

    "So she’s fake dating Link!" Skeeter said.

    "Bragawk!" Camilla declared.

    "Fer sure! That’s like, exactly what we’ve got to do!" Janice said.

    "Find fake boyfriends!" Skeeter said triumphantly.

    "Brawk, bagawk?" Camilla asked.

    "Like, rully, where are we gonna find fake boyfriends?" Janice asked.

    "We’re three of about four women in this house!" Skeeter said. "How hard can it be?"
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  14. TogetherAgain

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    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Yeah, Skeeter, how hard CAN it be? OY, this is gonna be AWESOME!

    <is, by the way, proud of Janice>

    LOVE how they figured Piggy out...

    And I feel SO bad for Fozzie! Oy! Oyyyyy, this is gonna be a very LONG... However long Aunt Marge sticks around... for anyone who isn't female! ...And I'm sure, for many who ARE female... Anyway, this story is gonna be GREAT! No- FANTASTICABULOUS! Oh, I can't wait!

  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hee hee... Like, rully liked the parts with Janice and Scooter.

    Scooter: What am I supposed to be?
    Kermit: Just be yourself.
    Fozzie: Aren't you supposed to be a go-fer?
    Scooter: Yeah... Go-fer coffee, go-fer sandwiches. But I don't go-fer tunnels.
    Fozzie: Right, you dig them.
    Scooter: I don't like tunnels that much.

    Comedy gold!
    Prawny, please post more!
  16. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Hee hee hee! This story is hilarious! Somehow I missed chapter two, but I just read both it and chapter three. I love how the other girls are going to find fake boyfriends and I'm anxious to see who they come up with! Too funny! And Kermit's Aunt Marge is something else, looking forward to seeing what her visit stirs up. Great stuff Prawnie, give us some more!
  17. Fragglemuppet

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    Why yes, this is great! And I love the way you're concintrating on other couples just as much, if not more, than Kermit and Piggy. Yes, poor Fozzie, and poor little tired Robin!
    And yes, all the men are guilty, but I do think Clifford was the main instigator of it!

    More please!
  18. BeakerSqueedom

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    Wow! I read this and suddenly I see how in-character each character is! You've captured the humor that makes them--well them! You've added most of the muppets in one story without making it all confusing! Well er...I am highly guilty of those things which is precisley why I comment with utter praise. :3 Continue!

    :eek: yeyyy! X3
  19. theprawncracker

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    Oh! Thanks for the praise! :D I'm glad you enjoyed it! Expect more later tonight!
  20. theprawncracker

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    Chapter 4

    Breakfast was shockingly quiet the next morning, with everyone out of their usual seats due to the recent relationship conflicts. That, and Aunt Marge was sitting at the head of the table, and no one wanted to be next to her. Leaving Kermit and Robin to deal with her.

    Kermit cleared his throat quietly. "So, uh, Aunt Marge, how’s the swamp?" Kermit asked meekly.

    "Lovely," Aunt Marge said bitterly. "And free of weirdos, but full of frogs. As it should be." She shot a glare down the entire length of the table.

    Kermit frowned. "Well, uh, our show is going well. I think you’ll really enjoy the one this week."

    "Yeah," Aunt Marge said, not really paying attention. "Where’s that hunk of ham who thinks you’re all that, Kermie?"

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "Miss Piggy is still upstairs."

    "I’ll never know why you ever liked that swine," Aunt Marge said. "Frogs should be courtin’ good, upstandin’ frogs! Not barnyard livestock! Your sister Margaret for instance, she’s got a nice, young frog on her arm, and what do you got? A pig!"

    Floyd, Clifford, Rizzo, and Pepe laughed. Kermit sighed. "Maggie must’ve gotten your taste in men along with your name, Aunt Marge," he said.

    "And your temper," Fozzie whispered.

    "What’s that?" Aunt Marge asked, loudly.

    "Uh, more tea, dear Aunt Marge?" Kermit asked innocently.

    Aunt Marge smiled at her nephew. "Yes, I’d love some."

    "Well, Aunt Marge," Kermit said. "You don’t have much to worry about right now, because Miss Piggy and I aren’t really on the best of terms."

    Aunt Marge grinned. "Well congratulations, Kermie," she said. "Ya finally came to your senses."

    Kermit sighed. Fozzie put his hand on Kermit’s back. "What’s wrong with you?" Aunt Marge asked. "Don’t tell me ya still got feeling for that pig!"

    Robin sat up straight. "Um, Aunt Marge, would you like to go to the park with me today?"

    Aunt Marge distractedly turned to Robin. "Why, sure Robin, I’d love to."

    Kermit looked up at Robin, who shrugged with a smirk on his face. Kermit smiled and silently thanked his nephew.

    "So, uh, where’s the-" Rizzo started to ask.

    "Hey! Don’t talk while I’m talkin’, vermin!" Aunt Marge snapped at him.
    "But you weren’t-"

    "I am now, ain’t I?" Aunt Marge asked forcefully.

    "Well, yeah, but-"

    "But nothin’! Time for you to learn some manners, sonny!" Aunt Marge shouted. "Honestly, Kermie, how do you live with these things?"

