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Muppet Listings 14.0

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by The Count, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. The Count Moderator

    Thanks Muppet_dk for checking the visuals of both Super Grouches. Gotta check something that's bothering me about the current totals, will post after calculations are finalized as to how many more entries are still needed for V15.
  2. The Count Moderator

    Hey guys, here's an update. Everything from N-Z has been rechecked, I'm in the M's now and working my way backwards up through the list.

    Here's a request to whoever's still out there and can help. On my list, in the H's, there are two entries for "Herman" both from TMS. After checking my online sources, one of these Hermans is the dancing partner of the Shouting Lady from the Phyllis Diller TMS episode. However, I can't find any info on who Herman #2 might be. I'd appreciate any help with this, please post here for our benefit.
    Thanks and hope to hear from someone soon.
  3. MuppetDude Active Member

    Your description of the ESS category sounds okay, but I don't really like the idea of separating the two. There are 25 clips in all, and separating five of them doesn't sound so good to me; it seems like some kind of "Muppet prejudism". ( :confused: :smirk: )
    Maybe we can leave it up to a fan debate; we could have a poll and see what everyone else would prefer.

    And I'm guessing it's MacMuffin.

    I caught another picture of Germanys Super Grouch over at the Tough Pigs website, and it's different than Oscar; it's a scraggly gray grouch with black/grey surprised eyebrows.
  4. The Count Moderator

    Thanks pal. Still sorting, up to the G's and I gotta do them again cause of a miscount.
    Will change the entry for MacMuffin the Cow.
    Not trying to separate the two categories of the characters who appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, and either appeared or were left off of the DVD; on the contrary, I'm trying to cover them all with one single production designation. As I explained, the ones that showed up on the DVD would fit the designation perfectly cause the designation carries the DVD's title as its first part. "Muppets Magic/". And whoever or whatever other Muppet characters showed up on the show but not on the DVD would be covered by the second part of the production designation's designation, "/Ed Sullivan Show".
    Hope this settle your uneasiness my friend. BTW: Any luck on finding that second Herman character from TMS as I asked for above? Hope to hear from you guys soon.
  5. MuppetDude Active Member

    Well, I guess we can try the category for your next list, as soon as I can get a list to you. :) I won't meet with you very much today, though; I've got a report to type, so I'll discuss things occassionally.

    And sorry, I don't have either of those TMS episodes, though in the MC guides Phil calls her "Scremaning Girl", or something like that.
  6. The Count Moderator

    OK pal, hope everything goes well for you. Will keep working on squaring away the current stats.
  7. muppet_dk Active Member

    One more addition from Sesam Strasse.
    Mats: This is little Bird.
  8. The Count Moderator

    Uh... Mats? That's the name of the Little Bird character used on SS Germany? Didn't you say it was "Cuckoo"? Or are Cuckoo and Mats two different characters? Well, still uploading the stats, only the B's and A's are left. Still hoping someone can help with identifying the two TMS characters currently on the list both named Herman.
    Hope to hear from you guys soon and have a good day.
  9. muppet_dk Active Member

    It's 2 different characters. The cuckoo came "alive" due to Finchens special ability to talk to things that's not normaly possible such as snow and water.
    Pferd and Wolle encountred Mats when they where on a treasure hunt in the woods, where they became friends.
    It's the same with the wolf it has also been used as a pirate captain, I'am currently checking up on the name used for that.
  10. The Count Moderator

    Hey guys, I'll be heading off to another class in a few minutes. However, all the stats are now squared at 3012 entries.
    Changed the entry for "Cuckoo" to "The Cuckoo" so as not to create any confusion with Mats.
    Will add Super Grouch and Mats from SS Germany, Aladdin portrayed by David Alan Grier, and will readd the Dolphins from JHH since we're striving for full completeness as best as possible. So that'd be a total of 3016 entries with another 14 left to go before posting ML15.

    Another thing is that I changed "Herbie the Lighting Director" who's an offscreen character from the Nancy Walker TMS episode back to "Herbie" who's a Whatnot from the Roger Miller episode. Hope to confirm this once I get my next batch of VCD's from Justin. Anyway, since noone's brought any info and I can't find it myself... wanted to know if you think the dual "Herman" entries from TMS should be shunted to just one entry, for the character from At The Dance in the Phyllis Diller TMS episode. If so, then I'd still need only 14 more entries to get up to ML15.
    Hope to hear your thoughts on this, and remember to post those additions so we can get the next version of the list posted ASAP.
    Thanks to all my sources, and have a good day.
  11. Harvey Towers Active Member

    A couple of Muppets Tonight comments:

    I could be wrong, but I always thought that they were referred to as the Dancing Grandmas

    Also, do you have "The Chief" from the Fairyland PD sketches and some of the characters from there?
  12. The Count Moderator

    Hi HarveyTowers, thanks for dropping by and checking out the list.
    To answer your questions.
    1 Thought it was the Dancing Grannies, at least that's how I remember Clifford introducing them. What episode did they appear in? Not sure, but could doublecheck with Justin once I know what episode they're from.
    2 Fairyland PD. By no means is the group of characters from these sketches complete, but you can find all the ones listed cause there's the sketch title added at the end of their production designation tag.
    Both Al, the Police Officer and the Police Chief are there as two separate entries. Also got the Emperor, Goldy Locks, the Spider,Miss Muffet, and Humpty Dumpty.
    Hope this helps and hope to hear from the rest of my trusted sources on getting the list's fifteenth version completed soon.
  13. Harvey Towers Active Member

  14. The Count Moderator

    Thanks for the link, twas funny reading through the synopsis like that.
    Will keep the entries for The Dancing Grannies and the Rock Lobsters as they are now, will wait till I get up to ordering the Pierce Brosnon MT episode from my trusted dealer later on. Will change The Blowfish to just Blowfish since it makes sense to me after reading that.

    Still looking for additions to get up to 3030, hope to hear from you guys soon.
  15. MuppetDude Active Member

    I just read your message about getting a more complete of a list: now that'll be a lot of fun. :D

    Does this mean we can add descripts of honkers, dingers, animals, and other things?
  16. The Count Moderator

    Eh, that depends. So long as the background characters can be traced to something specific like a sketch or a song, like what I've been doin' with all the AM's BlueAM and you yourself have gotten me, not to mention Muppet_dk too, then I might take it under consideration.

    BTW: Gonna add Miss Piggy from the Pierce Brosnon MT episode as Porky Galore and the Octopus from ESS. Or do you think I should leave either of those off the list?
    Lookin' forward to sufficient additions/suggestions to get ML15 posted, you guys know by now how many I still need.
  17. MuppetDude Active Member

    Both should be added.

    I'll talk with ya more on Monday.
  18. The Count Moderator


    Total Entries, so far: 3018.
    Entries needed to post ML15: 12.
    Hope to get some soon to finish off the list's current version.
  19. The Count Moderator

    OK, got a new character from over in the Golden AN discussion. So als that's needed for ML15 are 11 more entries to get up to 3030. Would rully prefer to finish off the loose dangling bits like the characters from Planet CH of Spaceship Surprise, Numberella and the grouch owners/trainers from the Worm Olympic Games. But if you guys don't have any of those then I'll just take whatever new characters you can find from the productions already on the list.
    Hope to hear from you, my trusted sources, wery soon.
  20. TotallySpiesFan New Member

    Here's another entry:

    STAN THE POLICE OFFICER-- from the Golden AN sketch, he was an orange AM police officer who told Lefty the Salesman to spend ten days in the can for stealing a Golden AN.

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