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Muppet Labs Playset Arrives: When and Where

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Phillip, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. Aurons Masamune

    Aurons Masamune New Member

    Oh oh! Has anyone in the Central Florida/Orlando seen 'em yet? I dun' get out to the stores that much, and I really want to get a set for my Beaker-obsessed friend. ^^ (Unless she got it in Cali. already...) That, and it'd be funny to have a Beaker to wail on! X-D

    *Errrmmm... sorry for my sudden post*
  2. dan

    dan Active Member

    Beaker just arrived here in Hollywood so I went and picked him up at the local Toys R Us. :)
  3. Aerosmith

    Aerosmith Well-Known Member

    Aurons Masamune nope not yet.
  4. uncleduke

    uncleduke Well-Known Member

    Went to La-La land over the weekend, they arrived in Phoenx while I was gone, thankfully my house-sitter works at TRU, so there was one on the dining room table when I got home. Apparently they sold out fast!
  5. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I just hope Newburry Comics gets it in. You see, I have a gift certificate I was saving for the Animal playset, but since it's delayed (and since series three won't be out by Christmas), I might as well use it.

    Originally I was going to buy a George Liquor Doll (I got Jimmy the Idiot boy for my Birthday) and I couldn't wait for that.... guess I have to now!
  6. uncleduke

    uncleduke Well-Known Member

    They probably get them through Diamond Comics.
    If so, go to www.diamondcomics.com
    From there you can find the weekly shipping list and see when they are sending the playsets out. Diamond is ususally a couple of weeks behind TRU, since their distrobution network is different.
    All this is assuming Newbury ordered it, I assume they did. I used to work at the Urban Outfitters across the street, and Newbury was always full of coolish thingies.
  7. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I'm not so sure... Is Newburry Comics around in other staes besides MA? They are not so much as a comic book store (they have 'em, I just don't buy them there) as a music/novelty store.

    What I do know is they charge much for them. Dr. Teeth was like, 12 bucks. I got mine at the Slurp an' Burp...GREAT MY SIGNATURE IS HAUNTING ME!

    I ment Toys R Us..Toys R Us...
  8. uncleduke

    uncleduke Well-Known Member

    I don't think so. I used to shop the one in Harvard Square, and there was another one, down the street from the Tower Records and Ave Victor Hugo....

    Just call them, I am sure that they get there toys from Diamond. And you can track when the playsets ship from the Diamond Website.
  9. Thog

    Thog Well-Known Member

    Tower Records which is no longer there. Now Virgin is there. Tower was much better in that location, Virgin is too expensive.

  10. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    i just called my local TRU here in Indianapolis...again...only this time they had them! they're holding it for me and i'll pick it up on my way to work!
  11. Link Hogthrob

    Link Hogthrob Well-Known Member


    Which TRU? I live here in Muncie so Indy/Castleton is my closest bet!!

  12. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    actually the Castleton store is where they had it. they're holding mine to pick up on the way to work (i live outside Beech Grove, but work in Carmel) and she said there were 6 in front of her when i called...number is 3178419334 if you want to call and have one held for you
  13. Link Hogthrob

    Link Hogthrob Well-Known Member

    thanks, grail!

    I called Castleton after I read the post (that was as far as I was willing to drive yesterday!) and they held one for me. When I got down there, besides holding mine, there was 1 other on hold, 2 on the shelf, and 1 with the guy ahead of me in the check out!


    I noticed that they also had quite a stock of tux Kermits! This is exciting because our Muncie TRU has yet to get ANYTHING!!!!

    But anyway, thanks again, grail! We'll have to keep each other posted on future sightings!!

  14. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    heh...mine would have been the other one that was on hold. that TRU historically gets things first in this city...they make the most money.
  15. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member


    well, i went to three different toys r us', several eb's, and a bunch of other places...but no beaker! which brings me to this. at one of the eb's, several people were also enquiring about beaker, even going through the blister carded tms figures for one. one guy said it was an industry only internet thing. i clarified, saying beaker only comes with a playset which is in some toys r us'. and then
    i think i had to echoe my sentiments with these guys...BEAKER SHOULD BE CARDED seperately! some people might not have or want to spend $25 on a playset just to buy beaker.

    ive noticed at toys r us, eb and some other places the only figures left are kermits, and a piggy or two. in hindsight, might it had been better to pack more of the 'obscure' muppets, ie: dr. teeth and bunsen? these seem to be the ones that get grabbed up while the others are well, peg warming.

    I think i'd have to agree it might have been better if beaker was individually carded, as he has this insane populairty like boba fett, for not being considered a 'main player'. so yeah, i was pretty dissapointed at going to virtually every local tms carrier and seeing nada.(btw kbee, fye, etc does nto carry any of em)

    *sigh* one of beaker's biggest fans, and i cant seem to find him(while all you lucky custards have him already grrr^_^)

    on a brighter note, i did track down the nifty new beaker and invader zim shirts at hot topic!

    ps: after a couple emails, still no collector's club email. anyone else have this same problem?

  16. hey there,
    Still no beakers here in Chicago. I've hit most of the retailers downtown that I know have been carrying the line, and I finally made it out to Toys R Us today. I got a blank stare when I asked the guy at the counter if they had them or were getting them in. I even pointed to the little picture on the back of tux kermit, which I had originally decided not to buy but couldn't resist once i saw him up close (he just looks so snappy). So long story short, no Beaker playsets yet in the city which brought you Vanishing Cream Beaker...(i don't even have one of those yet, and i live here)
    And in response to the beaker on this board, no i also have not received anything back about the collectors club. I think I may try sending another email tonight.
  17. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Well-Known Member

    Send your e-mails to me at klilly@palisadestoys.com...I will see what I can do to get you the e-mail you need to join.

    One problem that we have been discovering is that some people have settings in their e-mails that block "junk" posts and other posts with attachments. Our file, coming from a business site, could be misidentified by your e-mail software as junk and it also has an attachment.

    Check your filters. Make sure you CAN recieve the e-mail. Every single person thus far that has contacted us to get the e-mail had some sort of issue like this. I have checked and rechecked the list...and ALL e-mails were sent to all the people who responded. If you are not getting yours...you gotta help me help you.

    In addition, in a few days we will post the e-mail to our website and you can print it and get it there if we still can't get you the mails. BUT...one of the perks of the club is getting sneak peek images and an e-newsletter...so getting your e-mail configured to accept stuff from us would really be beneficial.

    Sorry if anybody feels jerked about Beaker. I think he should be in the playset, but that's me. Makes the most sense there. There will be other Beakers in future series, in a card, but for now we felt the time was right for a more signature character to launch the playset program. I'm sure people will feel hosed about Animal and the Chef too...
  18. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    personally, i LIKE the sets...

    one of the things i have heard over and over is "Animal's got to have his drumset". the drumset you guys gave him is awesome, but there's no way he could have been put on a card and people NOT feel cheated out of a really cool accessory. i FINALLY got my Muppet Labs, and i just can't understand how anyone can look at the thing and NOT want it. and i'm sure the Chef blows it all away...i have no problem shelling out the extra cash for such groovy accessories...which is basically what they are.

    and like i said in another string, i want a full-size Muppet Labs for MuppetFest!! Okay, i really just want my picture taken with Beaker...
  19. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    you weren't kidding...it's on there now
  20. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member


    >>>and like i said in another string, i want a full-size Muppet Labs for MuppetFest!! Okay, i really just want my picture taken with Beaker...<<<

    oh yeah! a muppet labs would be great. personally i would have liked if ya could take yer picture with a muppet last year, but at least sweetums was available for photo ops! hopefully they do that option tho for muppetfest 2003!

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