    Kermit shrugged. "I guess I just-"

    "No matter," Aunt Marge said. "C’mon, Robin, let’s go get ready to go to the park."

    "Oh," Robin said sadly. "Uh, well, okay."

    Kermit turned to Rowlf and looked pleadingly at the dog. "Alright, alright, don’t beg," Rowlf said to him. "Uh, Aunt Marge, mind if I tag along?" Rowlf asked.

    Aunt Marge squinted her eyes at the dog, looking him up and down. "Alright, I guess your about as normal as they come. Just don’t shed on me!"

    "I’ll try my best," Rowlf said. Aunt Marge, Robin, and Rowlf left the kitchen, heading upstairs to get ready for the park.

    "Cheese and crackers, Kermit!" Rizzo shouted. "What a nutcase of an aunt you got!"

    "And I thought Statler and Waldorf were bad!" Fozzie remarked.

    "We are bad!" Statler shouted from a recliner in the living room.

    "The old frog is just louder!" Waldorf added.

    "Do ho ho ho!"

    "I just feel bad for Robin," Fozzie said.

    "Yeah, poor little green stuff is stuck with old wrinkly green mush!" Floyd said.

    Janice stirred around her wheat grass cereal. "Like, not cool," she muttered.
    Floyd blinked and sighed. Kermit tilted his head and turned to Fozzie. Fozzie nodded.

    "Good grief," Kermit said. "It’s everyone."

    Fozzie shrugged. "Makes the plot thicker."

    "My line, hokay?" Pepe said.

    "Well," Kermit said, getting out of his chair. "I’m heading off to the theater early today. I’ve got some papers to-"

    Kermit was cut off by a fanfare of trumpets. "What the hey?" Kermit asked.

    Bean Bunny entered the dining room, blowing on a trumpet. Miss Piggy burst into the dining room, wearing a lavish pink dress, with flowers adorning her entire body. "Good morning little people! Moi has arrived!"

    Everyone sitting around the dinner table stared. Piggy muttered something under her breath and knocked the trumpet - and Bean - out the window.

    "Morning, Piggy," Kermit said.

    She walked right past Kermit. It was the first morning since before he could remember that Miss Piggy did not try and steal and early morning kiss.

    "Good morning, Kermit," she said, pushing her hair back. "Animal, be a dear, would vous?"

    Animal blinked. "Wha’?"

    "Leave," she said innocently.

    "Finally," Sam said, admiring his distinctly American toast. "A suggestion I can agree with."

    "So, Miss Piggy!" Clyde spoke up cheerfully. "What’s on your agenda for today?"

    "Well!" Piggy said. "Linky-poo and moi are going shopping!"

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "Linky-poo?"

    "Oh, yes, Kermit," Piggy said. "Pet names are so adorable, are they not?"

    Kermit gulped. "Yeah, cute," he said sarcastically.

    "Well, we must be going. Have to beat the early morning rush, you know," Miss Piggy said. "Alright, meat! Let’s go!"

    "Coming snuckle-puss!" Link called as he ran into the dining room.

    "It’s cuddle-cat, moron!" Piggy told him. "I mean, uh, sweety!"

    Kermit and Fozzie exchanged glances again. Piggy groaned. "Just come on!" she grabbed Link, and left the Boarding House.

    Scooter looked down at Kermit. "That could’ve gone better, huh, boss?"

    Kermit smirked. "Gee, what makes you say that, Scooter?"

    "May I make a suggestion?" Dr. Bunsen Honeydew asked.

    "Mo! Mo!" Beaker pleaded.

    "Sure," Kermit said. "I’m open to any suggestions."

    "Pay de prawn more of de monies," Pepe interjected.

    "Except that one," Kermit said.

    "Pay the bear more of the monies?" Fozzie asked.

    Kermit frowned. "And that one."

    "Well, mister Kermit, if you’d like, you could come down to the lab and I could test the brand-new ‘Muppet Labs P-Harmony’ machine!" Bunsen said.

    "P-Harmony?" Johnny Fiama asked. "What kinda quack-pot name is that?"

    "Crack-pot," Sal corrected him.

    "Sal!" Johnny shouted. "This is no place to bring up those sort of things! Think of the kids, huh?"

    Sal shook his head. "I wonder if anyone will get that joke."

    "My P-Harmony machine will instantly match you, mister Kermit, to your ideal relationship partner!" Bunsen said giddily.

    Kermit looked at Bunsen. "Alright, Bunsen, I’ll give it a try. What could it hurt, right?"

    "Hey, think I could go next?" Fozzie asked. Bunsen.

    Just one problem, Kermit thought to himself. I already know my ideal girl... it’s Miss Piggy.

    "I do not need a perfect mate, hokay?" Pepe said. "Who needs to stick to just one womens?"

    "You are a sick, sick little prawn," Rizzo said.

    "And not in a good way," Gonzo added.

    "Brawk bagawk," Camilla clucked.

    Gonzo’s eyelids pulled back. "What do you mean you beg to differ?"

    "Brawk," was all Camilla clucked.

    Kermit shook his head. "Scooter, let’s go to the theater, please."

    Scooter nodded. "Good idea, boss."
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